Section 2
Chapter 1,266

The effect of harvesting date on the yield of lucerne sown in the summer

Bigos, W.; Pawlus, M.; Rudnicki, F.

Zeszyty Naukowe, Akademia Rolnicza w Szczecinie, Rolnictwo 92: 101-110


Accession: 001265108

In field trials in 1975-8 near Szczecin, lucerne Kleszczewska was sown between 8 and 17 Aug. following winter rape. The 1st cut was taken when plants were at a ht. of 60 cm or at 7, 14 or 21 days after that date. In the 1st yr of utilization, total yields from 3 cuts were only 3.0-4.8 t/ha compared with 8.0-10.4 t in the 2nd yr.

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