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Studies on the deep freeze storage of pelleted boar semen. IV. Characteristics and viability of spermatozoa of domestic and imported frozen boar semen

Niwa, T.; Hashizume, T.

Bulletin of the Laboratory of Artificial Insemination, Iwate University 3: 16-23


Accession: 001257283

Frozen boar semen stored in plastic straws, imported from Canada and the USA, was compared with that produced in Japan for sperm viability and acrosome abnormalities. The US and Canadian semen gave 63+or-5 and 73+or-3 pellets per straw resp., 0.12 and 0.13 ml semen per pellet, and 3210+or-90 x 106 and 3660+or-2030 x 106 spermatozoa per straw.

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