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Study of some mineral substances in the blood serum of high-yielding and low-yielding dairy cows in relation to the reproductive cycle phase

Valent, M.; Pjescak, M.

Acta Zootechnica Universitatis Agriculturae Nitra 36(17): 19-26


Accession: 001258329

Blood serum contents of Ca, inorganic P and Mg were determined in groups of 18 Slovakian Pied cows with 305-day lactation milk yields of (i) more than 5000 or (ii) <less or =>3000 kg, measurements being carried out 4-6 wk after calving, in the 3rd month of pregnancy, in the 7th month of pregnancy, and in barren cows (after <more or =>2 unsuccessful inseminations).

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