Section 2
Chapter 1,266

The effect of track and rubber-tired vehicles on soil compaction

Burger, J.A.; Perumpral, J.V.; Torbert, J.L.; Kreh, R.D.; Minaei, S.

Paper, American Society of Agricultural Engineers (83-1621): 14 pp


ISSN/ISBN: 0149-9890
Accession: 001265935

The effect on soil bulk density and porosity at 2 depths (0-6 and 15-21 cm) was determined for 2 soil moisture contents (17 and 23% by weight) for the number of passes over the same area and for 2 machine types (rubber-tyred skidder and crawler). Despite a three-fold difference in contact pressure, changes in soil density and porosity caused by an unloaded, rubber-tyred log skidder did not exceed those caused by a crawler.

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