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Characteristics of soil organic matter in temperate soils by Curie point pyrolysis-mass spectrometry. I. Organic matter variations with drainage and mull humification in A horizons

Bracewell, J.M.; Robertson, G.W.

Journal of Soil Science 35(4): 549-558


DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2389.1984.tb00612.x
Accession: 001315722

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This series of papers examines some significant differences in the constitution of organic matter found amongst major soil groups and their genetic and morphological horizons, as determined by the dynamic pyrolysis-mass spectrometry of whole soil samples. Multivariate methods of data analysis identify groups of co-variant mass ions which successfully partition samples in terms of the above soil categories, and correlate with other major properties such as humification and hydromorphism.

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