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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 1337

Chapter 1337 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Tajima, M.; Sasaki, M.; Kawamura, K.; Okada, S., 1984:
Differences in damage by the Cryptomeria bark borer, Semanotus japonicus, in two Cryptomeria cultivars, Kumotooshi and Sanbusugi

Casanas, F.; Bosch, L.; Nuez, F., 1985:
Differences in days to flower between inbreds, and grain yield of single crosses among them

Odani, K.; Sasaki, S.; Yamamoto, N.; Nishiyama, Y.; Tamura, H., 1985:
Differences in dispersal of two associated nematodes, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus and Bursaphelenchus mucronatus in pine seedlings in relation to the pine wilt disease development

Onuma, K.; Sawahata, K., 1984:
Differences in dormancy between cultivars of Chinese chives, Allium odorum Linne

Oldenbroek, J.K., 1984:
Differences in efficiency for milk production between four dairy breeds

Patterson, C.L.; Grogan, R.G., 1985:
Differences in epidemiology and control of lettuce drop caused by Sclerotinia minor and S. sclerotiorum

Nash, T.E.; Keister, D.B., 1985:
Differences in excretory-secretory products and surface antigens among 19 isolates of Giardia

Kreuzer, K.; Dauer, E., 1984:
Differences in fat content between samples of milk taken for milk recording and dairy samples: possible reasons

Roy, G.L.; Rony, D., 1984:
Differences in fat distribution of dairy and beef cattle

Antila, V., 1986:
Differences in fatty acid composition of milk fat between Finland and the Netherlands

Gabris, J.; Mattova, J., 1985:
Differences in finishing performance and carcass quality of Belgian and German Landrace pigs

Fisher, H.; Harvey, R.G., 1983:
Differences in germination and rooting characteristics among annual grasses

Stroshine, R.L.; Kirleis, A.W.; Tuite, J.F.; Bauman, L.F.; Emam, A., 1986:
Differences in grain quality among selected corn hybrids

Galik, J.; Palenik, S., 1985:
Differences in growth of fattened bulls and heifers of different genotypes

Schultz, R., 1985:
Differences in heavy metal inputs in beech and Norway spruce forests at exposed and sheltered sites

Hulata, G.; Rothbard, S.; Itzkovich, J.; Wohlfarth, G.; Halevy, A., 1985:
Differences in hybrid fry production between two strains of the Nile tilapia

Hill, R.L.; Roberson, E.L., 1985:
Differences in lipid granulation as the basis for a morphologic differentiation between third-stage larvae of Uncinaria stenocephala and Ancylostoma caninum

Ichikawa, T.; Sawara, D.; Nakano, M.; Nofu, I., 1985:
Differences in milk somatic cell counts due to sampling methods

Toth, R.; Page, T.; Castleberry, R., 1984:
Differences in mycorrhizal colonization of maize selections for high and low ear leaf phosphorus

Valdes, M.; Aguirre, J.F.; Velazquez, M., 1985:
Differences in nodulation and seed yield of soyabeans inoculated via soil or seed

Drum, NH.; Rothenbuhler, WC., 1985:
Differences in non-stinging aggressive responses of worker honeybees to diseased and healthy bees in May and July

Kabaki, N.; Nakamura, H., 1984:
Differences in nutrient absorption among paddy weeds. I. Nitrogen absorption in mixed plantings

Kabaki, N.; Nakamura, H., 1984:
Differences in nutrient absorption among paddy weeds. II. Growing process and response to light and temperature

Bykov, O.D.; Sakharova, O.V., 1985:
Differences in ontogenetic changes in photosynthetic capacity and phosphorylation rate of wheat leaves

Sano, Z.I.; Nakasono, K.; Araki, M., 1984:
Differences in overwintering stages of Meloidogyne incognita depending on the crops cultivated in fields in central Kyushu

Wilkinson, P.R., 1985:
Differences in paralyzing ability and sites of attachment to cattle of Rocky Mountain wood ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) from three regions of western Canada

Michard, C.; Roubertoux, P., 1984:
Differences in patterns of pup care in Mus Musculus. III. Genetic analysis

Nakakita, H.; Kuroda, J., 1986:
Differences in phosphine uptake between susceptible and resistant strains of insects

Ravi, K.; Rip, J.W.; Carroll, K.K., 1984:
Differences in polyisoprenoid alcohols of mono- and dicotyledonous seeds

Erdei, L.; Miklos, E.; Eifert, J., 1985:
Differences in potassium uptake in grapevine varieties: reasons and perspectives

Tollenaar, M.; Muldoon, J.F.; Daynard, T.B., 1984:
Differences in rates of leaf appearance among maize hybrids and phases of development

Tajimi, A., 1985:
Differences in resistance to common rust and southern rust in maize varieties

Nada, Y.; Sawamura, H.; Kondo, K., 1983:
Differences in seasonal growth patterns of Nezasa (Pleioblastus variegatus), suzuki (Miscanthus sinensis), tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and red top in semi-natural pasture

Kochegura, A.V., 1982:
Differences in seed quality within the plant

Cassell, B.G.; Clay, J.S.; Norman, H.D., 1984:
Differences in sire evaluations from first and later lactations by breed

Iezzoni, A.F.; Hamilton, R.L., 1985:
Differences in spring floral bud development among sour cherry cultivars

Kennedy, K.A.; Brink, V.C., 1986:
Differences in standing live and dead crops in estuarine marshes on Vancouver Island

Sato, Y.; Kumashiro, K., 1985:
Differences in stomatal behaviour in leaves of pear, Japanese pear, apple, peach and grape

Martin, F.W., 1984:
Differences in stress resistances of rooted sweet potato leaves

Norton, L.D.; Schroeder, S.L.; Moldenhauer, W.C., 1986:
Differences in surface crusting and soil loss as affected by tillage methods

Miln, A.J.; Byett, A.; Thomson, N.A., 1985:
Differences in susceptibility of grass grub in Taranaki to organophosphate insecticides

Zhu, Y.G.; Song, Z.H.; Liu, Y., 1984:
Differences in susceptible age in maize varieties differing in resistance to head smut

Dominguez, R.; Zipitria, D.; Riboni, L.; Revilla, R., 1985:
Differences in the ability of reserpine and chlorpromazine to block ovulation throughout the estrous cycle of the rat

Milczak, M.; Piotrowski, J.; Segit, Z., 1985:
Differences in the chemical composition of some hop forms depending on degree of susceptibility to Verticillium albo-atrum and Fusarium sambucinum. II. Content of free amino acids and soluble sugars, and peroxidase activity

Milczak, M.; Piotrowski, J.; Segit, Z., 1985:
Differences in the chemical composition of some hop forms depending on the degree of susceptibility to Verticillium albo-atrum and Fusarium sambucinum. I. Content of phenol compounds

Duranti, E.; Casoli, C.; Santilocchi, R., 1986:
Differences in the chemical-bromatological composition and nutritive value of Medicago arborea L. in relation to season

Plakida, E.K.; Dokuchaeva, E.N., 1983:
Differences in the composition of protein complexes in parental forms and their hybrids in grape

Hecht, H., 1986:
Differences in the concentration of heavy metals in muscle and organs of free-living fallow deer and wild boar in comparison with animals kept within enclosures

Matznetter, J., 1984:
Differences in the conception of a geography of tourism and recreation

Kel' t, K.; Parksepp, I., 1985:
Differences in the content of nutrients between groups of black currant berries of different sizes

Cabrera, N.; Armas, R. de; Musienko, N., 1984:
Differences in the content of photosynthetic pigments in sugarcane leaves at different stages of maturity

Zerulla, W.; Marschner, H., 1986:
Differences in the contents of nutrients and heavy metals of forage species

Brattig, N.W.; Tischendorf, F.W.; Reifegerste, S.; Albiez, E.J.; Berger, J., 1986:
Differences in the distribution of HLA antigens in localized and generalized form of onchocerciasis

Magar' , E.F.; Maslobrod, S.N., 1984:
Differences in the electrophysiological resistance of maize lines and hybrids to periodically recurring low temperatures

Kolodynskaya, A.L.; Razina, N.Y.; Roshchin, V.I.; Solov' ev, V.A., 1984:
Differences in the group composition of extractive substances from the needles and shoots of the Scotch pine

Cocimano, M.R.; Landi, G.; Delpech, E.C.; Sanchez, O.; Matinata, L.V.; Berrios, J.; Krompiewski, I.; Sieghart, A.; Rubio, R.; Salituri, M.; Conosciuto, G.L., 1984:
Differences in the intake of starter feeds by Holando-Argentino calves during the first 90 days of life

Szalay, F.; Barnoczki Sztoilova, E., 1985:
Differences in the level of neck rot tolerance in onion varieties

Genei, M.; Harcsa, I., 1985:
Differences in the living conditions and way of life between the populations of different types of settlement

Antonova, I.S.; Petrova, E.F., 1984:
Differences in the morphology and anatomy of buds, bud scales and stipules in fig species of the subgenus Eusyce

Budlovsky, J.; Grunt, J.; Margala, L', 1985:
Differences in the nutritional state of children 7 to 11 years old from two geonomically different rural areas in Slovakia

Lungu, D.I.M., 1983:
Differences in the phosphorus uptake mechanisms of P-efficient buckwheat and P-responsive wheat

Sergievskii, S.O., 1986:
Differences in the prevalence of trematode parthenitae in individuals of Littorina obtusata of different phenotypes

Ikuta, K.; Nakajima, K.; Ueda, S.; Kato, S.; Hirai, K., 1985:
Differences in the processing of secreted glycoprotein A induced by Marek's disease virus and herpesvirus of turkeys

Vojnic Purcar, D., 1984:
Differences in the quality of maize grain during storage for one year in northern Vojvodina

Kovalenko, A.G.; Shcherbatenko, I.S.; Lebedeva, N.A., 1984:
Differences in the resistance of two Solanum acaule Bitt. lines to potato virus X and tobacco mosaic virus

Sell, J.; Feist, W.C., 1985:
Differences in the surface treatment of timber exterior building components in the USA and western Europe

Smith, M.J., 1983:
Differences in the types of cellulose used in the detection of cellulolytic micro-organisms on agar media

Tsutsumi, M.; Mitsui, Y.; Uragami, A.; Yoshikawa, H., 1985:
Differences in tolerance of onion varieties to feeding by the onion maggot, Hylemia antiqua Meigen

Perez Perez, P.; Martinez Carrasco, R., 1986:
Differences in uptake and distribution of nitrogen in tall and semi-dwarf wheat varieties

Palhano, J.B.; Kinjo, T.; Mascarenhas, H.A.A.; Barbin, D., 1982:
Differences in uptake of Zn, Fe and Mn between soyabean cultivars and the effect of phosphorus application

Lee, C.M.; Leklem, J.E., 1985:
Differences in vitamin B6 status indicator responses between young and middle-aged women fed constant diets with two levels of vitamin B6

Martin, F.W., 1983:
Differences in yield between sweet potato seedlings and their derived clones

Budlovsky, J.; Grunt, J., 1985:
Differences of diet and nutrition of the population in two geonomically different rural areas in Slovakia

Shiozaki, H.; Tsuchiya, K., 1985:
Differences of response to cool summer damage and wet damage among upland crops

Steuckardt, R.; Dietrich, M., 1986:
Differences with respect to yield structure in ti-forms of Vicia faba after crossing and backcrossing with normal types

Lopez, A.; Jarrin Andrade, A., 1983:
Different amounts of feather meal and poultry droppings as a protein source to replace fish meal in feeding meat chickens

Pres, J.; Szyszkowska, A.; Wilczkiewicz, A.; Nowak, W., 1984:
Different amounts of sodium and magnesium in the starting feed for calves

Richter, G.; Rodel, I.; Wunderlich, E.; Marckwardt, E., 1985:
Different amounts of vitamin E and antioxidant supplementation in diets for laying hens

Christensen, J.E., 1985:
Different answers to different questions: experimental designs in recreation research

Buglos, J.; Manninger, K.; Manninger, S., 1984:
Different approaches of modifying protein content of lucerne by selection

Märki, U.; Osterhoff, D.R., 1985:
Different banding techniques for the study of bovine chromosomes

Arora, R.L., 1986:
Different blood group and biochemical polymorphism in sheep

Merdan, A.; Amargier, A., 1980:
Different cytopathogenic effects of the same baculovirus in two species of Lepidoptera belonging to the same genus (Spodoptera littoralis and Spodoptera exigua)

Lipovetskii, B.M.; Tryufanov, V.F.; Teryukova, N.P., 1985:
Different diet and drug treatments in dyslipoproteinaemias

Carmenate, P.C.; Gamcik, P., 1982:
Different diluents for ram semen stored at room temperature or for 12 h at 5 degrees C and their effects on fertility

Lefevre, M.; Keen, C.L.; Lönnerdal, B.; Hurley, L.S.; Schneeman, B.O., 1985:
Different effects of zinc and copper deficiency on composition of plasma high density lipoproteins in rats

Schiavi, M.; Masera, R.; Nervo, G.; Mazzola, P.; Soressi, G.P., 1984:
Different efficiency of blow-flies and honey bees in controlled pollination of onion (Allium cepa L.)

Trofimova, E.A.; Samorodova Bianki, G.B., 1983:
Different flavane groups in the fruits of species and cultivars of the genus Prunus L

Hrabe, F.; Halva, E.; Kovarik, J., 1983:
Different forms of N-nutrition for Lolium multiflorum var. westerwoldicum

Khanrakulov, U.; Taranenko, A.G.; Marinchenko, G.V., 1982:
Different forms of prolactin in the plasma of goats at various stages of lactation and at parturition

Szyszkowska, A.; Pres, J.; Jamroz, D.; Topa, S., 1984:
Different growth promoters in concentrate feeds for calves

Fujita, M.; Asahi, T., 1985:
Different intracellular localization of two cytochrome P-450 systems, ipomeamarone 15-hydroxylase and cinnamic acid 4-hydroxylase, in sweet potato root tissue infected with Ceratocystis fimbriata

Tostain, S.; Lavergne, D., 1986:
Different isoenzymes of Pennisetum glaucum glutamate oxaloacetic transaminase. I. Polymorphism and genetics

Diaz, J.; Casas, M.A.; Tuero, O., 1985:
Different levels of bermuda hay meal in final molasses diets for gilts

Hattori, A.; Ishii, S.; Wada, M., 1986:
Different mechanisms controlling FSH and LH release in Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica): evidence for an inherently spontaneous release and production of FSH

Mueller, B., 1985:
Different methods for computerized milk collecting systems and possibilities for evaluating them quantitatively

Dizon, T.O.; Reyes, T.T., 1983:
Different methods of inoculating cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) at various ages with Xanthomonas malvacearum (E.F.S.) Dowson

Lal, R., 1986:
Different methods of land clearing for agricultural purposes in the tropics

Head, J.C.S., 1984:
Different methods of pregnancy diagnosis in practice

Cordovi, J.; Guerra, D.; Menendez, A., 1985:
Different methods of sire evaluation and effects of calving season

Barrientos, A., 1983:
Different methods to control spittlebug (Monecphora bicinta fraterna (Uhler)) in Cynodon nlemfuensis

Berardo, P.V.; DePaolo, L.V., 1986:
Different neuroendocrine mechanisms regulate the acute pituitary follicle-stimulating hormone response to orchidectomy and ovariectomy

Sutter, M.M.; Zwager, D.E., 1983:
Different parameters influencing localized defects in the flatness of flush doors. General study R306

Lanzelotti, J.J.; Marsili, R.C.A.; Casal, A.; Sarasola, E.A., 1985:
Different planting densities in nectarines trained as semi-palmettes

Musharaf, N.A.; Latshaw, J.D., 1984:
Different protein levels in broiler finisher diets and their effect in protein and energy utilization

Second, G., 1984:
Different rates of genome divergence presumed between two species groups in the genus Oryza

Kostyshin, S.S.; Baran, M.M.; Oplachko, L.T., 1982:
Different rates of protein biosynthesis in heterotic maize hybrids

Aas, T.; Lyso, A., 1982:
Different slaughter weights and feeding levels for growing-finishing pigs

Thakur, R.S.; Gupta, P.C.; Sagar, V.; Prasad, D.; Lodhi, G.P., 1985:
Different sorghum grain varieties as an alternate to maize in layer rations

Parisini, P.; Volpelli, L.A.; Scipioni, R., 1986:
Different sources and amounts of lysine in the feeding of pigs

Dikkeboom, R.; van der Knaap, W.P.; Maaskant, J.J.; de Jonge, A.J., 1985:
Different subpopulations of haemocytes in juvenile, adult and Trichobilharzia ocellata infected Lymnaea stagnalis: a characterization using monoclonal antibodies

Sauer, A.; Walther, F.; Preil, W., 1985:
Different suitability for in vitro propagation of rose cultivars

Svensson, B.H., 1984:
Different temperature optima for methane formation when enrichments from Acid peat are supplemented with acetate or hydrogen

D.E.cole, N.; Sportelli, M.; Nipoti, P., 1984:
Different types of antagonism of Trichoderma sp. towards plant pathogenic soil fungi

Galli, L., 1985:
Different types of heat exchangers in the dairy industry

Epstein, T.S., 1985:
Differential access to markets and its impact on agricultural development

Gibori, G.; Kalison, B.; Warshaw, M.L.; Basuray, R.; Glaser, L.A., 1985:
Differential action of decidual luteotropin on luteal and follicular production of testosterone and estradiol

Shkutina, F.M., 1985:
Differential activity of genes in triticale as affected by the lysine-rich histone H1

Cattanach, B.M.; Kirk, M., 1985:
Differential activity of maternally and paternally derived chromosomes in mice

Chadwick, S.; Lewis, O.A.M., 1983:
Differential assimilation of ammonium, nitrate and mixed source nitrogen in barley

Montoya, T.H.; DeNoyelles, F.J.; Sze, H., .:
Differential atrazine herbicide sensitivity of algae

Porta Puglia, A.; Crino, P.; Saccardo, F.; Cecchini, G., 1985:
Differential behavior of chickpea lines towards some Italian isolates of Ascochyta rabiei

Dandona, P.; Jeremy, J.Y.; Thompson, C.S., 1986:
Differential changes of prostacyclin and thromboxane A2 synthesis in the gastrointestinal tract of the fasted and semi-starved rat

Dube, H.C.; Bordia, S., 1983:
Differential control of exo-polymethylgalacturonase and pectic acid lyase production by Helminthosporium sacchari

Mersmann, H.J.; Leymaster, K.A., 1984:
Differential deposition and utilization of backfat layers in swine

Falk, B.W.; Guzman, V.L., 1984:
Differential detection of seedborne lettuce mosaic virus (LMV) in LMV-susceptible and resistant lettuce breeding lines

Boom, R.A.; Fonseca, L.; Yanez, C.; Gil, D.; Karson, T.; Morales, P., 1985:
Differential diagnosis between amoebic liver abscess and acute cholecystitis using a discriminant coefficient

Mirow, H.; Knosel, D., 1986:
Differential diagnostic investigation on pathogenic strains of the crown gall disease, Agrobacterium tumefaciens, in connexion with trials for biological control

Azad, H.R.; Davis, J.R.; Schnathorst, W.C.; Kado, C.I., 1985:
Differential effects of Verticillium wilt resistant and susceptible potato genotypes on populations of rhizosphere bacteria

Ohya, T.; Kojima, S.; Naito, K.; Suzuki, H., 1986:
Differential effects of benzyladenine and potassium on ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase synthesis in detached cucumber cotyledons

Bartke, A.; Klemcke, H.G.; Amador, A.G.; Talamantes, F., 1984:
Differential effects of cryptorchidism and short photoperiod on testicular prolactin and LH/human chorionic gonadotrophin receptors in the golden hamster

Gonzalez Jaen, M.T.; Figueiras, A.M.; Candela, M., 1984:
Differential effects of gamma irradiation on rye cultivars with or without spontaneous translocation polymorphism

D'Occhio, M.J.; Galil, K.A.; Brooks, D.E.; Setchell, B.P., 1985:
Differential effects of gonadectomy on sensitivity to testosterone of brain centres associated with gonadotrophin negative feedback and with mating behaviour in rams

Symons, A.M.; Arendt, J.; Pryde, S.J., 1985:
Differential effects of melatonin on the stimulated release of LH from dispersed pituitary cells of the prepubertal female rat

Hugues, J.N.; Enjalbert, A.; Moyse, E.; Shu, C.; Voirol, M.J.; Sebaoun, J.; Epelbaum, J., 1986:
Differential effects of passive immunization with somatostatin antiserum on adenohypophysial hormone secretions in starved rats

Kumar, A.; Jalali, B.L., 1985:
Differential effects of seed leachates on seed-borne pathogens associated with chickpea (Cicer arietinum)

Legge, R.L.; Cheng, K.H.; Lepock, J.R.; Thompson, J.E., 1986:
Differential effects of senescence on the molecular organization of membranes in ripening tomato fruit

Rajkumar, K.; McKibbin, P.E.; Buhr, M.M.; Grinwich, D.L.; Murphy, B.D., 1984:
Differential effects of the luteotrophic hormones LH and PRL in control of progesterone output from the pregnant pig corpus luteum in vitro

Dash, K.M., 1985:
Differential efficacy of levamisole and oxfendazole against resistant male and female Trichostrongylus colubriformis

Tan-Wilson, A.L.; Hartl, P.M.; Delfel, N.E.; Wilson, K.A., 1985:
Differential expression of kunitz and bowman-birk soybean proteinase inhibitors in plant and callus tissue

Krumlauf, R.; Chapman, V.M.; Hammer, R.E.; Brinster, R.; Tilghman, S.M., 1986:
Differential expression of alpha -fetoprotein genes on the inactive X chromosome in extraembryonic and somatic tissues of a transgenic mouse line

Lokaprakash, R.; Hiremath, S.R.; Shivashankar, G., 1983:
Differential expression of pleiotropic genes for pigmentation in cowpea

Sheen, J.Y.; Bogorad, L., 1985:
Differential expression of the ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase large subunit gene in bundle sheath and mesophyll cells of developing maize leaves is influenced by light

McClaren, M.P.; Romm, J.; Bartolome, J.W., 1985:
Differential farmland assessment and land use planning relationships in Tulare County, California

Yugina, A.D., 1985:
Differential feeding of cows in relation to their stage of lactation

Sumner, M.E.; Boerma, H.R.; Isaac, R., 1982:
Differential genotypic sensitivity of soybeans to P-Zn-Cu imbalances

Bakker Arkema, F.W.; Schisler, I.P., 1984:
Differential grain-speed crossflow grain dryer

Horrill, J.C.; Richards, A.J., 1986:
Differential grazing by the mollusc Arion hortensis Fer. on cyanogenic and acyanogenic seedlings of the white clover, Trifolium repens L

Weaver, S.E., 1984:
Differential growth and competitive ability of Amaranthus retroflexus, A. powellii and A. hybridus

Casey, N.H.; Naude, R.T., 1984:
Differential growth profiles of muscle and fat depots

Wagatsuma, T.; Sakurai, K.; Katagiri, S., 1985:
Differential growth response of soybean, tomato and barley cultivars to high-aluminum, low-phosphorus and low-pH medium

Droppa, M.; Horvath, G.; Melis, A., 1984:
Differential herbicide concentration effect on on PSII alpha and PSII beta

Mandour, A.S.; Fayed, A.H.; Mahmoud, A.A.; Ismail, A.A., 1985:
Differential heterochromatin stainability in two Vicia spp

Laverriere, J.N.; Muller, M.; Buisson, N.; Tougard, C.; Tixier-Vidal, A.; Martial, J.A.; Gourdji, D., 1986:
Differential implication of deoxyribonucleic acid methylation in rat prolactin and rat growth hormone gene expressions: a comparison between rat pituitary cell strains

Miller, B.L.; Huffaker, R.C., 1985:
Differential Induction of Endoproteinases during Senescence of Attached and Detached Barley Leaves

Tripathy, B.C.; Bhatia, B.; Mohanty, P., 1984:
Differential interaction of heavy metal ions on barley subchloroplast fragments

Riedel, R.M.; Rowe, R.C.; Martin, M.J., 1985:
Differential interactions of Pratylenchus crenatus, P. penetrans and P. scribneri with Verticillium dahliae in potato early dying disease

Gosling, L.M.; Baker, S.J.; Wright, K.M.H., 1984:
Differential investment by female coypus (Myocastor coypus) during lactation

Oetting, W.S.; Walker, A.M., 1986:
Differential isoform distribution between stored and secreted prolactin

Balagurunathan, R., 1984:
Differential larval host suitability of cabbage and Brussels sprout for Mamestra brassicae (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera)

Torbit, SC.; Carpenter, LH.; Swift, DM.; Alldredge, AW., 1985:
Differential loss of fat and protein by mule deer during winter

Allen, M.F.; Allen, E.B.; Stahl, P.D., 1984:
Differential niche response of Bouteloua gracilis and Pascopyrum smithii to VA mycorrhizae

Harper, J.E.; Gibson, A.H., 1984:
Differential nodulation tolerance to nitrate among legume species

Lee, E.H.; Jersey, J.A.; Gifford, C.; Bennett, J., 1984:
Differential ozone tolerance in soybean and snapbeans: analysis of ascorbic acid in ozone-susceptible and ozone-resistant cultivars by high-performance liquid chromatography

Jammes, H.; Schirar, A.; Djiane, J., 1985:
Differential patterns in luteal prolactin and LH receptors during pregnancy in sows and ewes

Rosand, P.C.; Mariano, A.H., 1985:
Differential phosphorus absorption by cocoa cultivars

Lopez Chaves, R., 1985:
Differential plant responses, morphometrics and electrophoretic patterns of some Meloidogyne spp. from Costa Rica and Florida, USA, and the description of Meloidogyne salasi n.sp

Robertson, J.L.; Stock, M.W., 1984:
Differential population characteristics of western spruce budworm

Tsang, B.K.; Ainsworth, L.; Downey, B.R.; Marcus, G.J., 1985:
Differential production of steroids by dispersed granulosa and theca interna cells from developing preovulatory follicles of pigs

Arts, W.; Bretschneider, H.J.; Buschhoff, H.; Rickert, B., 1984 :
Differential pulse-stripping voltammetry for estimation of heavy metals in drinking water

Rangil Singh; Maclachlan, G., 1986:
Differential rates of uptake of glucose, fructose and sucrose by pea stem protoplasts

Griffin, G.D.; Inserra, R.N.; Vovlas, N.; Sisson, D.V., 1986:
Differential Reaction of Alfalfa Cultivars to Meloidogyne hapla and M. chitwoodi Populations

Martin, M.W.; Miller, D.E., 1986:
Differential reaction of cultivars to gradually declining irrigation rates or interruptions in irrigation

Bojarczuk, M.; Bojarczuk, J., 1983:
Differential reaction of winter wheat to the root rot complex and haulm foot rot

Yeh, C.C., 1985:
Differential reactions of Phakopsora pachyrhizi on soybean in Taiwan

Bonnet, P., 1985:
Differential reactions of tobacco to nine Phytophthora species

Schwall, R.H.; Sawyer, H.R.; Niswender, G.D., 1986:
Differential regulation by LH and prostaglandins of steroidogenesis in small and large luteal cells of the ewe

D.Paolo, L.V., 1985:
Differential regulation of pulsatile luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone secretion in ovariectomized rats disclosed by treatment with a LH-releasing hormone antagonist and phenobarbital

Anonymous, 1986:
Differential rent and efficiency of agricultural production

Chetverikov, A.G., 1985:
Differential resistance of the photosynthetic apparatus of plants to extended period of darkness

Lira, J.G.; Layrisse, D.A.; Borges, F.O., 1984:
Differential response of 15 groundnut cultivars to Cercospora arachidicola Hori under field conditions

Scotto, L.M.ssese, C.; Grassely, C.; Minot, J.C.; Voisin, R., 1984:
Differential response of 23 clones and hybrids of Prunus to four Meloidogyne species

Lorenzini, G.; Mimack, A.; Ashmore, M.R., 1985:
Differential response of alfalfa strains to chronic and acute fumigations with O3, SO2, NO2 and a mixture of SO2 and NO2

Sharma, S.S., 1984:
Differential response of cucurbit cultivars to mercury pretreatment on germination and seedling growth

Bajwa, M.I., 1985:
Differential response of flooded rice to potassium chloride on two clay mineralogically different soils

Yost, R.W.; Chander, A.; Fisher, A.B., 1985:
Differential response of lung and liver of juvenile rats to choline deficiency

Ogg, A.G.Jr, 1984:
Differential response of nightshades to herbicides

Rewal, H.S.; Jhooty, J.S., 1985:
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Differential staining of chromosomes in cereals

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Differential staining of plant chromosomes

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Differential susceptibilities to the cytotoxic effect of anti-bursa cell serum of isotype-specific adoptive immune responses by B-cells early peripheralized

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Differential susceptibility of BALB/c sublines to diabetes induction by multi-dose streptozotocin treatment

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Differential susceptibility of apple cultivars to manganese toxicity

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Differential tolerance of two barley cultivars to metribuzin

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Differential tolerance to SO2, NO2 and their mixture in Lolium perenne L. populations from southern Poland

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Differential utilization of nutrients present in the casing layer by Agaricus bisporus

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Differential varieties against the flax rust pathogen as donors of resistance for breeding

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Differential yield response amongst cultivars to harvesting interval

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Differential yield response of some promising selections of fodder jowar

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Differential yield response of wheat varieties under irrigated conditions in Pune region

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Differentially Regulated Isozymes of 3-Deoxy-d-arabino-Heptulosonate-7-Phosphate Synthase from Seedlings of Vigna radiata [L.] Wilczek

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Differentiated analysis of the binding forms of iron in various plant foodstuffs

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Differentiated microelement application in hop gardens

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Differentiated quality-class curves for Scots pine

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Differentiating adults of apple maggot, Rhagoletis pomonella (Walsh) from snowberry maggot R. zephyria Snow (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Oregon

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Differentiating influenzavirus proteins by enzyme immunoassay

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Differentiating pathogenic and non-pathogenic avian influenzavirus in cell culture

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Differentiating shift productivity in relation to working conditions

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Differentiation between Lactobacillus acidophilus and L. gasseri

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Differentiation between Onthophagus similis Scriba and Onthophagus opacicollis Reitter (Col., Scarabaeidae)

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Differentiation between Pseudomonas phaseolicola and Xanthomonas phaseoli on the basis of symptoms on bean

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Differentiation between Trypanosoma cruzi and Trypanosoma rangeli on the basis of their sialic acid content

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Differentiation between buttermilk and acidified skim milk

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Differentiation between grains from two-row and six-row barley varieties grown in Romania

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Differentiation between human and bovine strains of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from mastitic milk

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Differentiation between two honeybee populations using statistical tests

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Differentiation in incomes of individual farms

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Differentiation in labour productivity on cooperative farms in Czechoslovakia

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Differentiation in tissue culture of sweetgum and southern pines

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Differentiation of 130 X- and V-Factor independent avian bacterial strains of the Pasteurellaceae family, with reference to recent taxonomic findings

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Differentiation of Bordetella and Alcaligenes species by means of amino acid metabolism differentiated by thin-layer chromatography

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Differentiation of Bordetella bronchiseptica strains. 4. Pathogenic significance of heat-labile dermonecrotoxins of B. bronchiseptica for development of atrophic rhinitis in baby mice

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Differentiation of Clostridium tyrobutyricum

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Differentiation of Fasciola gigantica and Fasciola hepatica according to the dimensions of their eggs

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Differentiation of Indian mustard forms according to fatty acid content of the seed oil

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Differentiation of Onchocerca gutturosa and O. lienalis microfilariae by analysis of their GPI isoenzymes

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Differentiation of Sertoli cells in and testicular morphology of the foetal rat

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Differentiation of acanthocephalans from the genus Filicollis (Acanthocephala) by electrophoresis

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Differentiation of beta-haemolytic and alpha/(beta)-haemolytic streptococci, particularly by using rapid test kits

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Differentiation of buttermilk from cultured skim milk

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Differentiation of carrot protoplasts and screening for salt tolerance, storage ability and differentiation ability

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Differentiation of cells producing polypeptide hormones (ACTH, MSH, LPH, alpha - and beta -endorphin, GH and PRL) in the fetal porcine anterior pituitary. Functional differentiation of the anterior pituitary cells in the fetal pig. An ultrastructural immunocytochemical study

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Differentiation of cytopathic and noncytopathic isolates of bovine viral diarrhea virus by virus neutralization

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Differentiation of four taxa of the Anopheles balabacensis complex using H-banding patterns in the sex chromosomes

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Differentiation of lithologically similar soil parent materials

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Differentiation of maize genotypes for aflatoxin concentration in developing kernels

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Differentiation of metahemerobic localities

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Differentiation of pathogenic amoebae: encystation and excystation of Acanthamoeba culbertsoni - a model

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Differentiation of postharvest soft rotting bacteria with two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

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Differentiation of soil structure on the dry steppe of the Turgay Plateau (Kazakh SSR)

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Differentiation of spodosols and andepts in a western Washington soil climosequence

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Differentiation of starch property in perisperm of grain amaranths

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Differentiation of sweet cherry flower buds in the Crimean foothills

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Differentiation of the progeny of smut spores of Ustilago zeae (Beckm.) Ung. in relation to the ploidy of the parasitic phase and type of nutrition of compatible haploids

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Differentiation potential and chromosome variation in subcultured calluses derived from rice pollen

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Differing effects of farm commodity programs on land returns and land values

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Differing expression of androgenetic capacity of anthers formed in vivo or in vitro in Nicotiana

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Differing opinions on the sexual activity and fertility of male foxes

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Differing susceptibility to metribuzin in 80 varieties and lines of soyabean (Glycine max Merr.)

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Difficult air transport negotiations. Perseverance

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Difficult choice for the viticultural sector of France

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Difficult extractions

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Difficult to handle materials in the rice industry

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Difficulties of felling and delimbing in thinning

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Diffusive flux of phosphorus to wheat roots in sandy soils

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Digestion in the rumen and productivity of young bulls given diets containing hydrolysed wood sugar and carbohydrate and mineral supplement

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Digestion in the rumen of cows fed on diets containing different sources of carbohydrates

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Digestion in the rumen of sheep given diets with various carbohydrate sources

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Digestion of Eucalyptus andrewsii foliage by the common ringtail possum, Pseudocheirus peregrinus

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Digestion of a high-fibre diet in growing rabbits: methodology for estimation of apparent digestibility in gut segments

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Digestion of animal manure

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Digestion of cattle slurry in a plug flow biogas unit

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Digestion of polysaccharides, protein and lipids by adult cockerels fed on diets containing a pectic cell-wall material from white lupin (Lupinus albus L.) cotyledon

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Digestion of the polysaccharides of some cereal foods in the human small intestine

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Digestion of the zinc in human milk, cow's milk and a commercial babyfood: some implications for human infant nutrition

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Digestion trials of feeds with ruminants - apparent digestibility and TDN contents of maize grain when given in various physical forms to sheep and cattle

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Digestion, absorption and utilization of single-cell protein by the preruminant calf. Abomasal outflow and its composition from calves given milk-substitute diets containing varying amounts of either bacterial or yeast protein

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Digestive and metabolic functions of the digestive tract of young pigs given a feed mixture containing natural zeolite

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Digestive mycotic contamination in subjects with duodenal ulcer after treatment with H2-antagonists

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Digestive physiology of honeybee Apis cerana indica

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Digestive physiology of the deer - their morphophysiological specialisation and adaptation

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Digestive physiopathology caused by trichostrongylid infections in sheep. 1 - Development of Haemonchus contortus in the sheep, influencing factors and pathogenic effects. Literature review

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Digestive physiopathology of ovine trichostrongylidoses. 3. Ostertagiosis due to Ostertagia circumcincta

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Digestive responses to cold

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Digestive system diseases in the kangaroo

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Digital analysis of Landsat images for land use mapping in Denmark

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Digital image processing for agriculture

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Digital image processing of plants in two wave bands of red and infrared for evaluation of growth

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Digitolutein and other anthraquinone derivatives in somatic embryos of Digitalis lanata

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Digoxin type toxicity from ingestion of Thevetia peruvila or the case of the betel nut that wasn't

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Dihamnus sp. on Eucalyptus deglupta

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Dihaploids of H. murinum L. and H. secalinum Schreb. from interspecific crosses with H. bulbosum L

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Diketone generators

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Dilated (congestive) cardiomyopathy in Holstein cattle in Canada; genetic analysis of 25 cases

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Dilated congestive cardiomyopathy in Doberman pinschers

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Dilemmas of a leisure policy

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Dilemmas of sustaining parastatal success: the Botswana Meat Commission

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Dilepid infection in carp in pond fisheries

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Diluents and the enumeration of stressed Campylobacter jejuni

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Diluents used in freezing and thawing cock semen

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Dilute-coat-color locus of mice: nucleotide sequence analysis of the d+2J and d+Ha revertant alleles

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Dilution air requirements

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Dilution and liquid preservation of semen - a possible way of improving breeding work and rationalising artificial insemination in poultry

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Dilution, storage and in vitro evaluation of the potential fertility of boar semen

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Dilution, storage and transport of cock semen

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Dimensional analysis of wood elements in sapwood and heartwood of six angiosperm trees

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Dimensional changes in boar spermatozoa during passage through the epididymis

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Dimensional characteristics of spermatozoa in relation to fertility of Soviet Merino rams

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Dimensional relations useful for efficient estimation of foliar area in Quercus pedunculiflora

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Dimensional relationship of selected broiler parts

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Dimensional relationships for several tree species from the spruce-fir forest types of northwestern Ontario

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Dimensional stability of various wood-based materials

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Dimensional stabilization of wood by chlorosilanation

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Dimensioning of the 'UNIMONT' joint

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Dimensioning trickle lateral groups by computers

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Dimensions and functional role of lateral ion transport in the stem

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Dimensions of food

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Dimensions of the internal stratification of smallholders: insights from North Carolina Piedmont counties

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Dimensions of the issue of explicit health claims on food labels

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Dimensions of the omental veil of the dog in relation to body length and weight

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Dimensions of the testis and epididymis in young boars of several breeds and their correlation with performance test data

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Dimeric procyanidins as tannin precursors in unripe fruits of Juniperus drupacea

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Dimethazone and metribuzin combinations for weed control in conventional-tilled soybeans

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Dimethipin as a rice maturation agent

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Dimethoate dipping of Kensington mango against Queensland fruit fly

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Dimethyl sulphoxide as an agent for better translocation of nutrient ions within plants

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Dimethylsulphoxide-Ziehl-Neelsen staining technique for detection of cryptosporidial oocysts

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Dimidine tested for prophylactic purposes in Theileria infections of cattle under conditions of the Turkmen SSR

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Diminished bone formation in experimental diabetes. Relationship to osteoid maturation and mineralization

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Diminishing the damage caused by rhizomania by tolerant varieties

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Diner's credit card use measured

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Dining out on pollutants

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Dinitrogen fixation in forest ecosystems

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Dinitrogen fixation, herbage yield, and rhizobial preference of selected alfalfa clones

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Diocletian's Palace at Split: research and restoration from a cultural, social and tourist viewpoint

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Dioctophyme infection in man

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Diospyros ebenum Koenig an ideal shade tree for cardamom

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Diospyros trichophylla Alston (Ebenaceae) - a new record for India

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Dioxin: lessons from the Missouri experience

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Dip treatment of tropical ornamental foliage cuttings in fluvalinate to prevent spread of insect and mite infestations

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Dipetalonema reconditum in dogs with microfilaraemia

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Diphenamid, bifenox and oryzalin as pre-emergent herbicides in a radiata pine nursery

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Diplodia Fr. species in the Azerbaidzhan SSR

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Diplodia leader dieback. Diplodia crown wilt. Diplodia whorl canker

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Diploid and polyploid gametes in crop plants: mechanisms of formation and utilization in plant breeding

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Diploid and tetraploid red clover breeding and seed production

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Diploma papers by dairy engineering students

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Diplopod populations in a tropical rain forest after recent clear cutting. Comparison with a cultivated plantation

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Diplostomum spathaceum infection rates of carp fry in the main carp farms in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Diplotriaena visakhapatnamensis n.sp. from Dendrocitta vagabunda (Latham)

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Dipping device for udder care

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Dipping sheep as a control of ticks and tick-borne diseases in organized breeding farm

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Diprionid sawflies: biological topics and rearing techniques (Hymenoptera: Symphyta)

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Dips and their problems

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Diptera of the fauna of the USSR and their role in ecosystems

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Diptera, their systematics, geographical distribution and ecology

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Dipterous insects detected on imported onion bulbs with a tentative pictorial key to larvae

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Direct addition radioimmunoassay of progesterone in plasma of prepubertal heifers

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Direct agglutination test in the diagnosis of toxoplasmosis with antigen from tissue culture and mouse peritoneal exudate

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Direct amino acid analyses of mozzarella cheese

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Direct analysis of solids for trace elements by combined electrothermal furnace/quartz T-tube/flame atomic absorption spectrometry

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Direct and correlated response to recurrent full-sib selection for prolificacy in maize

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Direct and correlated response to selection for decreased body fat in broilers

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Direct and correlated response to yearling weight selection in Hereford cattle using nationally evaluated sires

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Direct and correlated responses to selection for egg production under 23 h light-dark cycle in the domestic fowl

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Direct and correlated responses to selection for growth

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Direct and correlated responses to selection for improved food efficiency

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Direct and correlated responses to selection for increased weaning and yearling weights in Angus cattle

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Direct and correlated responses to selection for increased weaning or yearling weight in Angus cattle. I. Measurement of selection applied

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Direct and correlated responses to selection for increased weaning or yearling weight in Angus cattle. II. Evaluation of response

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Direct and correlated responses to selection for weaning weight and postweaning gain in Hereford cattle

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Direct and indirect effects of synchrony and other quantitative traits on grain yield in wheat

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Direct and indirect embryogenesis in microspores of Asparagus officinalis L. cv. Viking

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Direct and indirect methods of pregnancy diagnosis in the mare

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Direct and indirect uses of restoration for tourism: the Caravanserail, Edirne; the Harbour Site, Antalya; the Ibrahim Pasa Museum, Istanbul, et al

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Direct and maternal genetic differences between lines of mice selected for body weight and litter size: traits of offspring

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Direct and residual effect of gypsum and zinc on irrigated groundnut

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Direct and residual effect of zinc and zinc amended organic manures on the zinc nutrition of field crops

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Direct and residual effects of compound polyphosphorus fertilizers on chernozem soils of the northern cis-Azov

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Direct and residual effects of fertiliser constraint levels in maize-wheat cropping system under mid-hill conditions of Himachal Pradesh

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Direct and residual effects of potassium fertilizer in a long-term experiment

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Direct clean-up and analysis of urinary catecholamines

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Direct combining harvest loss of dry edible beans

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Direct complement fixation and isolation attempts for detecting Chlamydia psittaci infection of psittacine birds

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Direct conversion of biomass to liquids by thermal processes

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Direct crop covering for advancing the harvest of Chinese cabbage

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Direct cut and wilted silage for dairy cows in late lactation

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Direct detection of the fireblight pathogen Erwinia amylovora by the pear test using membrane filtration

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Direct determination of Ca in dried milk by atomic absorption spectroscopy using atomized milk suspensions

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Direct determination of adipic acid in urine by extractive alkylation

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Direct determination of copper in plant material by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry

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Direct determination of human and rabbit apolipoprotein B selectively precipitated with butanol-isopropyl ether

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Direct determination of some trace elements in milk by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry

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Direct determination of the differentiation process of the oxidized and reduced soil layers in paddy fields

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Direct digital control of air humidity for plant research

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Direct drilling

Hill, M.J., 1985:
Direct drilling tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.) prairie grass (Bromus catharticus Vahl) and Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) into kikuyu and paspalum pastures

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Direct drilling: a solution for red rice?

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Direct effects of E coli endotoxin on structure and permeability of pulmonary endothelial monolayers and the endothelial layer of intimal explants

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Direct energy consumption on farms

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Direct enumeration of milk somatic cells collected on membrane filters

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Direct enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for determining aflatoxin M1 at picogram levels in dairy products

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Direct enzymic measurement of glycerides in serum and in lipoprotein fractions

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Direct evidence for a variable barrier to diffusion into legume nodules

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Direct evidence for de-novo synthesis of LH receptors in cultured pig granulosa cells in response to FSH

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Direct fecal-oral transmission of giardiasis

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Direct fluorescent antibody technique for the detection of bacterial kidney disease in paraffin-embedded tissues

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Direct from - the Association francaise des volontaires du progres

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Direct gene transfer to plants

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Direct genetic and maternal variance and covariance component estimates from Angus and Hereford field data

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Direct heating of drying air with natural gas in manufacture of dried milk

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Direct immunofluorescent in elphantiatic skin

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Direct immunoperoxidase method for demonstrating Chlamydia psittaci in tissue sections

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Direct income aids recommended as solution to CAP problems

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Direct inhibition of follicular growth by steroid-free follicular fluid

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Direct injection - a practical method?

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Direct inoculation, a slow change

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Direct insurance for the working spouse

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Direct interesterification of mango fat

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Direct marketing

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Direct measurement of irradiance upon phototropic soybean leaves throughout the day

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Direct measurement of oxygen profiles and denitrification rates in soil aggregates

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Direct measurement of the seasonal pattern of production on continuously-stocked swards

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Direct measurements of steady-state kinetics of cyanobacterial n(2) uptake by membrane-leak mass spectrometry and comparisons between nitrogen fixation and acetylene reduction

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Direct nitrogen transfer in the clover (Trifolium pratense)-grass (Lolium italicum) association: problems arising from its estimation by 15N

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Direct observation by low-temperature scanning electron microscopy of fresh shoot apices and floral buds induced to form on Nicotiana tabacum stem cultures

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Direct Observation of Reversible and Irreversible Stomatal Responses of Attached Sunflower Leaves to SO(2)

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Direct person to person transmission in intestinal parasites

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Direct pituitary effects of testosterone and luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone upon follicle-stimulating hormone: analysis by radioimmuno- and radioreceptor assay

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Direct prevention of forest fires

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Direct radioimmunoassay of progesterone in blood serum and milk of cows

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Direct rooting of dormant cuttings

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Direct seeding techniques to regenerate white spruce in interior Alaska

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Direct seeding: assessing its potential

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Direct single or double covering of carrots (Daucus carota L.)

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Direct solid-phase enzyme immunoassay of progesterone in saliva

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Direct solid-phase time-resolved immunofluorometric assay of cortisol in serum

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Direct sowing - allelopathic efect of dead plant covers

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Direct sowing of cereals

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Direct sowing of sugarbeet?

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Direct spectrometric determination of serum bile acids in the dog and cat

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Direct spectrophotometry of magnesium in serum after reaction with hexokinase and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase

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Direct sticking through polythene mulches cheap and effective for PYO

Caswell, J.A., 1984:
Direct stockholding and network interlocking directorate control of firms in the agribusiness sector, 1976

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Direct thermochemical liquefaction of plant biomass using hydrogenating conditions

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Direct ultraviolet method for enzymatic determination of uric acid, with equilibrium and kinetic data-processing options

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Direct venous-arterial transfer of 125I-radiolabelled relaxin and tyrosine in the ovarian pedicle in sheep

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Direct, residual and cumulative effect of N, P and K fertilizers on the yield and nutrient uptake by bajra-wheat cropping system

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Direct, residual and cumulative response of rice to phosphorus, potassium and farm yard manure

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Direct- and after-effects of strong compaction on soil structure and plant yield

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Direct-seeded cherrybark and Shumard oaks battle natural regeneration through 10 years

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Directed N application to achieve high cereal yields, illustrated in the example of the state farm Gamstadt

Ondrej, M., 1985 :
Directed alterations in plant genomes

Steck, U., 1984:
Directed control of broad-leaved and grassy weeds before and after emergence

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Directed selection for increased protein content of the grain in spring wheat

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Directed synthesis of tetraploid genotypes

Petrikov, A.V., 1985:
Directing the development of the social infrastructure in rural areas

Dev, S.M., 1985:
Direction of change in performance of all crops in Indian agriculture in late 1970s. A look at the level of districts and agro-climatic regions

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Direction of uppermost leaf whorling determined by chance

Karavaev, G.P., 1982:
Directional selection of high-yielding inbred maize lines under irrigation

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Directions and programmes of macroeconomic research on the Senegalese agrofood system

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Directions for research in land degradation

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Directions in coloured sheep breeding

Moris, J., 1986:
Directions in contemporary pastoral development

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Directions of technical re-equipment and reconstruction of cheese factories

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Directions: foodservice rides the megatrends

Anonymous, 1984:
Directory for the environment. Organisations in Britain and Ireland 1984-5

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory for the environment. Organizations in Britain and Ireland 1986-7

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Directory of activities at the water and soil science centres: 1983

Anonymous, 1986:
Directory of activities at the water and soil science centres: 1985

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Directory of adult education periodicals