The energy supply of pregnant sows. 1. The effect of differing energy consumption during pregnancy on intake of feed during lactation and changes in liveweight of sows

Ohle, H.O.; Kracht, W.

Tierernahrung und Futterung 13: 94-102


Accession: 001266689

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1. In 2 trials crossbred gilts and sows in group 1 had, on average, about 1400 and 1600 feed energy units (EFs) daily during pregnancy and those in group 2 about 1650 and 1900 EFs, from concentrate mixture and straw pellets. During lactation, till piglets were 47 days old, all gilts and sows had the same mixture freely. Rearing feed was available to the piglets from day 10. Net weight gains of gilts and sows in group 1 were from 28 to 44 and about 30 kg during pregnancy; group 2 gained 10 to 20 kg more. Owing to greater weight loss in group 2 during lactation, weight gains for the reproductive cycle were about the same in both groups. Weight loss during lactation was not affected by litter size or feed intake in that period. Gilts, but not sows, in group 2 ate about 0.5 kg less daily during lactation than those in group 1.