Studies on the antigenic structure of bovine beta -casein. III. Antigenic reactivity of peptide 1-93 with antiserum to beta -casein

Otani, H.; Iwasaki, S.; Tokita, F.

Milchwissenschaft 39(7): 396-399


ISSN/ISBN: 0026-3788
Accession: 001257133

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Analysis of the quantitative precipitin reaction of bovine beta -casein with rabbit anti beta -casein serum indicated that there are at least 6 antigenic sites on the beta -casein molecule. To study the preliminary localization of the antigenic sites, peptide 1-93 was isolated from beta -casein treated with CNBr, and the antigenic reactivity of peptide 1-93 with anti beta -casein serum was examined. On immunoelectrophoresis, peptide 1-93 formed a single precipitin arc which was located more toward the anode than the corresponding arc of beta -casein or beta -III, while on immunodiffusion a spur was formed at the junction of the precipitin lines aginst peptide 1-93 and beta -III. In quantitative precipitin inhibition assay, peptide 1-93 inhibited 52% of the formation of immune precipitate between beta -casein and anti beta -casein serum. Further, in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, peptide 1-93 reacted strongly with specific IgG to beta -casein.