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Chlorophyll content, chemical composition and growth rate in cultivars of tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.)

Gaborcik, N.

Pol' nohospodarstvo 32(1): 30-38


Accession: 001317708

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Out of 21 varieties investigated in 2 successive years, 2 had high contents of chlorophyll a + b (>0.38 g/msuperscript 2) in the leaves, while 9 had low contents (<0.34 g/msuperscript 2). The rest were intermediate. Significant positive correlations were found between chlorophyll content and N, P, K, Mn and Na contents (highest for N, with r = 0.799) and negative correlations with Fe, Zn, Ca and Mg (reaching r = -0.556 for Mg). The correlation with Cu content was nonsignificant, as were the correlations between leaf chlorophyll content and relative growth rate, leaf growth rate and net assimilation rate.

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