The opisthorchiasis problem in Kazakhstan. Results and prospects

Sidorov, E.G.; Rybalova, R.N.

Voprosy Prirodnoi Ochagovosti Boleznei 13: 125-140


Accession: 001269723

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Opisthorchiasis in Kazakhstan is reviewed starting from the first recorded human case in the early 1930s. Up to 1955 only 2 regions in the river Irtysh basin, Pavlodar and Semipalatinsk, were considered at risk. As more areas were investigated the number of endemic regions rose gradually to reach 9 in 1980. The structure of these foci is described and control measures, including improved diagnosis and treatment, are considered. The Kazakh foci of opisthorchiasis differ from those in other areas of the USSR in that there are more natural than anthropogenic foci.