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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 1330

Chapter 1330 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Rahabar Bhatti, M.H., 1984:
Cultivation of raspberry rust fungus on artificial media

Kuswara, T., 1982:
Cultivation of rattan in Central Kalimantan

Sood, R.P.; Atal, C.K., 1984:
Cultivation of red stringy-bark eucalyptus in north-west India

Kolb, W.; Schwarz, T., 1985:
Cultivation of roses without fungicides

Pouvreau, A., 1984:
Cultivation of small fruits

Vatamanyuk, G.V.; Donika, I.N., 1983:
Cultivation of sour cherries in intensive orchards

Krausse, G.W., 1984:
Cultivation of soyabean and new breeding results

Anonymous, 1985:
Cultivation of soyabeans

Martynov, A.N.; Maiseev, K.A., 1984:
Cultivation of spring rape and summer radish in the arctic region

Miyazaki, M.; Miya, S.; Sato, H.; Kida, T.; Wakasa, M.; Oku, M., 1984:
Cultivation of strawberries for processing to facilitate harvesting with one hand only

Henning, K., 1984:
Cultivation of summer rape

Peixoto, N.; Miranda, J.E.C. de, 1984:
Cultivation of sweet potato in Goias

Hackett, K.J.; Lynn, D.E.; Williamson, D.L.; Ginsberg, A.S.; Whitcomb, R.F., 1986:
Cultivation of the Drosophila sex-ratio spiroplasma

Ota, Y.; Oki, Y.; Fukimaki, Y., 1985:
Cultivation of the chicken runting agent (CRA) and immunological and electron microscope observations on this agent

Putsa, N.M., 1983:
Cultivation of the clover stem nematode

Dobzmann, H.; Wilding, K., 1985:
Cultivation of the new hop cultivar Braustern in the German Democratic Republic

Zhukava, P.S.; Ragozhnikau, V.R., 1983:
Cultivation of tomatoes using herbicides in combination with cultural methods of weed control

Pouvreau, A., 1984:
Cultivation of tropical oilseed

Blumenschein, A.; Aquino, A.R.L. de; Blumenschein, F.; Dall' Acqua, F., 1983:
Cultivation of upland rice in Brazil: problems and perspectives

Chadha, K.L.; Rao, V.R., 1984:
Cultivation of wild yam for steroid drug industry

Anonymous, 1983:
Cultivation of woody biomass. Short-rotation coppice

Procyk, A., 1984:
Cultivation possibilities and medicinal properties of liquorice

Gaze, R.H., 1985:
Cultivation systems and their evolution

Salas, H.P.; Nunez, V.F.; Rainero, H.P., 1984:
Cultivation systems for grain sorghum and groundnuts in rotation

Chittey, E.T.; Chamen, W.C.T.; Patterson, D.E., 1986:
Cultivation systems for straw incorporation on clay soil, 1984-1985

Chittey, E.T.; Chamen, W.C.T.; Patterson, D.E., 1986:
Cultivation systems for straw incorporation on clay soils : 1983-84

Beaux, Y.; Martin, G., 1985:
Cultivation techniques and quality of wheat

Hamid, S.; Salma ; Sabir, A.W.; Khan, S.A., 1984:
Cultivation trials of buffalo gourd - a potential oilseed crop at the PCSIR Laboratories, Lahore

Jori, I.; Soos, S., 1984:
Cultivation with combined heavy cultivators without ploughing

Anonymous, 1984 :
Cultivation, pests and diseases, globe artichokes (part II)

Geissler, T.; Schmidt, R.; Bohme, M., 1984:
Cultivation-method-dependent fertilizing of greenhouse-grown vegetables

Almond, J.A.; Dawkins, T.C.K.; Done, C.J.; Ivins, J.D., 1984:
Cultivations for winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.)

Greenwood, D.J., 1982:
Cultural authenticity

Anonymous, 1985:
Cultural activities of women; diversity rather than specificity

Vorobushkov, A.G., 1982:
Cultural and biochemical properties of microorganisms isolated in the intestine of chicks infected or uninfected with Ascaridia

Lisa, L.; Eynard, I., 1980:
Cultural and mechanization aspects of hillside viticulture. Offprint from proceedings of National Conference on Mechanization of Viticulture in upland areas, Torino, 24 January 1980, 15-53

Gaova, V.P.; Merezhko, T.O., 1984:
Cultural and morphological characteristics of Cytospora Ehr. ex Fr. species

E.S.afey, H.A.; E.F.ngary, I.M.; Shata, H.M.; Diab, M.M.S., 1982:
Cultural and morphological variation in Helminthosporium turcicum

Kumar, S.; Mahamood, M., 1984:
Cultural and nutritional variabilities among five isolates of Colletotrichum capsici

Meunier, S.; Maraite, H.; Meyer, J.A., 1985 :
Cultural and pathogenic characters of Botrytis cinerea strains resistant to cyclic imides isolated from strawberry in Belgium

Verhasselt, Y., 1986:
Cultural and social exchanges across the Franco-Belgian border

Lal, S.S.; Sachan, J.N.; Chandra, S., 1985:
Cultural and varietal tools for integrated pest management for increasing pulse production

Mirabile, F., 1984:
Cultural aspects of tourism in the European Community

Hull, A.; Wallace, M., 1985:
Cultural change: past, present and future

Lopes, M.C.; Lucas, M.T.; Barros, M.L. de, 1982:
Cultural characteristics of Phaeocytostroma plurivorum isolated from sunflower roots in Portugal

Nedelnik, J., 1985:
Cultural characters of Phoma medicaginis Malbr. & Roum var. pinodella (Jones) Boerema

Sharma, S.L.; Kaith, D.S.; Khan, M.A., 1983:
Cultural control of Sclerotinia stalk rot of cauliflower

Mzira, C.N., 1984:
Cultural control of maize streak virus in wheat by spacing and time of planting

Slosser, J.E.; Puterka, G.J.; Price, J.R., 1986:
Cultural control of the boll weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae): effects of narrow-row spacing and row direction

Sales, F.J.M., 1985:
Cultural control of the north-eastern leaf-cutting ant

Hurtado, V.J.J., 1984:
Cultural determinants of food selection

Cabillic, I.; Hornn Muriot, M.; Gentil, G., 1984:
Cultural development: books and articles published in 1982: bibliographical catalogue

Anonymous, 1986:
Cultural expenditure by towns increased threefold between 1978 and 1984; The cultural budget of the departments increased threefold between 1978 and 1984

Adejuwon, F.J., 1985:
Cultural heritage as tourism product

Wieruszewska, M., 1984:
Cultural identity in the studies of rural communities

Knowlton, C.S., 1986:
Cultural impacts of New Mexico and West Texas reclamation projects

Anonymous, 1984:
Cultural industries

Stanimirovic, J.; Blagosevic, D., 1985:
Cultural life in the Yugoslav People's Army

Goebiowski, B., 1984:
Cultural life in the villages over changing generations

Dunand, R.T.; Baker, J.B.; Sonnier, E.A.; Dilly, R.R.J., 1985:
Cultural management for red rice control in rice

Dunand, R.; Baker, J.B.; Dilly, R., .:
Cultural management for red rice suppression

Rogers, C.E., 1985:
Cultural management of Dectes texanus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in sunflower

Pardales, J.R.J.; Villamayor, F.G.J., 1983:
Cultural management studies on upland taro: effects of cultivation systems on growth and yield of taro and incidence of associated weeds

Sims, W.L., 1985:
Cultural modification of vegetables for mechanized production

Martin, L.W., 1985:
Cultural modifications for improving mechanical harvesting of red raspberries and blackberries

Peterson, D.L., 1985:
Cultural modifications of deciduous tree fruits for mechanized production

Kamphorst, T.J.; Beek, A. van, 1985:
Cultural participation in the Netherlands

Liu, B., 1983:
Cultural policy in the People's Republic of China. Letting a hundred flowers blossom

Sertorio, G.; Nuciari, M.; Martinengo, C.; Lazzarini, G., 1984:
Cultural practice and social consciousness - emerging patterns in the family framework with reference to the Italian society

Ishimura, I.; Sawazaki, E.; Igue, T.; Noda, M., 1984:
Cultural practices and productivity of green maize

Donnelly, K.J.; McMurphy, W.E., 1984:
Cultural practices for maximising forage production in wheat

Dunand, R.; Baker, J.; Dilly, R.J., .:
Cultural practices for red rice suppression. (A preliminary report)

Nair, G.M.; Ravindran, C.S.; Prasad, M., 1984:
Cultural practices for tuber crops

Nascimento Junior, D. do; Macedo, G.A.R., 1984:
Cultural practices in the production of forage grass seed

Halfhill, JE.; Gefre, JA.; Tamaki, G., 1984:
Cultural practices inhibiting overwintering survival of Brachycolus asparagi Mordvilko (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Eguchi, H.; Shin, M.; Hirokawa, F., 1984:
Cultural practices to produce high grain yield in early maturing wheat cultivars

Sucic, S., 1983:
Cultural requirements and cultural standards of village communities

Kecskes, S., 1984:
Cultural standards and activities of workers

Moerman, P.A., 1985:
Cultural systems and pruning of cucumbers

Glas, R.; Breedveld, L., 1985:
Cultural systems for French beans

Pasini, P., 1984 :
Cultural techniques and choice of variety in spinach for processing

Dumitrescu, G., 1983:
Cultural techniques in super-dense pear orchards

M.G.D., 1985:
Cultural techniques with tree nursery stock in containers

McNulty, R., 1986:
Cultural tourism: new opportunities for wedding conservation to economic development

Kumar, P.; Lal, S., 1984:
Cultural, morphological and physiological variation in maize isolates of Drechslera state of Cochliobolus heterostrophus

Wall, M.T., 1983:
Cultural, pathological, and environmental factors influencing treatment of soybean seeds with fungicides

Khare, A.K.; Shinde, D.A.; Nayak, M.L., 1983:
Cultural, physiological and nodulation characteristics of mutants of Cicer rhizobia

Cleveland, D.A., 1986:
Culture and horticulture in Mexico

Gawlik, L., 1986:
Culture and leisure

Mala, E., 1986:
Culture and leisure within the context of shaping the way of life

Primault, J.; Vinck, A., 1985:
Culture and sanitary protection of the cider apple

Clark, J.E.; Setliff, E.C., 1985:
Culture collection of wood-inhabiting fungi

Zhang, Z.; Murry, M.A.; Torrey, J.G., 1986:
Culture conditions influencing growth and nitrogen fixation in Frankia sp. HFPCc13 isolated from Casuarina

Andres, C., 1983:
Culture for buttermilk provides operating efficiencies

Herrera Isla, L.; Cupull Santana, R., 1985:
Culture media for plant pathogenic fungi in tropical regions

Marichal, P.; Gorrens, J.; Van Cutsem, J.; Vanden Bossche, H., 1986:
Culture media for the study of the effects of azole derivatives on germ tube formation and hyphal growth of C. albicans

Keggins, K.M.; Davis, A.C.; Sybert, E.M.; Mays, T.D.; Milch, R.A., 1985:
Culture media from clarified dairy whey lactose permeates

Wijk, C. van; Schroen, G., 1986:
Culture of kilo-cabbage offers possible prospects

Pupovac Velikonja, A.; Velikonja, J.; Durrigl, A., 1986:
Culture of Aspergillus parasiticus in apple juice. I. Influence of sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate on fungal growth and aflatoxin biosynthesis

Metton, H.; Smyth, R.; Clay, J.C., 1985:
Culture of Candida albicans on gonococcal and Sabouraud's media correlated with presence or absence of signs or symptoms and positive results on microscopy and cytology

Musselius, V.A.; Vanyatinskii, V.F.; Golovina, N.A., 1984:
Culture of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (Ciliata, Ophryoglenidae) and evaluation of its pathogenicity to fish

Brenk, G. van, 1985:
Culture of Nerine flexuosa var. alba is less difficult than is supposed

Aular, M.G.; Boiso, J.F. de, 1982:
Culture of Trypanosoma cruzi (strain Elpidio Padron) in a semi-defined medium. Effect of some variations in its composition and in the conditions of its development

Rao, D.S.K.; Manissery, J.K.; Devaraj, K.V.; Murthy, G.N., 1982:
Culture of a duckweed Lemna minor in cement cisterns using different organic and inorganic manures

Baumrucker, C.R., 1985:
Culture of bovine mammary acini on a collagen matrix

Thomas, M.B.; Teoh, S.L., 1983:
Culture of container-grown Ficus macrophylla I. Influence of nutrition on foliage growth

Thomas, M.B.; Teoh, S.L., 1983:
Culture of container-grown Ficus macrophylla. II. Influence of shading and N fertilization

Chaminadas, G.; Propper, A.Y.; Royez, M.; Prost, O.; Remy-Martin, J.P.; Adessi, G.L., 1986:
Culture of epithelial and stromal cells of guinea-pig endometrium and the effect of oestradiol-17 beta on the epithelial cells

Millet, P.; Landau, I.; Baccam, D.; Miltgen, F.; Peters, W., 1985:
Culture of exo-erythrocytic schizonts of rodent Plasmodium in hepatocytes; a new experimental model for the chemotherapy of malaria

Walker, E.K.; Reynolds, L.B., 1984:
Culture of flue-cured tobacco seedlings in Todd cells: influence of growth media on seedling growth

Woods, L.C.IIi; Kerby, J.H.; Huish, M.T., 1985:
Culture of hybrid striped bass to marketable size in circular tanks

Sutton, D.L., 1986:
Culture of hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata) in sand root media amended with three fertilizers

Esentaliev, T.T., 1984:
Culture of immature Echinococcus granulosus on artificial nutrient media

Kuchko, A.A.; Marunenko, I.M., 1983:
Culture of isolated anthers in potato

Zdruikovskaya Rikhter, A.I., 1985:
Culture of isolated embryos, ovules and seeds of different fruit crops and aspects of its applied use

Lisenko, K.G.; Sidorov, V.A., 1985:
Culture of isolated protoplasts and production of new forms in potato

Vysotskii, V.A., 1983:
Culture of isolated tissues and organs of fruit crops: producing disease-free material and microclonal propagation

Reid, H.W.; Buxton, D.; Berrie, E.; Pow, I.; Finlayson, J., 1985:
Culture of malignant catarrhal fever agent

Schneider, J.; Windgassen, P., 1986:
Culture of mycobacteria from various types of specimens

Morozova, A.V.; Pontovich, V.E., 1984:
Culture of ovules and placenta in cotton

Quinn, P.; Warnes, G.M.; Walker, S.K.; Seamark, R.F., 1984:
Culture of preimplantation sheep and goat embryos

Nanda, K.K.; Angrish, R., 1982:
Culture of shoot meristematic organs as an aid to understanding the physiology of growth and development of woody plants

D.H.lluin, K.; Geyt, J. van; Greef, W. de; Jacobs, M.; Ceulemans, E., 1984:
Culture of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) in vitro

Pessoa, C.; Pessoa, A., 1985:
Culture of the Brazilian Cattleya labiata var. warneri

Dan' shina, M.S.; Dan' shin, N.S., 1985:
Culture of the contents of Sarcocystis fusiformis cysts on semi-synthetic nutritent media

Balazs, S.; Kovacsne Gyenes, M., 1985:
Culture of the shaggy inkcap, Coprinus comatus, on straw

Moiseyeva, E.B.; Rudenko, V.I., 1985:
Culture of the toad-goby, Mesogobius batrachocephalus

Li, Y.Q.; Yang, S.H.; Xu, Q.Y.; Li, W.Y., 1984:
Culture techniques for three clones of poplars of the Aigeiros group

Noack, B., 1986:
Culture treatments for the successful cultivation of Holsteiner Cox

Anonymous, 1984:
Culture, bilingualism and national society

Gazi, L., 1984:
Culture, literature and teaching in Zaire: a review

Harper, W.J., 1985:
Cultured dairy products

Frederick, M., 1986:
Cultured dairy products: time for a change

Kennedy, P.P., 1986:
Cultured dairy products; marketing analysis; the food service personnel approach

Iversen, E.K., 1984:
Cultured milk production

Bertelsen, E., 1983:
Cultured milk products in the Scandinavian countries

Hunger, W., 1985:
Cultured milk products obtained using 'mildly acidifying cultures'

Klupsch, H.J., 1984:
Cultured milk products, desserts and whey products

Klupsch, H.J., 1984:
Cultured milk products, flavoured milk drinks and desserts

Anonymous, 1985:
Cultured milks

Anonymous, 1985:
Cultured milks. Determination of coliform count (reference method)

Boockfor, F.R.; Hoeffler, J.P.; Frawley, L.S., 1985:
Cultures of GH3 cells are functionally heterogeneous: thyrotropin-releasing hormone, estradiol and cortisol cause reciprocal shifts in the proportions of growth hormone and prolactin secretors

Dolezalek, J.; Horky, J., 1985:
Cultures used in manufacture of cheese with high scalding temperature. (Emmental culture. III)

Feist Fite, B., 1984:
Cultures: impact on leisure and food choices

Bauman, D.S., 1984:
Culturing sputum for systemic fungi

Anonymous, 1985:
Cumbria's reputation as a holiday area

Lim, K.P., 1983:
Cumulative degree-days for estimating peak occurrence of fourth instar larvae of the spruce budworm

Chiera, JW.; Newson, RM.; Cunningham, MP., 1985:
Cumulative effects of host resistance on Rhipicephalus appendiculatus Neumann (Acarina: Ixodidae) in the laboratory

Hofstra, G.; Tonneijck, A.E.G.; Allen, O.B., 1985:
Cumulative effects of low levels of SO2 on O3 sensitivity in bean and cucumber

McMartin, K.E.; Collins, T.D.; Bairnsfather, L., 1986:
Cumulative excess urinary excretion of folate in rats after repeated ethanol treatment

Braak, N.J. van de; Breuer, J.J.G.; Heyna, B.J., 1984:
Cumulative frequency distribution curves of greenhouse heat requirements

Carver, B.F.; Burton, J.W.; Wilson, R.F.; Carter, T.E.J., 1986:
Cumulative response to various recurrent selection schemes in soybean: oil quality and correlated agronomic traits

Afridi, M.M.R.K.; Parvaiz, M.A.; Samiullah, 1983:
Cumulative role of basal and foliar fertilization in enhancing the yield of Laha-101

James, J.W., 1986:
Cumulative selection differentials and realized heritabilities with overlapping generations

Anonymous, 1983:
Cuni-Sciences, a journal of scientific reviews concerning rabbits. Volume 1, Number 1

Sainsbury, H.H., 1985:
Cup filling apparatus

Whitelaw, A.; Fawcett, A.R.; Macdonald, A.J., 1984:
Cupric oxide needles in the prevention of bovine hypocuprosis

Whitelaw, A., 1983:
Cupric oxide needles in the prevention of hypocuprosis in sheep

Usanagornkul, S., 1984:
Curative praxis in working elephants in Thailand

Anonymous, 1984:
Curbing milk production. The quota system

Hansen, R., 1986:
Curd draining and moulding machines with multi-tubes

Anonymous, 1986 :

Watson, A.J.; Russell, R.P.; Cabreja, R.F.; Braverman, R.; Whelton, A., 1985:
Cure of cryptococcal infection during continued immunosuppressive therapy

Kopulety, B.; Hasek, V., 1984:
Cure of infectious udder inflammation in the basic herd of lactating cows on the agricultural co-operative (JZD) Rovnost Brtnice farm

Paulova, J.; Strosova, Z.; Strakova, J.; Mares, P., 1984:
Cure of mastitis in cows treated with the Oxaclen foam preparation on the SS SZTS Benesov farm

Kumaran, K.; Nair, P.C.S., 1982:
Curing bud wood and method of budding on 'bud take' in cocoa var. Forastero (Theobroma cacao L.)

Czvikovszky, T.; Tapolcai, I., 1985:
Curing kinetics of elastic polyester resins in wood and mechanical properties of the composites obtained

Telfer, S.B.; Zervas, G.; Carlos, G., 1984:
Curing or preventing deficiencies in copper, cobalt and selenium in cattle and sheep using Tracerglass

Nurillaev, Y.; Mamatov, S.; Mamadiyarov, T., 1983:
Curl quality in grey Karakul lambs

Reppenhorst, M., 1986:
Curled-leaved endives - an interesting crop for planting under glass?

Khodayari, K.; Frans, R.E.; Parson, C.; Simpson, A., 1983:
Curly dock control in a double cropping system (wheat-soybeans)

Salikhov, M.M.; Oslopov, A.A., 1985:
Currant propagation by one- or two-bud cuttings

Lutterbach, A.; Krausslich, H., 1985:
Current adaptations to the milk quota in EEC countries

Kozyr' , M.I., 1986:
Current agricultural policy: administration and legislation

Kieral, Z., 1985:
Current agricultural problems in Poland

Bratt, G., 1985:
Current and future breeding work with dairy cattle

Laskowski, S.; Konecka, K., 1983:
Current and future development of agriculture in the marshlands of the Vistula delta (Zuawy region)

Kozikowski, K.; Sosnowski, J.; Gil, W., 1981:
Current and new technologies for timber skidding in Krynica experimental forest

Palmer, R.G.; Griffin, J.D.; Hedges, B.R., 1985:
Current and obsolete gene symbols for isozymes and protein variants in soybean

Polge, C., 1986:
Current and potential reproductive technology

Mpelumbe, I.S., 1984:
Current animal disease situation in Tanzania

Yokogawa, M., 1985:
Current anthelmintics for the mass treatment of soil-transmitted helminthiasis

Poulson, P.B., 1984:
Current applications of immobilized enzymes for manufacturing purposes

Huang, C.H., 1985:
Current asparagus research in Taiwan

Martina, C.; Iosif, V., 1985:
Current aspects in feeding fur-bearing animals

Tähkä, K.M., 1986:
Current aspects of Leydig cell function and its regulation

Levy, P.; Moreira Diop, T.; Cherbonnel, G.; Mogueya, S.A.D.; Diop, A.; Diop, B., 1984:
Current aspects of amoebic liver abscesses at the Aristide le Dantec hospital (Dakar). Review of the last eight years: 69 cases

Goussard, B.; Ivanoff, B.; Beville, G.; Garin, Y., 1984:
Current aspects of the ELISA for the serological diagnosis of helminthiases

Geissler, B.; Schonmuth, G., 1986:
Current aspects of the evaluation of progeny testing in cattle breeding and its solution through linear models

Boos, G.V.; Kazakova, A.A.; Burenin, V.I., 1983:
Current aspects of the study and use of the vegetable and cucurbit crop collections

Toxopeus, H.; Oost, E.H.; Reuling, G., 1984:
Current aspects of the taxonomy of cultivated Brassica species. The use of Brassica rapa L. versus B. campestris L. and a proposal for a new infraspecific classification of B. rapa L

Sirbu, M.; Margineanu, S.; Borcea, F., 1985:
Current aspects regarding poultry feeding

Gibson, H.G.; Mantovani, B.H.; Mantovani, E.C.; Peart, R.M., 1985:
Current biomass energy technology in Brazil

Melber, E., 1984:
Current brimstone situation

Cortesi, M.L.; Pezone, G.; Catellani, G., 1984:
Current carrier rate for Salmonella in apparently healthy slaughter swine

McLean, A.J.; Ioannides-Demos, L.L.; Spicer, W.J., 1984:
Current clinical applications and dose regimens of metronidazole and related nitroimidazoles

Ozeretskovskaya, N.N., 1984:
Current clinical problems in parasitocoenology

Gorbatenko, I.Yu, 1986:
Current conceptions of the possibility of selecting plants in the early stages of ontogeny

Anonymous., 1985:
Current concepts of animal growth. Volume 1

Jeffcott, L.B.; Field, J.R., 1985:
Current concepts of hyperlipaemia in horses and ponies

Nash, T.E.; Neva, F.A., 1984:
Current concepts: recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cerebral cysticercosis

Tebrugge, F.; Griebel, J.; Henke, W., 1985:
Current cultivation and sowing methods - energy, labour and cost reduction and soil protection

Grubeck Loebenstein, B.; Waldhausl, W., 1985:
Current data on iodine excretion in the Vienna area

Gibbs, G.W., 1984:
Current degree research projects on entomological topics at N.Z. universities: 1984

Anonymous, 1985:
Current degree research projects on entomological topics at N.Z. universities: 1985

Lu, W.Z.; Wu, G.N., 1986:
Current development of biotechnology and its application to plant breeding in China

Sponcet, M.; Sifflet, P.; Michallet, A., 1985:
Current developments and understanding of rennet use in the dairy industry

Hoare, J.S.; Guingand, C. de, 1983:
Current developments for utilization of Christmas Island phosphate resources

Kelly, M., 1986:
Current developments in beef cattle housing in Scotland

Matheson, A.G., 1984:
Current developments in greater wax moth control

Dowker, B.D.; Horobin, J.F.; Crowther, T.C.; Currah, L., 1984:
Current developments in the NVRS onion breeding programme

Lennox Kerr, P., 1985:
Current directions in cotton ginning technology

Gardner, B.L., 1984 :
Current economic issues in US agriculture: implications for farm policy choices in 1985

Hongladarom, C.; Charsombut, P., 1984:
Current employment situation with specific reference to rural employment

Kvasov, I.L., 1985:
Current epidemiological situation of rabies in cattle and its immunoprophylaxis

Assemien, C., 1984:
Current farm mechanization policy in Ivory Coast. The mechanization promotion project

Kretschmer, A.E.Jr, 1984:
Current forage research, at Fort Pierce, Florida

Zabielski, B., 1984:
Current growing stock of Biaowieza forest and its potential increase

Kunstler, R.; Binkley, A.L.; Kunstler, B., 1986:
Current health problems, trends in health care, and demand for recreation and leisure services personnel; Aging, leisure, and modernization: a cross-cultural perspective; The future of recreation: a classical perspective

Agarwal, S.P., 1984:
Current hormonal status of male buffaloes

Belyakov, P., 1984:
Current increment of Quercus rubra plantations, and the influence of certain factors on it

Gusev, I.I.; Yaroslavtsev, S.V., 1984:
Current increment of spruce forests in the Far North

Nilsson, L.G., 1984:
Current interest in trace elements in Swedish agriculture

Kaminski, W., 1985:
Current issues concerning locations within the food economy: 150 years after the work of von Thunen

Hubbard, M.; Morrison, J.S., 1985:
Current issues in cattle pricing and marketing in Botswana

Unkovic, S., 1984:
Current issues in the development of the foreign tourist trade in Yugoslavia

Beke, J.; Vas, A., 1985:
Current issues in the drying of grain crops

Bohm, A., 1984:
Current issues of rural sociology. The 12th European Congress on Rural Sociology

Vannier, P., 1984:
Current knowledge and status of Aujeszky's disease

Scannerini, S.; Bonfante Fasolo, P., 1982:
Current knowledge concerning the cytology of mycorrhizae

Soboleva, T.N.; Moiseenko, K.G.; Osipovskaya, L.L.; Petrova, P.F., 1984:
Current knowledge on Hasstilesia infection in sheep

Kubicka, J., 1985:
Current knowledge on the distribution of two toxic fungal species, Psilocybe mairei and P. semilanceata, in Czechoslovakia

Strbak, V., 1984:
Current knowledge on the presence and importance of hormones in milk

Franco, G., 1985:
Current legislation on market milk

Pitina, M.R.; Poznanskaya, N.L.; Promenenkov, V.K.; Shvetsov Shilovskii, N.I., 1986:
Current levels and predicted trends in the control of agricultural crops from undesirable consequences of herbicide application

Ronohardjo, P.; Wilson, A.J.; Hirsts, R.G., 1985:
Current livestock disease status in Indonesia

Banks, H.J., 1984:
Current methods and potential systems for production of controlled atmospheres for grain storage

Zeman, P.; Kuntos, J.; Domkar, P.; Uridil, J.; Plachy, J.; Homolac, M., 1986:
Current methods of controlling Dermanyssus gallinae in Czechoslovakia

Shmunk, E.K.; Tursunov, M.T.; Pak, L., 1984:
Current methods of therapy for bovine theileriasis

Mosier, A.R.; Heinemeyer, O., 1985:
Current methods used to estimate N2O and N2 emissions from field soils

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Current position in pastures. Trends in the use of species and cultivars

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Current practices and future prospects for chemical plant growth regulators in tropical plantation crops

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Current practices in the production of cassava planting material

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Current practices in the production of seed potato

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Current pressure on the market for rented land from the point of view of the individual farmer and possibilities for government intervention

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Current problems and future potential of artificial insemination programmes

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Current problems concerning animal feed recommendations

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Current problems concerning the aetiology, pathogenesis and diagnosis of neoplasms of farm animals

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Current problems in feeding of high-yielding dairy cows

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Current problems in improving labour norms in agriculture

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Current problems in livestock genetics

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Current problems in onion breeding 1983

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Current problems in reducing the costs of log transport

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Current problems in the breeding of winter oil rapes

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Current problems in the integrated control of diseases and pests of agricultural field crops

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Current problems in the intensification of Bulgarian socialist agriculture

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Current problems in the study of infanticidal behavior of rodents

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Current problems in veterinary care of coypu

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Current problems of Mexican agriculture

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Current problems of artificial insemination in pigs in Hungary

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Current problems of cattle feeding in Yugoslavia's arable lowlands

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Current problems of forest protection in the Carpathians

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Current problems of peat development in the USSR

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Current problems of pig feeding

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Current problems of scientists and producers

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Current problems of serodiagnosis of toxoplasmosis with particular consideration of prenatal care

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Current problems of storing plant genetic resources

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Current problems of the epidemiology of toxoplasmosis

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Current problems of the rural elderly

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Current progress and problems in the milk and ice cream industry

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Current progress towards an understanding of the genetics and molecular biology of nitrate reductase in higher plants

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Current prospects for tawa

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Current questions and problems of plant protection in Hessen

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Current questions concerning regional development in tourism

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Current regional park development in the West Midlands urban region, England. In: Regional parks for the West Midlands

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Current research on and methods of improvement of animal health by means of feeding, management and environment

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Current research on carcass quality in cattle and methods of improving it

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Current research on environmental pollution and wood structure. I

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Current research on milk quality

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Current research on the horse-flies (Tabanidae, Diptera) of the coastal region of French Guiana

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Current research on the improvement of health in cattle by means of breeding

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Current research program-diseases of animals

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Current research projects on educational problems of Third World countries: a survey among German educationists

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Current research strategies for use of actinorhizal symbioses in forestry

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Current results from veterinary advice on feeding. 5. Faults in formulation of rations for dairy cows in problem herds

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Current results of screening for toxoplasmosis in selected groups of the population

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Current resuscitation methods for recovery of stressed Staphylococcus aureus cells from foods

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Current situation and future development prospects for Andalucian agriculture

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Current situation and prospects for the food industry in Chile

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Current situation and prospects for the utilization of ewes' and goats' milk in the world and at home

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Current situation and tasks in tomato breeding as well as recommendations for using cultivars for production of field tomatoes

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Current situation in and prospects of cheesemaking in the Czech Socialist Republic

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Current situation in breeding and cultivation of sweet potato in China

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Current situation in rice breeding in America

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Current situation of agronomic research in Zaire

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Current situation of avian influenza in Italy and approaches to its control

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Current situation of biogas research and development in China

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Current situation of schistosomiasis mansoni in Pampulha lake, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil

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Current situation, problems and prospects in breeding groundnut in Bulgaria

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Current state and future prospect of the development of varietal improvement technology

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Current state and future prospects of studies on the immunoprophylaxis of fascioliasis

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Current state and prospects of embryo transfer

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Current state of and prospects for rural tourism in Seville's Sierra Norte

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Current state of buttermaking technology

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Current state of fruit crop breeding

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Current state of production and consumption of horse meat in France

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Current state of rabies in Yugoslavia with special reference to Croatia

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Current state of the diagnosis and control of nutritional disorders of lemons in Spain

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Current status and future prospects of rapeseed breeding in India

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Current status and prospects for Spanish market garden produce within the EEC

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Current status and prospects for detecting and controlling bacterial ring rot of potatoes in North America

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Current status and prospects in the treatment of carp against Philometroides infection

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Current status of agro-technology for rainfed rice culture

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Current status of beech bark disease in France

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Current status of beech bark disease in New England and New York

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Current status of buffalo breeding programs in Malaysia

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Current status of collection and conservation of South American groundnut germplasm with emphasis on wild species of Arachis

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Current status of genetic dwarf fruit trees for the Northwest

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Current status of human dirofilariasis in Japan

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Current status of insecticide recommendations for managing stored grain in Canada and the United States

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Current status of leishmaniasis - vector biology

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Current status of leptospiral vaccines

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Current status of malaria

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Current status of malaria in the world and the problems of imported malaria in the USSR

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Current status of nitrification inhibitor use in U.S. agriculture

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Current status of parasitic and neoplastic diseases of shellfish: a review

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Current status of pine wilt and recent research on the disease complex in Illinois - center of an epidemic in scotch pine

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Current status of rabies control in Korea

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Current status of salmonellosis in the foal

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Current status of the BoLA complex

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Current status of the immunological problems in opisthorchiasis and further development of immunological studies

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Current status of the production and use of Metarhizium anisopliae for control of Aphodius tasmaniae in South Australia

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Current status of the sterile-insect release technique for control of stored-product Lepidoptera

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Current status of timber yield and severance taxes in the United States

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Current status of weed control practices in tropical plantations with special references to South-East Asia

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Current status of wheat breeding in Japan

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Current tasks facing complex technical development in Hungarian dried pea production

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Current techniques for the evaluation of metal problems due to sludge

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Current techniques in the evaluation of motility disorders

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Current technology for timber extraction during selective thinning of conifer stands

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Current technology in breeding table pigeons

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Current tendency of perennial weeds and study of weed control

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Current therapy for heart failure in dogs

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Current thoughts on nitrogen fixation

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Current topics in the taxonomy of thermophilic fungi, as potential pathogens of opportunistic infections

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Current trends in Yersinia spp. isolates in Italy, 1979-1985

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Current trends in bulk storage preservation of fruits and vegetables with emphasis on tomatoes

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Current trends in lamb production with particular reference to New Zealand

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Current trends in rights of way applications

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Current trends in screwworm myiasis in the Caribbean region

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Current trends in supply of foods and luxury commodities

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Current trends in the production of new pesticides

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Current trends of research in the area of grass seed science

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Current trends of soil microorganism coenoses

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Current use of frozen boar semen - future need of frozen boar semen

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Current use of legume inoculant technology

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Current use of remote sensing in forest resource survey

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Current views on the pathogenesis of coeliac disease

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Current volume increment of spruce

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Current water situation in developing countries. ACP/EC meeting on water management in rural areas (Marseilles, 19-21 June 1984)

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Current weed control in maize

Anonymous, 1985:
Current work on appropriate livestock managment 1984

Anonymous, 1984:
Current work on species-specific animal husbandry 1983. Proceedings of the 15th international meeting on ethology applied to livestock, 16-19 November 1983 at Freiburg/Breisgau

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Current world meat situation and short-term outlook

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Currently available models

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Currently used techniques in rain-fed water-concentrating culture. The example of the Anti-Atlas

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Curricular aspects of post-literacy and the continuing education of neo-literates. The results of an international research project of the Unesco Institute for Education in collaboration with the German Commission for Unesco, Bonn

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Curriculum considerations for hearing impaired children in developing countries

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Curriculum development and culture

Anonymous, 1985:
Curriculum development in population education

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Curriculum diversification in Colombia and Tanzania: an evaluation

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Curriculum formulation based on industry needs and graduate perceptions

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Curriculum perspectives

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Curriculum theory and the politics of curriculum production

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Cursory survey of lymphatic filariasis. An overview

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Curtain up on the resorts. An independent report on maintaining the level of live entertainment at England's seaside resorts

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Curtains for ACNV

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Curved Ganglam arches

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Curves of milk release in machine-milked Pleven Blackhead and Pleven Blackhead X East Friesian ewes

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Curvularia blight of turfgrasses: a historical perspective

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Curvularia leaf spot disease of palmarosa in the Punjab

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Curvularia leaf spot of Deshi cotton in India

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Curvularia lunata on niger - a new record

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Curvularia lunata, opportunistic pathogen of onychomycosis of the hallux

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Curvularia trifolii (Kauffm.) Boed. f.sp. gladioli Parmelee & Luttrell, a Gladiolus pathogen new to Poland

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Cusco: peasant alternatives for agriculture

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Cuscohygrine from some solanaceous plants

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Cushing's syndrome in the dog

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Customary diet, anthropometry, and dyslipoproteinemia in selected North American populations. The Lipid Research Clinics Program Prevalence Study

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Customers to decide: should he stay, should he go, or should he just grow up?

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Cut flower longevity as affected by chemical pre-treatment

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Cut flower market in Spain: structure and limiting factors of development

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Cut foliage in floriculture

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Cut it by 25 pc - and that's official

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Cut landscape maintenance costs by proper design and planning

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Cut roses under glass in the Ile de France and the Var

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Cut stubble applications of triclopyr and picloram herbicides following mechanical brush removal on rights-of-way

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Cut stump treatment with and without time delay

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Cut your greenhouse energy costs

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Cut-off, break-over, and defoliation effects on a determinate soybean cultivar

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Cutability and palatability comparisons of Charolais crossbred bulls and steers

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Cutaneous abscess due to Nocardia after 'alternative' therapy for lymphoma

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Cutaneous amebiasis of the face: a case report

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Cutaneous amoebiasis

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Cutaneous and mucocutaneous candidiasis in a dog

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Cutaneous and mucosal diseases of goats: development of a technique for studying risk factors

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Cutaneous and mucosal manifestations of the deep mycotic infections

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Cutaneous chromomycosis in renal transplant recipients. Successful management in two cases

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Cutaneous cryptococcosis in a cat infected by the leukaemogenic virus

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Cutaneous cryptococcosis in three cats

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Cutaneous cryptococcosis resembling molluscum contagiosum in a patient with AIDS

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Cutaneous geotrichosis in horses

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Cutaneous granules associated with dermatophilosis in a white-tailed deer

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Cutaneous histiocytosis in dogs

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Cutaneous larva migrans

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Cutaneous larva migrans. Treatment with cambendazole

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Cutaneous leishmaniasis due to Leishmania braziliensis in an Israeli tourist. The importance of accurate diagnosis and appropriate therapy

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Cutaneous leishmaniasis imported by Hungarian subjects

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Cutaneous leishmaniasis in Al Menoufia Governorate, Egypt

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Cutaneous leishmaniasis in northern Algeria

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Cutaneous leishmaniasis in the population of developed zones of the Karshinskaya steppe

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Cutaneous leishmaniasis of the eastern foothills of the Venezuelan Andes

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Cutaneous leishmaniasis: anatomic and clinical contribution

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Cutaneous lesion caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a dog

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Cutaneous lymphatic sporotrichosis treated with ketoconazole - report of an infection acquired in the United Kingdom

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Cutaneous manifestations of zinc deficiency during treatment with anticonvulsants

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Cutaneous mucormycosis in a diabetic woman. Diagnostic and therapeutic issues

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Cutaneous mycosis in a lion cub (Panther leo) caused by Candida tropicalis

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Cutaneous myiasis caused by larvae of Cordylobia anthropophaga acquired in Europe

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Cutaneous myiasis due to Chrysomya bezziana Villeneuve (Diptera: Calliphoridae) in a sea-lion, Zalophus californianus at Zoo Negara, Malaysia

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Cutaneous myiasis in Pennsylvania

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Cutaneous nocardiosis in a cat

Anon, 1984:
Cutaneous nocardiosis in cancer patients receiving immunotherapy injections - Bahamas

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Cutaneous nocardiosis. Case reports and review

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Cutaneous papillomas and enzootic haematuria in Indian hill cattle

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Cutaneous phlebectasias in Cushingoid dogs

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Cutaneous protothecosis presenting as recurrent chromomycosis

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Cutaneous pythiosis in beef calves

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Cutaneous streptothricosis (dermatophilosis) in crossbred and purebred cattle in Punjab

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Cutaneous streptothricosis in a horse

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Cutback irrigation with automated surge flow techniques

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Cuticle production and ecdysis in larval marine ascaridoid nematodes in vitro

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Cuticular abnormality of Oesophagostomum radiatum (Nematoda) fourth-stage larvae grown in vitro

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Cuticular carbohydrates of three nematode species and chemoreception by Trichostrongylus colubriformis

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Cuticular Collagenous Proteins of Second-stage Juveniles and Adult Females of Meloidogyne incognita: Isolation and Partial Characterization

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Cuticular leaf chemistry and insect resistance of three reciprocally grafted tobacco types

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Cuticular lesions on adult Baylisascaris procyonis (Nematoda) passed naturally from a raccoon

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Cuticular lesions on tsetse flies in Kenya

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Cuticular permeability of the field crab Paratelphusa jacquemontii

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Cuticular permeability to calcium compounds in 'Golden Delicious' apple fruit

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Cuticular ridge patterns of Haemonchus contortus and Haemonchus placei (Nematoda: Trichostrongyloidea)

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Cutover classification for site preparation

Davies, J.R., 1984:
Cutting apparatus and method

Keene, A.C., 1984:
Cutting arable corners

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Cutting date and nitrogen level on yield and quality of Guinea grass seed

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Cutting energy costs in boiler room operations

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Cutting energy in orthogonal cutting perpendicular to the grain

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Cutting experiment of mandarin orange twig by ring cutter

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Cutting firmness of potato dumplings as a function of the fineness of ground dehydrated potatoes and the concentration of added corn or wheat starch

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Cutting frequency and fertilizer application for Napier grass

Vrie, C. van de, 1985:
Cutting machine developed by Sjef van Gils

Troger, J.; Lauter, G., 1983:
Cutting productivity and power during milling of particleboard with herringbone- or helical-toothed tools

Bluhm, W.L.; Burt, J., 1983:
Cutting propagation costs for Fraser photinia and Tam juniper

Blythe, G., 1984:
Cutting propagation of Sequoia sempervirens cultivars

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Cutworm caterpillars

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Cutworm defoliators of ryegrass

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Cyanobacteria and pesticides

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Cyanobacteria employed as fertilizers and waste disposers

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Cyanobacterial nitrogen fixation

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Cyanogenic glycosides: a possible model for the biosynthesis of natural products

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Cyathostoma infection of geese and its treatment

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Cycling into leisure. New developments and opportunities

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Cydia illutana (Herrich-Schaffer) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) new to Britain

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Cylindrical freezer with rotary scraper

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Cylindrocladium crotalariae kills container-grown northern red oak (Quercus rubra L.)

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Cylindrocladium root and petiole rot control update

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Cynipidae as pests of oak (Quercus spp.)

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Cysticercosis: a new hope

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Cytodites nudus-an air sac mite in Golden Pheasants (Chrysolophus pictus)

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Cytofluorometry as a method for the differentiation of trypanosomes

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Cytogenetic activity of the coumarin glycoside seseloside

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