Determination of some hydrolase activities at different stages of development and in the senescing of carnation flowers (Dianthus caryophyllus L.)

Urbanek, H.; Gierak, J.; Rudnicki, R.M.; Zalewska Sobczak, J.

Prace Instytutu Sadownictwa i Kwiaciarstwa w Skierniewicach, B Rosliny Ozdobne 7: 127-134


Accession: 001333371

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Enzyme activities were determined in pistils, petals and calyxes (with receptacle) of the cv. Scania 3C during 5 developmental stages (stage 1: red colour began to appear to stage 5: onset of wilting after 8 days in water at room temperature). High ATP-ase, leucineaminopeptidase and xylanase activities were noted in all 3 parts; the activities of acid protease, carboxypeptidase and RN-ase were markedly lower. Changes in enzyme activities were slight during the 8-day holding period, except in leucineaminopeptidase which rose and ATP-ase which fell during flower senescence. It is suggested that the enzymes studied were not directly responsible for the initiation of flower senescence.