Action of monensin, lasalocid and arprinocid on field strains of Eimeria tenella

Bedrnik, P.; Jurkovic, P.; Sevcik, B.; Firmanova, A.; Kucera, J.

Biologizace a Chemizace Zivocisne Vyroby Veterinaria 20(5): 431-447


Accession: 001292744

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Eight strains of E. tenella were recovered from outbreaks of coccidiosis in Czechoslovakia in 1981. Experiments on chicks kept in floor pens showed that 4 of the strains were not fully controlled by monensin, but arprinocid was fully effective against all 8 strains. Lasalocid was more effective than monensin against 3 of the 4 resistant strains, and as effective as monensin against the fourth strain.