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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1318

Chapter 1318 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Papaskiri, R.I.; Mokhnachev, I.G., 1984:
Chemical indices of combustibility of tobacco raw material

Gupta, D.R.; Dhiman, R.P., 1985:
Chemical investigation of Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh

Pathak, N.K.R.; Biswas, M.; Seth, K.K.; Dwivedi, S.P.D.; Pandey, V.B., 1985:
Chemical investigation of Argemone mexicana

Ganguly, A.; Choudhury, R.; Mitra, S.R.; Bhattacharyya, A., 1985:
Chemical Investigation of Cassia mimosoides

Sharma, K.H.; Gupta, R.K., 1983:
Chemical investigation of Cassia pumila

Adekenov, S.M.; Mukhametzhanov, M.N.; Kagarlitskii, A.D.; Turmukhambetov, A.Z., 1984:
Chemical investigations of Achillea nobilis

Kurkin, V.A.; Zapesochnaya, G.G.; Gorbunov, Y.N.; Nukhimovskii, E.L.; Shreter, A.I.; Shchavlinskii, A.N., 1986:
Chemical investigations on some species of Rhodiola L. and Sedum L. genera and problems of their chemotaxonomy

Narayanan, C.S.; Mathew, A.G., 1985:
Chemical investigations on spice oils

Hossain, M.E.; Choudhury, J.; Faruq, M.O.; Alam, M.N., 1983 :
Chemical investigations on the seed oil of Datura metel Linn. (variety Black)

Ponnamperuma, F.N., 1985:
Chemical kinetics of wetland rice soils relative to soil fertility

Atri, F.; Bornkamm, R., 1984:
Chemical load on some plant species at selected sites in West Berlin

Fitzgerald, C.H.; Griswold, H.C., 1984:
Chemical loblolly pine release with aerial triclopyr applications

Mallet, B., 1983:
Chemical maintenance of young mechanized forest plantations in Ivory Coast: perspectives and limitations

Datar, V.V.; Mayee, C.D., 1985:
Chemical management of early blight of tomato

Fageria, N.K., 1983:
Chemical management of the soil, J.B.; Christiansen, M.N.; Terlizzi, D.E., 1984:
Chemical manipulation of soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) oil quality

Thomas, T.H., 1985:
Chemical manipulation of standing crops

Bechara, G.H.; Szabo, M.P.J., 1984:
Chemical mediation of the lesion produced by the cattle tick (Boophilus microplus).

Dickens, J.C.; Payne, T.L., 1985:
Chemical messengers and insect behavior

Anonymous, 1985:
Chemical methods for assessing bio-available metals in sludges and soils

Kirov, N., 1984:
Chemical methods of preservation: an effective means of increasing feed resources

Anonymous, 1985:
Chemical methods of protecting crops from fungus diseases. Collection of scientific papers

Sacher, R.F.; Staples, R.C., 1984:
Chemical microscopy for study of plants in saline environments

Goldberg S., 1985:
Chemical modeling of anion competition on goethite using the constant capacitance model

Kawai, A.; Akimoto, H.; Hashimoto, N.; Nomura, H., 1984:
Chemical modification of ansamitocins. I. Synthesis and properties of 4,5-deoxymaytansinoids

Coleman, W.K.; Estabrooks, E.N., 1985:
Chemical modification of cold hardiness in apple trees in Eastern Canada

Lee, E.H.; Byun, J.K.; Wilding, S.J., 1985:
Chemical modification of environmentally sensitive plants with GA biosynthesis inhibitors in response to SO2 stress

Christiansen, M.N.;, J.B., 1984:
Chemical modification of plant response to temperature extremes

Theander, O.; Westerlund, E., 1984:
Chemical modification of starch by heat treatment and further reactions of the products formed

Neshtitski, M. (Nesticky, M), 1984:
Chemical modification of the grain and green matter of maize

Kornelyuk, A.I.; Shilin, V.V.; Gudzera, O.I.; Rozhko, O.T.; Matsuka, G.K., 1985:
Chemical modifications of the tryptophan residues of leucyl-tRNA synthetase by N-bromosuccinimide and 2-hydroxy-5-nitrobenzyl bromide

Molotkov, D.I., 1982:
Chemical mutagenesis and yield in winter wheat plants

Bengus, Y.V., 1984:
Chemical mutagenesis experiments on Scots pine

Bachyalis, K.P., 1985:
Chemical mutagenesis in producing economically useful forms of flax

Novoselov, M.Yu, 1984:
Chemical mutagenesis in the producion of initial material of red clover

Ivashko, L.V.; Sosnovskaya, M.V., 1984:
Chemical mutagens in flax breeding

Arfin, M.; Nizami, WA., 1986:
Chemical nature and mode of stabilization of egg-shell proteins of some digenetic trematodes

Arfin, M.; Nizami, W.A., 1986:
Chemical nature and mode of stabilization of eggshell/capsule of some cyclophyllidean cestodes

Hayes, M.H.B., 1984:
Chemical nature and reactivities of soil organic polymers

Dhake, J.D.; Girhe, S.N., 1984:
Chemical nature of extraneous components of bija (Pterocarpus marsupium Roxb)

Mey, P.; Sayag, D.; Andre, L., 1986:
Chemical or microbiological solubilisation of rock phosphates

Roletto, E.; Barberis, R.; Consiglio, M.; Jodice, R., 1985:
Chemical parameters for evaluating compost maturity

Power, J.F.; Mielke, L.N.; Doran, J.W.; Wilhelm, W.W., 1984:
Chemical physical, and microbial changes in tilled soils

Demby, W.M., 1983:
Chemical plant protection as a factor of yield increase and profitability of field crops on the basis of observations in the years 1973-1978

Vladimirov, V.L.; Naumenko, P.A., 1986:
Chemical preservatives for feeds

Yahara, N.; Nakui, T.; Takai, S., 1985:
Chemical pretreatment for wet-fractionation of green forages

Inoi, T.; Akabane, T.; Saito, A.; Kurokawa, Y.; Matsuoka, S., 1984:
Chemical pretreatment of sugarcane bagasse for enzymic saccharification

Overcash, M.R.; Reddy, K.R.; Khaleel, R., 1983:
Chemical processes and transport of animal waste pollutants

Nelson, D.W.; Logan, T.J., 1983:
Chemical processes and transport of phosphorus

Karlivan, V.P. et al., 1984:
Chemical processing of wood

Bukovac, M.J., 1984:
Chemical promotion of cherry fruit abscission - current status

Frazier, A.W., 1984:
Chemical properties

Hagrass, A.E.A.; Sultan, N.E.; Hammad, Y.A., 1984:
Chemical properties of Ras cheese during ripening as affected by the addition of inactive dry yeast and yeast autolyzate

Swan, E.P.; Kellogg, R.M., 1986:
Chemical properties of black cottonwood and balsam poplar

Aso H.; Kimura H.; Watanabe M.; Arai S., 1985:
Chemical properties of enzymatically modified proteins produced from soy protein by covalent attachment of methionine

Dormaar J.F.; Schaber B.D., 1985:
Chemical properties of soil as affected by a single burn of alfalfa stubble to control insects

Paganyas, K.P.; Makhsudov, K.M., 1984:
Chemical protection of sandy loam desert soils from wind erosion

Szmidt, A.; Stachowiak, P., 1981:
Chemical protection of seedlings against damage by Hylobius

Mittal, G.K.; Sharma, K.M., 1982:
Chemical protection of til cake in Bikaneri rams

Dick W.A.; Bonta J.V.; Haghiri F., 1986:
Chemical quality of suspended sediment from watersheds subjected to surface coal mining

Dickens, P.S.; Rose, R.R.; Minear, R.A., 1983:
Chemical quality of the saturated zone associated with contour surface mining spoil and its effect on stream water quality

Bohm, B.; Jacobson, R.L., 1983:
Chemical reactions influencing salinity increase of soil and groundwaters in the Great Basin, Western United States

Oster, J.D.; Tanji, K.K., 1985:
Chemical reactions within root zone of arid zone soils

Kashyap, A.S.; Dhuria, H.S.; Rana, H.S., 1983:
Chemical regulation of growth in apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) cv. Royal Delicious

Ko, W.H.; Lee, C.J.; Su, H.J., 1986:
Chemical regulation of mating type in Phytophthora parasitica

Considine, J.A., 1986:
Chemical regulation of plants and plant processes

Hegazi E.S.; Stino G.R., 1982:
Chemical regulation of sex expression in certain olive cultivars

Anonymous, 1985:
Chemical regulation of the processes of plant life activity

Patil, U.B.; Sangale, P.B.; Desai, B.B., 1985:
Chemical regulation of yield and composition of chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) fruits

Schultze, W.D.; Bright, S.A.; Smith, J.J., 1986 :
Chemical removal of keratin from bovine teat ducts in vivo and in vitro

Petz, M., 1985:
Chemical residue analysis of veterinary drugs in foods. 1. General methodology and gas chromatographic procedures

Fernandez I.J.; Kosian P.A., 1986:
Chemical response of soil leachate to alternative approaches to experimental acidification

Pepper, R.G., 1984:
Chemical sealing of small earth dams using sodium tripolyphosphate

Anonymous, 1983:
Chemical sediments and geomorphology: Precipitates and residua in the near-surface environment

Roux, J. le; Muller, D., 1985:
Chemical seed treatments to control seedborne stinking and loose smut diseases of wheat in South Africa

Singh, G.P.; Singh, R.K., 1984:
Chemical sex modification and its effect on fruiting in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)

Johnston, R.E., 1983:
Chemical signals and reproductive behavior

Welker, J.G.; Moody, N., 1984:
Chemical site preparation in Lakes States forests with triclopyr, picloram and sulfometuron methyl herbicides

Hansson, B., 1985:
Chemical sludge as soil conditioner and fertilizer

Sharma, E.; Ambasht, R.S.; Singh, M.P., 1985:
Chemical soil properties under five age series of Alnus nepalensis plantations in the Eastern Himalayas

Mullins, G.L.; Sommers, L.E., 1983:
Chemical speciation of leachates from waste disposal sites

Jarrousse, C.; Dussaillant, M., 1985:
Chemical specificity of the effects of branched chain amino acids on glucagon and insulin release in the suckling rat

Bailey, D.A.; Weiler, T.C.; Kirk, T.I., 1986:
Chemical stimulation of floral initiation in florists' hydrangea

Stubbs, J.; Roberts, D.R.; Outcalt, K.W., 1984:
Chemical stimulation of lightwood in southern pines

Salama, H.S.; Rizk, A.F.; Sharaby, A., 1984:
Chemical stimuli in flowers and leaves of cotton that affect behaviour in the cotton moth Spodoptera littoralis (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Narantuyaa, S.; Batsuren, D.; Batirov, E.K.; Malikov, V.M., 1986:
Chemical studies of plants of the Mongolian flora. Coumarins of Salsola laricifolia

Owuor, P.O.; Chavanji, A.M.; Munavu, R.M., 1985:
Chemical studies of the Kenyan tea seeds. 1. Physical and chemical characteristics of the kernel oil

Kuliev, V.B.; Poletaeva, L.V.; Kasumova, T.A., 1984:
Chemical studies on Crataegus meyeri Pojark fruits

Rasulov, F.A.; Belyi, M.B., 1985:
Chemical studies on Melilotus caspius and Achillea vermicularis

Shibata, S., 1985 :
Chemical studies on biologically active fungal products

Kitagawa, I.; Zhao Long Chen; Yoshihara, M.; Yoshikawa, M., 1984:
Chemical studies on crude drug processing. II. Aconiti Tuber (1). On the constituents of Chuan-wu, the dried tuber of Aconitum carmichaelii Debx

E.H.didy, Z.A.; Francis, R.R.; Shehata, F.W.; Kalini, S.A., 1984:
Chemical studies on orange peel oil

Marfo, E.K.; Oke, O.L., 1986:
Chemical studies on papaya seeds. 3. Nutritional evaluation

Narantuyaa, S.; Batsuren, D.; Batirov, E.K.; Malikov, V.M., 1986:
Chemical studies on plants of the Mongolian flora. Lariside, a new glycoside of scopoletin from Salsola laricifolia

Tanaka, S., 1985:
Chemical studies on the adipose tissues and muscle lipids of beef cattle. III. Neutral and phospholipid deposition and fatty acid composition as related to breeds and muscles

Tanaka, S., 1985:
Chemical studies on the adipose tissues and muscle lipids of beef cattle. IV. Fatty acid composition and relationships in subcutaneous, intermuscular and abdominal adipose tissues from three beef breeds

Tanaka, S., 1985:
Chemical studies on the adipose tissues and muscle lipids of fattening beef cattle. 1. Cholesterol contents in beef muscles and its relationships with some carcass traits

Tanaka, S., 1985:
Chemical studies on the adipose tissues and muscle lipids of fattening beef cattle. 2. Variability of intramuscular fat content in beef carcass and moisture content as a basis for estimating fat content

Liu, G.S.; Fang, H.J.; Li, N.W.; Hu, Q.; Jiang, K.; Kang, Z.Q.; Bian, Y.M., 1985:
Chemical study of the essential oil of Lysimachia foenum-graecum Hance

Hong, H.; Fang, Q., 1986:
Chemical study on alkaloids of Corydalis bulleyana

Carlson, D.A., 1983:
Chemical taxonomy in tsetse flies (Glossina spp.) by analysis of cuticular components

Ebert, A.; Bender, R.J., 1984:
Chemical thinning in apple (Malus domestica Borkh) cultivars Gala and Fuji

Wertheim, S.J., 1986:
Chemical thinning of Golden Delicious apple with NAAm and/or carbaryl in combination with a spreader and the anti-russeting agent GA4+7

Looney, N.E., 1986:
Chemical thinning of apple: some new strategies and important refinements to old procedures

Strydom, D.K.; Honeyborne, G.E., 1984:
Chemical thinning of apples

Tiscornia, J.R.; Iuchi, T., 1984:
Chemical thinning of apples in Rio Grande do Sul

Noga, G.; Engel, G., 1986:
Chemical thinning of apples with the help of surfactants - new formulations for practice?

David, M.; Nigicser, T., 1986:
Chemical thinning of midseason peach cultivars in Hungary

Bussi, C.; Marboutie, G., 1985:
Chemical thinning of peach: results of a first year's trial

Stan, S.; Burloi, N.; Ionescu, P.; Cociu, V.; Patru, N.; Topor, E.; Panea, T., 1985:
Chemical thinning of peaches

Dhar, R.P.; Bhutani, V.P.; Gautam, D.R., 1984:
Chemical thinning of plum cv. Santa Rosa

Jeffers, D.L., 1986:
Chemical thinning of soybean with bentazon

Walker, A.R.; Elliott, G.L., 1982:
Chemical toxicity and soil erosion problems in the Muswellbrook District

Li, S.Y.; Chang, S.C.; Wei, R.D., 1985:
Chemical transformation of eremofortin C into PR toxin

Olberg Kallfass, R.; Schonhar, S., 1983:
Chemical treatment of Norway spruce stumps against attack by Fomes annosus

Czermann, J.; Laszlo, G.; Vadasz, J.; Varga, V.I., 1984:
Chemical treatment of liquid pig manure

Alomar C.D., 1985:
Chemical treatment of roughage. II. Effect of ammoniation at two concentrations and two reaction times on the chemical composition of over-matured hay and rush (Juncus procerus E. mey)

Alomar C.D.; Rivas, A., 1985:
Chemical treatment of roughage. Use of ammonium hydroxide or calcium oxide at two rates and four hydrolysis times on Chusquea quila and low quality hay

Greenhalgh, J.F.D., 1983:
Chemical treatment of straw: a case study of research, development and commercial application

Smith, D.H., 1984:
Chemical treatments in hay preservation systems

Tandler, J.; Mor, Y.; Spiegelstein, H.; Mayak, S., 1986:
Chemical treatments to improve the quality of cut gypsophila flowers

Vanparys, L.; Himme, M. van, 1986:
Chemical weed control after transplanting leeks

Lansari, A., 1985:
Chemical weed control and effect of herbicides in a strawberry (cv. Tioga) plantation in Morocco

Nanjappa, H.V.; Hosmani, M.M., 1984:
Chemical weed control and its economics in transplant fingermillet

Adamczewski, K., 1985:
Chemical weed control during the last 25 years and directions of the further development of herbicides

Pandey, J.; Shukla, K., 1985:
Chemical weed control for intercropped maize with potato

Dusky, J.A., 1984:
Chemical weed control for radishes

Dusky, J.A., 1984:
Chemical weed control for rice grown on organic soils

Aparbal Singh; Kambod Singh; Singh, D.V., .:
Chemical weed control in German Chamomille (Matricaria chamonilla L.)

Khosla, S.N.; Kuldeep Singh, . :
Chemical weed control in Mentha arvensis L. with Fusilade

Pathak, A.K.; Ahmed, A.A.; Borkakoty, P.K., 1984:
Chemical weed control in Olitorius jute

Surgiannides, G.D., 1981:
Chemical weed control in a peach orchard

Aristy, J.D., 1981:
Chemical weed control in an irrigated onion (Allium cepa L.) crop

Czepo, M.; Kovacs, I., 1984:
Chemical weed control in beans with special regard to toxic dicotyledonous weeds

Dolot, N.K.; Pivovarova, E.V., 1984:
Chemical weed control in bulb onions

Gilreath, J.P.; Harbaugh, B.K.; Lott, C.S., 1985:
Chemical weed control in caladiums grown in organic soil

Yogaratnam, V.; Balasubramaniam, E.M.; Perera, W.G.S., 1982:
Chemical weed control in carrots in the upcountry wet zone

Rodriguez T.E., .:
Chemical weed control in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)

Moens, M.; Ben Aicha, B.; Himme, M. van; Stryckers, J., 1985:
Chemical weed control in cauliflower crops in Tunisia

Mahoney, J.E., 1984:
Chemical weed control in chickpeas (Cicer arietinum)

E.D.eb, S.T.; Ibrahim, A.M.; E.D.n, A.T.; Dawoud, M.A., 1984:
Chemical weed control in cotton with respect to its effect on fibre properties

Poku, J.A.; Akobundu, I.O., 1983:
Chemical weed control in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L) Walp) in the subhumid and Guinea savanna zones of Nigeria

Raghavni, B.R.; Kavani, H.D.; Malavia, D.D.; Patel, J.C., .:
Chemical weed control in cumin

Sharma, P.B.; Bisen, C.R., 1983:
Chemical weed control in direct seeded upland rainfed rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Leal, F.R.; Churata Masca, M.G.C.; Durigan, J.C.; Pitelli, R.A., 1985:
Chemical weed control in direct-drilled onions (Allium cepa L.)

Moens, M.; Ben Aicha; Himme, M. van; Stryckers, J., 1984:
Chemical weed control in early melon crops in Tunisia

Gilreath, J.P., 1984:
Chemical weed control in flowering gladiolus

Malavia, D.D.; Kavani, H.D.; Raghvani, B.R.; Jethwa, M.G., .:
Chemical weed control in garlic

Orowski, M.; Koota, E., 1983:
Chemical weed control in garlic. Part I. Garlic from autumn planting

Orowski, M.; Koota, E., 1983:
Chemical weed control in garlic. Part II. Garlic from spring planting

Pinto, J.J.O.; Xavier, F.E.; Pedralli, G.; Souza, J.L.B., 1984:
Chemical weed control in grain sorghum crops

Challa, P., .:
Chemical weed control in grape nursery

Daly, P.M.J., 1981:
Chemical weed control in intensive horticultural crops in Martinique

Lagoke, S.T.O.; Sinha, T.D., 1983:
Chemical weed control in irrigated onion (Allium cepa L.) in the Sudan savanna of Nigeria

Deuse, J.P.L.; Birie Habas, J.; Jeutong, F.; Nguimatsa, M., 1983:
Chemical weed control in irrigated rice in West Cameroon

Lagoke, S.T.O.; Sinha, T.D.; Olaleye, E.A., 1983:
Chemical weed control in irrigated tomatoes in the Nigerian Sudan savanna

Pawar, S.S.; Gunjate, R.T.; Lad, B.L., 1985:
Chemical weed control in mango budwood nursery

Challa, P., 1984:
Chemical weed control in mango root stock nursery

Marnotte, P.; Pouzet, D., 1983:
Chemical weed control in mechanized cassava crops in the Ivory Coast

Pank, F.; Eichholz, E.; Ennet, D.; Zygmunt, B., 1986:
Chemical weed control in medicinal plant crops. Part 7. Peppermint (Mentha piperita L.)

Pank, F.; Marlow, H.; Eichholz, E.; Ennet, D.; Zygmunt, B., 1984:
Chemical weed control in medicinal plants. Part 6. Caraway (Carum carvi L.)

Vats, O.P.; Sidhu, M.S., 1984:
Chemical weed control in mungbean

Freeman, J.A., 1986:
Chemical weed control in newly planted raspberries in coastal British Columbia

Rathmann, D.P.; Jacob, R.A.; Beyer, G., 1983:
Chemical weed control in nursery and forestry plantings in the North Central hardwood region

Pinzon, B., 1983:
Chemical weed control in pastures

Gill, H.S.; Thina, I.S.; Walia, U.S., 1985:
Chemical weed control in pearl millet for fodder

Szoke, L., 1983:
Chemical weed control in poppy in Szabolcs-Szatmar county

Rapparini, G., 1985:
Chemical weed control in potatoes

Moorthy, B.T.S.; Manna, G.B., .:
Chemical weed control in puddle seeded rice

Deuse, J.P.L.; Birie Habas, J.; Jeutong, F.; Nguimatsa, M., 1983:
Chemical weed control in rain-fed rice in West Cameroon

Borgo, R.; Frangi, H.; Torroba, C.; Cattena, H., 1985 :
Chemical weed control in recently established peach orchards

Maradei, D., 1983:
Chemical weed control in seedbeds of Eucalyptus viminalis

Shukla, V., 1984:
Chemical weed control in sesame

Xavier, F.E.; Brauner, G.L.; Pinto, J.J. de O., 1983:
Chemical weed control in soyabean crops

Costa, R.A.S.; Brauner, G.L.; Silveira Junior, P., 1984:
Chemical weed control in sugarbeet crops (Beta vulgaris L.)

Srivastava, S.N.L.; Verma, S.S.; Verma, R.S.; Phogat, B.S., .:
Chemical weed control in sugarcane (Saccharum oficinarum L.)

Ramalho, J.F.G.P.; Graciano, P.A., .:
Chemical weed control in sugarcane (Saccharum sp.) in the north of Rio de Janeiro State

Kavani, H.D.; Raghvani, B.R.; Malavia, D.D.; Patel, J.C., .:
Chemical weed control in tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum Mill)

Castro, H.R.; Calvar, D.J.; Argerich, C., 1983:
Chemical weed control in tomatoes

Lakshmanan, A.; Panneerselvam, P.; Kathiresan, R., .:
Chemical weed control in transplanted IR. 50 rice

Trivedi, K.K.; Tiwari, J.P.; Lokras, V.G., .:
Chemical weed control in upland drilled paddy

Varshney, J.G., .:
Chemical weed control in upland rice in hilly terrains of Meghalaya

Dumitrescu, M.; Cerneanu, I.; Radoi, V.; Miron, V., 1983:
Chemical weed control in vegetable crops

Calcagno, F.; Martino, M. di; Gallo, G.; Raimondo, I.; Venora, G., 1984:
Chemical weed control in warm dry conditions in eastern Sicily

Jain, N.K.; Nigam, K.B.; Jamley, N.R.; Khandkar, U.R., 1985:
Chemical weed control in wheat

Orowski, M.; Strychacz, I., 1983:
Chemical weed control in white cabbage cv. Amager grown for seed. Part I. The application of herbicides for the production of headed material

Orowski, M.; Strychacz, I., 1983:
Chemical weed control in white cabbage cv. Amager grown for seed. Part II. The application of herbicides for the production of seed

Oowski, M.; Strychacz, I., 1983:
Chemical weed control in white cabbage cv. Amager grown for seed. Part III. The economics of herbicide application

Caudal, Y.; Morin, J.M., 1983:
Chemical weed control in winter onions

Foucard, J.C.; Even, J.L.; Soumahoro, B., 1983:
Chemical weed control in woody ornamentals grown in soilless nurseries

Pasini, P., 1985:
Chemical weed control of sugarbeet

Reisinger, P., 1983:
Chemical weed control of wheat in Baranya county

Saraswat, V.N., 1982:
Chemical weed control schedule for jute and mesta

Singh, S.; Singh, G.; Vasisht, R., 1984:
Chemical weed control to economise fertilizer use in wheat. I. Weed flora population, dry matter accumulation and uptake of nitrogen by weeds and wheat

Singh, S.; Singh, G.; Vasisht, R., 1984:
Chemical weed control to economise fertilizer use in wheat. II. Yield attributes, response and economics of production

Hernandez, S., 1983:
Chemical weed control trials in rainfed rice in Senegal

Montanari, M., 1985:
Chemical weed control trials on sugarbeet seed crops and evaluation of the quality of the yielded seed

Chauhan, R.S.; Motiwale, M.P., 1985:
Chemical weeding - an effective approach for controlling weeds in sugarbeet

Zhang, Z.Y., 1983:
Chemical weeding experiment in nursery

Pauliukevicius, V., 1984:
Chemical, biochemical and bacterial composition of stomach contents of slaughtered pigs

Verma, S.V.S.; McNab, J.M., 1984:
Chemical, biochemical and microbiological examination of guar meal

Morikyan, E.S.; Astabatsyan, G.A.; Akopyan, A.A.; Melkonyan, L.T., 1985:
Chemical-commercial characteristics of Armenian apricot cultivars

Grohmann, K.; Himmel, M.; Rivard, C.; Tucker, M.; Baker, J.; Torget, R.; Graboski, M., 1984:
Chemical-mechanical methods for the enhanced utilization of straw

Bates, R.D.; Kontio, J.A.; Dukelow, W.R., 1985:
Chemically defined and serum supplemented media effects on mouse embryo development

de Moraes, GJ.; McMurtry, JA., 1985:
Chemically mediated arrestment of the predaceous mite Phytoseiulus persimilis by extracts of Tetranychus evansi and Tetranychus urticae

Schaffer, B., 1984:
Chemically stable pasteurized and UHT-treated whipped cream products

Tabbush, P.M.; Turner, D.J.; Sale, J.S., 1986:
Chemicals for the forester. What about additives?

Kuczynska, J., 1983:
Chemicals for the prevention of sprouting in potato tubers. Short communication

Vidrich, V.; Cecconi, C.A.; Ristori, G.G.; Fusi, P., 1985:
Chemicals from Italian forestry biomass

Wain, R.L., 1984:
Chemicals that promote root growth

Albonico, F., 1984:
Chemico-physical aspects of the genetic polymorphism of milk proteins

Aitken, J.B.; Gorsuch, C.S., 1985:
Chemigation in pecans

Threadgill, E.D., 1985:
Chemigation via sprinkler irrigation: current status and future development

Ahrens, J.F., 1986:
Chemigation with oxyfluorfen in container-grown ornamentals

Bisconer, I., 1985:
Chemigation: a practical overview

Reese, L.E.; Loudon, T.L.; Potter, H.S., 1984:
Chemigation: using center pivot and linear move systems

Arakawa, H.; Maeda, M.; Tsuji, A., 1985:
Chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay for thyroxin with use of glucose oxidase and a bis(2,4,6-trichlorophenyl)oxalate-fluorescent dye system

Koerner C.A.; Nieman T.A., 1986:
Chemiluminescence flow injection analysis determination of sucrose using enzymatic conversion and a microporous membrane flow cell

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Chemoprophylaxis of malaria

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Chemoprophylaxis, pathogenesis and epizootiology of parasitoses of livestock

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Chemotactic activity and leukocyte count in the bovine placentome, with reference to placental detachment

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Chemotaxis of porcine neutrophils under agarose

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Chemotaxonomy of pathogenic actinomycetes

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Chemotherapy and immunity

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Chemotherapy for Capillaria hepatica infection

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Chemotherapy of gastrointestinal nematodiasis in carnivores

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Chemotherapy of gastrointestinal nematodiasis in equines

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Chemotherapy of gastrointestinal nematodiasis in man

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Chemotherapy of gastrointestinal nematodiasis in pigs

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Chemotherapy of gastrointestinal nematodiasis in ruminants

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Chemotherapy of intestinal trematodiasis in man

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Chemotherapy of malaria

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Chemotherapy of malaria and the host-parasite interaction

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Chemotherapy of parasites

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Chemotherapy of parasitic diseases

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Chemotherapy of trematode infections of the liver

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Chemotherapy of visceral leishmaniasis (Leishmania donovani) in the squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus)

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Chemotherapy trial against Schistosoma haematobium in an irrigated Sahelian zone in Niger

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Chenodeoxycholic and ursodeoxycholic acids alter motility and fluid transit in the canine ileum

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Cherchez la femme: a study of the organisation of labour and the lives of workers on a tea estate

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Cherimoya - sub-tropical fruit with potential

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Cherna Perla - a new early-ripening dessert grape variety

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Chernobyl and the compensation of farmers for the results of official measures to avoid danger. (The content and limits of the concept 'interfering with a situation' under the Regulatory Authorities Law for the Lander, North Rhine-Westphalia, investigated as it affects the farm)

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Cherry tomatoes, small but fine

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Cherry-Burrell's first new QL-9 filler installation in Europe at Dan-Maelk in Aarhus, Denmark

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Chestnut, a new host of Pestalotiopsis adusta

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Chestnuts for feeding horses

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Cheviot X Shetland versus Greyface as the crossbred lowland breeding ewe

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Chewing-gum manufacture from jelutong

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Chews and swallows and the microstructure of eating

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Cheyletiella in cats

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Chickpea: a new crop for Queensland

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Chief parasitological problems of ruminants on pasture in the Aragon Region

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Children in sport

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Children on horseback

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Chile - an exporting country for fruit and vegetables

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Chilean conversion factors for extending Holstein-Friesian lactations to 305 days

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Chilean forest-product exports in the first three months of the year

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Chilean forestry exporters directory 1985

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Chill unit and growing degree hour requirements for vegetative bud break in six apple rootstocks

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Chilled Sweet Williams

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Chilli pepper genotypes resistant to thrips, Scirtothrips dorsalis Hood

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Chilling injury in Chinese cabbage Brassica campestris pekinensis (Lour) Olsson

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Chilling injury in tomato fruit cultivars with different sensitivities to low temperature

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Chilling requirements of buds and seeds of apple cultivars and associated hormonal changes in seeds during breaking of dormancy

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Chilling stress in plants and their products: causes, responses and amelioration

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Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) oviposition on susceptible and resistant maize genotypes

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Chilocorus stigma (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) and other predators of beech scale in central New York

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Chilodonella hexasticha (Kiernik, 1909) found from the gills of a discus, Symphysodon discus Heckel, 1940

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Chimeras and sexual differentiation

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Chimpanzee diet - in bad taste? Comment on Rozin and Kennel (1983)

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China - a country with dairy possibilities

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China - a potential perfume producer and market

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China - breeding a better pig

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China - from customer to competitor

Anonymous, 1986:
China - internal re-organization prompts reduction of imports

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China and the world cereals market

Anonymous, 1985:
China developing food industry

Anonymous, 1985:
China imports Holstein-Friesians

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China notes that Marx is dead

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China opens up its market to amusement from all over the world

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China plans for the future

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China rose - an additional host of greening pathogen

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China turned rightside up. Revolutionary legitimacy in the peasant world

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China wax and the China wax scale insect

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China's Chang Jiang Diversion Project: an overview of economic and environmental issues

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China's agricultural modernization. The socialist mechanization scheme

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China's agricultural revolution

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China's early windows on the world: the Special Economic Zones

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China's economy: advances and dilemmas

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China's emerging national parks

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China's fertiliser industry and the role of the Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry

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China, a land of change

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China. Dilemmas of modernisation

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China: a market in transition

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China: an enigma in the world grain trade

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China: controlling the agricultural economy

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China: finding its feet through market socialism - Part I

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China: no secret weapon

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China: pig breeds

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China: serving the people

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China: take-off in the food sector?

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China: the facts about fertilizer

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China: the way forward

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China: the yak

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China: the yellow cattle

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Chinch-bug (Heteroptera: Lygaeidae) reproduction, development, and feeding preference on various wheat cultivars and genetics sources

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Chinese Black Pied cattle

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Chinese agriculture during the period of the readjustment, 1978-83

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Chinese cabbage

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Chinese cabbage - a new introduction to Maharashtra

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Chinese cabbage entomology

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Chinese cabbages under single and double direct plastic covering (DC)

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Chinese characters and reading: an outline

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Chinese crested dog

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Chinese engineers make drip irrigation more affordable

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Chinese immigrant food habits: a study of the nature and direction of change

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Chinese junk caterpillars

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Chinese milk in blue-yellow packaging

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Chinese pigs and their importance

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Chinese rural development. The great transformation

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Chinese rural youth; the long march toward education

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Chloride dioxide - an alternative to chlorine

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Chlorine in the nutrition of palm trees

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Chlorine toxicity of greenhouse crops

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Chloroplast Biogenesis

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Chloroplast development

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Chlorosis in vineyards

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Chlorsulfuron for aquatic weed control

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Chocolate milk wars hit grocery shelves

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Choice and arrangement of road designs in forest road networks

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Choice and cultivation of bee plants

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Choice feeding of pullets at high environmental temperatures

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Choice in chains

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Choice milk. (Experimental checking of production and purchase. I.)

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Choice of agricultural tenancy in the presence of transaction costs

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Choice of an extractant for simulating the availability and absorption of heavy metals by plants

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Choice of an orchard and planting system

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Choice of borrowing

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Choice of cereal varieties

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Choice of characters in classifying inbred maize lines by genotype

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Choice of correct wall thickness for the air ducts of pneumatic transport systems

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Choice of cultivar and raising gherkins

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Choice of cultivars for developmental traits in rai

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Choice of cutter design for a disc-type chipper

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Choice of environments in reciprocal recurrent selection programs

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Choice of ewe and ram breed for the lowland flock

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Choice of fodder by beef cattle in pastures

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Choice of forage plants under irrigation with efficient application of mineral fertilizer and supplementary water

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Choice of holiday type

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Choice of informative characters for the genetic analysis of yield in sugarbeet

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Choice of material for wood-cutting tools

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Choice of method for identifying germplasm with superior alleles

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Choice of method of alignment of logs on a bandsaw

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Choice of on-floor storage facilities for grain

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Choice of parents in grape hybridization

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Choice of plant material for a successful apple orchard

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Choice of plot for planting witloof chicory

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Choice of provenance of the European larch for silviculture in Baden-Wurttemberg

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Choice of rate equation for water-gas shift reaction on Fe-Cr-O catalyst by variance method

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Choice of selection criteria and characters for the application of cluster analysis in the selection of parents for crosses

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Choice of size and number of quadrats to estimate density from frequency in Poisson and binomially dispersed populations

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Choice of sowing date, variety and aphicide treatment for straw cereals

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Choice of strength criteria for glued wood of structural elements exposed to bending and compression/bending

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Choice of technology for agro-industrial projects - illustrated from the cooperative sector of the cane sugar industry

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Choice of the main tree species when establishing protective forest stands

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Choice of tree species for plantations on drained lands in the Ukrainian Poles'e

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Choice of trees and shrubs for planting in urban streets and squares in different regions

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Choice of variety for the cultivation of early potatoes in Sicily

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Choice of variety, sowing and harvest dates for a good processed product in dwarf beans

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Anonymous, 1985:
Cholam Co 25

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