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Acceptability of beef from Angus-Hereford or Angus-Hereford-Brahman steers finished on all-forage or a high-energy diet

Bidner, T.D.; Schupp, A.R.; Mohamad, A.B.; Rumore, N.C.; Montgomery, R.E.; Bagley, C.P.; McMillin, K.W.

Journal of Animal Science 62(2): 381-387


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8812
DOI: 10.2527/jas1986.622381x
Accession: 001292145

Steers (44 Aberdeen-Angus X Hereford (AH) and 43 Aberdeen-Angus X Hereford X Brahman (AHB)) on similar forage diets were randomly assigned according to breed-type during 2 years to a 70-day maize-based diet or a forage-based diet or a forage-based diet of Bermudagrass and ryegrass pastures. The steers were fed to an average slaughter weight of 482 kg, and live-animal performance, carcass characteristics, muscle quality and palatability of steaks were evaluated.

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