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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1264

Chapter 1264 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lu, L.M.; Wang, Y.Z.; Deng, L.I., 1982:
The capability of plants in clearing chlorine air pollution

Cleland, R.E., 1983:
The capacity for acid-induced wall loosening as a factor in the control of Avena coleoptile cell elongation

Mezei, S.; Kovacev, L.; Stojakovic, M., 1983:
The capacity for vegetative multiplication of monogerm sugarbeet lines

Sene, A.; Vasseur, J.; Lefebvre, R., 1983:
The capacity of small witloof chicory root explants to form adventitious roots in vitro

Lashin, A.Y.; Allam, N.A.; Ramadan, H.A.; Hussein, A.S., 1983:
The capacity-intensity parameters (Q/I) for potassium in Aski-Mosul soils

Barbera, G.; Lorenzo, R. di, 1984:
The caper culture in Italy

Gillham, R.W., 1983:
The capillary fringe and its effect on water-table response

Podlisetskii, G.; Ul' yanov, M., 1984:
The capital intensity and efficiency of farming

Perez Zaballos, J.M., 1983:
The carabids of the evergreen-oak pastures of the province of Salamanca

Anonymous, 1983:
The caravan park industry in Queensland - an investor's guide

Vykhrestyuk, N.P.; Burenina, E.A.; Yarygina, G.V.; Khamatova, A.Y.; Klochkova, V.I., 1984:
The carbohydrate metabolism of the trematode Calicophoron ijimai (Fukui, 1922) Nasmark, 1937, a parasite of cattle

Barabash, N.D.; Chuprova, N.A.; Repyakh, S.M., 1983:
The carbohydrates of Scots pine needles

Swartz, R., 1982:
The carbohydrates, fats and proteins of milk

DeViney, E.; Dickert, J.; Lockwood, R., 1983:
The care of pets within child abusing families

Maiwald, H.J.; Taufel, A.; Hoppe, K.; Nielebock, C.; Glowacz, S., 1983:
The cariogenicity of beverages

Lesham, B., 1983:
The carnation succulent plantlet - a stable teratological growth

Martin, F.W., 1983:
The carotenoid pigments of white-fleshed sweet potatoes

Vieira, J.V.; Vecchia, P.T.D.lla; Ikuta, H., 1983:
The carrot cultivar Brasilia

Ikuta, H.; Vieira, J.V.; Vecchia, P.T.D.lla, 1983:
The carrot cultivar Kuronan

Combes, F.; Bartet, J.H., 1982:
The case for Austrian pine in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department

Asibey, E.O.A., 1982:
The case for high-forest national parks in Ghana

Noell, K., 1983:
The case law on agricultural social law in 1982. Part II

Boulle, M., 1983:
The casein industry in the 80s

McKee, D.W.; Spiro, C.L.; Kosky, P.G.; Lamby, E.J., 1983:
The catalysis of coal gasification

Cross, N.J., 1984:
The cattle code - a computerized dairy herd management system

Anonymous, 1983:
The cattle farmer's dilemma

Chalman, J.A.; Slocum, B., 1983:
The caudolateral approach to the canine elbow joint

Jump, J.A.; Mittermeyer, F.; Price, K.S., 1983:
The cause and control of the soft rot of Lithops

Schonherr, J.; Sprich, L.; Lucking, M., 1984:
The cause of black patches on the leaves of balsam poplars

Geldenhuys, C.J.; Maliepaard, W., 1983:
The causes and sizes of canopy gaps in the Southern Cape forests

Klimov, S.V., 1983:
The causes for genotypical differences in frost resistance of winter cereals

Ruszkowski, M., 1982:
The causes of changes in spring barley yield under the influence of different densities of stand

Caldwell, J.C.; Reddy, P.H.; Caldwell, P., 1982:
The causes of demographic change in rural south India: a micro approach

Braun, G., 1984:
The causes of forest dieback - the evidence and conclusions

Anonymous, 1984:
The causes of hunger and poverty

Petrova, M.F.; Chernysheva, Z.S., 1983:
The causes of infection of peach twigs in the Odessa region

Connor, EF., 1984:
The causes of overwintering mortality of Phyllonorycter on Quercus robur

Tahnas, K., 1981:
The causes of poor reproductive rate in cattle

Chmelnicna, L., 1983:
The causes of substandard eggs from different types of cage

Ruszkowski, M., 1982:
The causes of variations in the yield of spring barley under the influence of sowing date

Kleinschroth, E., 1983 :
The cell content of milk - a new quality parameter in the German Federal Republic

Bornman, C.H., 1983:
The cell in plant tissue culture

Schubert, K.R.; Boland, M.J., 1984:
The cellular and intracellular organization of the reactions of ureide biogenesis in nodules of tropical legumes

Blazer, V.S.; Bennett, R.O.; Wolke, R.E., 1984:
The cellular immune response of rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri Richardson) to sheep red blood cells

Oordt, P.G.W.J. van; Peute, J., 1983:
The cellular origin of pituitary gonadotropins in teleosts

Bahr, J., 1984:
The central place system in the farming zone of South West Africa/Namibia. Development, structures and recent changes

Dustin, J.P., 1982:
The central role of milk in programmes of food aid to the third world

Louis Sylvestre, J.; Magnen, J.L., 1983:
The cephalic phase of insulin secretion in rats given varied diets

Jarecka, L.; Burt, MDB., 1984:
The cercoid larvae of Pseudanthobothrium hanseni Baer, 1956 and Pseudanthobothrium sp. (Cestoda, Tetraphyllidea) from experimentally infected harpacticoid copepods

Basedow, T., 1984:
The cereal aphids

Beard, N.F. et al., 1984:
The cereals sector

Anonymous, 1984:
The cereals situation at the start of 1984

Griepink, B.; Colinet, E.; Marchandise, H.; Gonska, H.; Muntau, H., 1984:
The certification of trace elements in three samples of skim milk powder

Andersen, K., 1980:
The cestode scolex, its use and value as a taxonomic character

Galkin, A.K., 1983:
The cestodes of Apus apus on the Kurskii Spit

Chase, D., 1984:
The chain store dairies

Sellenschlo, U.; Wall, I., 1984:
The chalcidoid wasps of central Europe. Systematics, biology and bibliography of the Torymidae and Ormyridae

Anonymous, 1984:
The challenge of producing native plants for the Intermountain area. Proceedings: Intermountain Nurseryman's Association. 1983 Conference. August 8-11, 1983. Las Vegas, Nevada

Smith, J.F., 1983:
The challenge of synchronising oestrus in beef herds

Anonymous, 1983:
The challenge to cane sugar in the 1980's. Report of the seminar held at the Commonwealth Institute, London 26-29 April 1983

Alibaruho, G., 1981:
The challenge to food production and the need to re-direct production strategy in East Africa

Dillon, B., 1984:
The change agent: a radical perspective

Greif, F., 1984:
The change in Austrian agricultural structure 1930-80

Peaud Lenoel, C.; Axelos, M., 1983:
The change in plastid protein composition and its regulation by cytokinins in tobacco cell suspension cultures

Tiwari, K.N.; Nigam, V., 1984:
The change in potassium status of benchmark soils under intensive cropping

Spiridonov, V.N., 1983:
The change in soil density in the forest under the influence of recreational usage

Anonymous, 1984:
The change of ecological conditions on the cutting areas in the west subalpine area of Sichuan Province

Thornqvist, T., 1984:
The change of logging residues during storing at the clear cutting area in two growing seasons

Linski, V.G., 1984:
The changeable ladybird

Yang, T.X.; Zeng, M.Q., 1984:
The changes in isozyme, soluble protein and dry matter accumulation during endosperm and embryo development in maize

Schwaller, M.R.; Schnetzler, C.C.; Marshall, P.E., 1983:
The changes in leaf reflectance of sugar maple (Acer saccharum Marsh) seedlings in response to heavy metal stress

Croize, J.C., 1983:
The changes in tourism in the 1980s from the point of view of ecology and management

Yamauchi, F.; Yamagishi, T., 1983:
The changes of subunit structure on heat-induced precipitation or gelation phenomena of soybean 11S globulin

Wahab, S.E.A., 1983:
The changes of tourism in the eighties and their consequences - an African approach

Anonymous, 1983:
The changes of tourism in the eighties and their consequences. Reports presented at the 33rd congress of AIEST on 4-10 September, 1983, at Nairobi (Kenya)

Agren Jonsson, S., 1984:
The changing clinical picture of Microsporum canis infections in Sweden

Braschler, C., 1983:
The changing demand structure for pork and beef in the 1970s: implications for the 1980s

Bauwens, A.L.G.M.; Loeffen, T.M.J., 1983:
The changing economic and social position of the farmer's wife in the Netherlands

Anonymous, 1984:
The changing face of European tourism. Proceedings of the Third European Tourism Conference, Zurich, 28 February, 1984

Oppong, C.; Abu, K., 1984:
The changing maternal role of Ghanaian women: impacts of education, migration and employment

Fitzpatrick, J., 1983:
The changing nature of outback isolation: an educator's perspective

Tamanoi, M., 1982:
The changing peasant society in Catalonia: the transformation of the masoveria system

Mathur, A.S., 1982:
The changing perception of soil erosion in New Zealand

Kraus, R., 1983:
The changing role of government in recreation, parks and leisure services

Williams, J.G., 1983:
The changing role of municipal or local government as it relates to park, recreation and leisure services

Niggeman, J., 1984:
The changing structure of rural settlements

Wissman, D.J., 1983:
The changing structure of the food processing industry and the impact on industry profit performance

Eckart, K.; Siedenstein, U., 1983:
The changing use of agricultural land in the German Democratic Republic. A description with the aid of simple linear regression

Prugberger, T., 1983:
The character of Hungarian agricultural legal regulations

Wright, I.G.; Goodger, B.V.; Rode-Bramanis, K.; Mattick, J.S.; Mahoney, D.F.; Waltisbuhl, D.J., 1983:
The characterisation of an esterase derived from Babesia bovis and its use as a vaccine

Loveland, P.J., 1984:
The characterisation of brown podzolic soils in England and Wales

Mangan, J.L., 1982:
The characterisation of forage protein

Cooke, R.J., 1983:
The characteristics of Pisum sativum L. (partim) (field pea) cultivars by sodium dodecyl sulphate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Miroshnichenko, T.K.; Nester, V.V.; Kuznetsov, G.A., 1981:
The characteristics of Soviet Chinchilla rabbits from the leading farms in the USSR

Agata, W., 1982:
The characteristics of dry matter and yield production in sweet potato under field conditions

Chen, Z.Z.; Huang, D.H.; Zhang, H.F., 1983:
The characteristics of element chemistry in 22 crops in the Beijing region. I. The level of content of chemical elements and its grouping

Cherepakhin, V.I.; Klochko, P.V.; Zarichnyi, I.V., 1982:
The characteristics of growth and cropping of young pear trees in different type orchards

Pilling, A., 1983:
The characteristics of management subsystems and their development in farming cooperatives

Xu, Q.; Zhu, H., 1983:
The characteristics of spotted horizon in paddy soils

Brezny, O., 1983:
The characteristics of the irrigation regime for early potatoes grown on light-textured soils

Li, S.H.; Chu, D.K.Y., 1983:
The characteristics of the rural collective industrial enterprises of the Pearl River delta, as witnessed in the selected communes of Hua Xian

Pavel, J.; Jurcik, F., 1980:
The characteristics of yield and N levels in spring barley plants as affected by growth regulators

Bartels, D.; Thompson, R.D., 1983:
The characterization of cDNA clones coding for wheat storage proteins

Kopsell, R., 1983:
The characterization of naturalistically-managed forestry operations

Keyser, H.H.; Weber, D.F., 1982:
The characterization of new Rhizobium japonicum germplasm

Rodel, M.G.W.; McNeill, L.; Boultwood, J.N.; Booysen, P. de V., 1983:
The characterization of the growth of star-grass (Cynodon aethiopicus cv. No. 2)

Schwind, W., 1984:
The charcoal and iron industries in the Eifel region

Kim, s; Hathway, G., 1984:
The chee-geh - a Korean approach to moving goods on small farms

Begunow, W.L., 1983:
The cheese book

Zehnder, H.J., 1984:
The cheese centre of Coop Schweiz, Kirchberg/BE, Switzerland

Zimmermann, S.D., 1982:
The cheese makers of Kafr al Bahr. The role of Egyptian women in animal husbandry and dairy production

Castellana, L., 1983:
The cheesemaker - an anthology of Italian cheeses. Vol. 1

Moro, C.; Pons, B., 1983:
The cheeses of Castilla y Leon

Cartwright B.; Tiller K.G.; Zarcinas B.A.; Spouncer L.R., 1983:
The chemical assessment of the boron status of soils

Tumlinson, J.H., 1982:
The chemical basis for communication beween the sexes in Heliothis virescens and other insect species

Ciotti, A.; Tartari, E.; Benatti, G.; Delmastro, R., 1983:
The chemical composition and in vivo digestibility of barn-dried hay and of silage from grasses cut from meadows at different periods in the spring

Mehanna, N.M.; E.S.fty, M.S.; Abd E.S.lam, M.H.; Nofal, A.A., 1983:
The chemical composition and the stabilizing capacity of buffalo's kappa casein and its components

Barabash, N.D.; Levin, E.D.; Repyakh, S.M.; Chuprova, N.A.; Kulakova, O.Y.; Nesterenko, A.I., 1982:
The chemical composition of Pinus pumila

Ryabchuk, V.P., 1983:
The chemical composition of birch sap

Robin, J.; Larivière-Durand, C.; Bernard, J., 1983:
The chemical composition of lymphocystis disease virus of fish

Bauer, O.; Demirovska, V., 1982:
The chemical composition of some cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata) cultivars grown in the Skopje region

Plouidy, M.G.; Billard, R., 1982 :
The chemical composition of the companion fluids of the gametes in the common carp (Cyprinus carpio)

Subda, H., 1982:
The chemical composition of the flour and the baking characteristics of spring and winter wheat varieties

Tiezzi, A.; Cresti, M.; Ciampolini, F., 1982:
The chemical composition of the stigmatic exudate of Citrus limon (L.) Burm

Just, A.; Jorgensen, H.; Fernandez, J.A.; Bech Andersen, S.; Hansen, N.E., 1983:
The chemical composition, digestibility, energy and protein value of different feedstuffs for pigs

Kreutzer, K., 1981:
The chemical loading of infiltration waters in forest stands

Bruijnzeel, L.A., 1983:
The chemical mass balance of a small basin in a wet monsoonal environment and the effect of fast-growing plantation forest

Saiz Jimenez, C., 1982:
The chemical nature of the melanins from Coprinus spp

Field, R.J., 1983:
The chemical retardation of grass growth

Westerhausen, T.; Henke, B., 1984:
The chemigation fascination captures an international audience

Kubel, H.; Pizzi, A., 1982:
The chemistry and kinetic behaviour of Cu-Cr-As/B wood preservatives. 5. Reactions of CCB with cellulose, lignin and their simple model compounds

Kubel, H.; Pizzi, A., 1982 :
The chemistry and kinetic behaviour of Cu-Cr-As/B wood preservatives. 7. Zn as substitute of Cu and Cr in CCA

Pizzi, A.; Kubel, H., 1982:
The chemistry and kinetic behaviour of Cu-Cr-As/B wood preservatives. Part 6. Fixation of CCB in wood and physical and chemical comparison of CCB and CCA

Pizzi, A.; Vogel, M.C., 1982:
The chemistry and kinetic behaviour of Cu-Cr-As/B wood preservatives. Part 8. Chromated zinc chloride (CZC)

Pizzi, A.; Kubel, H., 1983:
The chemistry and kinetic behaviour of Cu-Cr-As/B wood preservatives. Part 9. Copper-Chromium-Phosphorus (CCP)

Pizzi, A., 1982:
The chemistry and kinetic behaviour of Cu-Cr-As/B wood preservatives.

Whitfield, F.B., 1982:
The chemistry of food acceptance

Coucouvanis, D., 1983:
The chemistry of the Fe-M-S complexes (M=Mo,W)

Fang, S.D.; Berry, D.E.; Lynn, D.G.; Hecht, S.M.; Campbell, J.; Lynn, W.S., 1983:
The chemistry of toxic principles from Maytenus nemerosa

Lebreton, P.; Sartre, J., 1984:
The chemotaxonomy of the Pinales

Meshnick, S.R., 1984:
The chemotherapy of African trypanosomiasis

Kierszenbaum, F., 1984:
The chemotherapy of Trypanosoma cruzi infections (Chagas' disease)

Marr, J.J., 1984:
The chemotherapy of leishmaniasis

Archer, S., 1985:
The chemotherapy of schistosomiasis

Gomez, M.C., 1983:
The cherimoya

Iolevski, M.; Khadzhiyanakiev, A.; Kabakchiev, I.; Bozhinova, P., 1984:
The chernozems of Bulgaria

Tsarenko, V.P., 1984:
The cherry Prunus maximowiczii

Fedoryak, V.E., 1983:
The cherry spinner in the Kustanayskaya region

Vieitez, E.; Vieitez, M.L.; Vieitez, A.M., 1982:
The chestnut and its resistance to Phytophthora cinnamomi and Ph. cambivora

Gross, L., 1983:
The chicken leukosis complex, including neurolymphomatosis (Marek's disease)

Rack, G., 1983:
The chigger mite, Neotrombicula autumnalis (Shaw, 1790). Part II: systematics, morphology and biology of mites (Acari) in houses and stored products and mites of medical importance

Andersson, G., 1983:
The chilopod fauna in the vicinity of Goteborg - a comparison between collecting results obtained in the 1920s and the 1970s

Harms, R.H.; Wilson, H.R., 1984:
The chloride requirement of the broiler breeder hen

Ohiokpehai, O.; Brumen, G.; Clifford, M.N., 1983:
The chlorogenic acids content of some peculiar green coffee beans and the implications for beverage quality

Kuritsa, B.I., 1984:
The choice of a mobile power source for field machinery

Allan, B.B.; Fredeen, H.T., 1983:
The choice of a selection index for swine

Rafalski, H.; Ponomarenko, W., 1983:
The choice of agricultural policy and food supply (II)

Boguszewski, W.; Mackowiak, C.; Mackowiak, W., 1981:
The choice of crops for cultivation on a sandy soil. (Report)

Boulanger, P.; Duplan, J.M., 1981:
The choice of dairy bull. A lot of data, but little information

van de Voorde, H.; Reybrouck, G.; van Dijck, P.; Vranckx, M.J., 1984:
The choice of fungi as test organisms in disinfectant testing

Kravchenko, R.G., 1983:
The choice of optimal solutions for working out and implementing specialized programmes

Sholts, M.E.; Rybakov, V.N.; Konareva, T.I.; Polievktova, E.G., 1984:
The choice of parameters determining the even distribution of liquid complex fertilizers

Newbery, D.; Stiglitz, J., 1982:
The choice of techniques and the optimality of market equilibrium with rational expectations

Margara, J.; Piollat, T., 1983:
The choice of the mineral composition of the medium in in vitro culture, as shown by Begonia X elatior

Detsky, A.S.; Mendelson, R.A.; Baker, J.P.; Jeejeebhoy, K.N., 1984:
The choice to treat all, some, or no patients undergoing gastrointestinal surgery with nutritional support: a decision analysis approach

Bosworth, A.B.; Meola, S.M.; Olson, J.K., 1983:
The chorionic morphology of eggs of the Psorophora confinnis complex in the United States. I. Taxonomic considerations

Christie, W.W., 1984:
The chromatographic analysis of milk lipids

Vogt, K., 1984:
The chromophore of the visual pigment in some insect orders

Bojsen, K.; Abildsten, D.; Jensen, E.Ø.; Paludan, K.; Marcker, K.A., 1983:
The chromosomal arrangement of six soybean leghemoglobin genes

Lovett, M.; Cox, D.R.; Yee, D.; Boll, W.; Weissmann, C.; Epstein, C.J.; Epstein, L.B., 1984:
The chromosomal location of mouse interferon alpha genes

Dundas, I.S.; Britten, E.J., 1983:
The chromosome of the pigeon pea and a related Australian Atylosia species

Schlarbaum, S.E.; Tsuchiya, T.; Johnson, L.C., 1984:
The chromosomes and relationships of Metasequoia and Sequoia (Taxodiaceae): an update

Helle, W.; Wysoki, M., 1983:
The chromosomes and sex-determination of some actinotrichid taxa (Acari), with special reference to Eriophyidae

Roberts, A.V., 1984:
The chromosomes of Nerine

Cribiu, E.P., 1983:
The chromosomes of the domestic horse (Equus caballus). Present state of knowledge

Orimo, H.; Onda, K.; Kaseki, H.; Kanda, Y.; Hisayasu, S.; Hirai, Y.; Yoshino, Y., 1984:
The chronic intoxication test on germanium contained Spirulina product fed to Wistar strain rats

Vincent, R.C., 1984:
The cinema and the city: an analysis of motion picture theater location in selected United States urban areas

Pittendrigh, C.S.; Elliott, J.; Takamura, T., 1984:
The circadian component in photoperiodic induction

Pree, J.; Rutschke, E., 1983:
The circadian rhythm of the dopamine content of the brain of Periplaneta americana L

Blanc, M., 1983:
The circular leaf-miner in apple orchards in the Durance Valley

Carles, L., 1984:
The citrus flower moth

Nishiura, M., 1983:
The citrus industry in Japan

Serghiou, C.S., 1983:
The citrus mealybug, Planococcus citri Risso - carob moth, Ectomyelois ceratoniae Zeller, pest complex on grapefruit and its chemical control

Scotto L.Massese, C., 1982:
The citrus nematode

Melendez, N., 1984:
The city as an urban park

Bogdanova, L.; Sukhovskaya, S., 1984:
The class character of solution to the food problem in the world of today

Timchenko, A.G., 1984:
The classification of cows for degree of calving difficulty

Alias, L.J.; Hernandez, J., 1981:
The clay mineralogy of high mountain soils on carbonate rocks. II. Inceptisols

Sipka, S.; Balogh, E., 1983:
The clearance of colloidal carbon from the blood of Candida albicans infected mice

Hansen, V., 1982:
The climate of Aas. VII. Climate correlations between neighbouring meteorological stations

Groenewoud, H. van, 1984:
The climatic regions of New Brunswick: a multivariate analysis of meteorological data

Close, W.H., 1981:
The climatic requirements of the pig

Hunt, C.; Chakravorty, N.K.; Annan, G., 1984:
The clinical and biochemical effects of vitamin C supplementation in short-stay hospitalized geriatric patients

Scollay, D.A.; Parr, D.; Wills, V., 1983:
The clinical and mycological spectrum of Pacific Island strain Trichophyton rubrum infection in the Auckland region

Badrie, F.; Kamenov, I., 1984:
The clinical course of experimental oesophagostomiasis in lambs

Evinger, J.V.; Nelson, R.W., 1984:
The clinical pharmacology of thyroid hormones in the dog

Rakhimov, N.R.; Il' khamov, A.I.; Gulyamov, T.D.; Makhmudov, A.B.; Kasymov, I.T., 1979:
The clinical picture and diagnosis of intestinal amoebiasis

E.G.zuli, A.Y.; E.B.dawi, K.S.; Shommein, A.M.; Osman, H.M., 1979:
The clinical response to experimental infection of Eimeria arloingi in goats - part II

Pedersen, N.C.; Meric, S.M.; Johnson, L.; Plucker, S.; Theilen, G.H., 1984:
The clinical significance of latent feline leukemia virus infection in cats

Aron, D.N.; Kornegay, J.N., 1983:
The clinical significance of traumatic lung cysts and associated pulmonary abnormalities in the dog and cat

Kiptoon, J.C.; Masha, J.B.; Shatry, A.M.; Wolff, W.A., 1983:
The clinical signs of East Coast fever (bovine theileria parva infection)-examination of 96 suspected field cases of the disease

Unnasch, T.R.; Wirth, D.F., 1983:
The cloned rRNA genes of P. lophurae: a novel rDNA structure

Brzezinski, J., 1982:
The co-ordination of the activities of cultural institutions in the commune

Pye, K., 1983:
The coastal dune formations of northern Cape York Peninsula, Queensland

Arnastauskene, T.V., 1983:
The coccidian fauna of pigs on different types of farms

Owusu, G.K., 1983:
The cocoa swollen shoot disease problem in Ghana

Tran Ngoc Bich, 1983:
The coconut industry: barometer of the Philippine economy

Petit Skinner, S., 1983:
The coconut palm and its uses on Nauru

Darbin, T.; Pomier, M.; Taffin, G. de, 1983:
The coconut palm and the improvement of valleys in the Middle Ivory Coast

Gensel, K.; Hausmann, K., 1982:
The codling moth: an ideal object for studying embryonic development in Lepidoptera

Lamy, M., 1984:
The cola processionary: Anaphae venata Butler (Lepidoptera: Thaumetopoeidae): urticating moth from Africa

Anonymous, 1984:
The collection and recycling of agricultural plastics becomes ever more profitable

Mateescu, N.; Zagrean, V., 1983:
The collection of macromycetes cultivated in Romania

Dolidze, I.G.; Nekrasov, V.I., 1984 :
The collection of woody plants at the Kutaisi Botanical Garden

Kiselev, S.V., 1984:
The collective contract: experience and problems

Gey, P., 1984:
The collectivization of small peasant farming in Cuba

Gentili, A.M., 1983:
The colonial heritage and problems of development; the agricultural structure of Mozambique at independence

Chatterjee, P., 1983:
The colonial state and peasant resistance in Bengal, 1920-1947

Zhu, K.Y., 1983:
The colour-spot variations of the small brown rice planthopper and their recognition

Dolling, C.H.S., 1984:
The coloured sheep industry in Australia

Ryder, M.L., 1984:
The coloured sheep of Europe

Fox, T.W.; Smyth, J.R., 1984:
The columbian restriction gene, Co, and early growth rate in the domestic fowl

Semenov, V.D., 1981:
The combined application of Diamet-D with major and trace elements to spring wheat

Meawad, A.A.; Awad, A.E.; Afify, A., 1984:
The combined effect of N-fertilization and some growth regulators on chamomile plants

Dobias, A., 1983:
The combining ability of lucerne clones with fertility characters

Smith, I.E., 1980:
The combustion of straw

Crook, W.G., 1983:
The coming revolution in medicine

Colic, D.; Ocokoljic, S.; Paris, Z.; Valenta, M., 1981:
The commencement of heading in Yugoslavian varieties of Dactylis glomerata, Festuca arundinacea, F. pratensis, Avena elatior and Phleum pratense. Preliminary report

Gunnar, P.M.; Hart, C.W.; Atwoot, C.S., 1982:
The commercial condominium hotel: considerations for developers

Anonymous, 1982:
The commercial policies of the European Community: a contribution to indigenous agriculture in the developing countries?

Guitart, C., 1983:
The commercialization of the tourism product

Wyderko, A., 1983:
The commodity production of peasant farms (based on data from the Institute of Agricultural Economics)

Petrukha, O.I.; Bystrova, V.L., 1982:
The common beet weevil

Chasey, D.; Banks, J., 1984:
The commonest rotaviruses from neonatal lamb diarrhoea in England and Wales have atypical electropherotypes

Bady, A.Z., 1983:
The communal villages: bases of popular power in Mozambique

Hofman, M.J.A., 1983:
The communication problem in computer controlled fermentation

Pontius, S.K., 1984:
The communication process of adoption: agriculture in Thailand

Bose, A., 1983:
The community health worker scheme: an Indian experiment

Anonymous, 1983:
The community newspaper

Murphy, G.; Robertson, E., 1984:
The compactability of New Zealand forest soils

Mitchell, W.H., 1983:
The comparative costs of no-tillage weed control

Kitamura, Y.; Abe, J.; Nishimura, Y., 1983:
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The competitiveness of Hungarian agriculture

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The complement fixation test for the diagnosis of Brucella ovis infection in rams

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The components of milk: some factors to consider in component pricing plans

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The composition and replacement rate in a rabbit colony

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The composition and structure of milk lipids

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The composition of essential oils in different parts of needles of a Scots pine tree during the vegetative period

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The composition of fatty acids in winter rape oil in the course of maturation

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The composition of half-carcasses of pigs of the principal breeds in Czechoslovakia

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The composition of milk

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The composition of oxygenated compounds in the peel oil of Fukuhara oranges

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The composition of production in the expansion of the Brazilian agricultural frontier

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The composition of sour cherries in relation to cultivars and rootstocks

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The composition of the dominant class in Manabi and its trade links

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The composition of the genera Atriaster and Atrispinum (Microcotylidae, Monogenea) and some aspects of their morphology

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The composition of the spawning population and the population fertility of perch

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The composition of wild mustard and some other cruciferous weed seeds and the effect of their admixture on the quality of rapeseed

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The composition, dynamics and specialization of races of the pathogen of powdery mildew on cultivated and prospective varieties of wheat in different soil-climatic zones of the Ukraine

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The composting of road-side grass

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The compromise called for

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The computer - wild oats or a growing crop?

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The computer aided interpretation of mass-spectra of organic pollutants in surface water

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The computer as a farm management tool

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The computer as an aid in log breakdown optimization in the sawmill

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The computer can be a help in extension work

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The computer evaluation of dairy cow rations

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The computer in running campsites and touristique villages

Anonymous, 1983:
The computerized office of the Milchquell GmbH Wetzlar dairy factory

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The concentration of airborne pentachlorophenol within treated wood structures

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The concentration of ketoconazole in seminal fluid and influence on sperm motility

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The concentration of plasma testosterone in relation to age, size of testes and libido

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The concentration of population in Finland between 1880 and 1980

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The concentration of social participation in settlement development

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The concept of agrifood: its range and its limitations

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The concept of vector specificity in medical parasitology

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The concept of 'spatial risk' and its application to fire prevention

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The concept of impact in protected environments

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The concept of invisible choroiditis in the ocular histoplasmosis syndrome

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The concept of leisure in a context of social and economic change

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The concept of taper in poplar growing

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The concept of the geography of tourism

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The concept of the size of a forest type

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The concept of timber height number

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The concept of value in resource allocation

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The conception and design of a dairy factory for Egypt, and getting it underway

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The concern of acidic deposition in the Great Lakes region

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The conditioning of agriculture in the light of variants in the socio-economic plan

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The conditions and problems of mountain tourism in Bulgaria

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The conditions of a mass outbreak of the spider mite on sugar-beet

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The conference on agricultural economics research and teaching

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The connection of retarded growth with endogenous gibberellin level in bean plants treated with chlorocholine-chloride (CCC)

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The consequence of an increasing proportion of winter wheat in crop rotation on a medium heavy soil

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The consequences of land tenure reform among smallholders in the Kenya highlands

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The consequences of new approaches in parasitological research

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The consequences of the super levy for dairy farms

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The conservation cropping information package - extension officers' guide

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The conservation of trees and woods in Ireland

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The conservation of wild types of cultivated plants in nature reserves in the USSR

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The consumption and utilisation of the castor leaves by the larvae of Philosamia ricini Hutt. (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae)

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The consumption of commercial fertilizers in Sweden 1982/83

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The consumption of different feedstuffs, 1960-83

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The consumption of foodstuffs, alcoholic drinks and tobacco

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The consumption of pop music

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The consumption of the condensate of soil moisture by the bugs Stenocephalus marginatus and Pyrrhocoris apterus

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The contemporary type of Yugoslav Pied cattle

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The contents of tocopherols and peroxide value of oils in commercial vitamin E supplements and their changes after storage

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The continuing problem of tick control

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The contraceptive pill: its relation to allergy and illness

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The contract and its introduction by organizational and economic measures

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The contribution of Holloko village to tourism in Nograd County

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The contribution of agricultural research towards a remarkable growth in returns. Fruitful cooperation between research and practising farmers

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The contribution of an alternative frequency of cuts to variations in floristic composition of a grass sward

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The contribution of education to allocative and technical efficiency in sugarcane production in Nepal

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The contribution of legumes sown for pasture to increased fodder production

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The contribution of national and international tourism to state revenue

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The contribution of pastures and veld to the feeding of dairy and beef herds in the Natal Midlands

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The contribution of soil reserves to the pool of available nitrogen in Irish soils

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The contribution of some factors to the increase in yields of wheat and spring barley

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The contribution of technology transfer to solving the food problem in Africa

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The contribution of the Iden-Rohrbeck Cattle Production Institute to development of cattle production in the German Democratic Republic

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The contribution of the spermatozoon to the phylogeny of Diptera

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The contribution of training to health programmes

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The contribution of weather and technology to U.S. soybean yields

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The contribution of zooplankton to the food of fish grown in tanks and ponds near power plants

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The contributions of some factors to sugarbeet yields

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The control by irrigation of vegetative growth in high density plantings

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The control of Alopecurus myosuroides and Avena fatua in winter wheat

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The control of Arabis mosaic virus in varieties of petunia after artificial infection

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The control of Hypoderma bovis and H. lineatum in the Republic of Ireland: the present position

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The control of abortion in sheep flocks

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The control of bacterial barn rot of tobacco leaves with streptomycin sulphate

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The control of bacterial fish diseases by antimicrobial compounds

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The control of breeding in livestock

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The control of cell growth by light

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The control of cocoa pests and diseases in North Sumatra

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The control of flowering and planning production in pineapple plantations. Its results

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The control of helminths: nonreplicating infectious agents of man

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The control of morphogenesis in Candida albicans

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The control of noctuids using pheromones

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The control of perennial weeds

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The control of phosphate regime in the main soil types of the Ukrainian SSR

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The control of phytotoxic fermentation of wetted packaging material during storage

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The control of powdery mildew on strawberries and raspberries

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The control of sex expression in cucurbits by ethephon

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The control of silky hakea in South Africa

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The control of stem canker and black scurf in potatoes with tolclofos-methyl

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The control of the day-length response in wheat by the group 2 chromosomes

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The control of the ribbed weevil, Otiorhynchus sulcatus, on pot-plants grown in the greenhouse

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The control of tomato diseases: preliminary results of the control of late blight of tomatoes in Arusha, Tanzania

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The control of trout reproduction: basic and applied research on hormones

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The control of weeds in cranberries

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The controlled atmosphere (CA) storage of apples in Poland

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The controlled atmosphere storage of Conference pears

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The controlled droplet applicator for herbicide application

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The convention and meeting market: from a destination viewpoint

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The conventional plough still has a lot going for it

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The convergent evolution of annual seed crops in agriculture

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The conversion experiment: reducing farming costs

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The conversion of exogenous retinol and related compounds into retinyl phosphate mannose by adult Brugia pahangi in vitro

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The conversion of indolebutyric acid to indoleacetic acid by cuttings of grapevine and olive

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The cooperation of the USSR with Cuba in agriculture

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The cooperative - a flexible form of self-organization for farming groups?

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The cooperative Nordic project on disease resistance: race-non-specific powdery mildew resistance in barley

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The cooperative council safeguards a standard production process when there is a territorial organization of production and labour

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The cooperative experience in Asian cultures - a workshop report

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The cooperative movement is not something to be handed down unchanged forever

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The cooperative peasantry in Szabolcs Szatmar

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The cooperative system in Nepal: objective and means of rural development

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The coordinated mechanization of agriculture in CMEA countries - the example of Agromas

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The cork oak (Quercus suber). Biology, utilization, culture and ecological importance

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The corn borer and its damage

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The corn ground beetle

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The corn ground beetle (Zabrus tenebrioides Goeze) - a dangerous pest in cereal cultivation

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The corn leaf-roller on barley: a frequently underrated danger

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The corneal facets of some Lepidoptera

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The correction of acid soils: the assessment of lime requirements

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The correlating of crop yield with microclimatic factors within a mesh (field protected by tree shelterbelts)

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The correlation between calving ease measured in heifers and late parity cows

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The correlation between liver vitamin A concentrations in micro- (needle biopsy) and macrosamples of human liver specimens obtained at autopsy

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The correlation between seed-borne infection by Botrytis allii and neck rot development in store

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The correlation between the feeding levels of larvae and nymphs of Ixodes persulcatus P. Sch. and the numbers of small mammals in the forests of Western Sayan

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The correlation between the natural durability of some tropical species and their contents of extractives

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The correlation of sexual maturity with productivity in Erevan fowls of line 1381

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The correlations of wool wax with physical and mechanical traits of the fleece in North Caucasus Mutton-Wool sheep

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The cost and effectiveness of the arboricide 2,4,5-T in a GCL operation carried out for enrichment planting at the Tekam Forest Reserve, Pahang

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The cost effectiveness of FEOGA expenditure

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The cost of electricity from silvicultural fuel farm based power plants

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The cost of farm accidents

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The cost of health for all. A feasibility study from Upper Volta

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The cost of weeds

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The costs and benefits of tourism - an analysis of Florida's Disney World

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The costs and returns of grass regeneration

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The costs of on-farm storage for wheat in Oklahoma

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The costs of using agricultural machines and charges for their use in 1984

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The cottons of Marie-Galante Island

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The cottonseed oil industry in French-speaking Africa

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The country estates of Zuid-Kennemerland (Netherlands). An inventory and a description of the cultural and historical features of the the gardens, parklands and woodlands

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The country of the Dayas, and Pistacia atlantica in the Algerian Sahara

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The course of experimental Babesia equi infection in ponies

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The course of experimental and vaccination leishmaniasis in mice and volunteers inoculated with fibrinolysin-positive or negative strains of Leishmania tropica major

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The course of experimental trichinelliasis in mice treated with anti-eosinophil serum

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The course of fatal Trypanosoma simiae infection in domestic sheep

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The course of fermentation in severely wilted herbage

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The course of gentamicin concentrations in serum and tissues of pigeons

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The course of physical development (height and weight) in realtion to sexual maturity in girls followed continuously from 6 to 17 years old in longitudinal studies. 1. Height and weight distance curves

Barghini, G., 1983:
The course of physical development (height and weight) in relation to sexual maturity in girls followed continuously from 6 to 17 years old in longitudinal studies. 2. Height and weight velocity curves (annual height and weight increments)

Barghini, G., 1983:
The course of physical development (height and weight) in relation to sexual maturity in girls followed continuously from 6 to 17 years old in longitudinal studies. 3. the constitution (height and weight) in girls followed continuously from 6 to 17 years old

Barghini, G., 1983:
The course of physical development (height and weight) in relation to sexual maturity in girls followed continuously fron 6 to 17 years old in longitudinal studies. 5. Constitutional type of girls at the end of the age of development

Barghini, G., 1983 :
The course of physical development in relation to constitutional type at the end of the age of development. 6. Evaluation in relation to age of sexual maturity and to height of some aspects of physical maturity at the end of the age of development

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The course of pollen development in broad bean (Vicia faba)

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The covering of the ear in maize: heritability and correlation with other characters

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The creation of a relative surplus population: a case study from Mexico

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The creation of new breeds of cattle

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The creation of woody landscapes on roadsides by seeding - a comparison of past approaches in West Germany and the United Kingdom

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The crepuscular and nocturnal Lepidoptera Heterocera of the Mesola Wood

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The crisis in Danish agriculture: indebtedness and state support

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The crisis in Indian agriculture

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The crisis in vegetable canning in the South-West

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The crisis of modern agriculture

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The critical importance of the distribution variable in formulating a marketing strategy

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The critical role of CO2 in the morphogenesis of Coccidioides immitis in cell-free subcutaneous chambers

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The crop lien programme: implications of a credit project transformed into an ad hoc income transfer programme

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The cross-sectional muscle area in the dorsal region as a predictor of the lean content in the beef carcass

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The crossbreeding effect of Holstein-Friesian X German Black Pied breeding on the performance of cows

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The crumbling of soil lumps with deformers (rotary soil looseners)

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The crushing of Japanese linden bark

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The crystal structure of calcium sulfite hemihydrate

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The cubic map in theory and practice

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The culard character, or double muscling, and its potential value in the improvement of beef production

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The culicine mosquitoes of the city of Baghdad (Culicinae-Diptera)

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The cultivated plants of Hungary, booklets 1-50. (Review and indexes of the series)

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The cultivation of Brachionus plicatilis by use of beer yeast

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The cultivation of IB-RS-2 cell line in a medium with liquid yeast extract

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The cultivation of fibre flax

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The cultivation of tobacco seedlings

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The cultural expenditure of local councils

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The cultural habits of the French. A socio-demographic description. Trends 1973-1981

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The cultural impact of tourism, art forms - revival or degradation; The impact of tourism upon vilavilairevo (firewalking). (2 articles)

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The cultural influence of public television

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The cultural principle and practices in high-yielding wheat to the south of Huai River in Jiangsu Province

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The culture and freezing of blastomeres

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The culture and use of Perionyx excavatus as a protein resource in the Philippines

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The culture of Agaricus bitorquis

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The culture of agriculture

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The culture of dual purpose walnuts in upland regions

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The culture of gerberas. Acidity and salts concentration as a function of the manurial regime

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The culture of tree nursery crops in containers. Water regulation in container culture - I

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The culture of unfertilized rice ovaries

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The culturing of the agents of Eperythrozoon infections of sheep and cattle

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The cumulation of toxic metals on alga

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The cumulative effects of hormone mixtures containing GA3, DPU plus NOXA, NAA or 2,4,5-TP on the cropping and flowering of sweet cherry cultivars, Prunus avium L

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The currant clearwing

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The current discussion on the causes of forest damage in West Germany

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The current economic situation of large scale crop production in Belgium at the present time

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The current feeding condition of water buffalo in Taiwan

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The current legal status of teat dips

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The current position and future developments in sheep recording in New Zealand

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The current position and role of multi-row planting in tea cultivation

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The current scenario of the pod and stem blight-stem canker-seed decay complex of soybean

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The current situation concerning the cultivation of and research on bananas in the Canary Islands

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The current situation in forage grass seed research in Brazil

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The current situation, production trends and the problems of rearing horses for meat

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The current state and productivity of hill grasslands in flood-plain valley of the Assa river (eastern part of the Zailiiskii Altau)

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The current state of the forests in the south-east part of the Little Caucasus Mts. and ways of increasing their productivity

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The current status and future role of plantains in West Africa

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The current status and potential of entomogenous fungi as agents of pest control

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The current status of foci and infectivity of tick-borne relapsing fever in Uzbekistan

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The current status of preference tests in the assessment of animal welfare

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The current status of recommended standards regarding space used for athletics, physical education, and recreation in the United States

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The current status of the biological control of red scale, Aonidiella aurantii (Mask.) on citrus in South Africa

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The current status of tick borreliosis foci in the south of the Turkmen SSR

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The curve number runoff model as an infiltration model for hydrograph simulation

Anonymous, 1983:
The customs union

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The cycle of nitrogen and ash elements in a pine/spruce stand in the central taiga

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The cyclic nature of growth and seed-bearing in Pinus sibirica

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The cyclical nature of changes in the elements of the parasitic system of foci of tick-borne encephalitis

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The cyclical nature of mass multiplication of pests

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The cypress aphid (Cinara cupressi), a new pest of cypress in Israel

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The cyst nematodes of knotweed and nutgrass

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The cytogenetics of cattle embryos

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The cytophysiological responses to dehydration of drought resistant and suceptible barley cultivars

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The cytoplasmic factor in attenuating the ultraviolet radiation induced inhibition of photosynthesis in isolated leaf cells

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The cytotaxonomy of three species in the jenningsi-group of the subgenus Simulium (Diptera: Simuliidae) in New York State

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The cytotoxic activity of leucocytes from chronic Chagasic patients against Trypanosoma cruzi

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The dairy economy

Anonymous, 1983:
The dairy industry in 1982

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The dairy industry in Cuba

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The dairy industry in Syria

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The dairy industry in the EEC

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The dairy industry is facing new challenges

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The dairy industry looks at the cereal processing industry

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The dairy price support program: a study of misdirected economic incentives

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The dairy sector

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The dairy situation and dairy policy in Canada

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The dairy survival test

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The damage caused by the beet aphid to artificially defoliated plants

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The damage caused by the cabbage seed weevil (Ceutorhynchus assimilis Payk.)

Schulz, R.R.; Daebeler, F., 1984:
The damage caused by the rape flea beetle (Psylliodes chrysocephala L.), especially its adults

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The dangers of tourism - suggestions for avoidance (1)

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The dark mink: a model of male infertility

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The dark reddish-brown goat from Estremadura

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The data required for a food data system

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The dead softwood timber resource and its utilization in the west

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The debate on the survival of the family farm in an advanced capitalist society

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The deceleration hypothesis and yield-increasing inputs in Indian agriculture

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The decline of renal function slowed by very low phosphorus intake in chronic renal patients following a low nitrogen diet

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The decline of the peasant community: the case of San Jeronimo de Tunan

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The declining world beef trade, with particular implications for EEC exports

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The decrease in milk production by superovulation

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The deeper implications of embryo transplants and cloning

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The defensive secretion of the tiger beetle Cicindela flexuosa (F.) (Cicindelinae; Carabidae)

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The definition and use of a new physiological criterion in evaluating the performance of horses

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The definition of UHT milk: product-based, process-based, or both?

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The definition of a characteristic group of species from Central Africa within the complex of Simulium damnosum and the creation of three groups in the subgenus Edwardsellum (Diptera, Simuliidae)

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The definition of market segments for leisure centre services: theory and practice

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The definition, diagnosis and assessment of desertification in relation to experience in the USSR

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The defixation of ammonia on a heated metal surface

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The degradability of protein of two dried forages in the rumen of cattle

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The degree of inheritance of some reproductive traits of Swedish Landrace sows at the Visoko pig farm

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The degree of relationship among boars presented at auction as destined for breeding

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The degree of self-fertility in Lolium perenne populations

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The degree of trypanotolerance in West African taurine cattle on station and village pastures

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The dek mutants - new mutants defective in kernel development

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The delarvation effectiveness of Gambusia in rice fields of the engineering type in the Uzbek SSR

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The delimitation of the genus Magnolia (Magnoliaceae)

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The demand for and estimated value of fresh-water salmon sport fishing in Oregon

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The demand for cigarettes: habit formation and health scare

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The demand for fats in private households. Analysis of the 1978 sample survey of incomes and consumption

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The demand for food and its future trends in Hungary

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The demand for grassland in Europe towards 2000. Some implications of a possible scenario

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The demand for institutional credit in the rural sector of Nigeria: some considerations

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The demand for milk in the GFR

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The demand for oilseeds in West Africa

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The demand for personal travel in developing countries: pricing and policy analysis

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The demand for soybean meal by the European Economic Community: an econometric model

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The demand for wine and beer

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The demand for winter seasonal fruits

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The demands for funds by agricultural households: evidence from rural India

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The democratization of communication and education

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The demographic structure of a forest biocoenosis

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The demonstration: producing a political event

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The denitrifying flora in differently polluted flowing and standing waters

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The denitrifying prokaryotes

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The density of guard hairs in arctic foxes

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The dependence of exocrine pancreatic secretion on insulin in sheep

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The dependence of nitrogen content in needles of spruce advance growth on the aeration of the soils on felled areas

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The dependence of seed quality in hybrid maize, vegetation group 400-600 on the amount of water in the grain at time of harvest

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The dependence of the number of grains in the ear, in spring wheat, on developmental and ecological factors

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The dependence of white sugar yield on the geological and soil conditions in Czechoslovakia

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The dependence of yield on the percentage of empty spaces in plots of potatoes. (model experiment)

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The depth of visibility in forests

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The derivation of the cell wall elasticity function from the cell turgor potential

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The desertification of Central Otago, New Zealand

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The design and analysis of an energy integrated dairy system

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The design and evaluation of food security programmes

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The design and implementation of customary land reforms in Central Malawi

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The design and interpretation of animal feeding trials in the tropics

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The design and management of low temperature grain driers in England - a simulation study

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The design and performance of a once-through solar water heater for farm dairies

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The design and prediction of performance of batch driers for paddy rice

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The design factor in tractor stability surveillance devices

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The design of a postemergence phenylurea herbicide

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The design of a tree-length grapple

Thomas, D.B., 1983:
The design of artificial waterways for densely settled areas of steep land

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The design of ecologically sound agroforests

Sharp, J.R., 1983:
The design of gantry systems for protected crops

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The design of inheritance studies

Wacker, F., 1983:
The design of social indicators, illustrated from the field of education

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The design of the nematode body wall: the ontogeny of the cuticle

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The design, construction and operation of a unit for the carbonisation of coconut shell with recovery of waste heat

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The destruction of enzymes and bacteria during the spray-drying of milk and whey. III. Analysis of the drying process according to the stages in which the destruction occurs

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The destruction of enzymes and bacteria during the spray-drying of milk and whey. IV. A comparison of theoretical computed results concerning the destruction of phosphatase with those obtained experimentally

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The destruction of forest is a result of harvesting and logging in African and South American tropical rain forests

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The detection of canine autoantibodies to thyroid antigens by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, hemagglutination and indirect immunofluorescence

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The detection of circulating antigen in human hydatid disease

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The detection of estrus in dairy cattle by monitoring behavioral change in stanchion barn and free stall housing

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The detection of histocompatibility-2 antigens on preimplantation mouse embryos

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The detection of the 987 P antigen in Escherichia coli isolated from piglets with diarrhoea

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The detection of toxoplasmosis

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The detection of viable heritable translocations by chromosome banding procedure

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The detection of virus in plant leaves with the technique of embedding virus-infected leaf tissue in layer of gel containing antiserum

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The determinants of credit use among small farmers in Jamaica

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The determinants of kharif fallowing on the vertisols in semi-arid tropical India

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The determinants of rural fertility in developing countries: a review of the evidence

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The determination and characterization of amino acids from Annona senegalensis Pers. stem bark

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The determination and main features of large scale, unirrigated pasture areas of Andalusia

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The determination of Pu-241 by liquid scintillation counting in the environment of the Karlsruhe Nuclear Research Center

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The determination of arsenic by flame AAS using the Zeeman effect and its application to the analysis of sediment extracts

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The determination of concentrations and physico-chemical speciation of environmental pollutants

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The determination of fat in milk by the Gerber method. Amyl alcohol as a possible source of error

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The determination of lysinoalanine in commercial baby foods

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The determination of native ionic copper concentrations and copper complexation in peat soil extracts

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The determination of optimum insemination time at oestrus using the Walsmeta II

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The determination of osmotic pressure in small volumes of fresh ram semen

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The determination of physiological maturity in sunflower cultivars

Phipps, T.T., 1983:
The determination of price in the U.S. agricultural land market

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The determination of soil activity and the effect of soil activity on the growth of sugarcane

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The determination of suitable planting dates for maize using climatic data

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The determination of the cryoscopic point of milk from buffaloes

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The determination of vitamin D by high performance liquid chromatography

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The detoxification of mycotoxins in fodder

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The developing equine tarsus from birth to six months of age-a radiographic study

Anonymous, 1983:
The development aid of the European Community

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The development and condition of the red deer in the Stara Zagora forestry combine, and their effect on the forest vegetation

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The development and correlations of reproductive performance of ganders in the course of three years

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The development and evaluation of cattle embryos from superovulated donor cows

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The development and fattening performance of rabbits of different breeds

Bourne, S.A., 1983:
The development and field testing of a comprehensive alternative data collection and reporting system for hospitality and food service instructional programs

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The development and life-span of the seed of Populus adenopoda Maxim

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The development and location of flax growing in the Ukrainian SSR

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The development and present situation in crossbreeding of cattle in the Czech Republic

Mittempergher, L., 1983:
The development and present state of chestnut blight and Dutch elm disease in Italy

Kasper, J., 1982:
The development and productivity of 3-year clover/grass mixtures containing different cultivars of red clover (Trifolium pratense L.)

Kubacek, D., 1983:
The development and results of crossbreeding cattle in the Slovakian Republic

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The development and use of a soil fumigator for deep soil layer

Bugaev, V.A.; Topilin, D.A.; Mokeev, A.S., 1983:
The development in the Ukraine of a type of Red Steppe with a high milk fat content

Fleder, W., 1984:
The development of 'naturalistic' silviculture in Lower Franconia

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The development of Apanteles glomeratus (L.) (Hym.: Braconidae) in Pieris rapae L. and the reaction of its host

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The development of Diaporthe phaseolorum variety sojae in culture

Vancsa, J., 1984:
The development of Hungarian agriculture in the 35 years since the founding of the CMEA

Maurer, H., 1983:
The development of Simmental purebreeding

Anonymous, 1983:
The development of USSR agriculture and its impact on the world economy

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The development of a dairy feed planning model

Heap H.A.; Lawrence R.C., 1984:
The development of a defined starter system for casein manufacture

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The development of a large core sampler for organic soils

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