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Chapter 1,252

Shallow aeration of piggery waste treatment lagoons. 1. Removal of organic pollutants and indicator bacteria

Ginnivan, M.J.

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 10(1): 23-29


DOI: 10.1016/0167-8809(83)90066-x
Accession: 001251052

Anaerobic lagoon profile studies were undertaken in perspex columns which were either unaerated (A), or aerated to a depth of 8 (B), 20 (C) or 40 cm (D). The dissolved oxygen level in the aerated columns was maintained at approximately 70% of saturation and all columns were loaded at the daily rate of 50-55 g BOD5/msuperscript 3. Temperature was maintained at about 20 degrees C and the retention time averaged 128 days.

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