Cytoplasmic male sterility in Nicotiana tabacum with cytoplasm from Nicotiana benthamiana Domin

Nikova, V.M.

Comptes Rendus de l' Academie Bulgare des Sciences 37(9): 1253-1256


ISSN/ISBN: 1310-1331
Accession: 001330175

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The F1 hybrid between N. benthamiana (n = 19) and N. tabacum (n = 24), which was obtained by using a pollen mixture of broad-leaved Burley tobaccos and oriental tobaccos to overcome cross incompatibility, was completely sterile. By culturing tissue of the hybrid, regenerates were obtained with some degree of fertility, and these were crossed with N. tabacum as pollen parent. All 120 plants in the BC1 were male sterile. They are described in detail. Eleven types of stamen variation were found, including complete absence of stamens. The predominant types, classified according to Nikova's scheme [see Comptes Rendus de l'Academie Bulgare des Sciences (1984) 37 (8) 1115-1118], were 1.1.1, 1.1.12, 1.3.4 and 5.1.3.