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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1338

Chapter 1338 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Anonymous, 1984: Directory of information centres for forestry and forest products - 1984 revision

Anonymous, 1984: Directory of names in buffalo studies and research

Section 2, Chapter 1338, Accession 001337005

Section 2, Chapter 1338, Accession 001337006

Anonymous, 1985: Directory of resource institutions engaged in rural development

Anonymous, 1985: Directory of rural development projects 1985/86

Anonymous, 1984: Directory of sawmills in Ireland

Anonymous, 1986: Directory of scientific directories. A world bibliographic guide to medical, agricultural, industrial, and natural science directories

Anonymous, 1986: Directory of short courses on plant protection (as of end of March 1986)

Anonymous, 1986: Directory of tropical silviculturalists

Anonymous, 1980: Directory on the Forest Research Institute in Warsaw

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Section 2, Chapter 1338, Accession 001337031

Section 2, Chapter 1338, Accession 001337032

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Mikbel, S.; Abed, A. M., 1985: Discovery of large phosphate deposits in north-west Jordan

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Heady, S. E.; Nault, L. R., 1985: Discovery of microfilaments on eggs of leafhoppers

Hassan, S.; Thomas, P. E., 1984: Discovery of resistance to infection and translocation of tomato yellow top virus (TYTV) in Lycopersicon peruvianum and some of its tomato hybrids

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Markovich, N. Ya; Proskuryakova, A. M., 1986: Discovery of the breeding sites of Anopheles messeae Fall. in the Sayan reservoir and in the tail-water of the Yenisey River in the region of the construction of the Sayan-Shushensk hydro-electric station

Krotoski, W. A., 1985: Discovery of the hypnozoite and a new theory of malarial relapse

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Section 2, Chapter 1338, Accession 001337094

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Section 2, Chapter 1338, Accession 001337098

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Section 2, Chapter 1338, Accession 001337140

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Section 2, Chapter 1338, Accession 001337214

Section 2, Chapter 1338, Accession 001337215

Section 2, Chapter 1338, Accession 001337216

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Section 2, Chapter 1338, Accession 001337252

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Section 2, Chapter 1338, Accession 001337960

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Section 2, Chapter 1338, Accession 001337967

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Abbott, I., 1985: Distribution of introduced earthworms in the norhtern jarrah forest of Western Australia

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Section 2, Chapter 1338, Accession 001337971

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Section 2, Chapter 1338, Accession 001337998

Hitokoto, H.; Morozumi, S.; Wauke, T.; Kurata, H., 1984: Distribution of mycotoxin-producing fungi in marketing foods in Japan

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