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Comparison of sugar levels in sweetened and unsweetened fruit juices and fruit juice drinks

Wills, R.; Ford, N.; Greenfield, H.

Journal of food and nutrition 2(1): 18-20


Accession: 001322750

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The level of refined sugars in the diet is of great concern to many, particularly in view of the suggestion to increase consumption of complex carbohydrates. In order to determine the levels of individual sugars in both sweetened and unsweetened juices, 49 varieties were analyzed for fructose, glucose and sucrose. Sweetened varieties proved to contain 20-30 per cent more sucrose than unsweetened juice of the same fruit, while some unsweetened juices of a naturally high sugar content contained more sucrose than sweetened juices of other fruit types. All juices examined were below the allowable additive limits. These findings suggest that labels of unsweetened juices should be more specific for consumers to make informed choices.(jd-b)

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