Development sequence and agronomic behaviour of soyabean (Glycine max. (L.) Merrill) cultivars at two sowing dates

Ediap, G.A.; Parodi, P.P.

Simiente 55(1/2): 43


Accession: 001334733

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This paper was presented at the 35th annual agronomic seminar of the Sociedad Agronomica de Chile in Oct. 1984 in Santiago. In a field trial at Pirque, 11 soyabean cv. were sown at 2 dates. For the later date, the number of days from sowing to each reproductive stage was reduced and was associated with earliness of each cv. The number of days between the reproductive stages of development was not affected by earliness. Seed yield was not affected by sowing date or earliness. Accumulated photoperiod and temp. showed a high positive correlation with the number of days from sowing to each reproducive stage and lower accumulated photoperiod and temp. were needed at the later sowing date. Path coeff. analysis showed that the later sowing date increased pod number/plant and seed number/pod but not mean seed weight.