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The effect of applying bromacil to coppicing shoots of Brachystegia boehmii (mufuti) , Brachystegia spiciformis (musasa) and Julbernardia globiflora (munhondo)

Killilea, D.M.; Nyagato, P.

Annual Report 1980-81, Division of Livestock and Pastures, Zimbabwe: 192-193


Accession: 001264662

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4 rates of bromacil were applied to point spots at the base of coppice plants of B. boehmii, B. spiciformis and J. globiflora before (Sept.-Oct.), in the middle (Jan.-Feb.) or at the end (April-May) of the rainy seasons of 1976-7 and 1977-8. Bromacil applied in Jan.-Feb. tended to be less effective than that applied in Sept.-Oct. or April-May.

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