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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1325

Chapter 1325 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Friedl, V., 1984:
Computer-controlled coating installation

Welling, J.; Ressel, J., 1985:
Computer-controlled data collection system for the sawn timber seasoning process

Paskins, A.R.; Jones, G.L., 1984:
Computer-controlled fermenters for simulation of the activated-sludge process

Anonymous, 1984:
Computer-controlled orders compilation at Coberco dairy factory in Arnhem, Netherlands

Popper, R., 1985:
Computer-controlled system for determining the mechanical properties of single fibres under variable climatic conditions

Anderson, K.; Kennedy, B.; Acosta, P.B., 1985:
Computer-implemented nutrition support of phenylketonuria

McKibben, GH., 1985:
Computer-monitored flight mill for the boll weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Wheeler, L.A.; Wheeler, M.L., 1985:
Computer-planned menus: a prospective diet assessment method

Voshmgir, D., 1986:
Computer-supported forestry research documentation and information system at the Austrian Federal Forest Research Institute

Anonymous, 1984:
Computer/communications technology in the tourism sector. Executive summary

Rudischhauser, K., 1984:
Computerisation and nature conservation

Chulan, U.; Kalthum, W.; Yap, K.C., 1984:
Computerised data analysis for pharmacokinetic studies

Sekar, S.; Srimathi, R.A.; Kulkarni, H.D.; Venkatesan, K.R., 1984:
Computerised design for tree seed orchards

Gutsche, H.J.; Hansmann, S., 1985:
Computerised estimation of breeding values in sheep

Halassy, B., 1985:
Computerization and the development of the information system

Abeels, P.F.J., 1985:
Computerization for the improvement of the tractive efficiency

Steiner, M., 1985:
Computerization in travel and tourism: lessons from a small country

Browning, T., 1985:
Computerization of ASCS: potential for policy analysis

Kuroda, K.; Shimaji, K., 1984:
Computerization of hardwood identification

Eshenaur, W.C.; Allred, E.R., 1984:
Computerization of the SCS design method for furrow irrigation systems

Bains, B.S.; Micko, M.M., 1985:
Computerization of tree growth measurement in the wood quality laboratory - improvement and modification of two systems

Kubacak, J., 1984:
Computerized 'Swinglock' spray systems

Thatcher, R.W.; Fishbein, D.H., 1984:
Computerized EEG, nutrition and behavior

Ottesen, T.; Johansen, O., 1984:
Computerized administration systems in the dairy industry

Ozanne, G.; Mathieu, L.G., 1984:
Computerized analysis of drug interactions in vitro

Gum, R.; Martin, M.; Wear, L., 1985:
Computerized battleground for policy

Daley, W.D.; Ross, C.C., 1986:
Computerized broiler house monitoring and control

Anonymous, 1984:
Computerized bulk milk collection systems. Workshop proceedings, Toronto, September 1983

Elliott, R.L.; Ehrle, S.J., 1984:
Computerized crop scheduling for the Oklahoma panhandle

Fanelli, M.T.; Samonds, K.; Earl, R., 1986 :
Computerized dietary analysis by food groups and by nutrients from food groups

McGrann, J.M., 1985:
Computerized farm of the 21st century

Steinhagen, H.P., 1986:
Computerized finite-difference method to calculate transient heat conduction with thawing

Sundlof, S.F.; Riviere, J.E.; Craigmill, A.L.; Buck, W.B., 1986:
Computerized food-animal residue-avoidance data bank for veterinarians

Tarn, T.R.; Allaby, E.S.; MacDonald, M.L., 1984:
Computerized handling of data from Atlantic Regional Potato Trials

Tisserat, B.; Vandercook, C.E., 1986:
Computerized long-term tissue culture for orchids

Davis, B.E.; Gale, N.L.; Wixson, B.G., 1983:
Computerized mapping of metals in soils near Fredericktown, Missouri

Redaelli, G.; Ruffo, G.; Riboldi, F.; Zecconi, A.; Brunner, F., 1985:
Computerized model for evaluating the state of health and function of the udder in a district

Mans, J., 1983:
Computerized packaging anchors Frito-Lay's advanced Charlotte plant

Held, P.; Maianu, A., 1984:
Computerized scheme for chemical classification of natural waters and soil extracts

Mundt, C.C.; Leonard, K.J.; Thal, W.M.; Fulton, J.H., 1986:
Computerized simulation of crown rust epidemics in mixtures of immune and susceptible oat plants with different genotype unit areas and spatial distributions of initial disease

Sehested, E., 1984:
Computerized tomography of sheep

Legrand, J.J.; Carlier, B., 1986:
Computerized tomography of the brain of dogs. I. Examination procedure and anatomical markers

McCarl, B.A., 1985:
Computers and agricultural economics research

Walter, J.F., 1985:
Computers and data communication systems in agriculture (Volume 2)

Anonymous, 1985:
Computers and forestry in 1985: the present situation - systems - decision-making aids

Tummala, R.L.; Gage, S.H., 1985:
Computers and pest management

Petkovski, D.; Ramanayake, R., 1986:
Computers and system theory approach to primary commodities

Lombardo, R.; Kunstler, R., 1986:
Computers and the physically disabled

Davies, M., 1985:
Computers and veterinary practice in the United Kingdom

Anonymous, 1984:
Computers aren't for everyone

Agar, J., 1985:
Computers as information managers

Lamade, R.M., 1984:
Computers in broiler growing operations

Anonymous, 1984:
Computers in earth sciences for natural resources characterization (Parts 1 and 2)

Minnick, D.R., 1985:
Computers in education: the revolution

Harvey, S. et al., 1985:
Computers in parks and recreation

Pear, R. et al., 1984:
Computers in recreation administration and management

Anonymous, 1986:
Computers in veterinary practice

Rehman, T., 1985:
Computers on British farms: some observations from recent evidence

Anonymous, 1985:
Computers will speed up customs

Grossman, J.A., 1985:
Computers: a management tool for weed control

James, C.L., 1986:
Computers: foodservice is falling behind supermarkets

Horton, N., 1986:

Wiggans, G.R.; Shook, G.E., 1986:
Computing a lactation measure for somatic cell count

Bonthron, J., 1986:
Computing for leisure 1. The Half Moon Theatre, London

Pepper, P.M., 1985:
Computing in the Queensland Department of Primary Industries

Anonymous, 1985:
Computing in the farm office. No. 2: systems and programs

Persaud, N.; Chang, A.C., 1985:
Computing mean apparent soil thermal diffusivity from daily observations of soil temperature at two depths

Anonymous, 1985:
Computing on the farm. A report of farmers' experiences - Part II. Financial, dairy, pig and arable programs

Anonymous, 1985:
Computing on the farm. A report of farmers' experiences. Part I. General results and conclusions

Offer, A.L., 1985:
Computing on the farm: a report of farmer's experiences

Rodskjer, N.; Wallsten, K., 1986:
Computing potential evaporation from climatological observations at Ultuna according to a modified Penman formula

Schaeffer, L.R.; Kennedy, B.W., 1986 :
Computing solutions to mixed model equations

Meiniel, R.; Molat, J.L.; Meiniel, A., 1986:
Concanavalin A-binding glycoproteins in the subcommissural and the pineal organ of the sheep (Ovis aries). A fluorescence-microscopic and electrophoretic study

Kerr, W.E.; Leao, P.L.S.; Campos, F. de J.; Santos Filho, J.R., 1986:
Concealed genetic variation in the lettuce cultivar Salad Bowl

Schanze, R. (German Federal Republic), 1984:
Concentrate containing trace elements suitable for human beings and animals, a process for its production and its use

Turner, M.J.B., 1984:
Concentrate feeding

Paladines, O.; Tagini, A.; Chubretovic, A.; Bitran, M., 1984:
Concentrate feeding and milk production

Murphy, J.J., 1986:
Concentrate ingredients and alternative feeds for dairy cattle

Norum, L., 1984:
Concentrate input, agricultural output and income

Aganga, A.A.; Oyeyemi, O.O., 1986:
Concentrate to roughage ratio requirement by Maradi goats

Nars, P.W., 1984:
Concentrated breast milk for feeding very small premature infants

Rieder, J., 1984:
Concentrated cream

Spomer, R.G.; Hjelmfelt, A.T.J., 1985:
Concentrated flow erosion on conventional and conservation tilled watersheds

Soothill, C., 1984:
Concentrated load capacity (punching shear strength) of wood chipboard. Part II. Assessment of the influence of bending on the resistance of flooring chipboard to gradually applied concentrated loads

R.M.csenyi, A.; Kemenes, M.; Sardi, J., 1984:
Concentrated maize malt returns in cattle feeding. 1. Nutrient content and nutritive value

R.M.csenyi, A.; Sardi, J.; Kemenes, J., 1984:
Concentrated maize malt returns in cattle feeding. 2. Fattening of young cattle

Andres, C., 1983:
Concentrated natural butter flavor

Potthast, V., 1985:
Concentrates for grazing

Hylmar, B., 1985:
Concentrates of pure dairy cultures and their use in the dairy industry

Dingwall, W.S.; FitzSimons, J., 1986:
Concentrates versus Fecundin for flushing upland ewes

Kharlampovich, G.D.; Kuznetsova, T.L.; Terent' ev, V.B.; Kudryashova, R.I.; Gofman, M.S.; Blyakher, I.G., 1985:
Concentrating wet-process phosphoric acid obtained from Karatau phosphorites

Khazin, D.A.; Yarnov, A.A., 1984:
Concentration and accumulation of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in chickens fed on a diet supplemented with trace elements

Kuusi, T.; Ehnholm, C.; Huttunen, J.K.; Kostiainen, E.; Pietinen, P.; Leino, U.; Uusitalo, U.; Nikkari, T.; Iacono, J.M.; Puska, P., 1985:
Concentration and composition of serum lipoproteins during a low-fat diet at two levels of polyunsaturated fat

Cheng, Q.; Liu, E.X., 1985:
Concentration and isolation of schizonts and merozoites of Plasmodium yoelii yoelii

Bellut, J.B.; Blanchart, G.; Vignon, B., 1984:
Concentration and nature of the nitrogen supply and the pathology of dairy goats

Zeitler, M.H., 1985:
Concentration and size distribution of air-borne dust particles in horse stables

Bovey, R.W.; Hein, H.J.; Meyer, R.E., 1986:
Concentration of 2,4,5-T, triclopyr, picloram, and clopyralid in honey mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) stems

Sedrani, S.H.; Taha, S.A.; Dost, S.M., 1984:
Concentration of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in the blood and milk of Saudi mothers and their infants

Andrysiak, P.M.; Collins, W.E.; Campbell, G.H., 1986:
Concentration of Plasmodium ovale- and Plasmodium vivax-infected erythrocytes from nonhuman primate blood using Percoll gradients

Franklin, A.; Astrom, G., 1986:
Concentration of a new quinolone drug in bovine plasma and milk

Yashin, A.V., 1984:
Concentration of ascorbic acid and dihydroascorbic acid in urine of young vitamin C-deficient male cattle

Mistry, V.V.; Kosikowski, F.V., 1986:
Concentration of bacteriophages during ultrafiltration and their growth in retentate starters

Foot, J.Z.; Cummins, L.J.; Spiker, S.A.; Flinn, P.C., 1984:
Concentration of beta -hydroxybutyrate in plasma of ewes in late pregnancy and early lactation, and survival and growth of lambs

Sattarov, I.T., 1983:
Concentration of bovine coronavirus on erythrocytes from various animals

Pallesen, U., 1986:
Concentration of bovine leukosis virus antibodies in bulk milk (by a dialysis system) for examination by ELISA

Shmanenkov, N.A.; Karnachev, P.I.; Alfimtsev, N.A., 1984:
Concentration of free amino acids in blood plasma of cows with different milk yields

Bodnarchuk, V.G., 1983:
Concentration of glucose and of its metabolites in serum of chickens fed on a diet containing different levels of sugar

Krishnaswamy, A.; Uthappa, I.M., 1985:
Concentration of glucose in the cervico-vaginal mucus of crossbred cows in fertile and certain infertile conditions

Kuznetsov, S.G., 1984:
Concentration of glycosaminoglycans and the rate of their sulphation in tissues of piglets deficient in copper

Kuznetsova, S.V.; Boiko, A.A.; Ivanov, V.S.; Sazanova, E.Y., 1985:
Concentration of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis herpesvirus

Guillot, F.S.; Wright, F.C.; Oehler, D., 1986:
Concentration of ivermectin in bovine serum and its effect on the fecundity of psoroptic mange mites

Boglosa, R.D., 1983:
Concentration of landholdings and rural poverty in western Visayas, 1970-71

Diaz, O.; Recabarren, E.; Yanez, E., 1985:
Concentration of lead in the muscles of hake (Merluccius gayi)

Khomykh, R.I.; Kalachnyuk, G.I., 1983:
Concentration of lipids in blood of young bulls fattened on dried poultry manure

Kharitonova, O.V.; Kal' nitskii, B.D.; Bordun, G.V., 1984:
Concentration of major elements in plasma and rumen contents of heifers given diets with varying amounts of roughages and concentrates

Jurcik, F.; Koch, M., 1984:
Concentration of major nutrients in and removal by spring barley plants as affected by long-term soil cultivation

Nikitin, D.E.; Lepilin, V.N.; Fedorov, K.M., 1985:
Concentration of milk products in rotating film devices

Dhir, R.P.; Sharma, B.K.; Dutta, B.K.; Saxena, S.K., 1985:
Concentration of mineral elements in some arid zone species from a common habitat: 1. Tree and shrub species

Bindyukov, V.G.; Dmitriev, E.A., 1984:
Concentration of mobile iron compounds in small volume soil samples

Savoie, S.; Patel, B.A.; Posner, B.I., 1985:
Concentration of native prolactin and prolactin binding sites in hepatic subcellular fractions from hyperprolactinemic rats

Talli, P., 1982:
Concentration of nitrogen compounds in gravitational water and their leaching out of soils from Vaccinium vitis-idaea site types following application of ammonium nitrate and urea

Bovey, R.W.; Hein, H.J.; Meyer, R.E., 1984:
Concentration of picloram, 3,6-dichloropicolinic acid, triclopyr and 2,4,5-T in honey mesquite stems

Fell, D.; Ioneda, T.; Chiba, S.; Giannotti, O., 1984:
Concentration of proteins and carbohydrates in the nervous tissue of Periplaneta americana L. under the effect of DDT and DDE

Zhuravskaya, N.A.; Kiknadze, E.V.; Antonov, Y.A.; Tolstoguzov, V.B., 1986:
Concentration of proteins as a result of the phase separation of water-protein-polysaccharide systems. I. Phase equilibria in water-milk proteins-polysaccharide systems

Zhuravskaya, N.A.; Kiknadze, E.V.; Antonov, Y.A.; Tolstoguzov, V.B., 1986:
Concentration of proteins as a result of the phase separation of water-protein-polysaccharide systems. II. Concentration of milk proteins

Giacoia, G.P., 1984:
Concentration of serum prealbumin and retinol-binding proteins during pregnancy

Kim, S.K.; Lee, J.K., 1984:
Concentration of sex hormones in milk, and milk composition of dairy cows before and after calving

Kim, S.K., 1983:
Concentration of sex hormones in milk, and yield and composition of milk of pregnant dairy cows

Engström-Laurent, A.; Laurent, U.B.; Lilja, K.; Laurent, T.C., 1985:
Concentration of sodium hyaluronate in serum

Kawasaki, H.; Iwata, F.; Mesquita Filho, M.V. de, 1985:
Concentration of soybean roots in uppermost layers of cerrado soils of Brazil

Manz, D.; Wiegand, D.; Behrens, F., 1986:
Concentration of specific antibodies against enzootic bovine leukosis virus in individual and herd milk samples

Materna, J., 1981:
Concentration of sulfur dioxide in the air and sulfur content in Norway spruce needles (Picea abies Karst.)

Khamidullin, T.N., 1985:
Concentration of vitamin A in liver of cockerels in relation to exposure to light during rearing in cages

Dorea, J.G.; Souza, J.A.; Galvão, M.O.; Iunes, M.A., 1984:
Concentration of vitamin A in the liver of foetuses and infants dying of various causes in Brasilia, Brazil

Vega-Franco, L.; del Rosario Arsuaga, F.M.; Meza, C.; Romo, G.; Ramírez-Antúnez, A., 1985:
Concentration of vitamin C in the final phase of pregnancy and in the early stage of lactation

Tromble, J.M., 1984:
Concentration of water on rangeland for forage production

Dorea, J.G.; Horner, M.R.; Campanate, M.L., 1985:
Concentration of zinc and copper in small samples of fore- and hindmilk

Kowalczyk, S., 1984:
Concentration processes in GFR agriculture

Slemr, J.; Ritter, G., 1984:
Concentration profiles of putrescine and cadaverine in inoculated vacuum packed beef

Ziv, G., 1984:
Concentrations and residues of antibiotics in the milk of goats after parenteral and intramammary administration

Dore, A. le; Remond, B.; Grappin, R.; Jeunet, R.; Journet, M., 1986:
Concentrations in cow milk of main nitrogen fractions and of fat: effects of some animal characteristics and of feeding

Sinyavskii, V.A., 1986:
Concentrations in dry matter and total amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the yields of fodder crops with systematic fertilizer applications in rotations

Avenell, J.A.; Saepudin, Y.; Fletcher, I.C., 1985:
Concentrations of LH, oestradiol-17 beta and progesterone in the peripheral plasma of swamp buffalo cows (Bubalus bubalis) around the time of oestrus

Hein, M.B.; Brenner, M.L.; Brun, W.A., 1984:
Concentrations of Abscisic Acid and Indole-3-Acetic Acid in Soybean Seeds during Development

Petrakakis, N., 1985:
Concentrations of crude protein and lysine in feed for early-weaned pigs

Zeitler, M.H., 1986:
Concentrations of dust, microorganisms and harmful gases in the air in stables, with particular reference to farmer's lung hay antigens

Linnet, K.; Andersen, J.R.; Hesselfeldt, P., 1984:
Concentrations of glycine- and taurine-conjugated bile acids in portal and systemic venous serum in man

Sotirov, N.; Aleksandrov, I., 1985:
Concentrations of high-mobility group proteins in cells of the erythroid series of hens

Morkunas, A.B.; Peshkus, Y.K.; Sadauskas, P.B., 1985:
Concentrations of immunoglobulins in the blood serum of cattle with leukosis

Kirchgessner, M.; Maier, R.; Reichlmayr Lais, A.M., 1984:
Concentrations of iron, copper, zinc, manganese, cobalt and magnesium in different organs and tissues after different supplies of nickel

Wiesner, H.U., 1985:
Concentrations of lactose in milk and urine from cows with and without udder infections

Perez Beato, O.; Ponce, P., 1985:
Concentrations of lactose, sodium and potassium in the milk of zebu cows in Cuba and their relationship with genotypes at the alpha -lactalbumin locus

Gomo, Z.A., 1985:
Concentrations of lipids, lipoprotein, and apolipoproteins in serum of Zimbabwean Africans

Roche, J.F.; Ireland, J.J.; Boland, M.P.; McGeady, T.M., 1985:
Concentrations of luteinising hormone and progesterone in pregnant and non-pregnant heifers

Przaa, F.; Grajewski, H.; Kijak, Z., 1984:
Concentrations of nitrate and nitrite in the rumen contents, blood serum and milk of cows in relation to season and milk yield

Sanl, Y., 1984:
Concentrations of nitrosamine derivatives in some retail processed meat products in Ankara markets

Abeyawardene, S.A.; Hathorn, D.J.; Glencross, R.G., 1984:
Concentrations of oestradiol-17 beta and progesterone in bovine plasma and defatted milk during the post-partum anovulatory period, during oestrous cycle and following ovariectomy

Prakash, B.S.; Madan, M.L., 1985:
Concentrations of plasma hormones in relation to placental retention in Karan Swiss cows during and after induction of parturition with dexamethasone and stilboestrol dipropionate

Unkel, M., 1984:
Concentrations of potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium and inorganic phosphate in blood serum from Icelandic ponies

Thompson, D.L.; Johnson, L.; S.G.orge, R.L.; Garza, F., 1986:
Concentrations of prolactin, luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone in pituitary and serum of horses: effect of sex, season and reproductive state

Bakst, M.R.; Richards, M.P., 1985:
Concentrations of selected cations in turkey serum and oviductal mucosae

Fortune, J.E.; Hansel, W., 1985:
Concentrations of steroids and gonadotropins in follicular fluid from normal heifers and heifers primed for superovulation

Hsu, F.C.; Bennett, A.B.; Spanswick, R.M., 1984:
Concentrations of sucrose and nitrogenous compounds in the apoplast of developing soybean seed coats and embryos

Inoue, T.; Nakano, K., 1984:
Concentrations of the secretory immunoglobulin A in intestines of piglets

Kondrat' ev, V.S.; Padnatarov, V.D., 1984:
Concentrations of thiamin, riboflavin, 4-pyridoxic acid and N'-methylnicotinamide in the urine of healthy and ketotic cows

Akasha, M.A.; Anderson, R.R.; Nixon, D.A.; Ellersieck, M., 1985:
Concentrations of thyroid hormones (T4, T3 and rT3) and prolactin in dairy cattle serum at three stages of lactation

Bekeova, E.; Elecko, J.; Rosival, I.; Hajurka, J.; Krajnicakova, M., 1985:
Concentrations of thyroxine, beta -carotene and vitamin A and conception in heifers after administration of beta -carotene

Muller, H.; Korber, R.; Majohr, D., 1985:
Concentrations of total chloride and sodium chloride in organs and blood serum of fowls with reference to the diagnosis of salt poisoning

Halmesmaki, E.; Ylikorkala, O.; Alfthan, G., 1985:
Concentrations of zinc and copper in pregnant problem drinkers and their newborn infants

Stark, R.W.; Waters, W.E., 1985:
Concept and structure of a forest pest management system

Hormann, D.M., 1984:
Concept for the investigation of the domestic market for fruit and vegetables in a developing country

Mallet, A.; Hnatyszyn, M.; Meunier, M., 1986:
Concept of a forage system in Normandy and the practice of early grazing. II. Management and performance of the dairy herd

Mallet, A.; Meunier, M.; Hnatyszyn, M., 1986:
Concept of a grazing system in Normandy and the practice of early grazing. I. Concept, organization and management of the plant system

Sidhu, G.S., 1984:
Concept of major and minor genes in parasitic systems

Khan, G.S.; Jalaluddin, 1981:
Concept of soil depth: significance of its evaluation for crop production

Vinter, P.; Cerovsky, J., 1985:
Conception and fertility of sows after artificial insemination and a supplementary administration of seminal plasma

Lee, G.J.; Hinks, C.J.M., 1986:
Conception and non-return rates in A.I. Friesian/Holstein bulls

Sharma, N.C.; Luktuke, S.N., 1986:
Conception rate in crossbred heifers with exotic frozen semen

Bautina, E.P.; Pomytko, V.N.; Pozdnyakova, L.E., 1983:
Conception rate of artificially inseminated vixens in relation to insemination dose and method

Anisov, A.A.; Sergievich, T.F., 1982:
Conception rate of cows depending on the frequency and time of insemination

Zverev, V.B., 1984:
Conception rate of cows from single and double inseminations on commercial complexes with loose housing

Bolgov, A.E.; Grishina, N.V., 1985:
Conception rate of cows in relation to sires' genotypes

Shevyakova, I.N., 1985:
Conception rate of replacement heifers

Smirnov, V.T.; Balashov, N.G.; Evsyukhov, M.E.; Man' ko, Y.G., 1985:
Conception rate of sows inseminated with semen diluted in GKhTsSN-RU1 diluent which had been stored for 3, 6 or 12 months

Haresign, W.; Curnock, R.M.; Reed, H.C.B., 1986:
Conception rates following cervical and intrauterine insemination in the ewe

DeGuerre, J., 1985:
Conceptions of outdoor education

Netto, E.M.; Tada, M.S.; Golightly, L.; Kalter, D.C.; Iago, E.; Barreto, A.C.; Marsden, P.D., 1985:
Concepts among the local population regarding mucocutaneous leishmaniasis in an endemic area

Eswaran, H., 1984:
Concepts and considerations of the Benchmark Sites Network

Heady, H.F., 1984:
Concepts and principles underlying grazing systems

Beringer, J.E.; Johnston, A.W.B., 1984:
Concepts and terminology in plant-microbe interactions

Gilstrap, F.E., 1985:
Concepts for biological control of arthropods attacking sorghum

Barber, D.T.; Witkowski, J.F., 1984:
Concepts for combining suppression of European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) adults and larvae in center-pivot-irrigated corn

Korte, F., 1985:
Concepts for the ecotoxicological evaluation of chemicals: ecotoxicological profile analysis

Berry, L., 1983:
Concepts in natural resource management planning for regional development. Lessons of experience

Ibrahim, A.M., 1984:
Concepts of design and practice for irrigation distribution systems in Sudan

Banerjee, B.N., 1985:
Concepts of farm size, resource-use and productivity in agriculture - a case study

Biaobok, S.; Fabijanowski, J. (Editors), 1984:
Concepts of forest management in industrial regions

Arnold, R.W., 1983:
Concepts of soils and pedology

Stoll, J.R.; Johnson, L.A., 1984:
Concepts of value, nonmarket valuation, and the case of the whooping crane

McVicar, M.T., 1985:
Concepts of work and leisure in children's literature

Nehring, K.; Friedel, K., 1985:
Concepts on estimation of energy value of feeds. 1. Estimation of feeding value of cattle feed

Lee, G.S., 1984:
Conceptual development of a sugarbeet crop growth model

Bonorino, A.G.; Paoloni, J.D., 1984:
Conceptual model and data for constructing a simulation model of the phreatic aquifer in an irrigation area. (Lower valley of the Colorado river, H. Ascasubi)

Liu, H.H., 1985:
Conceptual model for U.S. corn and soybean cash and futures markets

Bhowmik, N.G.; Demissie, M.; Soong, D.T.; Klock, A.; Black, N.R.; Gross, D.L.; Sipe, T.W.; Risser, P.G., 1984:
Conceptual models of erosion and sedimentation in Illinois. Volume 1. Project summary

Duffy, C.J., 1983:
Conceptual models of geologic and agricultural salt loads in streams of the Upper Colorado River Basin

Jovicic, Z., 1984:
Conceptual questions on the development of tourism in Yugoslavia

Berryman, K.W.; Cordell, H.K.; English, D.B.K., 1985:
Conceptualization of a geobased recreation resources supply assessment system

Farah, A.A.M.; Desougi, L.A.; Lewandowski, A.M., 1985:
Conceptualization of the impacts of rural development projects on population redistribution

Guilbault, L.A., 1985:
Conceptus-related changes of the endocrine and physiological dynamics during the periparturient period in cattle

Danz, W., 1985:
Concerned tourism. A chance for environmentally sensitive recreation areas, with examples from Germany

Bruneau de Mire, P., 1985:
Concerning Coloborrhis corticina Germar (Hom. Cicadellidae)

Flores, W.B.C.; Clement, C.R., 1984:
Concerning Eugenia stipitata McVaugh (Myrtaceae) in the Brazilian Amazon

Guessous, N.; Benchekroun, S.; Sqalli, S.; Benslimane, A.; Rollier, R., 1985:
Concerning a Moroccan case of cutaneous and meningeal cryptococcosis

Soltesz, G., 1984:
Concerning large farms with low profitability

Anonymous, 1983:
Concerning the development of new miso products

Clement, C.R.; Flores, W.B.C., 1984:
Concerning the mapati (Pourouma cecropiaefolia Mart., Moraceae), the Amazon tree grape

Holkov, R.; Nemec, R.; Catar, G., 1985:
Concerning the occurrence of toxoplasmosis in occupationally exposed subjects

Bourrigaud, R., 1985:
Concerning the origins of progressivist peasant trade unionism in Loire-Atlantique

Gazin, P.; Robert, V.; Galaup, B., 1984:
Concerning the presence of sanguicolous microfilariae in the adult population of the rice-growing zone of the Kou Valley

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Concerns with the development of sheep breeding

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Concerted metabolism of steroid hormones produced by cocultured ovarian cell types

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Concessions in income tax when giving up a farm in 1984

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Conclusion of chrysanthemum evaluation trial. Quality of year-round cultivars can be transferred to normal culture

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Conclusions and policy implications

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Conclusions from the 3rd annual conference of the Greek Weed Science Society

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Conclusions from the CEC workshop on Studies on beef production with female stock within CEC beef program, Gottingen 1984

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Conclusions from the comparison of some of the major biological characteristics of trematodes, cestodes, acanthocephalans and nematodes

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Conclusions from the evaluation of SOMALAC in Madagascar

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Conclusions from the prevailing course of paramyxovirus infection in pigeons

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Conclusions of the Finnish Forest Research Institute concerning unit volume numbers to be applied in the measurement of softwood sawlogs, hardwood sawlogs, Scots pine poles and sleeper logs

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Conclusions regarding the beginnings of forest dieback - growth studies on spruce in the eastern Odenwald

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Conclusive results of a selection programme for obtaining a dwarf bean (Ph. vulgaris) resistant to some viruses and characterized by agronomical qualities

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Conclusive test for aflatoxin resistance in peanuts

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Concomitant and secondary bacterial infection of the pus in hepatic amoebiasis

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Concomitant feline infectious peritonitis and toxoplasmosis in a cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus)

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Concomitant infection of the large bowel by actinomyces and Ent. histolytica

Lapierre, G.; Porter, R.S., 1983:
Concomitant systemic and local amphotericin B for fungal cystitis

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Concomitant use of oxibendazole and trichlorfon in horses

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Concomitants of sport participation in male and female adolescents

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Concurrent Salmonella and parvovirus infections in dogs

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Concurrent distemper and disseminated toxoplasmosis in a red fox

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Concurrent flow versus conventional drying of rice

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Concurrent infection of hog cholera with pseudorabies in swine

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Concurrent infections with reoviruses and coccidia in broilers

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Concurrent measurements of stem density, leaf and stem water potential, stomatal conductance and cavitation on a sapling of Thuja occidentalis L

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Concurrent outbreak of avitaminosis A and coccidiosis in a poultry flock

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Concurrent transfer and recombination between plasmids encoding for heat-stable enterotoxin and drug resistance in porcine enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli

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Concurrent use of corticosteroids and antimicrobial drugs in the treatment of infectious diseases in large animals

Ford, R.B., 1984:
Concurrent use of corticosteroids and antimicrobial drugs in the treatment of infectious diseases in small animals

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Conda Partnership's Dry Valley phosphate mining project: a case study

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Condensation and the domestic pitched roof

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Condensation effect on heat transfer through greenhouse claddings : glass and polyethylene

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Condensation potential in high thermal performance walls. Hot, humid summer climate

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Condensed plant type (ct*) is actually reduced (rd)

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Condensed tannin-resorcinol adducts and their use in wood-laminating adhesives: an exploratory study

Kreibich, R.E.; Hemingway, R.W., 1985:
Condensed tannin-resorcinol adducts in laminating adhesives

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Condensing tulips to fit into pots

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Condition and age of technical maturity of Scots pine stands in relation to production goal

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Condition and growth of snow-retaining stands with Quercus robur in the north-eastern part of its range

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Condition and main types of disrepair of the forest drainage network in the Ukrainian Poles'e

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Condition of forests on the floodplain of the river North Donets in relation to water supply

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Condition of mineral soils from forest sites with declining stands, and development of their exchange characteristics

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Condition of seed production of forage species at the production and trading level

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Condition of silver fir, Norway spruce and beech on permanent plots established by the Forest Research Institute in Baden-Wurtemberg

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Conditional stability constants of trace metals and naturally occurring humic materials: application in equilibrium models and verification with field data

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Conditioning 'Tahiti' limes to reduce chilling injury

Anonymous, 1985:
Conditioning ammonium nitrate for handling and storage

Berthet, J.; Blin, M.F.; Gaussens, G.; Noaillac, J.R., 1985:
Conditioning device for hydrosoluble fertilizers and/or other products

Gol' dinov, A.L.; Abramov, O.B.; Afanasenko, E.V., 1985:
Conditioning of nitroammophoska with calcium nitrate

Wisniewski, K.; Sadowski, H., 1985:
Conditioning of sugarbeet seeds

Wingate Hill, R., 1985:
Conditioning wood samples to a required moisture content above fibre saturation point

Rakowski, M.; Miazek, R., 1985:
Conditions affecting the growth of pig production

Zhang, S., 1983:
Conditions and methods of acid hydrolysis of wood

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Conditions for an effective use of printed media for explaining nutrition

Rajtar, J., 1985:
Conditions for and deviation from growth in Polish agriculture (II)

Filippov, S.A.; Avakyants, S.P.; Bartenev, Y.S., 1982:
Conditions for immobilization of cells of microscopic moulds and their application to enzymic hydrolysis of starch

Kucherenko, L.A., 1984:
Conditions for plant regeneration in rice tissue culture

Barteling, S.J., 1985:
Conditions for proper formaldehyde inactivation of foot and mouse disease alhydrogel vaccines

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Conditions for seed germination of plants of the Far North

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Conditions for short-term storage of peeled potatoes

McHale, N.A., 1985:
Conditions for strict autotrophic culture of tobacco callus

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Conditions for the biotransformation of straw to a protein product by mycelial fungi

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Conditions for the effective combination and cooperation of plywood and particleboard manufacture

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Conditions for the effective use of kinetin for increasing wheat yield

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Conditions for the gluing of wood with a high initial moisture content

Popov, Z., 1985:
Conditions for transmitting the cutting force in bandsaws

Skuryatin, N.F.; Babin, V.I., 1984:
Conditions for using combined slurry spreading technology

Kainoh, Y.; Hiyori, T.; Ninomiya, Y., 1984:
Conditions for wind tunnel test in studying pheromonal communication in the smaller tea tortrix moth, Adoxophyes sp. (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Philipsen, C., 1985:
Conditions in Portuguese agriculture at Portugal's entry into the European Community

Alvisi, F., 1984:
Conditions influencing the pricing of fruit and vegetables

Grosser, D., 1984:
Conditions necessary for the existence of, and the recognition of little known wood-destroying insects and 'occasional wood-destroyers'

Zeng, H.F.; Chou, T.B., 1985:
Conditions of climate and cultivation of spring-sown soyabean in Hengyang, Hunan province

obozewicz, T., 1979:
Conditions of competitive and recreational skiing development according to snow cover

Gajewski, J., 1983:
Conditions of formation and use of information systems in farm management

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Conditions of formation of CaSiF6 2H2O in nitric-phosphoric solutions

Olkonen, A., 1985:
Conditions of production of good quality milk

Hamm, U., 1986:
Conditions relating to the sale of produce from alternative farming

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Conditions, genesis and value of recultivated loess soils in the region of Rhine lignite mining

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Conductances for carbon dioxide transfer in the leaf

Poey, F., 1986:
Conducting on-farm research by extensionists: an approach to effective transfer of technology

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Conducting on-farm research in FSR - making a good idea work

Subba Rao, M., 1982:
Conducting soil salinity surveys in sugar estates in Jamaica

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Conduction anaesthesia in cattle and its clinical and haematological effects

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Conduction velocities and myelinated fiber diameter spectra of the infraorbital and palpebral nerves of the dog

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Conduction velocities and reflexes of the proximal and distal parts of the saphenous nerve of the dog

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Conductivity as a measure of nutrients in Southeastern poultry lagoons

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Conductivity measurements in the study of response to frost in some species of fruit tree

Matsumoto K.; Ishida K I.; Nomura T.; Osajima Y., 1984:
Conductometric flow injection analysis of the organic acid content in citrus fruits

Chung, M.S., 1983:
Cone and seed development after self-pollination in Pinus rigida Mill

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Cone and seed insects in Douglas-fir, Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco, seed orchards in the western United States: distribution and relative impact

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Cone and seed insects of tamarack, Larix laricina (Du Roi) K. Koch, and attempts to control damage using chemical insecticides

Vepraskas M.J., 1984:
Cone index of loamy sands as influenced by pore size distribution and effective stress

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Cone moisture content - an index of seed ripeness

Ying, C.C.; Murphy, J.C.; Andersen, S., 1985:
Cone production and seed yield of lodgepole pine grafts

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Confectionery qualities of wheat, grown under the conditions of Moscow province

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Conference and debate - dangerous and endangered invertebrates. 18 and 19 September 1985

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Conference industry in Asia. Survey of its size, infrastructure, markets and future potential

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Conference of research scientists, Uppsala, 1986. 1. Length of useful life, health and quality of domestic livestock

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Conference of researchers into the protection of field crops against diseases and pests. Valul lui Traian - 9-12 June 1981

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Conference on apple breeding

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Conference on contended issues of immunity to schistosomes

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Conference on temperate tree fruits and nuts breeding, Rome, Italy, 16-18 May 1984

Anonymous, 1982:
Conference on the development of grapevine training systems in level and hill country. 28 January 1982

Anonymous, 1986:
Conference on the use of grapevine rootstocks in Southern Italy

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Conference on work for the protection of field crops against diseases and pests

Anonymous, 1983:
Conference on work on the protection of field crops against pests and diseases

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Conference perspectives. Migrant labor in agriculture: an international comparison

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Conference report of the American Society of Plant Physiologists, 1983. The biology of desert plants: opportunities and needs for basic research

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Conference tourism

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Conference tourism - a new task in marketing

Frank, T., 1984:
Conference tourism and its development

Formon, C., 1986:
Conferences and courses - campus life appeals

Szenti, T., 1985:
Confessions of peasants

Schlaegel, B.E., 1985:
Confidence bounds for the sum of volumes predicted by weighted regressions

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Confidence intervals for a variance ratio, or for heritability, in an unbalanced mixed linear model

Nordin, C.F.J.; Mielke, P.W.J., 1984:
Confidence limits for determining concentration of tracer particles in sediment samples

Silver, J., 1985:
Confidence limits for estimates of gene linkage based on analysis of recombinant inbred strains

Leicester, R.H., 1985:
Configuration factors for the bending strength of timber

Yu, H.S.; Lee, D.K.; Na, J.O.; Ban, S.J., 1984:
Confined field release of native fish (Aphyocypris chinensis) and biological control of encephalitis vector (Culex tritaeniorhynchus) in rice paddies of endemic area in South Korea.

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Confined rearing of crossbred heifers for calf production. 1. Induction and synchronization of oestrus and stimulation of twinning

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Confinement and water quality-induced stress in largemouth bass

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Confinement of honeybee colonies during insecticide application

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Confirmation of DOM-1, a de-epoxidation metabolite of deoxynivalenol, in biological fluids of lactating cows

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Confirmation of genetic diploidisation in Hordeum geniculatum All. (2n = 4x = 28) by meiotic investigation of haploid plants

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Confirmation of nivalenol and deoxynivalenol by on-line liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Comparison os methods

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Confirmation of oestrus and pregnancy diagnosis in dairy cows by means of progesterone assays of defatted and whole milk

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Confirmation of porcine parvovirus infection in breeding herds

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Confirmation of pregnancy in mares and cattle by determination of estrogens in faeces

Baxter, L.W.J.; Fagan, S.G., 1986:
Confirmation of susceptibility of Camellia chrysantha to dieback caused by Glomerella cingulata

Cvetkovic, L.; Milic, D., 1984:
Confirmation of the efficacy of piperazine adipate against Ascaris suum in the herd treatment of swine

Dubravcova, Z., 1984:
Confirmation of the occurrence of Trifolium lupinaster auct. (= T. ciswolgense Sprygin ex Iljin et Truchaleva) in the western Tatra mountains

Baixeras Almela, J., 1986:
Confirmation of the presence in Spain of Cydia coniferana (Ratzeburg, 1840) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

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Conflict and risk in the optimum mix of adjustments to floods

Anonymous, 1984:
Conflict in rural development - the critical issue

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Conflict of opinion on extension. Concrete efforts to meet present day requirements

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Conflict on a Peruvian hacienda

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Conflict resolution in games and sports

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Conflict theory and the sociology of sport

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Conflicting interests in cooperative farm management

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Conflicting theories of educational reform

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Conflicts between agro-food strategies: the confrontation between the USA and the EC

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Conflicts between growth and equity objectives in planning rural projects: the Lilongwe Land Development Programme

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Conflicts in land use in Zimbabwe: political, economic and environmental perspectives

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Conflicts of interest in Latin American agricultural production. Production of basic foodstuffs versus cultivation of energy crops and export production

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Conflicts relating to the Poitevin marshes and their reclamation, or: to whom do they belong?

Kellet, J.K.; Macdonald, R.H., 1985 :
Confluent and reticulate papillomatosis

Corrado, F., 1985:
Conformation of oil palm branches (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) in some Colombian plantations

Milojevic, M., 1985:
Conformation of some types of broiler at different stages of fattening

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Conformational analysis of MCD-peptide

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Conformational change in photosystem II induced by protein phosphorylation

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Conformational studies of aqueous melittin. Characteristics of a fluorescent probe binding site

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Conformational traits and their relation to production in Norwegian Red cattle

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Confused flour beetle and other Coleoptera in stored marijuana

Davidson, S., 1985:
Confusion control of the oriental fruit moth

Denyer Green, B.P.D., 1985:
Confusion over farm rents and arbitrations

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Congenic-resistant lines of mice in the domestic collection

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Congenital Chagas disease as a public health problem

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Congenital Chagas' disease in Chile. Longitudinal study of reproductivity of chagasic and non-chagasic women and of some parasitological and clinical parameters from them and their corresponding children

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Congenital abnormalities in Angora goats

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Congenital alopecia in a Bichon Frise

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Congenital and neonatal protozoal infections in piglets

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Congenital anomalies in cattle associated with an epizootic of bluetongue virus (serotype II)

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Congenital cardiac defects in calves

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Congenital cutaneous candidiasis and septicaemia treated with miconazole

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Congenital deafness in dobermanns

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Congenital dermoid in a cat

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Congenital disorders of the Manx cat

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Congenital feline portosystemic shunts

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Congenital heart disease in cattle

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Congenital hypothyroidism in a dog

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Congenital lethal skin defects in Japanese black cattle

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Congenital malaria

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Congenital malaria - a recrudescent problem

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Congenital malaria in Scandinavia

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Congenital malformation of the large colon causing colic in a horse

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Congenital malformations and variations in reproductive performance in the ferret: effects of maternal age, color and parity

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Congenital multiple arthrogryposis in newborn calves

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Congenital myoclonia in piglets and its relationship to the chronic form of swine fever

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Congenital peritoneopericardial diaphragmatic hernia in a dog

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Congenital phalangeal hypoplasia in Equidae

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Congenital quiver, an inherited neurological defect in the chicken

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Congenital renal cysts of bovines

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Congenital renal urolithiasis in piglets

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Congenital selective malabsorption of glucose and galactose

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Congenital toxoplasmosis 38 years ago

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Congenital toxoplasmosis in premature twins

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Congenital toxoplasmosis with severe anaemia

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Congenital toxoplasmosis: a clinical illustration

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Congenital unilateral absence of pulmonary artery in a cat

MacGregor, I.A., 1986:
Congenitally acquired malaria

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Congestive heart failure associated with hyperthyroidism in cats

Frymus, T.; Kita, J., 1986:
Conglutinating complement in the blood serum of newborn Thoroughbred foals

Anonymous, 1985:
Congo fever

Kneen, B.E.; Larue, T.A., 1983:
Congo Red Absorption by Rhizobium leguminosarum

Anonymous, 1985:
Congress on agricultural engineering for the development of farming in the developing countries, Reggio Emilia, Italy, June 4-5, 1985

Anonymous, 1984:
Congress volume 1983. State and achievements of agricultural and biological research

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Congruences in pilosity between three species of Ophrys (Orchidaceae) and their hymenopteran pollinators

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Conidial dispersal of Alternaria solani in tomato

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Conidial germination of Microcyclus ulei and its sensitivity in vitro to fungicides

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Conifer seed sources, testing, stratification, and sowing for the Industrial Forestry Association

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Coniferous forest habitat types of central and southern Utah

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Coniferous forest habitat types of northern Utah

Mitchell, A.F., 1985:

Marshall, J.D.; Waring, R.H., 1984:
Conifers and broadleaf species: stomatal sensitivity differs in western Oregon

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Conjugal transfer of antibiotic resistances from Lactobacillus to Streptococcus lactis

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Conjugal transfer of lactose metabolism, nisin resistance, and phage-resistance from the prototype phage-insensitive strain, Streptococcus lactis ME2

Sing, W.D.; Klaenhammer, T.R., 1985 :
Conjugal transfer of phage-resistance determinants into Streptococcus cremoris species

Oultram, J.D.; Young, M., 1985:
Conjugal transfer of plasmid pAM beta 1 from Streptococcus lactis and Bacillus subtilis to Clostridium acetobutylicum

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Conjugal transfer of plasmids from group A, B and H streptococci to group N streptococci

Matthew, E.S.; Punnoose, K.T., 1986:
Conjugal transfer of streptomycin-resistance from coagulase-negative staphylococci to Staphylococcus aureus in mixed cultures

Esposito, F.; Lombardi, S., 1984:
Conjugation in ciliates: a prototype of self-nonself discrimination

Zhakov, V.M., 1985:
Conjugation of erythrocytes with amidol (2,4-diaminophenol) for the indirect haemagglutination test for Escherichia coli antibody

Semba, R.D.; Day, S.H.; Spencer, W.H., 1985:
Conjunctival nodules associated with onchocerciasis

Randall, C.J., 1986:
Conjunctivitis in pheasants associated with cryptosporidial infection

Essl, A., 1985:
Connection between breeding for performance and service life of cows

Okulewicz, A.; Złotorzycka, J., 1985:
Connections between Ascaridia galli and the bacterial flora in the intestine of hens

Holdas, S., 1984 :
Connections between large and small scale farms in Hungarian production

Lonc, E.; Złotorzycka, J., 1984:
Connections between poultry biting lice and microflora

Hossain, M., 1982:
Conscientizing rural disadvantaged peasants in Bangladesh: intervention through group action - a case study of Proshika

Hossain, M., 1984:
Conscientizing rural disadvantaged peasants, intervention through group action in Bangladesh: a case study of Proshika

Sugahara, S., 1985:
Consciousness of regional residents for forest environment (III) Forest experience and forest consciousness

Anonymous, 1985:
Consensus lacking on how to boost trade; doubts about export program may detail farm policy changes

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Consequence of applying the herbicide pirifenop at different growth stages of linseed (Linum usitatissimum)

Garcia Azcarate, T., 1984:
Consequences for regional agriculture of the substitution of the Spanish agricultural support policy by the CAP

Kunz, K.W., 1985:
Consequences for the Bavarian dairy industry of differences in development of regional milk supply

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Consequences for the economy of lower milk production

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Consequences of China's new population policy

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Consequences of calving disorders in buffaloes

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Consequences of different selection application programmes in genetic improvement of crossbred cattle in Kerala

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Consequences of forest dieback for underplanting and stand tending in the northern Black Forest

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Consequences of forest dieback, and the present state of countermeasures

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Consequences of forest management on soil-tree relationships

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Consequences of milk quotas for the breeding goals: improving milk and beef production in the dairy beef crossing systems in the UK

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Consequences of nitrate in groundwater

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Consequences of paramyxovirus-1 infection of pigeons for poultry flocks in Austria

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Consequences of permanent or temporary vitamin and mineral deficiency in the diet of broilers

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Consequences of poor control of the numbers of nurse bees and wax-secreting bees in intensive queen rearing and royal jelly production

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Consequences of reducing environmental heat stress in sows in summer

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Consequences of reproductive failure: dependence, mobility, and mortality among the elderly in rural South Asia

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Consequences of rural poverty in relation to the urban squatter problem in Lusaka

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Consequences of the Brussels decisions for individual dairies

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Consequences of the imposition of import duties on soybeans by the European Community

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Consequences of the milk quotas for breeding goals. (a) Improving milk and beef production potential within the pure bred dual purpose cattle population

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Consequences of the milk quotas for the breeding goals. (a) Improving milk and beef production potential within the purebred dairy/dual purpose cattle population

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Conservation and change

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Conservation and development of grazing systems

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Conservation and improvement of farm forests in southern Baden-Wurttemberg

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Conservation and the Conservatives

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Conservation and tourism: the ancient capital of Antigua Guatemala in the 20th century

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Conservation and tourism: the case of Lamu

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Conservation and use of plant genetic resources in Switzerland

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Conservation and use of the genetic resources of sugar cane

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Conservation around the farm steading

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Conservation legislation: national and local patterns

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Conservation of crop germplasm - an international perspective

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Conservation of green feeds in Kiev oblast'

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Conservation of ipe seeds

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Conservation of moist forage grains

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Conservation of soils. Degradation and erosion of the soils of the EC

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Conservation of southwestern agaves

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Conservation of soybean leghemoglobin structures

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Conservation of the Estonian Pony

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Conservation of the architectural heritage and historic towns in Great Britain

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Conservation of the biotope and leisure use of woodlands. The effect of ski runs and other forms of recreation on woods and landscape

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Conservation of the environment and agricultural production

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Conservation of the environment in agricultural and rural areas

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Conservation of the forest of Policoro

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Conservation on canals: a review of the present status and management of British navigable canals with particular reference to aquatic plants

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Conservation option for the Blackstone River Valley

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Conservation planter with seedbed conditioner for hard soils

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Conservation priorities in Burma

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Conservation solutions and quality in the French cut flower sector

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Conservation teaching and agricultural training programmes

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Conservation till soybean production - answers to weed control

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Conservation tillage

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Conservation tillage budgets for sorghum production and fallow weed control, Texas High Plains

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Conservation tillage farming in northern New South Wales and Queensland with chlorsulfuron

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Conservation tillage farming in the Wimmera with chlorsulfuron

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Conservation tillage for water conservation

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Conservation tillage for wind erosion control in the Southern High Plains

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Conservation tillage in Utah

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Conservation tillage in narrow-row soyabeans

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Conservation tillage methods and long-run farm income: implications for soil erosion control policies

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Conservation tillage practices for winter wheat production in the Appalachian Piedmont

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Conservation tillage studies in the Rolling Plains

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Conservation tillage studies on a Clermont silt loam soil

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Conservation tillage systems for cotton production

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Conservation tillage: a comparison of methods

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Conservation tillage: an important, adaptable tool for soil and water conservation

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Conservation, collection, and distribution of cultures

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Conservation, development and local participation

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Conservation-tillage and residue-management systems for interior Alaska

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Conservation-worthy sites in the Hohe Westerwald area that contain the Deschampsio cespitosae-Acer pseudoplatani association

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Conservative surgical treatment of paralysis of the penis in horses

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Conservativeness of the subunit composition of glycinin in different forms of soyabean - the cultivated species and wild Glycine ussuriensis

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Conserved grains with a propionic acid preparation 'Propkorn'

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Conserved nodulation genes from the non-legume symbiont Bradyrhizobium sp. (Parasponia)

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Conserving biological diversity: the Indian experience

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Conserving genetic resources in vegetables

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Conserving green feeds with liquid ammonia

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Conserving green fodder economically

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Conserving manurial nitrogen

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Conserving soil nitrogen and increasing productivity by growing Azolla simultaneously with rice

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Conserving the gene pool of grape and ways of using it in breeding work

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Conserving tropical rainforests: the case of Leyte Mountains National Park, Philippines

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Conserving wheat grain by ventilation

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Consider domestic substitutes for coconut oil

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Consider the lilies of the field

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Considerable improvement in the work quality of sugarbeet harvesters

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Considerable increase in the number of carriers of Cryptococcus albidus registered between 1959 and 1979 at the Paris zoo

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Consideration of bulls in natural service when estimating breeding value by means of BLUP (Best Linear Unbiased Prediction)

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Consideration of cultural and technological growing conditions - a proposal for higher yields in vegetable production in containers

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Consideration of energy equivalents - a foundation for efficient process design

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Consideration of frequency in farm activity selection

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Consideration of risk and uncertainty in planning and control of horticultural crops with bio-economic models

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Consideration of the Holmes effect in stereological measurements on thin sections

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Consideration of uniformity of quarter development of the udder

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Consideration on acclimatization to low sodium diets among female students living in dormitory

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Considerations and results in the formulation of new ideotypes for yield in potato breeding

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Considerations for design of a micro-computer-based data management system for weed science

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Considerations for design of insecticide resistance monitoring programs

Anonymous, 1984:
Considerations in developing a recreation enterprise

Anonymous, 1984:
Considerations in implementing a county lodging tax to promote tourism

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Considerations in selecting chenopod species for range seedings

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Considerations in the selection of a growing medium for the aerial dart seeding system

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Considerations on a field research technique. IV. Study of the importance of plot size on experimental precision in sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) investigations

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Considerations on field experimental method. IV. Study of the border effect with elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum, Schum), sorghum (Sorghum vulgare, P.) and kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus, L.) grown for forage

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Considerations on soil ecology in France

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Considerations on some practical aspects related to the growing of rubber (Hevea brasiliensis Muell-Arg.)

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Considerations on the concept of food economy

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Considerations on the cost of irrigation networks in relation to various characteristics

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Considerations on the formation of red soils of the San Miguel de los Banos region, Cuba

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Considerations on the incidence of certain dermatomycoses in patients of different age groups

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Considerations on the nature of phenotypic variation in some French bean progenies

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Considerations on the need for revising the concept of ion antagonism

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Considerations on the occurrence of intermediate cells in the aecia of some rust fungi

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Considerations on the performance of lemon trees harvested in two regions of the country

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Considerations on the possibility of biological and integrated control against Liriomyza trifolii (Burgess) (Diptera, Agromyzidae) on Gerbera grown under glass in Sicily

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Considerations on the simultaneous determination of residues of benzimidazole derivatives and thiabendazole, using HPLC

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Considerations on the taxonomy of the genus Stylosanthes

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Considerations on the use of pyrethroids for cotton protection in Chad

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Considerations on three cases of visceral leishmaniasis

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Considerations regarding the classification of Australian cracking clay soils

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Considerations regarding the natural regeneration of Araucaria angustifolia

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Considerations regarding the preservation of the cerrado

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Considerations relating to snow and avalanche research in Austria

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Considerations relating to thermoplastic bonding. 2. Visible angle joints

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Considerations when sampling spruce budworm egg masses on balsam fir and white spruce in the Lake States: low population levels

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Considerations when sampling spruce budworm egg masses on balsam fir in the Lake States: low to extreme population levels

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Considering machinery cost calculations?

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Consistencies of elasticities from multiple levels of budgeting process

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Consistency of energy and nutrient intakes of older adults: 24-hour recall vs. 1-day food record

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Consistency of methods for valuing outdoor recreation

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Consistency of protein patterns in Candida albicans during hyphal septum and branch formation

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Consistent drone brood removal, an effective biotechnical measure for reducing the damage caused by varroa disease in honeybee colonies

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Consistently high meristic counts in natural hybrids between brook trout and bull trout

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Consolidation and accelerated development of African agriculture: what agendas for action?

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Consolidation and cooperation in the dairy industry

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Consolidation of information. Biogas handbook. Pilot edition

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Consolidation of information. Windpump handbook. Pilot edition

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Consolidation of private forests in Graubunden Canton

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Consolidation of the control of Chagas' disease vectors in the State of Sao Paulo

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Consortial relations of trees and dendrophilous insects

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Conspecific female sex pheromone delays calling behaviour in Adoxophyes sp. and Homona magnanima (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

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Conspecificity of Rhabditis parateres Cobb, 1924 and R. conica Reiter, 1928 (Nematoda, Rhabditidae)

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Conspicuum minor n.sp. from the marsh rat Scapteromys tumidus of Uruguay

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Constancy and change - historically developed samples within the living culture of the different types of families in Hungary

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Constancy of mean strategy versus contancy of gene frequencies in a sexual diploid population

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Constancy of some heat unit accumulation in the year of extremely low temperature in maize

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Constancy, population fluctuation and the influence of meteorological factors on the collection of some Coleoptera

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Constant and variable operating-angle sprinklers for traveler irrigators

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Constant flux infiltration in swelling soil

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Constant growth of primary school children throughout four seasons of year

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Constant lighting conditions affect sexual behaviour and hormone levels in adult male rats

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Constant technical relationship between inputs and outputs in native hatchery industry

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