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Soil erosion in central-Java (Indonesia) . A comparative study of erosion rates obtained by erosion plots and catchment discharges

Linden, P.Van der

Catena Suppl (4): 141-160


Accession: 001252472

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The annual erosion rate from a tropical watershed in the Desel area of Central-Java has been estimated from both river load data and erosion plot measurements during and after rainstorms. The river load data comprised measurements of solutes, suspended and bedload material. Surface runoff and the consequent occurrence of soil erosion, including splash erosion, were measured by bounded runoff plots. Curve fitting analysis on each output variable and some erosivity indices allowed the determination of yearly material yields. Nearly 80% (177.0 tons) of the material transported yearly from the Desel area occurs as bedload. Suspended load accounts for about 20% (44.5 tons).

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