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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1253

Chapter 1253 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Cavaco, C., 1981:
Small scale agriculture in the Lisbon suburbs

Anonymous, 1983:
Small scale effluent treatment unit

Pernia, E.M., 1983:
Small scale industry promotion: economic and social impact analysis

Parnell, C.B.; LePori, W.A.; Piumsomboon, P., 1983:
Small scale power generation from biomass - economic potential

LePori, W.A.; Parnell, C.B.; Carney, D.B.; Ling, P.P.; Pollock, T.C.; Garza Tobias, R., 1983:
Small scale power generation from biomass-technical potential

Sandor, J., 1983:
Small settlements and tourism

Fritzsche, W.; Sagowski, H., 1981:
Small timber harvesting on slopes using the small winch and modified Goldberg methods

Haywood, J.D., 1983:
Small topographic differences affect slash pine response to site preparation and fertilization

Woolshlager, H.F., 1982:
Small town sewage in

Crubile, P.; Avale, M.; Lucas, Y., 1983:
Small trusses in indigenous hardwood. General study R334. Part I. Instantaneous tests on metal plate connectors

Whittle, D., 1984:
Small tubers yield larger profits

L.L.y-Rogu├Ęs, G.; Valle, M.; Chastel, C.; Beaucournu, J.C., 1983:
Small wild mammals and arboviruses in Italy

Simmons, J.D.; Newman, J.O.; Rose, C.W.; Jones, E.E., 1982:
Small-diameter, variable-grade, gravity sewers for septic tank effluent

Brown, G.K.; Neibauer, J.E.; Kornecki, T.; Zandstra, B.H., 1983:
Small-farm fruit and vegetable machinery survey

Ross, A.D., 1984:
Small-intestinal adenocarcinoma in cattle

Rennie, J.K., 1982:
Small-scale cattle development in Zambia: problems and prospects

Kihara, K., 1983:
Small-scale determination of maltol in soya sauce by paper extraction and micro-HPLC

Bailey, C., 1982:
Small-scale fisheries of San Miguel Bay, Philippines: occupational and geographic mobility

Steinkamp, C.B., 1984:
Small-scale forestry. I. II. III

Cada, G.F.; Zadroga, F., 1982:
Small-scale hydroelectric power for developing countries: methodology of site-selection based on environmental issues

Chowdhury, M.R., 1979:
Small-scale irrigation systems in Bangladesh: a study of problems at the farm level

Davies, O.; Fisseha, y; Kirton, C., 1980:
Small-scale non farm enterprises in Jamaica

Zhang, Y.J.; Feng, Y.S., 1983:
Small-scale rearing of Coccinella septempunctata L. (Col.: Coccinellidae) and the efficacy of field releases

Phillips, M.T.T., 1984:
Small-scale seed collections can cause problems

Cedrins, R., 1982:
Small-scale tourism in Sweden. (Report presented at FAO/ECE Working Party on Agrarian Structure and Farm Rationalization, Symposium on Agriculture and Tourism, Mariehamn, Finland, 7-12 June 1982)

Dupriez, H.; Leener, P. de, 1983:
Small-scale tropical agriculture in the African peasant farming environment

Colman, D., 1984:
Smallholder agriculture in the Lower Shire Valley in Malawi - analysis of the experience with cotton

Morris, J., 1983:
Smallholder mechanisation: man, animal or engine?

Patil, R.T., 1983:
Smallholders' copra drier using agricultural waste as fuel

Hancock, M.; Rees, J., 1984 :
Smallholdings statistics

Latham, M.C., 1984:
Smallness - a symptom of deprivation

Popov, V.A.; Vinogradov, B.V., 1982:
Smallscale landscape mapping of the southern Aral Sea region

Gleason, A.P.; Stulen, J.A., 1984:
Smallwood handling with the Bell logger

Anonymous, 1983:
Smart hydraulics control and run combine

Douglas, L.A., 1982:
Smectites in acidic soils

Kar, D.K.; Sen, S., 1984:
Smilax zeylanica Linn. - a new source of diosgenin

Anonymous, 1984:

Temple, P.J.; Taylor, O.C.; Benoit, L.A.; Reagan, C.A.; Lennox, R.W., 1983:
Smog damage to cotton in the San Joaquin Valley

Lysov, A.K., 1984:
Smoke cones in glasshouses

Laere, O. van; Ifantidis, M., 1983:
Smoke production and treatment of honeybees with dicofol for control of Varroa jacobsoni

Schipper, J.A.; Weijden, J. v d, 1982 :
Smoked iris bulbs offer more possibilities

Yoshizawa, S.; Handa, T.; Hashizume, Y.; Tsushima, H.; Uno, T., 1981:
Smoldering combustion of wood evaluated by the oxygen consumption of wood and wood-constituents

Arjamaa, O.; Talo, A., 1983:
Smooth muscle of the quail oviduct functions as a stretch receptor during ovum transport

Harlow, R.F.; Guynn, D.C.J., 1983:
Snag densities in managed stands of the South Carolina Coastal Plain

Davis, J.W.; Goodwin, G.A.; Ockenfels, R.A. (Technical Coordinators), 1983:
Snag habitat management: proceedings of the symposium. June 7-9, 1983. Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff

Michelson, E.H., 1984:
Snail intermediate hosts

Douglas, R.G.; Ripley, P.H., 1984:
Sneeze counts as a diagnostic aid in pig production

Gary, H.L.; Troendle, C.A., 1982:
Snow accumulation and melt under various stand densities in lodgepole pine in Wyoming and Colorado

West, N.E.; Caldwell, M.M., 1983:
Snow as a factor in salt desert shrub vegetation patterns in Curlew valley, Utah

Botev, N., 1983:
Snow damage in young beech stands

Nicholaichuk, W., 1983:
Snow management for salinity control

Jones, E.B.; Frick, D.M.; Shafer, B.A.; Rango, A., 1983:
Snowmelt runoff modeling using Landsat imagery

Swanson, R.H.; Golding, D.L., 1982:
Snowpack management on Marmot watershed to increase late season streamflow

Antos, J.A.; Zobel, D.B., 1982:
Snowpack modification of volcanic tephra effects on forest understory plants near Mount St. Helens

Milonov, O.B.; Smirnov, V.A.; Koloss, O.E.; Kal' chenko, B.L.; Osmanov, A.O., 1983:
So-called inoperable hydatidosis of abdominal cavity organs

Krinard, R.M.; Randall, W.K., 1979:
Soaking aids survival of long, unrooted cottonwood cuttings

Basu, R.N.; Dey, G., 1983:
Soaking and drying of stored sunflower seeds for maintaining viability, vigour of seedlings and yield potential

Hooda, R.S.; Pandita, M.L., 1981:
Soaking of seed potatoes in phosphate solution to economise on the fertilizer input

Fisher, R.H.; Marsh, P.B., 1983:
Soap and detergent industry wastes

Osborne, L.S., 1984:
Soap spray: an alternative to a conventional acaricide for controlling the twospotted spider mite (Acari: Tetranychidae) in greenhouses

Koehler, C.S.; Barclay, L.W.; Kretchun, T.M., 1983:
Soaps as insecticides

Burkholder, D., 1984:
Soaring costs, more competition redirect dehy industry

Girenko, L.T.; Nekrasova, L.F., 1982:
Soaybean cv. Belosnezhka

Hay, R., 1984:
Soccer and social control in Scotland 1873-1978

Rooney, J.F.; Johnson, M.W., 1983:
Soccer in the United States: an appraisal of its distribution and diffusion

Anonymous, 1982:
Social Congress, Italian Botanical Society. Reports, communications, demonstrations - summaries

Mangan, J.A., 1982:
Social Darwinism, sport and English upper class education

Jerzak, M., 1983:
Social agronomy and its role in agricultural science and practice

Travis, A.S., 1984:
Social and cultural aspects of tourism

Miegombo, G.; Adya, T.; Norovsambou, D., 1983:
Social and cultural development in rural Mongolia

Anonymous, 1982:
Social and cultural factors associated with the implementation of Oistins Development Fishing Project, Barbados

Shaposhnikov, A.N., 1983:
Social and economic analysis of income formation for the rural population

Tyrrell, R., 1983:
Social and economic background to leisure in the 1980's

Navarro, L.A., 1982:
Social and economic description and classification for research into crop system development in a specific area

Tyurina, A.P., 1982:
Social and economic development of the Soviet countryside 1965-80

Jiricka, M., 1983:
Social and economic indicators of the environment

Levchishina, G.I.; Ermolova, R.S.; Stol' naya, N.M.; Koneva, L.M., 1981:
Social and economic significance of hydatidosis

Vaske, J.J.; Graefe, A.R.; Dempster, A.B., 1983:
Social and environmental influences on perceived crowding

Piskotin, M.J. et al., 1984:
Social and legal problems of raising the efficiency of agricultural production

Zayan, R.; Doyen, J.; Duncan, I.J.H., 1983:
Social and space requirements for hens in battery cages

Burian, A.; Parfus, L., 1983:
Social aspects of job classification of workers in agriculture

Polansky, J., 1983:
Social aspects of the increasing similarity between town and village in the South Bohemian region

Blaas, G.; Haspra, R.; Mach, F., 1983:
Social aspects of work organization and pay for brigades working in agriculture

Bradnock, G.; Marchment, M.D.; Anderson, R.J., 1984:
Social background, fluoridation and caries experience in a 5-year-old population in the West Midlands

Preau, P., 1983:
Social change in a tourist dominated community in the mountains: Saint-Bon-Tarentaise (Savoie). (2 articles)

Goeldner, C.R., 1983:
Social changes in the United States and their impact on travel

Anonymous, 1982:
Social conflict and development. Basic needs and survival strategies in four national settings

Firet, M.A., 1983:
Social consequences of recreation: a case study

Buchta, S.; Barto, J., 1984:
Social consumption on-farm and social norms in agriculture in the Slovak Socialist Republic

Bunt, S., 1983:
Social control in the British Youth Service - the ideological involvement of government

Gomez A.E.; Atalah S.E.; Salinas S.B., 1983:
Social cost effectiveness of two systems of treatment of malnutrition in Chile

Jayaram, N., 1983:
Social determinants of academic achievement - a study of students in higher education

Pacawska, K., 1983:
Social development of rural children starting their school education

Timofeev, V.G., 1983:
Social development of the countryside - an integral part of the Food Programme

Mashenkov, V.; Sorokin, A., 1984:
Social development of the countryside today

Sima, J.; Nemcova, E., 1983:
Social development, its planning and social policy tools in the 7th Five Year Plan period

Lako, G.T., 1981:
Social differentiation and the market: the case of Kongor in the Jonglei canal area

Kundu, N., 1982:
Social distance observed in a Maharashtra village

Cortot, J., 1983:
Social dynamics and microregional development in the Hauts Garrigues district of Montpellier

Coughenour, Cm, 1984:
Social ecology and agriculture

Es' kov, E.K., 1982:
Social evolution in bees (Apoidea)

Gill, G.J.; Motahar, S.A., 1982:
Social factors affecting prospects for intensified fish farming in Bangladesh

Chakraborty, K., 1982:
Social forestry - a new concept of tasar development for tribal welfare

Chowdhry, K., 1983:
Social forestry and the rural poor

Sharma, I.C., 1983:
Social forestry in the Pindar valley

Dayanand, J.; Kumar, M.U.; Kandasamy, R.; Jothi, G.; Janardhanan, T.G., 1983:
Social forestry project in Tamil Nadu. Evaluation of farm forestry project (1960-1980) in Chengalpattu district

Joshi, D. et al., 1983:
Social forestry, wood gasifiers and lift irrigation: synergistic relations between technology and natural resources in rural India

Sethna, R.J., 1983:
Social impact of tourism in selected Caribbean countries

Jayasuriya, L., 1982:
Social indicators - some critical comments

Fowler, H.G., 1983:
Social insects as urban pests: an analysis of seasonality and human perception

Anonymous, 1982:
Social insects in the tropics. Proceedings of the First International Symposium organized by the International Union for the Study of Social Insects and the Sociedad Mexicana de Entomologia. Cocoyoc, Morelos, Mexico, November 1980. Volume 2

Ratcliffe, J., 1983:
Social justice and the demographic transition: lessons from India's Kerala state

Kaur, M.; Sharma, M.L., 1983:
Social legislation and rural women

Kurup, B.; Malual, H.; Scot, W., 1982:
Social monitoring in southern Sudan: first steps and results

Patrick, W.K., 1984:
Social networks as a mode of informal learning in health care - comparison of networks in three systems: health, education and community development

Buchta, S.; Barto, J., 1984:
Social norms in cooperative farms and state farms in the Slovak SR

Laitos, W.R., 1983:
Social organization, water control, and water anarchy: a study of irrigation in Rajasthan, India

Pfeffer, Mj, 1983:
Social origins of three systems of farm production in the United States

Matthews, R.W., 1982:
Social parasitism in yellowjackets (Vespula)

Morgan, W.J., 1983:
Social philosophy of sport: a critical interpretation

Brown, C.K., 1982:
Social policy, social welfare and rural poverty: the case of Ghana

Oberosler, R.; Mandelli, G.; Vantellino, G., 1984:
Social ranking and immunity in adult fowl

Varga Suplic, S., 1984:
Social representation of the Hungarian cooperative movement

Echelberger, H.E.; Canon, L.K.; Leonard, R.E.; Adler, S., 1982:
Social research in the backcountry: a compendium of survey questions

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Social science implications of agricultural science and technology. In: Proceedings AAEA Meeting July/August, 1983

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Social sciences and rural development in Africa: a theoretical approach

Horton, D.E., 1984:
Social scientists in agricultural research. Lessons from the Mantaro Valley Project, Peru

Carra, G., 1984:
Social security and agricultural policy: a comment

Garcia de Blas, A.; Poveda Diaz, A., 1983:
Social security and community employment

Maysz, F., 1983:
Social security benefits due to private farmers

Grahal, J.Y., 1983:
Social security of farmers (political stakes and financial aspects)

Joshi, M.K., 1983:
Social service inputs: an integrated area development study for Thane district in Maharashtra

Glade, M.J., 1984:
Social sleeping behaviour in young horses

West, P.C. , 1984:
Social stigma and community recreation participation by the mentally and physically handicapped

Bray, M., 1983:
Social stratification and geographical disparities in access to education in East New Britain. Faculty of education extraordinary meeting on Education and Social Stratification, University of Papua New Guinea, August 1983

Chipungu, S.N., 1982:
Social stratification in relation to cattle marketing in rural Sukumaland, 1951 to 1961

Kattakayam, J.J., 1983:
Social structure and change among the tribals (a study among the Uralies of Idukki District in Kerala)

Arua, E.O., 1981:
Social systems analysis of the Bendel State Agricultural Extension Service in Nigeria

Smith, M.A., 1983:
Social usages of the public drinking house: changing aspects of class and leisure

Barcelo, R., 1983:
Social use of land and hereditary transfer of property. (Collection of papers)

Anonymous, 1982:
Social value and economic pricing of spatial tourist resources

Williams, P.H., 1983:
Social wasps (Hym., Vespidae) from North West India

Dyrholm I.L., 1983:
Social welfare, leisure and aging in Denmark

Ordono Perez, A.S.; Pablos Hach, J.L., 1980:
Social, economic and land tenure aspects of the rural situation: the case of Tlaxcala

Appleton, J., 1983:
Socialist Vietnam: continuity and change

Rosch, M. et al., 1983:
Socialist competition - active and effective. Experience of its management at the cooperative level

Kallfa, A., 1982:
Socialist cooperative ownership in the countryside in the course of its transformation into ownership by the whole population

Thiede, U., 1983:
Socialist economic integration - requirements for the intensive expansion of agricultural production

Anonymous, 1983:
Socialist intensification. Scientific conference on the Marxist theory of ground rent

Arecchi, A.; Arkoun, M., 1982:
Socialist villages in Africa: Somalia, Tanzania, Mozambique and Algeria

Yliopisto, J., 1983:
Socialization environment in childhood and youth as a determinant of adult sport involvement: a retrospective study

McPherson, B.D., 1981:
Socialization into and through sport involvement

Bastias Urra, M., 1983:
Socialization of minors in a rural area of extreme poverty

Henry, I., 1983:
Societal marketing and public sector leisure services

Picard, M., 1979:
Societies and tourism: reflections for research and action

Anonymous, 1982:
Society and agriculture in Chile

L.Couedit, D., 1981:
Society and environment. The development of second homes and agriculture

Beier, T.V., 1983:
Society of Protozoologists of the USSR (Chronicle of 1981-1982)

Anonymous, 1983:
Society, religion and sport. Proceedings of the inaugural conference of the British Society of Sports History, September, 1983, University of Keele

Mfumu Yeye, K., 1982:
Socio-cultural factors affecting production and marketing of bananas and maize by small farmers in Zaire. A case study of Mayumbe and East Kasai

Theiss, W., 1983:
Socio-cultural stimulation in the rural community in H. Radlinska's theory

Waweru, J.M., 1982:
Socio-economic background as an influence factor in pupils' achievement in primary schools in Embu District, Kenya

Delpech, B., 1982:
Socio-economic behaviour in the region surrounding the Eton plantation

Fleuret, P.C.; Fleuret, A., 1983:
Socio-economic determinants of child nutrition in Taita, Kenya: a call for discussion

Grover, R.P.; Dak, T.M.; Sharma, M.L., 1983:
Socio-economic determinants of rural industrialization: an outlook for survival/expansion of rural industries in Haryana

Even, H. et al., 1984:
Socio-economic differentiation and economic migration in rural Turkey

Lundgren, B.O.; Lundgren, L., 1983:
Socio-economic effects and constraints in forest management: Tanzania

Gorzelak, E., 1984:
Socio-economic factors and the food economy in the 1980s

Anonymous, 1981:
Socio-economic indicators for monitoring and evaluation of agrarian reform and rural development, Bangladesh

Anonymous, 1984:
Socio-economic indicators relating to the agricultural sector and rural development

Anonymous, 1984:
Socio-economic policies and quality of life in relation to economic and structural changes in agriculture

Murri, D.G., 1983:
Socio-economic research: the missing link

Ratha, S.N.; Panda, P., 1982:
Socio-economic stratification in a West Orissa village

Gillespie, G.A., 1983:
Socio-economics, technology, and leisure-2000

Burrows G.F., 1982:
Socio-educational development of Mapuche rural communities

Malengreau, J., 1983:
Socio-ethnic identification and classification in two villages and their surrounding regions in the Peruvian Andes

Mikaelsson, B., 1983:
Socio-medical aspects of the process of mechanization of forestry

Despradel, L., 1981:
Sociocultural aspects of rice and tomato production in the Dominican Republic

Stambuk, M., 1982:
Sociodemographic aspects of change and perspectives of village development in Biokovo

Petrovic, Z.; urev, B.; Kukic,, 1981:
Sociodemographic characteristics of the elderly rural population of Voivodina

Mortensen, J.B., 1984:
Socioeconomic analyses and environmental evaluation

Anonymous, 1983:
Socioeconomic changes in the development of settlement structure in the South Great Plain. A regional conference held at Bekescsaba on 11 February 1983

Munoz, R.D., 1984:
Socioeconomic characteristics of small family farms in Mississippi and Tennessee

Meyers, L.R., 1982:
Socioeconomic determinants of credit adoption in a semi-arid district of Kenya

O'Hanlon, P.; Kohrs, M.B.; Hilderbrand, E.; Nordstrom, J., 1983:
Socioeconomic factors and dietary intake of elderly Missourians

Anonymous, 1983:
Socioeconomic factors in Asian aquaculture

Librero, A.R., 1983:
Socioeconomic factors in agrotechnology transfer in the Philippines

D.S.uza, S.; Bhuiya, A., 1982:
Socioeconomic mortality differentials in a rural area of Bangladesh

Pevetz, W., 1983:
Socioeconomic policy and quality of life in relation to economic and structural changes on agriculture. Austrian report for the ECE/FAO agricultural committee

Podstawka, M.G., 1983:
Socioeconomic problems facing individual peasant farming in Poland

Stinson, Sara, 1983:
Socioeconomic status and child growth in rural Bolivia

Anonymous, 1984:
Socioeconomic structure of Japanese agriculture

Bazejczyk, M.; Pietrewicz, M., 1983:
Socioeconomic, legal and political aspects of the reform of agricultural taxation

Kohn, P., 1984:
Sociological aspects of the management of private plots by agricultural workers

Manig, W., 1984:
Sociopolitical and institutional aspects of irrigation projects

Williams, G.; Satoto, 1983:
Sociopolitical constraints on primary health care: a case study from Indonesia

Mueller, J.P.; Chamblee, D.S., 1984:
Sod-seeding of ladino clover and alfalfa as influenced by seed placement, seeding date, and grass suppression

Spalding, B.P.; Munro, I.L., 1983:
Soda ash treatment of a strontium-90 contaminated groundwater seep

Stichel, M., 1982:
Soda water: a dangerous substitute for drinking water for infants?

Jurinak, J.J.; Amrhein, C.; Wagenet, R.J., 1984:
Sodic hazard: the effect of SAR and salinity in soils and overburden materials

Coughtrey, P.J.; Jackson, D.; Thorne, M.C., 1983:

Coles, J.A.; Orkand, R.K., 1982:
Sodium activity in drone photoreceptors

Kinjo, T.; Marcos, Z.Z., 1982:
Sodium adsorption in soils of Sao Paulo. I. Sodium adsorption isotherm

Kinjo, T.; Marcos, Z.Z., 1982:
Sodium adsorption in soils of Sao Paulo. II. Sodium-calcium exchange equilibria

Ingelfinger, J.R., 1983:
Sodium and blood pressure in infancy

Nair, K.P.; Nandakumaran, M., 1982 :
Sodium and potassium concentration in the semen of bulls

Sindhu, J.S.; Roy, N.K., 1982:
Sodium and potassium content of buffaloes' milk determined flame photometrically

Greenfield, H.; McCullum, D.; Wills, R.B., 1984:
Sodium and potassium contents of salts, salt substitutes, and other seasonings

Ladines, E.O.; Lontoc, A.V., 1983:
Sodium and potassium in some Philippine foods

Haschke, F.; Steffan, I., 1981:
Sodium and potassium intake from infant food compared with requirements of premature and healthy infants

Maples, J.; Wills, R.B.H.; Greenfield, H., 1983:
Sodium and potassium levels in Australian processed foods

Pierson, H.F.; Meadows, G.G., 1983:
Sodium ascorbate enhancement of carbidopa-levodopa methyl ester antitumor activity against pigmented B16 melanoma

Floris, B., 1984:
Sodium bicarbonate in diets for lactating sheep

Pehrson, B.; Plym Forshell, K.; Turtinen, T., 1983:
Sodium chloride deficiency in dairy cattle

Di Nicolantonio, R.; Mendelsohn, F.A.; Hutchinson, J.S., 1983:
Sodium chloride preference of genetically hypertensive and normotensive rats

March, B.E., 1984:
Sodium chloride supplementation of all plant protein broiler diets

Tuyns, A.J., 1983:
Sodium chloride, alcohol, and cancer of the digestive tract

Hazebroek, A.; Hofman, A., 1983:
Sodium content of breast milk in the first six months after delivery

Wong, P.C.; Zimmerman, B.G., 1983:
Sodium depletion induces adrenergic potentiation at prejunctional site

Peruffo, A. dal B. (Belin Peruffo, A. dal); Olivieri, A.M.; Tealdo, E., 1984:
Sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of soybean proteins for variety identification

Mukhamedyanov, M.M.; Dukhin, I.P., 1984:
Sodium formate in diets for finishing young bulls

Mukhamedyanov, M.M., 1983:
Sodium formate in diets for lactating cows

Simpson, F.O., 1983:
Sodium handling in hypertension: speculations based on the set-point concept

Jensen, N.E., 1984:
Sodium hydroxide treated straw in growing feeds

Ranhotra, G.S.; Vetter, J.L.; Gelroth, J.A.; Novak, F.A., 1983:
Sodium in commercially produced frozen pizzas

D.A.rigo, C.M.; Radaelli, L.; Ioppolo, A.; Sambuco, G., 1983:
Sodium in mineral nutrition. II. The influence of NaCl on the uptake of some trace elements in bean plants (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Khan, M.A., 1983:
Sodium intake from meals and snacks consumed by college students

Schwarz, K.B.; Ternberg, J.L.; Bell, M.J.; Keating, J.P., 1983:
Sodium needs of infants and children with ileostomy

Sansom, B.F.; Gleed, P.T.; Michell, A.R.; Moss, P., 1983:
Sodium requirements of ewes and lambs

Dyachenko, L.S.; Fedenko, P.Y., 1983:
Sodium selenite in mixed feeds for sheep

Balaguru T.; Khanna S.S., 1982:
Sodium substituting for potassium nutrition of cotton crop

Cheng, Z.; Lin, K.S.; Mao, R.C.; Liang, T.H., 1983:
Sodium sulfanilate-colloidal sulfur mix for control of rust and leaf spot of asparagus long bean

Fujita, T.; Noda, H.; Ando, K., 1984:
Sodium susceptibility and potassium effects in young patients with borderline hypertension

Chew, T., 1983:
Sodium values of Chinese condiments and their use in sodium-restricted diets

Flowers, T.J.; Lauchli, A., 1983:
Sodium versus potassium: substitution and compartmentation

Mehta, S.C.; Poonia, S.R.; Pal, R., 1983:
Sodium-calcium and sodium-magnesium exchange equilibria in soil for chloride- and sulfate-dominated systems

Brooks, A.M.; Lazarus, M.G.; Weiner, J.M., 1984:
Soft contact lens contamination by Alternaria alternata

Herbert, E.W.J.; Shimanuki, H., 1983:
Soft drink syrup may be toxic to honey bees

Collins, C.H.; Lyne, P.M., 1984:
Soft drinks, fruit juices and alcoholic beverages

Dennis, C., 1983:
Soft fruits

Baenziger, P.S.; Sammons, D.J.; Smith, D.H.J., 1983:
Soft red winter wheat germplasm segregating for a dominant male sterile gene

Nilsson, T.; Henningsson, B., 1982:
Soft rot - a destroyer of wood which is difficult to control

Greaves, H.; Nilsson, T., 1982:
Soft rot and the microdistribution of water-borne preservatives in three species of hardwoods following field test exposure

Hale, M.D.; Eaton, R.A., 1983:
Soft rot decay of wood: the infection and cavity-forming processes of Phialophora hoffmannii (Van Beyma) Schol-Schwarz

Cho, J.J., 1983:
Soft rot of crisphead lettuce incited by Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora in Hawaii

Chandrashekar, M.; Diriwaechter, G., 1984:
Soft rot of cyclamen in Australia caused by Erwinia carotovora ssp. carotovora

Fiori, M.; Carta, C.; Franceschini, A., 1982:
Soft rot of tomatoes due to Pseudomonas viridiflava (Burkholder) Dowson

Leach, J.E.; Orchard, L.P.; Hayter, L.A.; Kuntz, J.E.; Camp, R.F., 1980:
Soft rot of walnut seed

Evans, S.G.; Berrie, A.M.; Cross, J.V., 1983:
Soft-fruit growers' guide to the use of chemical sprays 1983

Leightley, L.E., 1982:
Soft-rot and bacterial decay in preservative treated eucalypt power transmission poles

Stanghellini, M.E., 1982:
Soft-rotting bacteria in the rhizosphere

Vithanage, N., 1983:
Software or hardware? An economic appraisal of a water management project

Gomez Gutierrez, J.M.; Rodriguez Gonzalez, R.; Garcia Miranda, A.; Hoyos Alonso, C. de, 1982:
Soil - land use relationships

Oates, K.M.; Kamprath, E.J., 1983:
Soil acidity and liming: I. Effect of the extracting solution cation and pH on the removal of aluminum from acid soils

Oates, K.M.; Kamprath, E.J., 1983:
Soil acidity and liming: II. Evaluation of using aluminum extracted by various chloride salts for determining lime requirements

Shea, P.J., 1982:
Soil adsoprtion characteristics of chlorsulfuron

Elliott H.A.; Denneny C.M., 1982:
Soil adsorption of cadmium from solutions containing organic ligands

Beardsell, D., 1981:
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