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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1320

Chapter 1320 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Yousif, M. A.; El Attar, H. M.; Mahmoud, A. R. M.; El Magawry, S., 1986: Clinical and subclinical rickets in goats in relation to some blood parameters

Agbetra, A.; Kpinsaga, D.; Nakpane, A.; Homawoo, K.; Amedegnato, M., 1985: Clinical and therapeutic aspects of hepatic abscesses in the adult in Togo. A report on 54 cases

Pedersen, K. M., 1985: Clinical andrological investigation of young bulls at the Alestrup, Egtved and Stradebrogard breeding stations in 1978-1984

Shao, J. Z.; Li, R. F., 1984: Clinical application and therapeutic effects of a domestic elemental diet

Samy, M. T.; Othman, G. M., 1985: Clinical application of ketamine and xylazine for anaesthesia in cats

Bobinnec, G. le, 1986: Clinical approach to dogs with heart disease: description of a clinical chart and results

Bengoa, J. M., 1986: Clinical approach to weight control

Kummerfeld, N.; Temme, D. K., 1985: Clinical aspects and treatment of aspergillosis of the respiratory tract in ornamental and zoo birds

Horugel, K.; Zabke, J., 1985: Clinical aspects and treatment of early diarrhoea in unweaned piglets

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319012

Monsallier, G., 1985: Clinical aspects of coliform mastitis infections in rural practice in Brittany

Borishpolets, V. I., 1982: Clinical aspects of congenital ocular toxoplasmosis

Blackmon, D. M.; Neathery, M. W.; Miller, W. J.; Brown, S. R.; Crowell, W. A.; McGuire, S. O.; Gentry, R. P., 1984: Clinical aspects of experimentally induced chloride deficiency in Holstein calves

Monkare, S., 1984: Clinical aspects of farmer's lung: airway reactivity, treatment and prognosis

Young, L. S., 1984: Clinical aspects of pneumocystosis in man: epidemiology, clinical manifestations, diagnostic approaches, and sequelae

Johnson, C. T., 1984: Clinical aspects of termination of pregnancy in cattle

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319019

Lassen, ED.; Pearson, EG.; Long, P.; Schmotzer, WB.; Kaneps, AJ.; Riebold, TW., 1986: Clinical biochemical values of llamas: reference values

Braun, J. P.; Bezille, P.; Bars, J. le; Bonnefoi, M.; Sawadogo, G., 1986: Clinical biochemistry of naturally occurring sporidesmin poisoning among Manech sheep in France

Rossel, K.; Gottlieb, B.; Reyes, H., 1984: Clinical case of hookworm infection

Parra Ch, A., 1985: Clinical cases of canine parvovirus infection diagnosed at the veterinary teaching hospital 1980-84

McLaughlin, J. G.; Cullen, J., 1986: Clinical cases of chronic selenosis in horses

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319027

Hubert, B., 1985: Clinical cases: canine helminthiases with dermatological symptoms

Llanos Cuentas, E. A.; Cuba, C. C.; Barreto, A. C.; Marsden, P. D., 1984: Clinical characteristics of human Leishmania braziliensis braziliensis infections

Petkov, R.; Tacheva, T.; Borisova, L., 1985: Clinical chemical tests applied to broilers fed aflatoxin B1, and microbiological studies on their meat and liver

Dwivedi, S. K.; Yousif, Y. A., 1984: Clinical chemistry of anaplasmosis: biochemical changes in naturally infected goats

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319032

Kehoe, M. M.; Chu, C. L., 1984: Clinical communication: thiaminase poisoning in humans and cats

Weinstein, M. P.; Reller, L. B.; Mirrett, S.; Wang, W. L. L.; Alcid, D. V., 1985: Clinical comparison of an agar slide broth culture bottle with tryptic soy broth and a conventional blood culture bottle with supplemented peptone broth

Figoni M.A., 1985: Clinical comparison of glucose quantitation methods

Hambidge, K. M., 1985: Clinical deficiencies: when to suspect there is a problem

Reichel Saar, C., 1984: Clinical diagnosis of feline leukosis

Ortiz Vazquez, J., 1985: Clinical diagnosis of hydatidosis

Kamler, H., 1983: Clinical diagnosis of tumours in cage birds

Smirnov, A. M.; Belyakov, I. M.; Dugin, G. L.; Kondrat' ev, V. S.; Lenets, I. A., 1985: Clinical diagnostic manual for internal diseases of farm animals

Bittirov, A. M., 1984: Clinical disease and pathogenesis of coenuriasis in sheep

Lombard, C. W., 1986: Clinical echocardiography in dogs and cats

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319046

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319047

Nes, J. van, 1985: Clinical electrophysiological studies of the ulnar and radial nerves in the dog

Baar, U.; Reichenbach, A., 1985: Clinical electroretinography in veterinary medicine. I. Technique and normal values

Reichenbach, A.; Baar, U., 1985: Clinical electroretinography in veterinary medicine. II. Progressive retinal atrophy and hemeralopia in dogs

Itoh, S.; Ogasa, A.; Domeki, I.; Nakahara, T., 1984: Clinical endocrinological and histological observations on ovarian cysts in sows

Scolnick, E. M.; McLean, A. A.; West, D. J.; McAleer, W. J.; Miller, W. J.; Buynak, E. B., 1984: Clinical evaluation in health adults of a hepatitis B vaccine made by recombinant DNA

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319053

Tesar F.B., 1984: Clinical evaluation of amitraz as a treatment for canine demodicosis

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319056

Morgan J.P., 1985: Clinical evaluation of dogs after surgical and nonsurgical management of osteochondritis dissecans of the talus

Cannon, J. H., 1985: Clinical evaluation of intra-articular sodium hyaluronate in the Thoroughbred race horse

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319059

Scott, D. W.; Walton, D. K., 1985: Clinical evaluation of oral vitamin E for the treatment of primary canine acanthosis nigricans

Jansen B.S., 1984: Clinical evaluation of sodium sulfanilate clearance for the diagnosis of renal disease in dogs

Butler, R. N.; Gehling, N. J.; Lawson, M. J.; Grant, A. K., 1984: Clinical evaluation of the 14C-Triolein Breath Test: a critical analysis

Waterman, A. E., 1986: Clinical evaluation of the Lack coaxial breathing circuit in small animal anaesthesia

Bailey, C. S.; Kitchell, R. L., 1984: Clinical evaluation of the cutaneous innervation of the canine thoracic limb

Sakurai T., 1984: Clinical evaluation of the filter paper disc as a gustometric testing method about taste impairment in patients with diabetes mellitus

Sasaki, N. M.; Cortez, J. R. B., 1985: Clinical evaluation of the use of decamethrin in the treatment of pediculosis of the scalp

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319068

Sharma, D. K.; Behl, S. M.; Datt, S. C., 1983: Clinical evaluation of xylazine (rompun) as an anaesthetic for large animal surgery

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319070

Sobota, K.; Kubicova, E.; Sobotova, O., 1985: Clinical experience in treating giardiasis with ornidazole produced in Czechoslovakia

Bilkei, G., 1984: Clinical experience with Rumalon tissue extract in small animal practice

Ngumbi, P. M.; Nyakeri, L. N., 1984: Clinical experience with SolcoTrichovacReg. in the treatment of vaginal trichomoniasis

Section 2 , Chapter 1320, Accession 001319074

Mahin, L.; Dakkak, A.; Marzou, A.; Chadli, M., 1984: Clinical experience with haemolytic diseases of ruminants in Morocco

Renner, J. E., 1985: Clinical experience with hyena disease caused by hypervitaminosis D in cattle

Sevcik, A.; Kacmarik, J.; Elecko, J.; Hajovsky, T., 1982: Clinical experience with prostaglandin treatment to induce parturition in cows

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319079

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319080

Reddi, N. M.; Rajan, A., 1986: Clinical features of experimental hypothyroidism in goats

Nye, E. R.; Robertson, M. C.; Sutherland, W. H. F., 1984: Clinical features of ischaemic heart disease correlated with high density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in men with hyperbetalipoproteinaemia

Jose, C. J.; Ramachandran, K. M.; Sreekumaran, T.; Rajan, A., 1985: Clinical features of ophthalmic lesions in ethmoid carcinoma

O' Brien, D. P.; Zachary, J. F., 1985: Clinical features of spongy degeneration of the central nervous system in two Labrador Retriever littermates

Ota, Y.; Oki, Y., 1984: Clinical findings in chicken infectious anaemia induced by chicken runting agent (CRA) and the physicochemical characteristics of this agent

Wolf, B.; Heard, G. S.; Jefferson, L. G.; Proud, V. K.; Nance, W. E.; Weissbecker, K. A., 1985: Clinical findings in four children with biotinidase deficiency detected through a statewide neonatal screening program

Ichijo, S. et al., 1984: Clinical findings on ovine scrapie in Japan

Ortega, J; Espi, A; Carbonell, C., 1986: Clinical importance of nutritional index in surgery

Shimada, Y.; Hakogi, E., 1985: Clinical investigation into gangrenous mastitis

Holmes, D. D., 1984: Clinical laboratory animal medicine, an introduction

Gossett K.A., 1984: Clinical laboratory evaluation of deep mycotic diseases in dogs

Tanner, Jm; Davies, Peter-Sw, 1985: Clinical longitudinal standards for height and height velocity for North American children

Bhatt, K. M.; Omani, J. M.; Kyobe, J.; Kanja, C., 1984: Clinical malaria in Nairobi

Bryceson, A., 1983: Clinical management of human leishmaniasis

O' Brien, J. K., 1983: Clinical management of peracute coliform mastitis

Youngquist, R. S.; Bierschwal, C. J., 1985: Clinical management of reproductive problems in dairy cows

Tagiev, N. A.; Gamidova, G. S.; Zeinalova, A. A.; Tagieva, G. A., 1983: Clinical manifestation of congenital toxoplasmosis in nursing infants

Apt, W., 1984: Clinical manifestations and treatment of toxoplasmosis

Yao, B. L.; Fu, L. M.; Xu, D. Z.; Li, J.; Ding, S. X.; Tsai, S. L., 1985: Clinical manifestations and treatments of 43 cases of liver alveolar hydatid disease in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region

Brodov, L. E.; Karetkina, G. N.; Yushchuk, N. D.; Shuba, L. I.; Maleev, V. V.; Bogin, I. B., 1984: Clinical manifestations of Amanita phalloides poisoning

Hide, D. W.; Guyer, B. M., 1985: Clinical manifestations of allergy related to breast- and cow's milk-feeding

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319106

Prasad, A. S., 1985: Clinical manifestations of zinc deficiency

Kapur, M. P.; Sharma, A.; Sharma, R. D., 1985: Clinical mastitis in a cow due to mixed infection with Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Greene, C. E., 1984: Clinical microbiology and infectious diseases of the dog and cat

Cairella, M.; Balzo, V. Del; Godi, L.; Godi, R.; Marino, G.; Patruno, A., 1985: Clinical observations on a weight reduction diet programme

Li, X. Q.; Ma, J. G.; Wang, P. Y., 1985: Clinical observations on ephemeral fever in dairy cattle

Schulenburg, A. von der; Meyer, K., 1985: Clinical observations on the claws of store pigs kept in different types of buildings

Sutherland D.J.B., 1984: Clinical observations on the response of equine hoof defects to dietary supplementation with biotin

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319115

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319116

Gazdzinski, A. I., 1986: Clinical outbreak of Marek's disease in Algeria

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319119

Ferguson, H. W.; Rice, D. A.; Lynas, J. K., 1986: Clinical pathology of myodegeneration (pancreas disease) in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Paturina, N. G.; Belova, V. G., 1982: Clinical patterns of acute opisthorchiasis and its differential diagnosis

Naggar, M. K. El; Wahib, A. A.; Montasser, M. F., 1985: Clinical patterns of scorpion stings in Saudi Arabia

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319123

White, N. J., 1985: Clinical pharmacokinetics of antimalarial drugs

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319125

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319126

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319127

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319128

Marsden, P. D., 1985: Clinical presentations of Leishmania braziliensis braziliensis

Swarbrick, O., 1986: Clinical problems in 'free range' layers

Mallick, K. K.; Hati, A. K.; Nandy, A., 1983: Clinical profile of kala-azar in West Bengal

Casemore, Dp; Armstrong, M; Bruce-Jackson, F., 1984: Clinical relevance of Blastocystis hominis

Walzer, P. D.; Young, L. S., 1984: Clinical relevance of animal models of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319135

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319136

Vasseur, P. B., 1984: Clinical results following nonoperative management for rupture of the cranial cruciate ligaments in dogs

Jahr, K., 1985: Clinical significance and technique of blood lead estimation with Zeeman atomic absorption spectrometry

Sitzmann, F. C., 1985: Clinical significance of measuring enzyme activities in the serum of children

France, M. P., 1986: Clinical significance of thrombocytopenia in dogs

Breton, L.; Bonneau, N. H., 1986: Clinical signs and radiographic appearance of osteochondrosis of the shoulder, elbow, stifle and hock joints in the dog

Schnieder, T.; Zimmermann, U.; Matuschka, F. R.; Burger, H. J.; Rommel, M., 1985: Clinical signs, enzyme activity and antibody formation in horses experimentaly infected with sarcosporidia

Galitzer, S. J., 1984: Clinical signs, physiological effects, and haematological and biochemical alterations associated with lasalocid toxicity in cattle

Rohatgi, P.; Rohatgi, N., 1984: Clinical spectrum of pulmonary aspergillosis

Bigby, T. D.; Serota, M. L.; Tierney, L. M, Jr; Matthay, M. A., 1986: Clinical spectrum of pulmonary mucormycosis

Freedman L.S., 1985: Clinical staging for oropharyngeal malignancies in the dog

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319149

Morsy, T. A.; Massoud, A. A.; El Said, S. M., 1985: Clinical studies on cutaneous leishmaniasis in eastern Delta, Egypt

Schneebeli, J.; Eggenberger, E., 1985: Clinical studies on follicle formation in the bovine ovary

Takagi, Y.; Okada, A.; Itakura, T.; Kawashima, Y., 1986: Clinical studies on zinc metabolism during total parenteral nutrition as related to zinc deficiency

Bouree, P.; Lefevre, G., 1985: Clinical study of 36 cases of candidosis with multiple foci

Pageat, P., 1986: Clinical study of recurrent hallucinations after ketamine anaesthesia in dogs and cats: 39 cases

Pfenninger, E.; Grunert, A.; John, U.; Wiedeck, H., 1986: Clinical study of the bacterial contamination of two solutions for enteral feeding prepared in different ways

Hayashi, M.; Matsuda, H.; Tormis, L. C.; Nosenas, J. S.; Blas, B. L., 1984: Clinical study on cerebral schistosomiasis japonica on Leyte Island, Philippines: follow-up study 6 years after treatment with antischistosomal drugs

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319161

Lichthorn, M., 1985: Clinical study on the safety of parenteral antibiotic treatment for growing, pregnant and lactating rabbits

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319163

Hattevig, G.; Kjellman, B.; Johansson, S. G. O.; Bjorksten, B., 1984: Clinical symptoms and IgE responses to common food proteins in atopic and healthy children

Cheburkin, A. V., 1984: Clinical symptoms and differential diagnosis of congenital toxoplasmosis

Angelov, A. K.; Belchev, L., 1986: Clinical symptoms and pathology of acute ovine coenuriasis

Anonymous, 1985: Clinical textbook for veterinary technicians

Amend, J. F.; Nichelson, R. L.; Freeland, L. R.; King, R. S.; Mallon, F. M.; Stroup, W. W., 1986: Clinical toxicology of an antibiotic ionophore (monensin) in ponies and horses; diagnostic markers and therapeutic considerations

Urabe, H.; Honbo, S., 1985: Clinical treatment of Japanese with common deep mycoses

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319170

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319171

Chema, S.; Waghela, S.; James, A. D.; Dolan, T. T.; Young, A. S.; Masiga, W. N.; Irvin, A. D.; Mulela, G. H. M.; Wekesa, L. S., 1986: Clinical trial of parvaquone for the treatment of East Coast fever in Kenya

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319173

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319174

Yuan Y., 1984: Clinical trial on furapyrimidone in filariasis

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319176

Kurokawa, K. et al., 1985: Clinical trial with milbemycin D for preventing Dirofilaria immitis infection

Salans, L. B., 1985: Clinical trials

Takaku, F., 1984: Clinical trials and cancer risk in Japan

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319180

Oliva, O.; Colombo, G.; Nava, G. A.; Cairoli, F., 1984: Clinical trials of a new anti-fertility agent in the bitch

McGregor, I., 1985: Clinical trials of new malaria vaccines

Shiga, Y.; Iida, T.; Mikami, M.; Matsuda, H.; Anzai, N., 1986: Clinical trials on a high-calorie ice cream using the highly nutritious liquid food MA-7 as a basic ingredient

Jense, A. B.; Riising, H. J., 1985: Clinical trials with Atrinord, a vaccine for atrophic rhinitis in swine

Busch, W.; Lusky, K., 1985: Clinical trials with a PGF2 alpha analogue (Oestrophan SPOFA) for synchronizing oestrus in cattle

Yang Qidong et al., 1983: Clinical types and Bitin treatment of paragonimiasis of the central nervous system - an analysis of 24 cases

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319188

Pozzi, V.; Luciani, S.; Marino, S.; Usiner, M. P., 1985: Clinical use of vitamins A and E in gynaecology

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319190

Machlin, L. J., 1985: Clinical uses of vitamin E

Stoner, E.; Loche, S.; Mirth, A.; New, M. I., 1986: Clinical utility of adrenal steroid measurement by high-performance liquid chromatography in pediatric endocrinology

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319193

Prince, R. L.; Langton, S. R., 1985: Clinical validation of dialysable calcium in relation to other methods of serum calcium measurement

Martinez, A. R.; Cicuta, M. E.; Filipigh, R. A.; Sandoval, A., 1985: Clinical, bacteriological and histopathological studies of skin ulcers in horses in northeastern Argentina. (Preliminary communication)

Ubaldi, A.; Nuna, I.; Veltri, A., 1985: Clinical, biochemical and productive indices in dairy cows in different feeding conditions

Atkins, C. E.; Tyler, R.; Greenlee, P., 1985: Clinical, biochemical, acid-base, and electrolyte abnormalities in cats after hypertonic sodium phosphate enema administration

Bozhkova, G.; Bozhilov, B.; Bachvarova, Ya; Stoychev, D.; Gancheva, P.; Gogov, Y.; Petkov, P., 1985: Clinical, cytological and microbiological investigations on the milk gland at cow mastitis immunity-prophylaxis measures

El Hawey, A. M.; Hablas, R.; Abou Elew, M. H.; El Bahrawy, M. M.; Massoud, A., 1985: Clinical, endoscopic and etiological studies on acute infectious diarrhoea in Borolous Region, Kafr El Skeikh Governorate

Schnieder, T.; Zimmermann, U., 1985: Clinical, enzyme-serological and histological findings in chronic sarcocystosis of pigs and horses

Miller, L. M., 1985: Clinical, genetic and morphological characterization of congenital myasthenia gravis in the Smooth Fox Terrier

Miert, A. S. J. P. A. M. van; Duin, C. T. M. van; Schotman, A. J. H.; Franssen, F. F., 1984: Clinical, haematological and blood biochemical changes in goats after experimental infection with tick-borne fever

Watanabe, K.; Ichijo, S.; Uchida, H.; Goto, H.; Osame, S.; Sarashina, T., 1985: Clinical, haematological and pathological observations on experimental canine parvovirus infection

Vossmann, M. T., 1985: Clinical, haematological and serological findings in puppies after prenatal infection with Toxocara canis

Onet^dot under~, V.; Onet^dot under~, E.; Dieme, Y., 1985: Clinical, laboratory and therapeutic observations on dermatomycoses in chinchilla

Gustafsson, H., 1985: Clinical, morphological and endocrine studies in repeat breeder heifers and their embryos

Hartman, E. G.; Ingh, T. S. G. A. M. van den; Rothuizen, J., 1986: Clinical, pathological and serological features of spontaneous canine leptospirosis. An evaluation of the IgM- and IgG-specific ELISA

Georgieva, D.; Kostov, I.; Stoikov, D., 1986: Clinical, radiotelemetric and pathological abservations on experimental Cysticercus ovis infection in lambs

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319213

Dekonenko, E. P.; Smirnov, Yu K.; Umanskii, K. G., 1986: Clinical-epidemiological characteristics of annular tick-borne erythema

Hawkins, B. A.; Olson, G. R., 1985: Clinicl signs of pseudorabies in the dog and cat: a review of 40 cases

El Hawy, A. M.; El Nasr, M. S. S.; Agina, A.; Osman, A. L.; El Metnawi, W. H., 1985: Clinico-biochemical and EEG studies in bilharzial hepatosplenomegaly

Ruedi, D.; Keller, P., 1985: Clinico-chemical values in the Carmargue horse

Wehr, J.; Deuter, H.; Meyer, H., 1985: Clinico-epidemiological studies on Chlamydia infection in a calf rearing unit and a heifer rearing unit

Guimaraes, M. D. C.; Costa, M. F. F. de L. e; Lima, L. B. de; Moreira, M. A., 1985: Clinico-epidemiological study of schistosomiasis mansoni in schoolchildren of Ilha, Arcos County, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Hafez, A. M.; Hassaan, N. K.; Tantawy, M., 1983: Clinico-haematologic studies on the combined application of Combelen and My 301 in donkeys

Kumar, B.; Joshi, H. C.; Kumar, M., 1984: Clinico-haematological changes in microfilariae affected buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)

Fradkin, V. A.; Roshal' , N. I.; Begonkova, L. R.; Sokolova, T. S.; Partsalis, E. M.; Revyakina, V. A., 1986: Clinico-immunological criteria for diagnosis of fungal sensitization

Zorah, K. T.; Daniel, R. C. W.; Frost, A. J.; Opdebeeck, J. P., 1986: Clinico-immunological tests for the diagnosis of mastitis due to Streptococcus agalactiae, Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli

Daikhes, I. A.; Elagina, M. I., 1986: Clinico-morphological characteristics of fungal maxillary sinusitis

Mahajan, S. K.; Chhabra, M. B.; Jain, A. K., 1985: Clinico-pathological observations on Eimeria bareillyi coccidiosis in buffalo calves

Yang, Y. Q. et al., 1985: Clinico-pathological observations on two cases of hydatid disease treated with pyquiton

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319231

Gimeno Solsona, F.; Hinojosa Montemayor, L.; Cardenal Moreno, C.; Sala Barange, X.; Rovira Fius, J. M., 1984: Clinico-radiological manifestations of amoebic colitis

Couto C.G., 1985: Clinicopathologic aspects of acute leukemias in the dog

Grauer, G. F., 1985: Clinicopathologic evaluation of early renal disease in dogs

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319236

Lucke V.M., 1985: Clinicopathological features of lymphosarcoma involving the thoracic cavity in the horse

Visalakshan, M. M.; Maryamma, K. I.; Valsala, K. V.; Sreekumaran, T.; Rajan, A., 1984: Clinicopathological features of subacute aflatoxicosis in pigs with special reference to lymphocyte population

Delgado Florencio, V.; Crespo Erchiga, A., 1986: Clinio-mycological investigation of ringworm in Granada (1981-1984)

Stout, D. G.; Brooke, B., 1984: Clipping bluebunch wheatgrass in interior B.C. 1. Effect on growth and survival

Stout, D. G., 1984: Clipping bluebunch wheatgrass in interior B.C. 2. Effect on total nonstructural carbohydrate

Stout, D. G., 1984: Clipping bluebunch wheatgrass in interior B.C. 3. Effect on root water status

Tsiouvaras, C. N.; Noitsakis, B.; Papanastasis, V. P., 1986: Clipping intensity improves growth rate of kermes oak twigs

Shivaprasad H.L., 1986: Cloacal papillomas in psittacines

Rauch, F., 1985: Clofentezine: a new acaricide for fruit-tree culture

Arnold, D. J.; Leake, C. R.; Somerville, L., 1986: Clofentezine: degradation and mobility in soils/sediments

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319250

Smajstrla, A. G.; Koo, R. C. J.; Weldon, J. H.; Harrison, D. S.; Zazueta, F. S., 1983: Clogging of trickle irrigation emitters under field conditions

Section 2, Chapter 1320, Accession 001319252

O'hare M.J., 1986: Clonal analysis of expression of epithelial antigens in cultures of normal human breast

Trushnikov, L. G., 1984: Clonal apple rootstocks in the Kirov region

Anan, T.; Takayanagi, H.; Ikegaya, K.; Nakagawa, M., 1983: Clonal differences in aroma in green tea

Chezhiyan, N.; Ponnuswami, V.; Thamburaj, S.; Khader, J. M. A., 1985: Clonal evaluation in Barleria cristata L

Schmid, B.; Harper, J. L., 1985: Clonal growth in grassland perennials. I. Density and pattern-dependent competition between plants with different growth forms

Rice, J. S.; Brown, R. B., 1985: Clonal interactions with harvests and years for quality components in intermediate wheatgrass

Vysotskii V.A., 1986: Clonal micropropagation of roses

Datta, S. K.; Datta, K. (Karabi Datta), 1984: Clonal multiplication of 'elite' trees - Leucaena leucocephala through tissue culture

Novak, F. J.; Kubalakova, M., 1983: Clonal multiplication of sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris) in in vitro explant cultures

Delwaulle, J. C., 1985: Clonal plantations of hybrid eucalypts in the Congo

Mar' yakhina, I. Ya; Polumordvinova, I. V.; Kozlova, N. M., 1983: Clonal propagation of Allium plants and the development of polyploid forms in vitro

Shipton, W. A.; Jackes, B. R., 1986: Clonal propagation of Leptospermum spp. by tissue culture

Tanzarella, O. A.; Greco, B., 1985: Clonal propagation of Triticum durum Desf. from immature embryos and shoot base explants

Philip, V. J.; Nainar, S. A. Z., 1986: Clonal propagation of Vanilla planifolia (Salisb.) Ames using tissue culture

Chalupa, V., 1981: Clonal propagation of broad-leaved forest trees in vitro

Bondarenko, E. D., 1983: Clonal propagation of different carrot varieties by means of somatic embryogenesis in an in vitro cell suspension

Grauke, L. J.; Gel, M., 1983: Clonal propagation of pecan

Meyer, M. M, Jr, 1983: Clonal propagation of perennial plants from flowers by tissue culture

Saito H., 1985: Clonal propagation of sugar beet plants by apical meristem culture

Salazar Garca, S.; Borys, M. W., 1983: Clonal propagation of the avocado through franqueamiento

Paunovic, S.; Madzarevic, P.; Kojovic, R., 1985: Clonal selection and the identification of the best Yugoslavian apricots and their rootstocks

Engel, G., 1986: Clonal selection in 'Schattenmorelle' and comparison of different sour cherry cultivars

Morgenstern, E. K.; Nicholson, J. M.; Park, Y. S., 1984: Clonal selection in Larix laricina. I. Effects of age, clone and season on rooting of cuttings

Baumann, G.; Engel, G., 1986: Clonal selection in Prunus mahaleb rootstocks

Hartmann, W., 1986: Clonal selection in the German prune Hauszwetsche

Giles, G. L.; Bormans, H.; Laer, P. van, 1986: Clonal selection of M9 apple rootstock and influence of viruses on pomological value

Semakin, V. P., 1981: Clonal selection of apple

Foster, G. S.; Campbell, R. K.; Adams, W. T., 1985: Clonal selection prospects in western hemlock combining rooting traits with juvenile height growth

Bernard, R.; Leguay, M., 1985: Clonal variability of Pinot Noir in Burgundy and its potential adaptation under other cooler climates

Askew, G. R.; Hedden, R. L.; DeBarr, G. L., 1985: Clonal variation in susceptibility to coneworms (Dioryctria spp.) in young loblolly pine seed orchards

Subbalakshmi, V.; Sundar, K. R.; Srinivasan, C. S., 1982: Clonal versus seedling performance in Robusta coffee: an evaluation of morphological characters related to yield

Eschbach, J. M., 1986: Clone GT 1: possibilities of reducing tapping frequency

Todorov, I.; Abrasheva, P., 1984: Clone of the grape variety Bolgar with down-turned leaf blade

Sagwal, S. S., 1985: Clone selection of poplar (Populus ciliata Wall. ex Royle) in Palam valley of Himachal Pradesh

Monchaux, P., 1985: Clone x environment interaction in Norway spruce

Bialy, H., 1986: Cloned malaria vaccine enters the clinic

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