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Control of meadow-grasses and broad-leaved weeds in cereals with post-emergence isoproturon mixtures

Hewson, R.T.; Read, M.A.

Aspects of Applied Biology 9: 245-254


ISSN/ISBN: 0265-1491
Accession: 001326253

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This paper was given at the conference organised by the Association of Applied Biologists held at Cambridge on 25-26 March 1986. In 55 trials from 1978 to 1984, isoproturon was applied alone in a tank mixture or as a formulated product with hydroxybenzonitriles and mecoprop. Applied in the autumn or spring to winter cereals 1.55 kg isoproturon/ha gave good control of Poa spp., Stellaria media and Matricaria spp. Addition of ioxynil/bromoxynil generally improved the control of other species except Galium aparine and, following a spring application, Viola arvensis. further addition of mecoprop gave good G. aparine control but not V. arvensis when applied in the spring. V. arvensis was not adequately controlled in spring cereals with formulated mixtures of isoproturon hydroxybenzonitriles and mecoprop. Except for Lamium purpureum, which was only moderately susceptible at 1.92 kg, the isoproturon/ioxynil/mecoprop formulation gave good control of all other weed species. No adverse effects on the crop were noted.

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