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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1299

Chapter 1299 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Takahashi, J.; Konishi, E., 1985: An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay method for diagnosis of parasitic infections in field laboratories

Snyder, D. B.; Marquardt, W. W.; Mallinson, E. T.; Allen, D. A.; Savage, P. K., 1985: An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay method for the simultaneous measurement of antibody titer to multiple viral, bacterial or protein antigens

Wilson, R. A.; Perrotta, C, Jr; Frey, B.; Eckroade, R. J., 1984: An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay that measures protective antibody levels to Newcastle disease virus in chickens

Martin, C. N.; Garner, R. C.; Tursi, F.; Garner, J. V.; Whittle, H. C.; Ryder, R. W.; Sizaret, P.; Montesano, R., 1984: An enzyme-linked immunosorbent procedure for assaying aflatoxin B1

Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298004

Souza, R. M. de, 1985: An enzymic colour test for ascorbic acid in the serum of healthy and sick dogs

Miraglia, N.; Tisserand, J. L., 1985: An enzymic method for determination of forage digestibility with horses

Miraglia, N.; Tisserand, J. L., 1985: An enzymic method for estimating forage digestibility in horses

Flowers, G. G., 1984: An eonomic analysis of the relation of farm land values and returns

Anusz, Z.; Urbanska, M.; Ponka, W.; Jedynska Tamioo, M.; Jungiewicz, R., 1984: An epidemic focus of trichinelliasis at Iza, Radom province

Alberts, E.; Hannay, J.; Randles, J. W., 1985: An epidemic of cucumber mosaic virus in South Australian lupins

Glardon, O.; Stockli, R., 1985: An epidemic of distemper in Switzerland: epidemiology and vaccination status

Moberg, S. A. W.; Lowhagen, G. B. E.; Hersle, K. S., 1984: An epidemic of scabies with unusual features and treatment resistance in a nursing home

Hati, A. K.; Nandy, A.; Chowdhury, A. B., 1985: An epidemic outbreak of kala-azar in a district in West Bengal, India

Wolfe, W. H.; Lathrop, G. D.; Albanese, R. A.; Moynahan, P. M., 1985: An epidemiologic investigation of health effects in air force personnel following exposure to herbicides and associated dioxins

Schuberth, K. C. (and 5 others), 1982: An epidemiologic study of insect allergy in children. I. Characteristics of the disease

Difonzo, E. M.; Battini, M. L.; Dozzani, S.; Palleschi, G. M., 1984: An epidemiological and clinical report on Microsporum canis dermatophytosis in the Province of Florence

Hamet, N.; Josse, J.; Robin, B.; Toucas, L., 1985: An epidemiological investigation into coccidiosis and drug resistance in broiler chickens

Norheim, K.; Simensen, E., 1985: An epidemiological study of factors affecting serum IgG levels in dairy calves

Andersson, L.; Emanuelson, U., 1985: An epidemiological study of hyperketonaemia in Swedish dairy cows; determinants and the relation to fertility

Nunez, F.; Letonja, T.; Garcia, L.; Urcelay, S., 1984: An epidemiological study of trichinelliasis in a rural community in Chile

Umemura, S.; Goto, Y.; Otaka, T.; Yamaguchi, H.; Nakano, S.; Yoshikawa, K., 1983: An epidemiological study on diabetes mellitus in the Iwaki area

Scorza, J. V.; Valera, M.; Moreno, E.; Jaimes, R., 1983: An epidemiological survey of cutaneous leishmaniasis: a study in Merida, Venezuela

Ayanwale, F. O.; Emokpare, C. I.; Esuruoso, G. O.; Dipeolu, O. O., 1984: An epidemiological survey of human sera for antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii in two states of Nigeria

Shibahara, T.; Nishida, H., 1985: An epidemiological survey of the lung fluke, Paragonimus spp. in wild mammals of the northern part of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Hill, J.; Allison, F.; Halpin, C., 1985: An episode of acute selenium toxicity in a commercial piggery

Cox, J. H., 1986: An episodic weakness in four horses associated with intermittent serum hyperkalemia and the similarity of the disease to hyperkalemic periodic paralysis in man

Meloen, R. H.; Barteling, S. J., 1986: An epitope located at the C terminus of isolated VP1 of foot-and-mouth disease virus type O induces neutralizing activity but poor protection

Loomis, M. R.; Britt, J. O., 1983: An epizootic of Entamoeba histolytica in Colobus monkeys

Kalunda, M.; Shaka, S.; Henrikson, K.; Kalaye, J.; Semuguruka, W., 1982: An epizootic of bovine malignant catarrhal fever in Northern Tanzania in 1976

Pursell A.R., 1985: An epizootic of respiratory syncytial virus infection in a dairy herd

Zuritz, C. A.; Singh, R. P., 1985: An equation to compute the heat of evaporation of water for rough rice during drying

Kato, K., 1985: An equilibrium moisture content equation for grain in 0% to saturated conditions and experimental results of rice

Famula T.R., 1985: An equivalence between models of restricted selection and genetic groups

Smith, T. J. et al., 1983: An ergonomic analysis of a strawberry picking aid

Kolmes, SA., 1985: An ergonomic study of Apis mellifera (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Pronovost, G., 1984: An essay on modern concepts of leisure

Robinson, E. H.; Rawles, S. D.; Yette, H. E.; Greene, L. W., 1984: An estimate of the dietary calcium requirement of fingerling Tilapia aurea reared in calcium-free water

Nikishin, Yu M., 1984: An estimate of the effect of cyclic loads on plywood boards

Niedzielski, E.; Kozuch, A., 1986: An estimate of the fulfilment of demand for the servicing of agricultural machinery in Ostroeka voivoidship

Milne, C. P, Jr; Friars, G. W., 1984: An estimate of the heritability of honeybee pupal weight

Milne, C P.; Jr., 1985: An estimate of the heritability of worker longevity or length of life in the honeybee

Ahmad, Z.; Attique, M. R.; Rashid, A., 1986: An estimate of the loss in cotton yield in Pakistan attributable to the jassid Amrasca devastans Dist

Bjornstad, D. J.; Hillsman, E. L.; Tepel, R. C., 1985: An estimate of the potential market for equipment to produce biomass fuels for on-farm use

Kucheryavenko, A. V., 1985: An estimate of the potentials of oyster farming in Novgorodskaya Bay, Sea of Japan

Haaga, J.; Kenrick, C.; Test, K.; Mason, J., 1985: An estimate of the prevalence of child malnutrition in developing countries

Fargo, W. S.; Bonjour, E. L.; Wagner, T. L., 1986: An estimation equation for squash leaf area using leaf measurements

Yang, Y. Y.; Nelson, C. B., 1986: An estimation of daily food usage factors for assessing radionuclide intakes in the U.S. population

Kobayashi, S.; Ishioka, K., 1984: An estimation of input and output of energy in beef cattle production

Sijde, H. A. van der, 1986: An estimation of the economic advantages of site and nutritional research in South Africa

Peters, A. R., 1985: An estimation of the economic impact of an outbreak of Salmonella dublin in a calf rearing unit

Gray, J. S.; Harte, L. N., 1985: An estimation of the prevalence and economic importance of clinical bovine babesiosis in the Republic of Ireland

Pawlak, J., 1983: An estimation of the technical level of agriculture on a country-wide scale

Failla, A., 1982: An estimation of the thermal energy transmitted through the glass surfaces of animal breeding houses

Moshchenko, Yu B.; Neklyndov, A. F.; Zagrebel' nyi, V. E.; Makhnovskii, A. N., 1982: An estimation of water supply to cereals in steppe agriculture

Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298061

Petek, T., 1984: An ethnological description of agriculture in Podvolovljek

Schlichting, M. A.; Smidt, D., 1985: An ethological assessment of dairy cattle housing systems

Jelinek, P.; Veznik, Z., 1984: An evaluaion of spermatogenic activity of the testes in nutrias from histological preparations of germinal epithelium

Kuko, M. H., 1985: An evaluation and analysis of the effects of regional economic development on internal migration in the Sudan

Bogenschutz, T. G.; Russell, W. A., 1986: An evaluation for genetic variation within maize inbred lines maintained by sib-mating and self-pollination

Robertson, J. A.; Roberts, R. G.; Chapman, G. W, Jr, 1985: An evaluation of heat damage and fungi in relation to sunflower seed quality

Martin, T. E.; Collins, G. H.; Griffin, D. L.; Pope, S. E., 1985: An evaluation of 4 commercially available ELISA kits for the diagnosis of Dirofilaria immitis infection in dogs

Wong, H. M., 1985: An evaluation of 5% fishmeal in prestarter rations given to piglets under local conditions

Greenhalgh, M.; Morton, L. H. G., 1985: An evaluation of Appendix B of BS.5980:1980 determination of resistance to mould growth

Lewis, R, Jr; Brook, A. R., 1985: An evaluation of Arbotect and Lignasan trunk injections as potential treatments for oak wilt in live oaks

Ogihara, H.; Sato, K.; Haruta, M., 1983: An evaluation of BCP plate count agar as a medium for the detection and enumeration of lactic acid bacteria

Hrouz, J., 1982: An evaluation of Czech White geese

Wissemann, A. F.; Holmes, W. E.; O' Dempsey, N. D.; Cheffins, R. C.; Johnson, R. J. B., 1985: An evaluation of DPI newsletters servicing western Queensland

Siddiqui, K.; Ahmed, K. A.; Ahmed, J. U., 1985: An evaluation of Grameen bank operations

Swingle, R. S.; Garcia, M. R.; Delfino, F. J.; Prouty, F. L., 1985: An evaluation of Lactobacillus acidophilus-treated jojoba meal in beef cattle diets

Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298078

Wells, R. J. G., 1983: An evaluation of Malaysian agricultural commodity protection

Nath, A.; Srivastava, I. K.; Sinha, R.; Agarwal, S. S.; Dutta, G. P., 1984: An evaluation of Plasmodium cynomolgi bastianelli and Plasmodium knowlesi antigens in the seroepidemiology of human malaria using indirect haemagglutination test

Betta, N. L.; Cruickshank, M. M.; Tomlinson, R. W., 1986: An evaluation of SPOT-simulation imagery for land-use mapping and ecological investigations in upland areas of Northern Ireland

Jelinek, J., 1983: An evaluation of Thoroughbred stallions at stud in 1982

Jelinek, J., 1984: An evaluation of Thoroughbred stallions at stud in 1984

Symons, R. G.; Vining, R. F., 1985: An evaluation of a fluorescence polarization immunoassay of thyroxin and thyroxin-uptake

Davis, G. B., 1986: An evaluation of a modified preventive drenching programme on commercial farms

Swinford, J. M.; Meyer, J. H., 1985: An evaluation of a nuclear density gauge for measuring infield compaction in soils of the South African sugar industry

Farrar, R R.; Jr.; Landis, DA., 1985: An evaluation of a portable Geiger counter to trace radiolabeled Heliothis zea (Boddie) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae in corn and cotton

Vesely, V.; Peroutka, M., 1984: An evaluation of a radical method for the control of Varroa disease

Wilson, R. K.; Winter, K. A., 1984: An evaluation of acid-insoluble ash as a predictor of feed digestibility in ruminants

Parkin, C. S.; Outram, I.; Last, A. J.; Thomas, A. P. W., 1985: An evaluation of aerially applied ULV and LV sprays using a double spray system and two tracers

Walton P.D., 1986: An evaluation of alfalfa clones selected for resistant to alfalfa sickness

Kramer, R. A.; McSweeny, W. T.; Kerns, W. R.; Stavros, R. W., 1984: An evaluation of alternative policies for controlling agricultural nonpoint source pollution

Rose, R. J.; Gibson, K. T.; Suann, C. J., 1986: An evaluation of an oral glucose-glycine-electrolyte solution for the treatment of experimentally induced dehydration in the horse

Schmuck, L. A.; Kahan, I. H., 1986: An evaluation of anthelmintic treatment in dairy replacement heifers

Ghosal, M.; Chian, E. S. K., 1985: An evaluation of aromatic fraction in humic substances

Powell, M. L.; Michalson, E. L., 1985: An evaluation of best management practices on dryland farms in the lower portion of the upper Snake River basin of southeastern Idaho: Bannock, Power, Oneida and Cassia counties

Knapp, A. K.; Abrams, M. D.; Hulbert, L. C., 1985: An evaluation of beta attenuation for estimating aboveground biomass in a tallgrass prairie

Drew, M. L.; Samuel, W. M.; Lukiwski, G. M.; Willman, J. N., 1985: An evaluation of burning for control of winter ticks, Dermacentor albipictus, in central Alberta

Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298102

Aoki, M.; Totsuka, T., 1985: An evaluation of chlorophyll content and leaf area index of canopies based on spectral reflection characteristics

Kozminski, C.; Gorka, W., 1983: An evaluation of climatic conditions, temperature and rainfall for mid-late and late potatoes in the Koszalin and Supsk regions

Farrah J.G., 1985: An evaluation of commercial discs for the determination of the growth factor requirements of avian haemophili

Brown, J. C.; Jolley, D. von, 1986: An evaluation of concepts related to iron-deficiency chlorosis

Jorde D.G., 1985: An evaluation of condition indices for birds

Rafique, S.; Haque, M., 1984: An evaluation of cotton production maximization project, Punjab, 1983-84

Joshi, R. S.; Desai, N. D.; Panchal, G. N.; Patel, B. S., 1983: An evaluation of critical stages of plant growth for irrigating gram (Cicer arietinum L.) crop

Pinzauti, M., 1985: An evaluation of different substances that attract pronubial insects

Radhakrishnan, S.; Ramaiah, P. K.; Rao, W. K., 1985: An evaluation of economic optimal level of fertilizer to coffee

Openshaw, S. J., 1985: An evaluation of estimators of location for maize yield comparisons

Khaleequzzaman, M., 1984: An evaluation of farm credit cooperatives: (a study)

Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298118

Eddy, R. G., 1984: An evaluation of fertility control programmes in dairy herds

Narayana, K.; Honnappa, T. G.; Ramachandrarao, L.; Krishnamurthy, B. L., 1986: An evaluation of fertility in dairy cows treated with antibacterial drugs by the intrauterine route subsequent to retained foetal membranes

Dusek, J., 1983: An evaluation of fertility of mares as a partial criterion of their breeding value

Hetenyi, L.; Majerciak, P.; Fl' ak, P.; Poltarsky, J.; Gracik, P., 1984: An evaluation of finishing performance and carcass quality in foundation lines of pigs

Lenihan, P.; O' Connor, P. J., 1986: An evaluation of five inactivated Aujeszky's disease vaccines

Carlson, J. P.; Christian, L. L.; Rothschild, M. F.; Willham, R. L., 1984: An evaluation of four procedures to rank centrally tested boars

Hooper, P. N.; Minter, C. M., 1986: An evaluation of four ultrasonic pregnancy detection methods currently used commercially for sheep

Priest, D. T., 1983: An evaluation of frame and circular sawing based on published literature

Singh, B.; Bhat, P. N.; Mohan, M., 1986: An evaluation of genetic and non-genetic effects on fleece quality characteristics

Trautman, J.; Tarkowski, J.; Gerhardt, W., 1983: An evaluation of genetic improvement of Simmental cattle in Poland

Angelov, M.; Gaidarska, V., 1985: An evaluation of genetic progress achieved in a black-pied population

Sheehan T.J., 1986: An evaluation of germination media for turfgrass salinity studies

San Luis, J. M.; Briones, L. P.; Estudillo, C. P., 1984: An evaluation of giant ipil-ipil (Leucaena leucocephala) for charcoal production and briquetting

Leavitt, D. F., 1985: An evaluation of gravimetric and inert marker techniques to measure digestibility in the American lobster

Lobanova, A. D.; Dariush, N. S., 1982: An evaluation of growth of hybrids of Ukrainian Grey cattle with banteng

Mitchell, J. E.; Pickens, J. B., 1984: An evaluation of herbage and browse production estimators used in the 1980 RPA assessment

Megh Singh; Tucker, D. P. H.; Lowery, C. A., 1985: An evaluation of herbicides for weed control in a young citrus grove

Natori, T.; Totsuka, T., 1984: An evaluation of high resistance in Polygonum cuspidatum to sulfur dioxide (SO2)

Sharma, R. D., 1986: An evaluation of hypocholesterolemic factor of fenugreek seeds (T. foenum graecum) in rats

Arthur, J. A., 1986: An evaluation of industry breeding programs for egg type chickens

Salmon, D. C., 1984: An evaluation of investment in agricultural research in Indonesia, 1965-1977

Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298142

Pudowski, H., 1985: An evaluation of land allocation and layout in a multifarm enterprise based on the example of the state farms in Przewodow

Anonymous, 1981: An evaluation of land reforms in West Bengal, with special reference to Operation Barga

Dietz, K. J., 1986: An evaluation of light and CO2 limitation of leaf photosynthesis by CO2 gas-exchange analysis

Phiri, I. M. G., 1985: An evaluation of macadamia nut performance in Malawi

Lorenzoni, C.; Gentinetta, E.; Perenzin, M.; Motto, M.; Maggiore, T., 1986: An evaluation of maize (Zea mays L.) genotypes for silage use in northern Italy

Levin, K.; Stepanova, R.; Kryuchkov, N., 1984: An evaluation of methods for estimation of sperm concentration

Loxton, I. D.; Lindsay, J. A.; Toleman, M. A., 1984: An evaluation of methods used to assess fat cover in live cattle

Skikne, B. S.; Linpisarn, S.; Cook, J. D., 1984: An evaluation of monoclonal antibodies for serum ferritin measurements

Enfield, F. D.; Anklesaria, F., 1986: An evaluation of multiple peak epistasis and population structure in directional selection program

Mino, M; Nagamatu, M., 1986: An evaluation of nutritional status of vitamin E in pregnant women with respect to red blood cell tocopherol level

Timmons, M. B.; Baughman, G. R. , 1985: An evaluation of paddle fans as used in poultry applications

Zarnoch, S. J.; Dell, T. R., 1985: An evaluation of percentile and maximum likelihood estimators of Weibull parameters

Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298156

Kovar, J., 1983: An evaluation of physical capabilities of performance-tested replacement horses

Sundaram, A.; Sundaram, K. M. S.; Cadogan, B. L.; Nott, R.; Leung, J. W., 1985: An evaluation of physical properties, droplet spectra, ground deposits and soil residues of aerially applied aminocarb and fenitrothion emulsions in conifer forests in New Brunswick

Bekele, T.; Cino, B. J.; Ehlert, P. A. I.; Maas, A. A. van der; Diest, A. van, 1983: An evaluation of plant-borne factors promoting the solubilization of alkaline rock phosphates

Pettipher, G. L.; Williams, R. A.; Gutteridge, C. S., 1985: An evaluation of possible alternative methods to the Howard Mould Count

Knight, A. C.; Gleeson, G. N., 1985: An evaluation of power requirement and performance characteristics of typical forage harvesters in comparison with a new rotary slicing mechanism

Mitchell, J. E.; Pickens, J. B., 1986: An evaluation of procedures used to predict timber growth and harvest in the Range and Multiple Resource Interactions sections of the 1980 RPA Assessment

Moldashev, G. K.; Kairov, A. B., 1985: An evaluation of rams on the performance of offspring

Monahan F.G., 1986: An evaluation of rapid generation advancement techniques in spring wheat

Niedzwiadek, S.; Kawinska, J.; Palimaka, G.; Piatek, B., 1983: An evaluation of reproductive ability of New Zealand White female rabbits and some possibilities of using these data in selection

Zebchuk W.D., 1986: An evaluation of screening tests for soil conditioners

Podnalaya, T. V., 1984: An evaluation of selection and genetic status of a pedigreed herd of cattle

Phillips, E. J., 1985: An evaluation of side-loading bundle hooks in coastal B.C. Bundling, dumping and towing conditions

Toll, D. L., 1984: An evaluation of simulated thematic mapper data and Landsat MSS data for discriminating suburban and regional land use and land cover

Morgan, R. V.; Bachrach, A, Jr; Ogilvie, G. K., 1984: An evaluation of soft contact lens usage in the dog and cat

Fahlen, A., 1985: An evaluation of soil conservation practices in Nyeri District in Kenya: report from a minor research task

Olson, G. W., 1983: An evaluation of soil properties and potentials in different volcanic deposits

Redente, E. F.; Hargis, N. E., 1985: An evaluation of soil thickness and manipulation of soil and spoil for reclaiming mined land in northwest Colorado

Boodley, J. W.; Kumpf, J.; Pollinger, B., 1983: An evaluation of soil vs peat-lite media on post-production life of selected potted chrysanthemums

Pike, D. R., 1984: An evaluation of some growth characteristics of four weedy grasses

Woodall, P. F., 1985: An evaluation of some methods for measuring male fecundity in small mammals

Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298180

Konovalov, Yu B.; Ali Khussein, N., 1985: An evaluation of spring wheat cultivars under markedly different climatic conditions

Wigley, P. J., 1985: An evaluation of strategies for using insect pathogens to control pasture pests in New Zealand

Stanley, R. W.; Fox, L., 1985: An evaluation of sugar cane, sudax and corn silages and alfalfa and Guinea grass hays for lactating dairy animals

Singh, B.; Padhi, G. N., 1980: An evaluation of surface water resources and irrigation water requirements in river basins of India

Kvapil, O.; Fulik, J.; Slechta, J.; Kovaricek, J., 1986: An evaluation of synthetic lines 98 and 96 intended as terminal sire lines

McDonnell, J. G.; Farrell, E. P., 1984: An evaluation of techniques for measurement of decomposition in peat

Howard, S. W.; Whitesides, R. E., 1985: An evaluation of terminology used to describe herbicide interactions

Batte, M. T., 1985: An evaluation of the 1981 and 1982 federal income tax laws: implications for farm price structure

Berinl, J. D.; Busby, G. J., 1984: An evaluation of the 1983 DPI/ADAB training course for Philippine dairy extension officers

Poschen, P. (Poschen Eiche, P), 1986: An evaluation of the Acacia albida-based agroforestry practices in the Hararghe highlands of eastern Ethiopia

Fullelove, G. D.; Wissemann, A. F., 1985: An evaluation of the DPI exhibit at Horticultural Expo 8

Tosswill, J. H. C.; Ridley, D. S., 1986: An evaluation of the ELISA for schistosomiasis in a hospital population

Scudder, T.; Colson, E.; Scudder, M. E. D., 1982: An evaluation of the Gwembe South Development Project, Zambia

Schafer, R. J., 1985: An evaluation of the Hennessey and Chong grading probe for estimating bovine carcass fat thickness

Blakemore, L. C., 1983: An evaluation of the KOH/Al extraction for New Zealand soils and comparison with acid-oxalate extractable aluminum

Bembridge, T. J.; Steyn, G. J.; Williams, J. L. H., 1983: An evaluation of the Kwazulu extension service

Upton, W. H.; Ryan, D. M.; Mansfield, B. W.; Sundstrom, B., 1984: An evaluation of the Scanoprobe for measuring fat depth of beef cattle

Bembridge, T. J., 1982: An evaluation of the Shiela and Mooifontein Projects, Ditsobtla District, Bophuthatswana

Dias, L. P. M.; Widerkehr, C. C., 1986: An evaluation of the Sport for All information network and promotion groups

Hale, D. S.; Buchanan, D. S.; Walters, L. E.; Oljen, J. W.; Frahm, R. R., 1984: An evaluation of the USDA and Murphey cutability prediction equations among several cattle breed types

Delpit, L. D.; Kemelfield, G., 1985: An evaluation of the Viles Tok Ples Skul Scheme in the North Solomons Province

TeKrony, D. M., 1985: An evaluation of the accelerated aging test for soybeans

Scheepers, J. J.; Smit, J. A.; Ludick, B. P., 1984: An evaluation of the agricultural potential of the Highveld Region in terms of dryland cropping and livestock production

Jeeroburkham, M. F., 1983: An evaluation of the agriculture science project in Mauritius

Law, A. T.; Cheah, S. H.; Ang, K. J., 1985: An evaluation of the apparent digestibility of some locally available plants and a pelleted feed in three finfish in Malaysia

Howell, P. G., 1984: An evaluation of the biological control of the feral cat Felis catus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Nelson, R. M, Jr, 1982: An evaluation of the carbon balance technique for estimating emission and fuel consumption in forest fires

Mashingaidze, K.; Muchena, S. C., 1984: An evaluation of the drought resistance of maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids developed from an 8 X 8 diallel cross of inbreds developed from Zimbabwean and exotic germ-plasm

Shcherbak, L. V., 1985: An evaluation of the effect of air temperature on yield of winter wheat under dry farming conditions of Ukrainian SSR

Haaland, M. A.; Manspeaker, J. E.; Edwards, G. E.; Russek, E., 1984: An evaluation of the effect of prior horn of pregnancy on subsequent conception rate and horn of pregnancy in the bovine

Jelinek, J., 1983: An evaluation of the effect of seasons of birth of Thoroughbred horses on their later racing performance

Cioffi, A.; Polverini, F.; Perone Pacifico, C.; Sorrentino, A., 1985: An evaluation of the effects of the EC quota system on the Italian dairy market

Vyapoory, P. P., 1984: An evaluation of the environmental studies curriculum in the primary schools in Mauritius

Tolentino, A. S.; Climaco, C., 1984: An evaluation of the existing agricultural credit policies as they affect rural development

Schooley, H. O., 1981: An evaluation of the hazard-rating system for balsam woolly aphid damage in Newfoundland

Wood, M. K.; Blackburn, W. H., 1984: An evaluation of the hydrologic soil groups as used in the SCS runoff method on rangelands

Perelle, AH.; Harper, JD., 1986: An evaluation of the impact of sublethal dosages of nuclear polyhedrosis virus in larvae on pupae, adults, and adult progeny of the fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda

Urban, R.; Jasiun, J.; Rajkowska, E., 1985: An evaluation of the implementation of economic reform in the food industry

Rabinovitch, L.; Vicente, M. M. A.; Guaycurus, T. V.; Freitas, J. P. G. V. de; Mesquita, R. P. de, 1985: An evaluation of the incidence and toxicity of Bacillus cereus strains in different classes of food commercialized and consumed in Rio de Janeiro State

Meilke, K. D.; Coleman, J. R., 1986: An evaluation of the influence of exchange rates on the Canadian red meat sector

Maistrenko, G. G., 1984: An evaluation of the nitrate nitrogen action on nitrate reductase activity, nitrogen content and yield of soyabeans grown from inoculated and uninoculated seeds

Withers, N. J.; Palenski, F., 1984: An evaluation of the nitrate sap test for use on spring-sown wheat

Fateeva, N. M., 1985: An evaluation of the nutrition level of vegetables by foliar diagnosis

Sanwo, S. K., 1982: An evaluation of the performance and efficiency of small-sized sawmills in Oyo State, Nigeria

Abubakar, B. Y.; McDowell, R. E., 1985: An evaluation of the performance of Holsteins in Columbia

Gordon, M. E.; Huebner, P. M.; Kmet, P., 1984: An evaluation of the performance of four clay-lined landfills in Wisconsin

Boynton, W. R.; Kemp, W. M.; Stevenson, J. C.; Twilley, R., 1984: An evaluation of the possible causes and consequences of the decline of submerged vascular plant communities in Northern Chesapeake Bay

Kauffman, D., 1984: An evaluation of the potential for a market in hog contracts

Moghadam, F. E., 1985: An evaluation of the productive performance of agribusiness: an Iranian case study

Abdul Khader; Nair, V. G., 1984: An evaluation of the productivity of certain sesamum genotypes

Walker, A. B., 1984: An evaluation of the profitability and feasibility of agroforestry for two agricultural situations

Finke, M. D.; Sunde, M. L.; DeFoliart, G. R., 1985: An evaluation of the protein quality of Mormon crickets (Anabrus simplex Haldeman) when used as a high protein feedstuff for poultry

Johnston, T.; Smit, B., 1985: An evaluation of the rationale for farmland preservation policy in Ontario

Elam, Ew; Holder, Sh, 1985: An evaluation of the rice outlook and situation price forecasts

Hall, J. C.; Bassi, P. K.; Spencer, M. S.; Born, W. H. Vanden, 1985: An evaluation of the role of ethylene in herbicidal injury induced by picloram or clopyralid in rapeseed and sunflower plants

Rose, R. L.; Brindley, W. A., 1985: An evaluation of the role of oxidative enzymes in Colorado potato beetle resistance to carbamate insecticides

Layton, T. F.; Smith, W. R.; Maeglin, R. R., 1986: An evaluation of the saw, dry and rip process to convert red alder into studs

Budak, A.; Macura, A.; Wnuk, B.; Laskownicka, Z., 1985: An evaluation of the sensitivity of lipophil Pityrosporum fungi to antifungal drugs

Brunswick, P.; Cresswell, C. F., 1986: An evaluation of the stoichiometry of in vitro nitrate assimilation in Zea mays

Fernandes, E. C. M.; Nair, P. K. R., 1986: An evaluation of the structure and functions of tropical homegardens

Isengwa, I. P., 1983: An evaluation of the teacher training programme of agricultural teachers for secondary schools

Kakuto Y., 1985: An evaluation of the toluidine blue test for the assessment of allophane and imogolite

Haynes, R. J., 1983: An evaluation of the use of DTPA and EDTA as extractants for micronutrients in moderately acid soils

Suchta, J.; Zebrowski, W., 1984: An evaluation of the utilization of arable areas for of regional planning purposes

Podvez' ko, V. V., 1983: An evaluation of the varietal diversity of buckwheat in the Ukrainian SSR with respect to protein and starch contents

Roach, S. H.; Culp, T. W., 1984: An evaluation of three early maturing cotton cultivars for production potential and insect damage in reduced- and conventional-tillage systems

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Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298251

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Blauermel, G., 1985: An investigation on indigenous and introduced shrub species measuring up to 100 cm in height for their suitability as turf substitutes along streets (ground cover). A practical experiment

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Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298824

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McIntosh, J., 1984: An oligipsonistic model of wage determination in agrarian societies

Ahrens, D. A.; Searcy, S. W., 1984: An on-animal data logging system

Batchelor, M. A.; Maxwell, B. D.; Fay, P. K., 1984: An on-farm herbicide disposal system

Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298865

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Saxena, K. B.; Sharma, D.; Faris, D. G., 1984: An open carpellary mutant in pigeonpea

Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298869

Testezlaf, R.; Garton, J. E.; Cudrak, A. J.; Elliott, R. L., 1985: An open ditch surge flow furrow irrigation system

Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298871

Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298873

Chandra Mohan, C., 1985: An operational methodology for NREP evaluation

Genderen, J. L. van; Griend, J. A. van de; Stokkom, H. T. C. van, 1983: An operational remote sensing methodology for the detection, inventory and environmental monitoring of waste disposal sites

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Tross, M. J.; Ziv, A.; Degani, D.; Kopel, R., 1984: An optical liquid filter greenhouse: numerical solution and verification of a thermodynamic model

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Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298882

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Gwiazda, H., 1983: An optimization model of industrial feed transport in the region

Simkova, M., 1985: An optimizing model for cattle reproduction

Juarez Rubio, F.; Romero, C., 1986: An optimum location and size model for a food processing plant in continuous space

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Yacobi, Y. Z.; Levanony, H.; Feldman, M., 1985: An ordered arrangement of bivalents at first meiotic metaphase of wheat. I. Hexaploid wheat

Yacobi, Y. Z.; Levanony, H.; Feldman, M., 1985: An ordered arrangement of bivalents at first meiotic metaphase of wheat. II. Tetraploid wheat

Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298892

Sahni, K. C.; Naithani, H. B., 1982: An ornamental cherry new for India

Ghewande, M. P.; Pandey, R. N.; Shukla, A. K., 1985: An oubreak of Fusarium wilt of groundnut in Saurashira

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Alekseitsev, G. P.; Tuzov, V. K., 1984: An outbreak of Neoris stoliczkana schenki in pistacia forests of S. Uzbekistan

Schofield, L. D.; Bennett, B. T.; Collins, W. E.; Beluhan, F. Z., 1985: An outbreak of Plasmodium inui malaria in a colony of diabetic rhesus monkeys

Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298905

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Nurse, G. H.; Lenghaus, C., 1986: An outbreak of Toxoplasma gondii abortion, mummification and perinatal death in goats

Borst, GHA.; Walvoort, HC.; Reijnders, PJH. van der Kamp, JS.; Osterhaus, ADME., 1986: An outbreak of a herpesvirus infection in harbor seals (Phoca vitulina)

Mbise, A. N.; Nyange, J. F. C.; Mbasha, E. M. S., 1984: An outbreak of anthrax in wildlife in Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania

Sahoo, S. K.; Rao, A. T.; Day, P. C., 1984: An outbreak of aspergillosis in ducklings caused by Aspergillus flavus oryzae type

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Alenius, S.; Lindqvist, A.; Cafaro, E., 1986: An outbreak of border disease in Sweden

Galvin, JW.; Hollier, TJ.; Bodinnar, KD.; Bunn, CM., 1985: An outbreak of botulism in wild waterbirds in southern Australia

Itoh, Y. et al., 1986: An outbreak of cerebrospinal angiopathy in piglets

Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298919

Eisa, M.; Tagel Deen, M. H.; Omer, E. A., 1985: An outbreak of contagious ecthyma in sheep and goats in the Sudan

Suteu, E.; Cosma, V.; Chirila, F., 1985: An outbreak of dermatosis in sheep (associated with Penicillium and Mucor fungi)

Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298922

Babish J.B., 1985: An outbreak of equine influenza at a harness horse racetrack

Butcher, G.; Panigrahy, B., 1985: An outbreak of erysipelas in chukars

Greenwood, P. E.; Williamson, G. N., 1985: An outbreak of facial eczema in sheep

Overby, E., 1984: An outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) of serotype Asian 1 in vaccinated (against virus types O, A and C) cattle in Saudi Arabia (case report)

Elmarimi, A. A.; Hassan, N. K., 1986: An outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) of serotype O in sheep and goats in the Jamahiriya (Libya)

Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298931

Sakurai, K.; Kurihara, T.; Matsuoka, T.; Iijima, Y.; Watanabe, F.; Koeda, T.; Sawada, T., 1986: An outbreak of fowl cholera in green pheasants (Phasianus colchicus) in Japan

Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298934

Eadie G., 1985: An outbreak of histoplasmosis in a prison

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Taha, M. M.; Soliman, I.; Hassan, N.; El Debegy, A.; El Nimr, M. H., 1986: An outbreak of infectious laryngeotracheitis (ILT) among laying hens: influence on the flock productivity

Hamir, A. N.; Sullivan, N. D.; Handson, P. D.; Barr, S., 1985: An outbreak of lead poisoning in dogs

Bak, U-B.; Park, J-C.; Lim, Y-J., 1984: An outbreak of malaria in penguins at the Farm-land Zoo

Farstad, W.; Reiersen, J.; Solberg, I.; Forus, I. B.; Fossum, K., 1985: An outbreak of metritis caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa among blue fox (Alopex lagopus) in Norway

Shimakura, S.; Kuzuya, M.; Tsukumi, K.; Fukushi, H.; Hirai, K., 1984: An outbreak of non-O1 Vibrio cholerae serovar 64 infection in Japanese nightingale (Leiothrix lutea) imported from China

Lee, H. b; Lee, K. w; Park, H. y; Kwon, O. d, 1984: An outbreak of porcine pleuropneumonia in Korea

Mohan Kumar, O. R.; Christopher, K. J., 1985: An outbreak of rinderpest in goats

Henriksen, P.; Waechter, K. G., 1985: An outbreak of salmonellosis in a Danish fox farm

Jayasheela, M.; Gowal, K. N.; John, P. C.; Mago, M. L.; Saxena, S. N., 1985: An outbreak of salmonellosis in guinea-pigs

Carrigan, M. J., 1986: An outbreak of sarcocystosis in dairy cattle

Singh, M. P., 1985: An outbreak of sheep pox in a small flock

Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298952

Motie, A., 1986: An outbreak of suspected equine infectious anaemia in Guyana

Honma, H. et al., 1986: An outbreak of swine trichuriasis accompanied by Clostridium perfringens type A infection

Holzschuh, C., 1985: An outbreak of the oak flea beetle in the Marchfeld, Lower Austria

Tverdokhlebova, T. I.; Kochetkov, A. A.; Savel' eva, I. K.; Nagornyi, S. A., 1985: An outbreak of trichinelliasis in Tuapse and its socio-economic cost

Koeva, N.; Zozikov, V.; Boeva, B.; Gencheva, D., 1982: An outbreak of trichinelliasis in the Tolbukhin district

Muhammad Anwar; Ghulam Muhammad, 1986: An outbreak of trypanosomiasis in donkeys

Section 2, Chapter 1299, Accession 001298959

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Banno, A.; Nakamura, K.; Shibata, E.; Yanbe, K.; Inage, Y.; Abiko, M.; Sasaki, K.; Sueda, A.; Shida, M., 1980: An outdoor fermentation tank. II. Fermentation ion control

Boller, E., 1985: An outdoor study on the side effects of pesticides on predatory mites in vine growing in eastern Switzerland

Steffen, G., 1985: An outline of an experimental farm for farm management research

Delage, J., 1984: An outline of dairy production in France and E.E.C

Teuber, M., 1983: An outline of practical microbiology for the dairy industry

Hase, W., 1983: An outline of the forest and forestry history of Schleswig-Holstein over the past 1000 years

Dumon, J. C., 1983: An outline of the titanium biogeochemical cycle under an Atlantic podzolic climate

Liang, X.; Lu, S. X., 1985: An overall review of breeding cotton for quality in China and ways to improve it

Sugiyama, H., 1984: An overseas assessment of radiata pine for structural applications

Gilbert, J., 1985: An overview and assessment of Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food funded research and surveillance on trichothecene mycotoxins in the UK

Kaiser, H. M., 1986: An overview and empirical application of discrete stochastic sequential programming

Bahna, R. M.; Christie, P. G.; Norman, W. S.; Aron, A., 1984: An overview from industry leaders

Penson, J. B.; Hughes, D. W.; Romain, R. F. J., 1984: An overview of COMGEM: A macroeconomic model emphasizing agriculture

Dellenbarger, L. E., 1986: An overview of Louisiana's crawfish industry

Dalvi, R. R., 1986: An overview of aflatoxicosis of poultry: its characteristics, prevention and reduction

Bembridge, T. J., 1986: An overview of agricultural and rural development problems in less developed areas of Southern Africa

Mulkey, D.; Clouser, R. L., 1985: An overview of agriculture in Alachua Country and a perspective on the issue of agricultural land retention

Uysal, M.; Crompton, J. L., 1985: An overview of approaches used to forecast tourism demand

Al Ghatani, H., 1984: An overview of corrosion protection at SAFCO

Anonymous, 1985: An overview of fertilizer production capacity in the developing countries of Asia

Tiemeier, D., 1984: An overview of genetic engineering - elements of DNA cloning

Liu, X. F., 1984: An overview of immunological diagnosis of animal toxoplasmosis

Renton de Alwis, A., 1984: An overview of infrastructure facilities for fisheries development in Sri Lanka

Fromtling, R. A.; Shadomy, H. J., 1986: An overview of macrophage-fungal interactions

Goodwin, H. L., 1985: An overview of market channels for Texas High Plains' potatoes

Arends, G. J.; Donkersloot Shouq, S. S., 1985: An overview of possible uses of sawdust

Kapture, J., 1982: An overview of problems in marketing dairy goat products in the USA

Mukhopadhyay, S. (Editor), 1985: An overview of productivity-raising programmes for the poor in the Asian and Pacific region

Smith, T. R.; Pritchard, D. E., 1983: An overview of recent developments in individual concentrate feeding equipment and management

Yogo, T., 1985: An overview of regional development approaches and a hypothesis on the formation of endogenous receiving mechanisms in the local community: a conceptual framework

Fox, J. C.; Jordan, H. E.; Kocan, K. M.; George, T. J.; Mullins, S. T.; Barnett, C. E.; Glenn, B. L., 1986: An overview of serological tests currently available for laboratory diagnosis of parasitic infections

Jantawat, S., 1985: An overview of soil erosion and sedimentation in Thailand

Bauerle, W. L.; Short, T. H., 1984: An overview of the North American greenhouse industry

Anonymous, 1985: An overview of the fertilizer industry

Agwuna, E. N., 1986: An overview of the livestock industry in Nigeria

Agwuna, E. N., 1985: An overview of the livestock industry in Nigeria

Leprohon-Greenwood, Ce; Anderson, Gh, 1986: An overview of the mechanisms by which diet affects brain function

Lu Qianyu, 1984: An overview of the present state of controlled atmosphere storage of grain in China

Ferguson J.E., 1985: An overview of the release process for new cultivars of tropical forages

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