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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1310

Chapter 1310 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Inaba, T., 1982:
Blood level of androgen in the male dog

Dorrestein, G.M.; Gogh, H. van; Wit, P. de, 1986:
Blood levels of certain drugs administered via drinking water to homing pigeons (Columba livia)

Chen, M.; Boyce, H., J.; Barry, P.; Amontree, J., 1986:
Blood levels of thiamin in older Americans in relation to the magnesium concentration

Chen, M.F.; Rider, A.A.; McIntyre, P.A., 1984:
Blood levels of vitamin B12, folate and niacin in rats maintained on moderate ethanol for three generations

Trolldenier, H.; Ratzinger, S.; Bache, K.; Amm, H.; Dubrow, R., 1986:
Blood levels, pharmacokinetics and residues of benzylpenicillin (Ursopen 100 000) in calves after subcutaneous injection

Parízková, J.; Macková, E.; Macková, J.; Skopková, M., 1986:
Blood lipids as related to food intake, body composition, and cardiorespiratory efficiency in preschool children

Brown, J.E.; Hidalgo, R.J.; Jones, E.W.; Boyle, C.R., 1986:
Blood magnesium values in healthy cattle and in cattle affected with anaplasmosis and eperythrozoonosis

Ham, P.J.; Gale, C.L., 1984:
Blood meal enhanced onchocerca development and its correlation with fecundity in laboratory reared blackflies (Diptera, Simuliidae)

Bhasin, V.K.; Chitra, S.; Pillai, M.K.K., 1984:
Blood meal size of Anopheles stephensi Liston and Anopheles culicifacies Giles during successive gonotrophic cycles

Kuramochi, K.; Hori, K., 1984:
Blood meal size of the horn fly, Haematobia irritans (L) estimated by measuring the feeding time

Wilson, G.F.; Mackenzie, D.D.S.; Holmes, C.W., 1985:
Blood metabolites and infertility in dairy cows

Konig, G., 1984:
Blood metabolites in healthy ewes before and after normal parturition

Margolles, E., 1983:
Blood metabolites in high yielding cows during gestation and lactation under Cuban conditions and their relation with metabolic disorders

Garg, S.L.; Nangia, O.P., 1983:
Blood metabolites in relation to meal size in free feeding buffaloes

Khaleneva, L.D.; Gryzlova, O.N.; Orlova, N.V., 1984:
Blood morphology and humoral immunity state in young male cattle on a diet with Meprin

Nesterova, A.A.; Azaryan, L.T., 1984:
Blood morphology of cows fed on a diet deficient in trace elements

Yusoff, M.; Fadzil, M., 1985:
Blood parameters of local Kedah-Kelantan cattle

Reid, T.C.; Towers, N.R., 1985:
Blood parameters of normal farmed deer

Kairullaev, K.K., 1986:
Blood parasites (Haemoproteus Kruse, 1890) in birds in Kazakhstan

Nikitina, R.E., 1983:
Blood parasites in wild birds, considered as an ecological factor

Ray, R., 1984:
Blood parasites of Indian bullfrog, Rana tigrina Daud

Gadiev, A., 1986:
Blood parasites of Rhombomys opimus in the steppe zone of the Kashkadar'insk region

Val' kyunas, G.A., 1985:
Blood parasites of birds on the White Sea - Baltic migration route. 2. Fauna and distribution of haemoproteids (Sporozoa, Haemosporidia)

Val' kyunas, G.A. (Valkiunas, G), 1985:
Blood parasites of birds with a White Sea-Baltic Sea migration route. Fauna and distribution of Leucocytozoidae and Plasmodiidae

Zhanturiev, M.K.; Shabdarbaeva, G.S., 1982:
Blood parasites of sheep in south-western Kazakhstan

Nandi, N.C.; Mandal, A.K.; Choudhury, A., 1984:
Blood parasites of some birds from West Bengal, India

Kairullaev, K.K.; Yakunin, M.P., 1984:
Blood parasites of wild birds from the lower ranges of the river Ural

Signorini, G.C.; Bonanomi, L.; Longo, A.; Mondellini, A., 1985:
Blood pharmacokinetics of thiamphenicol in cattle

Lukashik, G.V., 1986:
Blood picture and changes in oxidation-reduction enzymes in neutrophils from healthy and ketotic cows

Ata, A.A.; el-Raziky, E.H.; el-Ridi, A.M.; Ismail, M.M.; Attia, M.M.; el-Gamal, R.L.; el-Khashab, M., 1986:
Blood picture and liver function tests before and after praziquantel therapy of Egyptian bilharzial patients

Patrichi, M.; Marcu, E.; Hritcu, V., 1982:
Blood picture of calves fed on milk substitutes

Blaski, M., 1982:
Blood picture of rats infected with Nippostrongylus brasiliensis larvae exposed to pesticides

Akbaev, M.Sh, 1986:
Blood picture of sheep infected with Moniezia expansa

Hohne, H.K.; Niepage, H., 1985:
Blood picture of the dromedary

Basu, S.; Kindahl, H.; Harvey, D.; Goff, A.; Betteridge, K., 1984:
Blood plasma and urinary metabolites of PGF2 alpha as parameters of PGF2 alpha release in the cattle

Chua, L.N.; Sarabia, A.S.; Roxas, N.P.; Nava, Z.M.; Momongan, V.G., 1983:
Blood plasma progesterone in normally estrous cycling and anestrus Philippine carabao heifers

Reddy, V.R.C.; Krishnan, A.R., 1985:
Blood potassium polymorphism in sheep

Reddy, V.R.C.; Krishnan, A.R., 1985:
Blood potassium types and their relationship with certain reproduction traits in sheep

McCarron, D.A.; Lucas, P.A.; Shneidman, R.J.; LaCour, B.; Drueke, T., 1985:
Blood pressure development of the spontaneously hypertensive rat after concurrent manipulations of dietary Ca2+ and Na+

Muir, W.W.; Hubbell, J.A.E., 1985:
Blood pressure response to acetylpromazine and lenperone in halothane anesthetized dogs

Mathur, C.S.; Johnson, S., 1985:
Blood profile of house rats naturally infected with Taenia taeniaeformis

Busch, W.; Schuster, D.; Birkelbach, E., 1986:
Blood progesterone concentrations in mares during oestrus and early pregnancy

Hanton, G.; Wenclewski, A., 1985:
Blood protein fluctuations with age in six litters of piglets at Shaba, Zaire

Amano, T.; Namikawa, T.; Shotake, T.; Cyril, H.W., 1986:
Blood protein polymorphism in water buffaloes in Sri Lanka

Namikawa, T.; Tsubota, Y.; Amano, T.; Nishida, T.; Cyril, H.W., 1986:
Blood protein polymorphism, blood groups and body measurements in local populations of Sri Lanka Native cattle

Meli, F.; Pugliese, A.; Magistri, C.; Pennisi, M.G.; Catarsini, O.; Molino, A., 1984:
Blood protein profile of dairy cows of poor fertility

Hashiguchi, T.; Okamoto, S.; Nishida, T.; Hayashi, Y.; Goto, H.; Cyril, H.W., 1986:
Blood protein variation in the Ceylon jungle fowl and native fowl in Sri Lanka

Nozawa, K., 1983:
Blood protein variations within and between horse populations

Purnell, R.E., 1985:
Blood protozoa

Dietrich, H., 1985:
Blood sampling from the jugular vein and the left ventricle of horses

Zimmermann, N.G.; Dhillon, A.S., 1985:
Blood sampling from the venous occipital sinus of birds

Erasmus, J.A., 1983:
Blood selenium levels in unthrifty lambs in the Kroonstad district

Erasmus, J.A., 1984:
Blood selenium levels of sheep in some districts of the Northern Orange Free State: the Bultfontein area

Erasmus, J.A.; Faanhof, A., 1983:
Blood selenium of sheep in some districts of the Northern Orange Free State: a preliminary report

Singh, U.S.; Somvanshi, R.; More, T.; Singh, G.R., 1985:
Blood serotonin and cortisol levels in bovine horn cancer

Ibrahim, H.; Abd E.A.l, T.S.; Karram, M.H.; Nafie, T.S., 1985:
Blood serum biochemical changes in food starved donkeys

Valenkevich, L.N.; Zaichik, A.S., 1982:
Blood serum gastrin fasting and after intake of food in peptic ulcer and chronic gastritis with inadequate secretion

Ali, C.S.; Ahmad, K.M.; Husnain, Z.U., 1983:
Blood serum mineral profile of buffalo cows during suboestrus and various stages of lactation

Abdel All, T.S.; Karram, M.H.; Nafie, T.S., 1984:
Blood serum trace elements pictures in healthy and diseased buffalo-bulls in relation to calcium level

Szelenyi, Z.; Peczely, P.; Vadocz, E., 1985:
Blood sex hormone and ovarian changes in hens during forced moulting

Holder, A.A.; Freeman, R.R., 1984:
Blood stage Plasmodium yoelii and Plasmodium falciparum antigen characterization

Sali, G.; Zago, R.R.A., 1984:
Blood testing for Ca, P, Mg, CK and AST: diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic value in 95 cases of puerperal paraplegia (downer syndrome) in dairy cows

Eremenko, V.I., 1984:
Blood thyroxine and triiodothyronine in Black Pied heifers

Wain, E.B.; Redpath, J.A., 1985:
Blood transfusion as a treatment of anaemia in lambs

Keskar, D.V.; Bhave, V.S.; Velhankar, D.P., 1985:
Blood transfusion in dogs

Weinke, T.; Trautmann, M., 1985:
Blood transfusion instead of plasmapheresis in severe cases of tropical malaria

Ejima, H. et al., 1986:
Blood transfusion reactions caused by incompatibility of the DEA 1 system in a dog

Yablanski, Ts, 1985:
Blood types and carcass and meat quality in German Landrace pigs

Miller, W.J.; Hollander, P.J.; Franklin, W.L., 1985:
Blood typing South American camelids

Stormont, C.J.; Morris, B.G.; Suzuki, Y.; Dodd, J., 1986:
Blood typing beefalo cattle

Plessis, S.J. du; Meyer, E.H.H., 1983:
Blood typing of cattle: a useful service to the stud breeder

Eskeland B.; Preston R.L.; Pfander W.H., 1984:
Blood urea and glucose effects following jugular or portal infusion of energy sources in lambs

Bickhardt, K.; Konig, G., 1985:
Blood values of healthy Merino Landrace and German Blackheaded Mutton ewes before and after parturition (reference values)

Bono, G.; Comin, A.; Silvestrelli, L.; Gusperti, A.; Pollo, V. de; Oberosler, R., 1985:
Blood variations in progesterone, oestrogens and LH in cows superovulated with PMS and human menopausal gonadotropin (HMG)

Janbu, T.; Koss, K.S.; Thoresen, M.; Wesche, J., 1985:
Blood velocities to the female breast during lactation and following oxytocin injections

Spalding, H.J.; Heath, T.J., 1986:
Blood vessels of lymph nodes in the pig

Shils, M.E.; Baker, H.; Frank, O., 1985:
Blood vitamin levels of long-term adult home total parenteral nutrition patients: the efficacy of the AMA-FDA parenteral multivitamin formulation

Kuszewski, B., 1985:
Blood, milk and tissue concentrations of gentamicin after administration to swine

Gonzalez, P.; Tunon, M.J.; Diaz, M.; Vallejo, M., 1984:
Blood, plasma and erythrocyte sodium concentrations of six Spanish cattle breeds

Bellinzoni, R.C.; Torres, J.O.; Mettler, N.E., 1984:
Blood-borne rickettsial parasites in apparently healthy horses: qualitative and quantitative determination of parasitaemia in smears

Glushchenko, N.P.; Val' chuk, O.P., 1985:
Blood-sucking midges from birds' nests in the foothills of the western Sikhote-Alin

Kupriyanova, E.S.; Gitsu, F.V.; Mamaev, Y.B.; Mitrofanov, A.M., 1984:
Blood-sucking mosquitoes of the Dzhizak and Syr-Dar'ya regions of Uzbek SSR

Coons, L.B.; Rosell Davis, R.; Tarnowski, B.I., 1986:
Bloodmeal digestion in ticks

Zhdanova, T.G., 1984:
Bloodsucking midges of the south-west of the Ukraine

Sagdieva, P.D.; Belyaev, V.G.; Smirnov, E.N., 1984:
Bloodsucking ticks and mites (Parasitiformes) and fleas (Siphonaptera) of squirrels in central Sikhote-Alin

Anonymous, 1985:
Bloom - and droop

Gai, J.; Palmer, R.G.; Fehr, W.R., 1984:
Bloom and pod set in determinate and indeterminate soyabeans grown in China

Ahmad, M.G.; Essa, T.A.; Fadous, S., 1984:
Blooming studies of four rice cultivars

Brennan, D.M., 1984:
Bloomingdale's boutique concepts

Kurahashi, H., 1986:
Blow flies of medical importance in New Guinea, Bismarck Archipelago and Bougainville Island (Diptera: Calliphoridae), Part I. Genera Calliphora, Tainanina, Polleniopsis and Melinda

Davidson, S., 1984:
Blowflies, sheep, strikes - the numbers game

Aleksieva, V.; Duparinova, M.; Kostova, N.; Mladenova, I., 1984:
Blowing of processed cheese due to Candida utilis

Usberti, R., 1984:
Blowing procedure for seeds of Guinea grass: ideal conditions and comparison between two blowers of the same model

Stubbendieck, J., 1985:
Blowout penstemon. The Sandhills' rare jewel

Steinitz, B.; Ren, Z.; Poff, K.L., 1985:
Blue and Green Light-Induced Phototropism in Arabidopsis thaliana and Lactuca sativa L. Seedlings

Anonymous, 1983:
Blue cheese with internal mould

Lindh, K., 1985:
Blue fox mutations and crosses between species

White, E.M.; Gartner, F.R., 1986:
Blue grama response to zinc fertilization of claypan soil

Shimazaki, K.; Iino, M.; Zeiger, E., 1985:
Blue light-dependent proton extrusion by guard-cell protoplasts of Vicia faba

Parsons, J., 1984:
Blue milk

Boon, J. van der; Niers, H.; Kruijer, C.J., 1984:
Blue-black coloration in lily and - liming

Coe, E.H., 1985:
Blue-fluorescent plants are fragrant

Morris, H.A., 1981:
Blue-veined cheeses

Villeneuve, F., 1985:
Blueberries and cranberries. Bibliographical study

Anonymous, 1985:
Blueberries: cultivar (high-bush)

Haynes, R.J.; Swift, R.S., 1985:
Blueberries: effect of pH on blueberry plant growth in a peat or soil medium

Poll, J.T.K.; Wood, F.H., 1985:
Blueberries: fruit production of 15 cultivars

Poll, J.T.K.; Wood, F.H., 1985:
Blueberries: microclimate effects

Poll, J.T.K.; Wood, F.H., 1985:
Blueberries: seedling evaluation

Moore, J.N.; Baker, E.; Buckley, J.B.I.I., 1984 :
Blueberry cultivar performance in a transition zone

Anonymous, 1985:
Blueberry cultivars (rabbit-eye)

Pritts, M.P.; Hancock, J.F., 1984:
Blueberry germplasm resources in Michigan

Anonymous, 1986:

Odiawa, G.; Blue, J.L.; Tyler, D.E.; Shotts, E.B., 1985:
Bluetongue and epizootic hemorrhagic disease in ruminants in Georgia: survey by serotest and virologic isolation

Pearson, J.E.; Carbrey, E.A.; Gustafson, G.A., 1985:
Bluetongue and related orbivirus diagnosis in the United States

Anonymous, 1985:
Bluetongue and related orbiviruses. Proceedings in an international symposium held at the Asilomar Conference Center, Monterey, California, January 16-20, 1984

Jessup, D.A.; Osburn, B.I.; Heuschele, W.P., 1984:
Bluetongue in California's wild ruminants: distribution and pathology

Abu Elzein, E.M., 1985:
Bluetongue in camels: a serological survey of the one-humped camel (Camelus dromedarius) in the Sudan

Abu Elzein, E.M.E., 1985:
Bluetongue in the Sudan

Homan, E.J.; Taylor, W.P.; de Ruiz, H.L.; Yuill, T.M., 1985:
Bluetongue virus and epizootic haemorrhagic disease of deer virus serotypes in northern Colombian cattle

Mahrt, C.R., 1985:
Bluetongue virus infection of sheep: effect of prior immunization on clinical, immunological, and pathological responses

Barber, T.L.; Jones, R.H., 1984:
Bluetongue virus, serotype 2: vector transmission and pathogenicity for sheep

MacLachlan, N.J.; Osburn, B.I.; Ghalib, H.W.; Stott, J.L., 1985:
Bluetongue virus-induced encephalopathy in fetal cattle

Barre, N.; Eramus, B.J.; Gautier, A.; Reme, A.; Valin, R., 1985:
Bluetongue, a new disease of sheep on Reunion (Indian Ocean)

Leveziel, H., 1983:
BoLA and bovine leucosis

Oliver, R.A.; Spooner, R.L., 1983:
BoLA breed frequencies studies

Booth, W.D., 1984:
Boar odours and puberty attainment in gilts

Ohara M., 1981:
Boar seminal plasma component in washed boar spermatozoa

Larsson, K., 1985:
Boar sperm viability after freezing and thawing

Malmfors B.; Lundstrom, K., 1985:
Boar taint - a problem on the way to solution?

Green, E.J., 1985 :
Board foot and residual volume equations for black and chestnut oaks in New Jersey

Marten, J.; Jaep, A., 1985:
Boarding horses on the farm

Tsolov, V., 1985:
Boards from beech fibres and agricultural wastes

Ellis, W.A.; McParland, P.J.; Bryson, D.G.; Cassells, J.A., 1986:
Boars as carriers of leptospires of the Australis serogroup on farms with an abortion problem

Thai, N.C.; Chancellor, W.J., 1985:
Boat-tractor hull design to minimize drag forces

Rounds, G.R., 1985:
Boating: the dream and the challenge

Bell, A., 1984:
Bob Morris' flair for Mor Food'N Fun

Anonymous, 1985:
Bob Payton is going to the dogs

Becker, W.A.; Worden, S.; Mirosh, L.W., 1985:
Body and abdominal fat weight reduction upon feed withdrawal in coturnix quail

Panzetta, G.; Guerra, U.; D'Angelo, A.; Sandrini, S.; Terzi, A.; Oldrizzi, L.; Maiorca, R., 1985:
Body composition and nutritional status in patients on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD)

Renden, J.A.; Marple, D.N., 1986:
Body composition and other physical parameters as determinants of age at sexual maturity and performance efficiency in dwarf hens divergently selected for body weight

Reimers, E., 1984:
Body composition and population regulation of Svalbard reindeer

Forbes, G.B., 1985:
Body composition as affected by physical activity and nutrition

Cooper, J.C.; Laughland, A.; Gunning, E.J.; Burkinshaw, L.; Williams, N.S., 1986:
Body composition in ileostomy patients with and without ileal resection

Shizgal, H.M.; Roza, A.; Leduc, B.; Drouin, G.; Villemure, J.G.; Yaffe, C., 1986:
Body composition in quadriplegic patients

Seebeck, R.M., 1985:
Body composition of British and zebu X British cattle in Northern Australia. 2. Yield of carcass and its relationship to other expressions of composition

E.A.tar, A.; Merat, P., 1985:
Body composition of naked neck and normal fowls: results of a meat-type cross

Zein el Dein, A.; Merat, P.; Bordas, A., 1984:
Body composition of naked-neck and normal chicks on different dietary protein concentrations

Meyer, H.; Dammers, C.; Kienzle, E., 1985:
Body composition of newborn puppies and the nutrient requirement of pregnant bitches

Beynen A.C.; Dekker D.; Van Tintelen G.; Gundlach B.L., 1986:
Body composition of obese rats fed the anorectic drug dexfenfluramine

Knight, G.S.; Beddoe, A.H.; Streat, S.J.; Hill, G.L., 1986:
Body composition of two human cadavers by neutron activation and chemical analysis

Huot, J., 1984:
Body condition and food resources of white-tailed deer on Anticosti Island, Quebec

Hobaugh, WC., 1985:
Body condition and nutrition of snow geese wintering in southeastern Texas

Esbenshade, K.L.; Britt, J.H.; Armstrong, J.D.; Toelle, V.D.; Stanislaw, C.M., 1986:
Body condition of sows across parities and relationship to reproductive performance

Hossamo, H.E.; Owen, J.B.; Farid, M.F.A., 1986:
Body condition score and production in fat tailed Awassi sheep under range conditions

Telalbasic, R.; Vukojicic, S., 1985:
Body conformation and type of Lipitsa mares at the Vucijak stud

Narancic, S., 1982:
Body conformation of Holstein-Friesian cattle in Yugoslavia

Kalra, S.; Singh, B.; Arora, D.N., 1986:
Body conformation of Nali sheep: a note

Petersen, M.L.; Hansen, L.B.; Young, C.W.; Miller, K.P., 1984:
Body conformation scores that accompany selection for milk yield in Holsteins

Geenty, K.G., 1985:
Body energy changes and metabolisable energy requirements in growing and adult sheep at pasture

Pasco, J.A.; Rutishauser, I.H., 1985:
Body fat estimated from anthropometric and electrical impedance measurements

van Duijvenvoorde, P.M.; Rolls, B.J., 1985:
Body fat regulation during pregnancy and lactation: the roles of diet and insulin

Kluber, E.F.; Pollmann, D.S.; Davis, D.L.; Stevenson, J.S., 1985:
Body growth and testicular characteristics of boars fed a synthetic progestogen, altrenogest

McLean, J.A.; Whitmore, W.T.; Young, B.A.; Weingardt, R., 1984:
Body heat storage, metabolism and respiration of cows abruptly exposed and acclimatized to cold and 18 degrees C environments

Mattila, K.; Haavisto, M.; Rajala, S., 1986:
Body mass index and mortality in the elderly

Nomura, A.; Heilbrun, L.K.; Stemmermann, G.N., 1985:
Body mass index as a predictor of cancer in men

Nygaard, A., 1985:
Body measurement in cattle

Golda, J.; Mejsnar, J., 1984:
Body measurements and carcass quality of bulls aged 3 years

Pilat, Z.; Bouska, J., 1986:
Body measurements and conformation of different genotypes of cows in a herd and their relationship with performance

Komarek, L., 1985:
Body measurements and weights of Simmental and Red Holstein crossbred bulls

Kliment, J.; Psenica, J.; Rybansky, J., 1986:
Body measurements of F11 crossbreds of Slovakian Pied with Red-and-White Holstein cattle

Tsujii, H.; Yoshida, M., 1984:
Body measurements of Kiso horses

Suchanek, B.; Ponizil, A.; Bozovsky, A., 1985:
Body measurements of cows entered in the State Herdbook

Kay, R.N.B., 1985:
Body size, patterns of growth, and efficiency of production in red deer

Arad, Z.; Skadhauge, E., 1986:
Body temperature and plasma arginine vasotocin in fowls adapted to high- and low-NaCl diets

Junge Wentrop, S.; Holtz, W., 1984:
Body temperature as a means to monitor reproductive functions in sows and cows

Finch, V.A., 1986:
Body temperature in beef cattle: its control and relevance to production in the tropics

Nordin, Y.; Tan, H.S., 1985:
Body temperature, oestrous cycle length, serum progesterone level and conception rate of imported Jersey cows under two management systems

Trowbridge, F.L.; Graham, G.G.; Wong, W.W.; Mellits, E.D.; Rabold, J.D.; Lee, L.S.; Cabrera, M.P.; Klein, P.D., 1984:
Body water measurements in premature and older infants using H218O isotopic determinations

Cumlivski, B., 1985:
Body weight and measurements of F1 crossbreds of German Mutton Merino ewes with Kent (Romney Marsh) rams

Bornstein, S.; Plavnik, I.; Lev, Y., 1984:
Body weight and/or fatness as potential determinants of the onset of egg production in broiler breeder hens

Supp, G., 1982:
Body weight gain of broilers housed with sexes intermingled, and provided with ionised air

Bish C.L.; Beane W.L.; Ruszler P.L.; Cherry J.A., 1985:
Body weight influence on egg production

Alkass, J.E.; Alrawi, A.A.; A.H.llali, A.H.; A.T.yy, H.M.A., 1986:
Body weight of horned vs. polled-sired Awassi lambs

Elahi, F.; Horst, P.; Mathur, P.K., 1985:
Body weight, oviduct weight and egg weight interrelations under warm and temperate environmental conditions

Balsbaugh, R.K.; Curtis, S.E.; Meyer, R.C., 1986:
Body weight, total body water and hematocrit in diarrheic piglets

Sangwan, K.S.; Ram, S.; Grewal, S.S., 1986:
Body weights and measurements of fat lambs as indicators of their wool and carcass traits

Torres, R. de A.; Silva, M. de A. e; Torres, J.R.; Soares, P.R.; Fonseca, J.B., 1984:
Body weights and measurements of laying hens in 3 lines in diallelic crosses

Kvapilik, J.; David, A., 1985:
Body weights and prices of cows culled from large intensive farms and slaughtered for meat

Tilakaratne, N.; Matsukawa, T., 1983:
Body weights at fixed ages of crossbred calves of Friesian, Jersey and Lanka parentage

Singh, B.; Sangwan, M.L.; Rathi, S.S., 1986:
Body weights of Rambouillet and Russian Merino ewes in relation to birth and weaning weights: a note

Tian, Z.S.; Li, G.Y.; Huang, W.Y.; Li, S.T., 1984:
Bodyweight gain of pigs during rearing and fattening in relation to dietary energy and protein levels

Bieguszewski, H., 1984:
Bodyweight gain, digestibility of diets and some blood indices in growing arctic foxes given diets supplemented with formaldehyde-preserved feeds

Ilnicki, P., 1984:
Bog transformation resulting from drainage

Grissell, E.E., 1983:
Boharticus n. gen., with a review of Rhopalicus Foerster and Dinotiscus Ghesquiere (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae)

Wojdalski, J.; Malejko, B., 1984:
Boiler breakdowns in dairies - principal causes and effects

Stambouli, B., 1984:
Boiler feed water heater corrosion in a nitric acid process unit

Andersson, Y., 1984:
Boiling processes and eating quality of potatoes

Pont, F. le; Caillard, T.; Tibayrenc, M.; Desjeux, P., 1986:
Bolivian phlebotomines. II. Psychodopygus yucumensis n. sp., a new man-biting phlebotomine sandfly from subandean region (Diptera: Psychodidae)

Guinn, G., 1984:
Boll abscission in cotton

Srivastava, M.P.; Singh, I.M., 1983:
Boll rot and yield of cotton as influenced by nitrogen nutrition and space planting

Wright, J.E.; Villavaso, E.J., 1983:
Boll weevil sterility

Bariola, LA.; Henneberry, TJ.; Bergman, D., 1984:
Boll weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae): emergence from bolls during the spring, and trapping of adults in Arizona

Taneja, S.L.; Dhindwal, A.S., 1982:
Bollworm incidence as affected by sowing date, nitrogen application and plant population in upland cotton

Kitbamroong, N.A., 1985:
Bollworm resistance in high tannin cotton

Crepel, H., 1986:
Bolted sugarbeet: an enemy to control

Harding, N.; Fowkes, A.H.R., 1984:
Bolted timber joints

Sych, Z.D.; Dudakov, S.V., 1982:
Bolting of carrot breeding aterial in the Aral area

Likhatskii, V.I., 1984:
Bolting-type garlic in the forest steppe of the Ukrainian SSR

Allen, W.M.; Sansom, B.F.; Mallinson, C.B.; Stebbings, R.J.; Drake, C.F., 1985:
Boluses of controlled release glass for supplementing ruminants with cobalt

Wagner, D.L., 1985:
Bombus bifarius foraging at aphid honeydew (Apidae)

Lemke, L.A.; Nolan, M.P.I.I.I.; Kissam, J.B., 1985:
Bombus pennsylvanicus (Hymenoptera: Apidae) presumed nesting in red imported fire ant (RIFA) mounds

Hecker, E.; Butenandt, A., 1984:
Bombykol revisited - reflections on a pioneering period and on some of its consequences

Bucke, D.; Feist, S., 1985:
Bonamiasis in the flat oyster, Ostrea edulis, with comments on histological techniques

Wu, K.T.; Hwang, Y.S., 1985:
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Botrytis storage rot of onion

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Botulism risk from post-processing contamination of commercially canned foods in metal containers

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Bouquet spur development in sweet cherries in relation to branching characteristics of the crown

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Bourdon winter bean

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Bourkina Fasso: an infant market

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Bouvardia grown just as well under double glass

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Bouvardia on substrate. Sufficiently promising for continuing trials

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Bovine casein - structural characteristics

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Bovine cattle faeces as fertilizer for pasture production

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Bovine cervical embryo transfer with an ensheathed metal AI instrument

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Bovine cysticercosis at the Cairo Montenotte abattoir

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Bovine cysticercosis in Greece

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Bovine embryo transfer pregnancies. II. Lengths of gestation

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Bovine enterocyte basolateral membrane vesicles and nutrient transport

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Bovine enzootic leukosis in France in 1984

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Bovine epidermolysis: an inherited skin disease of cattle

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Bovine exfoliative dermatitis: a new bovine skin disease transferred by colostrum

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Bovine fascioliasis in Negeria VI. Parasitological characteristics of field infections

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Bovine fetal immunology: a study on congenital spirochetosis and epizootic bovine abortion

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Bovine helminth parasites of economic importance - abattoir survey in Kenya 1976-1980

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Bovine herpes mammillitis therapy

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Bovine herpesvirus 1 live vaccine causes persistent infection of the genital tract with spontaneous shedding of virus in the semen

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Bovine herpesvirus 1: reactivation by 3-methylindole

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Bovine herpesvirus-1 and Pasteurella haemolytica aerobiology in experimentally infected calves

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Bovine herpesvirus-1 infection of cattle: kinetics of antibody formation after intranasal exposure and abortion induced by the virus

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Bovine herpesvirus-1: interactions between animal and virus

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Bovine hypodermatosis

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Bovine immunobiology and immune response to Eimeria bovis (Protozoa: Eimeriidae)

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Bovine leukemia virus long terminal repeat: a cell type-specific promoter

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Bovine virus diarrhoea/mucosal disease

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Boysenberry spacing

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Bramble training for mechanical lifting and tying

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Brambles (Rubus fruticosus) in forests

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Brassica diseases

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Brassica napoleracea

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Breakdown of the side zone of large-diameter logs into sawn timber of uniform standard thickness

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Breakeven hauling distances for beef feedlot manure in southern Alberta

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Breakfast of schoolchildren 11 to 13 years old

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Breaking bud rest of several deciduous fruit tree species in the Kenyan highlands

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Breaking dormancy in Pinus strobus L. seedlings by chilling

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Breaking of plates in milk heating plants

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Breaking plowpans using low energy tillage

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Breaking resistance in chilli to root-knot nematode by fungal pathogens

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Breaking self-incompatibility in Brassica oleracea L. with different pollination techniques: a comparative study

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Breaking the dormancy of seeds of the winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (L.) D.C.)

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Breaking the illiteracy barrier. Shifting focus, elusive goal

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Breaking winter dormancy of Phytophthora parasitica propagules using heat shock

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