Cell spectrum of the herpesvirus of bovine ulcerative mammillitis (BHV-2) and detection of neutralizing antibodies against BHV-2 in cattle in the German Democratic Republic

Tabbaa, D.; Liebermann, H.; Hille, G.

Monatshefte für Veterinärmedizin 40(23): 797-799


ISSN/ISBN: 0026-9263
Accession: 001313497

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When two strains (TVA and 69/ILO) of mammillitis herpesvirus were grown in various primary cell cultures and permanent cell lines, rate of development of cytopathic effect was greatest in thymus cell cultures of sheep fetuses and kids, followed by testis cells of sheep fetuses, lambs, kids and calves, and kidney cells of piglets. It was lowest in the two permanent cell lines CRFK (feline kidney) and Po 17, (sheep kidney) and kidney and lung cell cultures of sheep fetuses, lambs and kids. Of 1335 serum samples from cattle in 13 districts 19 (1.4%) in four districts had positive neutralization titres for BHV-2 antibodies. Titres were 1:16 (one animal), 1:8 (5), 1:4 (3) and 1:2 (4); in the other six a positive reaction was obtained only with undiluted serum.