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Water use efficiency of corn, sunflower and wheat with limiting soil moisture

Green, D.G.; Read, D.W.L.

Canadian Journal of Plant Science 63(3): 747-749


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4220
DOI: 10.4141/cjps83-092
Accession: 001280378

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Maize Warwick SL 209 was superior to wheat in water use efficiency (WUE) calculated by using total DM production. Wheat Manitou under adequate soil m.c. was more efficient in water use than Pitic 62 or durum wheat Wascana. All wheat showed improved WUE with limited moisture. Sunflower Krasnodarets was the most adaptive spp. at changing WUE in response to available moisture. Of the three wheat varieties tested, the hard red spring variety Manitou was more efficient in water use under adequate soil moisture than the soft spring variety Pitic 62 and Triticum durum Wascana.

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