Cytology of hybrids of the Solanum nigrum L. complex

Rao, G.R.; Kumar, A.

Science and Culture 50(5): 164-165


ISSN/ISBN: 0036-8156
Accession: 001330112

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F1 hybrids between the hexaploids S. nigrum and S. nigrum subsp. schultesii were also hexaploid (all taxa 2n = 72) and had black fruits, viable seeds and an average pollen stainability value of 81.24%; this value in the F2 was 74.31%. Most F1s and F2s showed normal meiosis, but univalents and multivalents were observed in some instances, as were lagging chromosomes and chromatin bridges in the former and lagging chromosomes in the latter. These findings, it is concluded, point to (1) allosyndetic pairing by the majority of chromosomes in the hybrids and (2) genetic and structural differences between the chromosomes of the parents.