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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1339

Chapter 1339 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Howell, M., 1985:
Distribution of mycotoxins in animal feed raw materials

Malysheva, M.S., 1983:
Distribution of natural enemies of cutworms in field biotopes of the central chernozem zone of the USSR

Queneherve, P.; Cadet, P., 1985:
Distribution of nematodes on the rhizomes of banana cv. Poyo

Andrews, M.; Sutherland, J.M.; Thomas, R.J.; Sprent, J.I., 1984:
Distribution of nitrate reductase activity in six legumes:the importance of the stem

Jha, K.; Singh, R.C.P.; Banerjee, N.C., 1984:
Distribution of nitrofurantoin in blood and milk after oral administration

Hadas A.; Feigenbaum S.; Feigin A.; Portnoy R., 1986:
Distribution of nitrogen forms and availability indices in profiles of differently managed soil types

Ross, S.; Clark, R.M., 1984:
Distribution of nitrogen in human milk from 2 to 16 weeks postpartum

Beltman, B.; Grootjans, A.P., 1986:
Distribution of nutrient poor plant communities in relation to the groundwater regime and nutrient availability

Salimov, K.S., 1985 :
Distribution of oncovirus infection among cattle of different breeds on farms in the Syrdarin region of Uzbekistan

Balagopalan, M.; Jose, A.I., 1986:
Distribution of organic carbon and different forms of nitrogen in a natural forest and adjacent eucalypt plantation at Arippa, Kerala

Veldre, I.A.; Itra, A.R., 1985:
Distribution of organochlorine pesticides in reservoirs in Estonia

Brussow, K.P., 1985:
Distribution of ova in the oviduct of gilts following synchronized ovulation

Dufour, J.J.; Roy, G.L., 1985:
Distribution of ovarian follicular populations in the dairy cow within 35 days after parturition

Lomov, S.P.; Ranov, V.A., 1984:
Distribution of paleolithic tools in the buried soils of Tadzhikistan

Yun, M.S.; Choi, Y.C.; Han, M.S.; Lee, E.J.; Cho, Y.S., 1984:
Distribution of pathogenic groups of Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae, bacterial leaf blight of rice, in Korea

Pruthi, T.D., 1984:
Distribution of phospholipids between the solid and liquid portions of ghee

Singh, R.; Singh, A.K., 1984:
Distribution of photosynthetic assimilates between healthy and common bean mosaic virus infected sunn hemp plant parts

Bogacheva, I.A., 1984:
Distribution of phyllophagous insects in the crown of drooping birch at the northern boundary of tree vegetation

Karis, Kh, 1984:
Distribution of powdery mildews in North-Eastern Asia

Yadav, A.K.; Mishra, G.P., 1985:
Distribution of precipitation under a tropical dry deciduous forest stand of central India

Borisonik, Z.B.; Salo, A.E.; Misyura, Z.D., 1984:
Distribution of primary and adventitious roots of sunflower in soil

Leverash, V.I.; Khomyakov, A.P., 1984:
Distribution of product moisture and temperature in a drying tower

Laitinen, J., 1985:
Distribution of progesterone in bovine milk depends on milk fat and protein levels

Glinski, ZF.; Jarosz, J., 1985:
Distribution of protein fractions in the blood of worker brood of Apis mellifera

Berry, D.; Jobe, A.; Jacobs, H.; Ikegami, M., 1985:
Distribution of pulmonary blood flow in relation to atelectasis in premature ventilated lambs

Kruger, N.J.; Hemmingsen, S.M.; Dennis, D.T., 1986:
Distribution of pyrophosphate:fructose 6-phosphate phosphotransferase in maize leaves

Milenkovic, M.; Mihaljevic, M., 1983:
Distribution of radioactivity from alanine and phenylalanine in liver and brain of rats given different proteins

Sato, K.; Saito, S., 1984:
Distribution of roots systems of trees two metres high

Kushwaha, D.S.; Thakur, D.S., 1984:
Distribution of rural assets and the resultant pattern of employment and income in the Mid-Hill Zone agrarian economy of Himachal Pradesh

Tani, T.; Katsuki, T.; Kubo, M.; Arichi, S., 1986:
Distribution of saikosaponins in Bupleurum falcatum root

Nagata, T.; Sakai, S., 1985:
Distribution of sasanquin in leaves of the genus Camellia

Cherenkova, Y.G.; Cherenkova, E.N.; Krivosheeva, A.M.; Sharov, S.P., 1984:
Distribution of savings or overuse of milk in buttermaking according to their origins

Findlater, P.A.; White, L.A., 1984:
Distribution of selected heavy metals in the clay soils of the Alligator Rivers Region, Northern Territory

Soreng, R.J., 1986:
Distribution of sexuality and apomixis in diclinous Poa of western North America

Allmans, R.R.; Douglas, C.L.J.; Rasmussen, P.E.; Baarstad, L.L., 1985:
Distribution of small grain residue produced by combines

Delgado Calvo Flores, R.; Barahona, E.; Linares, J., 1982:
Distribution of soils in the upper basin of the Dilar river (Sierra Nevada)

Paas, Y.A., 1986:
Distribution of soils on deposits of the Baltic Sea transgressions

Kizikelashvili, O.G., 1984:
Distribution of some fungus diseases of Pitsunda pine in its habitat

Carceller, M.; Fraschina, A., 1986:
Distribution of some nitrogen compounds in seedlings of maize and sunflower in relation to water stress

Bruckner, G.; Kampfer, I., 1984:
Distribution of sperm-free 131I-labelled seminal plasma in the reproductive tract of oestrous sheep following cervical deposition

Larsson, B.; Larsson, K., 1985:
Distribution of spermatozoa in the genital tract of artificially inseminated heifers

Shuman, M.S.; Collins, B.J.; Fitzgerald, P.J.; Olson, D.L., 1983:
Distribution of stability constants and dissociation rate constants among binding sites on estuarine copper-organic complexes: rotated disk electrode studies and an affinity spectrum analysis of ion-selective electrode and photometric data

Cox, H.U.; Hoskins, J.D.; Newman, S.S.; Turnwald, G.H.; Foil, C.S.; Roy, A.F.; Kearney, M.T., 1985:
Distribution of staphylococcal species on clinically healthy cats

Bouthillier, M.; Bleau, G.; Chapdelaine, A.; Roberts, K.D., 1984:
Distribution of steroid sulfotransferase in the male hamster reproductive tract

Futo, L.P., 1984:
Distribution of stresses in wood tissue after seasoning. 2. Moisture deformation as a factor in the development of stresses, as influenced by swelling rate

Dolui, A.K.; Bandyopadhyay, A., 1983:
Distribution of sulphur and carbon-nitrogen-sulphur relationships of some coniferous forest soil profiles of North Bengal

Lowe, L.E.; Bustin, R.M., 1985:
Distribution of sulphur forms in six facies of peats of the Fraser River Delta

Toledo, L.R.A. de, 1985:
Distribution of supplemental selenium in serum, hair, colostrum and fetus of dairy cows

Biere, D.A.; Yonts, C.D.; Smith, J.A., 1984:
Distribution of surface residue in reduced tillage systems

Lavrov, A.P., 1984:
Distribution of takyrs in Central Asia and Kazakhstan

Kadono, Y., 1985:
Distribution of tetraploids of Paspalum distichum L. ('Chikugo-suzumenohie') in irrigation reservoirs in the east Harima area, Hyogo Prefecture, southwestern Japan - comparison with three aquatic grasses with a similar ecological niche

Haggis, MJ., 1986:
Distribution of the African armyworm, Spodoptera exempta (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), and the frequency of larval outbreaks in Africa and Arabia

Evers, A.M.J., 1985:
Distribution of the Palaearctic species of the genus complex of Malachius F. 54th Contribution to the knowledge of the Malachiidae

Kobayashi, T.; Yayoi, E.; Naoi, M.; Mori, T., 1984:
Distribution of the antibiotic cefotiam to the breast tissue

Smith, I.B.J.; Caron, D.M., 1984:
Distribution of the bee louse Braula coeca Nitzsch in honeybee colonies and its preferences among workers, queens and drones

Smith, I.B.J.; Caron, D.M., 1985:
Distribution of the bee louse, Braula coeca, in Maryland and worldwide

Kant, R.; Singh, B.K.; Tongaonkar, S.S., 1986:
Distribution of the foot and mouth disease virus types in some of the states in India-a note

Boulet, C.; Hammoumi, M., 1984:
Distribution of the main weeds in the oceanic region of western Morocco

Kim, T.H.; Lee, C.S., 1985:
Distribution of the mast cells in the parenchymal organs of cattle, horses, pigs, and dogs, and xylazine-induced mast cell degranulation in the dog

Harris, EJ.; Takara, JM.; Nishida, T., 1986:
Distribution of the melon fly, Dacus cucurbitae (Diptera: Tephritidae), and host plants on Kauai, Hawaiian Islands

Halperin, J.; Kafisheh, W., 1986:
Distribution of the pistachio-fruit wasps in Israel

Tajchman S.J., 1984:
Distribution of the radiative index of dryness and forest site quality in a mountainous watershed

Lopez J.A.; Borys, M.W., .:
Distribution of the root system of MM.106 rootstock in high density apple plantations

Correa, L. de S.; Moreira, C.S.; Montenegro, H.W.S., 1984:
Distribution of the root system of avocado (Persea spp.) cultivars in a red-yellow podzolic soil

Avilan R.L.; Meneses, L.; Arias, C.; Perez, O., 1981:
Distribution of the root system of cassava (Manihot esculenta, Crantz) grown with different distances between plants

Fusseder A., 1985:
Distribution of the root system of maize with respect to competition for macronutrients

Medina U.V.M., 1984 :
Distribution of the root system of tamarind in sandy and sandy-clay soils in Tecoman, Colima

Medina Urrutia, V.M., 1984:
Distribution of the root system of tamarinds (Tamarindus indica L.) in sandy and sandy-clayey soils of Tecoman, Colima

Fusseder, A., 1986:
Distribution of the root systems of Zea mays L. and Lupinus luteus L. in mixed cropping with respect to competition for phosphate and potassium

Levus, A.P., 1986:
Distribution of the roots of tree species in the volcanic soils of spruce forests in Kamchatka

Latif, M.A., 1982:
Distribution of the size of teak seedlings in the nurseries of Chittagong Forest Division

Svoboda, E., 1985:
Distribution of the tasks of the state and economic planning of agriculture at the supra-enterprise and enterprise levels

Scott, P.M.; Kanhere, S.R.; Dexter, J.E.; Brennan, P.W.; Trenholm, H.L., 1984:
Distribution of the trichothecene mycotoxin deoxynivalenol (vomitoxin) during the milling of naturally contaminated hard red spring wheat and its fate in baked products

Berestov, V.A.; Petrova, G.G.; Izotova, S.P., 1985:
Distribution of thiamin in mink

Ivanov, A.T.; Giris, D.A., 1985:
Distribution of toxin-forming fungi on feeds under Belorussian conditions

Silveira, A.C.; Feitosa, V.R.; Borges, R., 1984:
Distribution of triatomines caught in domestic environments, during the period 1975/83, Brazil

Ichinoe, M.; Hagiwara, H.; Kurata, H., 1984:
Distribution of trichothecene-producing fungi in barley and wheat fields in Japan

Couillerot, J.P.; Yi, Y.B., 1986:
Distribution of tritiated gibberellin A1 during flowering in Lycopersicon esculentum

Morita, T.; Niwata, Y.; Ohgi, K.; Ogawa, M.; Irie, M., 1986:
Distribution of two urinary ribonuclease-like enzymes in human organs and body fluids

Jouve, N.; Montalvo, D.; Soler, C., 1985:
Distribution of univalents in the meiosis and chromosomal analysis of the progeny of 6x triticale X common wheat hybrids

Watanabe, Y.; Sarumaru, H.; Shimada, N., 1983:
Distribution of urease in higher plants

Nechay, B.R.; Nanninga, L.B.; Nechay, P.S.E., 1986:
Distribution of vanadium

Veeranna, G.; Basalingappa, S., 1984:
Distribution of various castes in different parts of the mound of the termite, Odontotermes wallonensis Wasmann (Isoptera: Termitidae)

Dhillon, S.K.; Sidhu, P.S.; Dhillon, K.S.; Sharma, Y.P., 1985:
Distribution of various potassium forms in some benchmark soils of North-West India

Malinowska, A., 1986:
Distribution of vitamin C in biological fluids and tissues of pregnant sows and their foetuses

Oad, R.; Levine, G., 1985:
Distribution of water in Indonesian irrigation systems

Yang, J.L.; Yen, C., 1985:
Distribution of weedrace barley in China and the center of origin of cultivated barley

Farrukh Hussain; Nigar, M.M.; Jabeen Akhtar; Najma Abidi, 1984:
Distribution of weeds in the fields of Virginia tobacco at Yar Hussain and its out-skirts

Barker, P.S., 1984:
Distribution of wheat midge damage on wheat in Manitoba in 1984

Kufner, M., 1985:
Distribution of wood property values within a Norway spruce log

Lopata, L., 1985:
Distribution of work and leisure time of managerial workers on co-operative farms

Yamashita, K.; Ohno, H.; Doi, R.; Mure, K.; Ishikawa, M.; Shimizu, T.; Arai, K.; Taniguchi, N., 1985:
Distribution of zinc and copper in maternal and cord blood at delivery

Stetsenko, I.I., 1984:
Distribution of zinc in soluble proteins in liver and intestine of young pigs fed on a feed mixture containing chelated zinc compounds

Wada, T.; Kobayashi, M., 1985:
Distribution pattern and sampling techniques of the rice leaf roller, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis, in a paddy field

Kumar, A.; Prasad, S.; Ahuja, K.L.; Tewari, S.C.; Dogra, S.C.; Garg, D.N., 1983:
Distribution pattern of foot and mouth disease virus types in north-west India (1979-81)

Suman, C.L.; Wahi, S.D.; Mohan, N.J., 1983:
Distribution pattern of okra shoot and fruit borer (Earias vitella Fabr.) under natural conditions

Galli, J.G.; Matuo, T.; Siqueira, E.C., 1983:
Distribution pattern of some hydraulic spray nozzles

Uematsu, H., 1985:
Distribution pattern of the cotton leaf roller on the Chinese parasol tree

Odindo, MO.; Amutalla, PA., 1986:
Distribution pattern of the virus of Glossina pallidipes Austen in a forest ecosystem

Ramseur, E.L.; Wallace, S.U.; Quisenberry, V.L., 1984:
Distribution pattern of yield components in 'Braxton' soybeans

Galli, J.C.; Matuo, T.; Siqueira, E.C., .:
Distribution patterns from some hydraulic nozzles

Fernandes, A.C.; Benda, G.T.A., 1985:
Distribution patterns of Brix and fibre in the primary stalk of sugarcane

Carpena, O.; Zornoza, P.; Caselles, M.J., 1984:
Distribution patterns of nitrogen in tomato plants grown under a higher light regimen

Zande, A.N. van der; Poppelaars, A.J.; Keurs, W.J. ter, 1985:
Distribution patterns of visitors in large areas: a problem of measurement and analysis

Chakravarthy, A.K., 1985:
Distribution patterns, sample-size and sampling Earias spp. on cotton in Ludhiana (Punjab)

Thamsen, R., 1985:
Distribution quality in the application of slurries to land

Karg, W., 1985:
Distribution studies on the red spider mite Panonychus ulmi in intensive apple orchards and conclusions for efficient monitoring of stands

Gregor, B., 1986:
Distribution system of agricultural production means and services in Poland

Anonymous, 1983:
Distribution systems for micro-irrigation

Kakauridze, V.V.; Shuvalov, Y.N.; Kavdzharadze, E.A.; Vardukadze, D.A., 1986:
Distribution zone of intensive root activity in 25-year-old tea according to 65Zn uptake from krasnozem soil by the leaves

Nasonova, L.V.; Krylov, P.S., 1984:
Distribution, abundance, morphology and biology of Bidera avenae in the Gor'kii region

Dudinskii, Y.A., 1985:
Distribution, accumulation and biological role of calcium oxalate crystals in fruit tree shoots

Whitehead, VB., 1984:
Distribution, biology and flower relationships of fideliid bees of southern Africa (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Fideliidae)

Frolov, B.A.; Larionov, S.V., 1984:
Distribution, clinical manifestations and diagnosis of demodectic mange in goats

Solano, R.; Caral, J.; Martinez, C.; Tarrero, R., 1982:
Distribution, duration and detection of oestrus in cattle. Time of ovulation

Solano, R.; Caral, J.; Martinez, G.; Tarrero, R., 1984:
Distribution, duration and detection of oestrus in cows at the moment of ovulation

Girolami, V.; Mozzi, A., 1984:
Distribution, economic threshold and sampling methods of Panonychus ulmi (Koch)

Komiya, I.; Ishizuka, T.; Nishio, M.; Murata, S.; Esumi, Y.; Washino, T.; Matsunaga, K.; Takaichi, M.; Yokoshima, T., 1984:
Distribution, metabolism and excretion of 14C-MT-141 in rats. II. Distribution and excretion after multiple intravenous administration to male rats and after single intravenous administration to female rats

Baker, GH., 1984:
Distribution, morphology and life history of the millipede Ommatoiulus moreletii (Diplopoda: Iulidae) in Portugal and comparisons with Australian populations

Wu, R.R.; Zhang, D.G.; Lu, X.S., 1984:
Distribution, perniciousness and control of Chromolaena coelestina and C. odorata in Yunnan province of China

Schad, G.A.; Leiby, D.A.; Murrell, K.D., 1984:
Distribution, prevalence and intensity of Trichinella spiralis infection in furbearing mammals of Pennsylvania

Dalal, R.C., 1985:
Distribution, salinity, kinetic and thermodynamic characteristics of urease activity in a vertisol profile

Thoms, E.M.; Robinson, W.H., 1986:
Distribution, seasonal abundance, and pest status of the oriental cockroach (Orthoptera: Blattidae) and an evaniid wasp (Hymenoptera: Evaniidae) in urban apartments

Michaels, E.; Chastagner, G.A., 1984:
Distribution, severity, and impact of Swiss needle cast in Douglas-fir Christmas trees in western Washington and Oregon

Rudge, M.R., 1984:
Distribution, status and preservation of feral sheep in New Zealand

McArthur, E.D.; Sanderson, S.C., 1984:
Distribution, systematics, and evolution of Chenopodiaceae: an overview

Sauti, R.F.N., 1984:
Distribution, utilization and production constraints of cassava in Malawi

Blake, G.; Dubois, J.P.; Gerbeaux, P., 1986:
Distributional changes of populations of macrophytes in an alpine lake (Lac d'Aiguebelette, Savoie, France)

Nishida, T.; Harris, EJ.; Vargas, RI.; Wong, TTY., 1985:
Distributional loci and host fruit utilization patterns of the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae), in Hawaii

Tanaka, T., 1982:
Distributions of heavy metals in the liver of squid and in human and cows' milk

Mansell R.S.; Fiskell J.G.A.; Calvert D.V.; Rogers J.S., 1986:
Distributions of labeled nitrogen in the profile of a fertilized sandy soil

Bernard, J., 1984:
Distributive effects of the CAP

Mwansa, F.M.; Warren, D.M., 1984:
District Development Programme for Luwingu East, Luwingu District, Northern Province

Cohen, J.M.; Hook, R.M., 1986:
District development planning in Kenya

Amonoo Lartson, R.; Ebrahim, G.J.; Lovel, H.J.; Ranken, J.P., 1984:
District health care. Challenges for planning, organisation and evaluation in developing countries

Thimmaiah, G., 1984:
District level planning: lessons from experience

Johnson, E.A. (Organizer), 1985:
Disturbance and community organization in the boreal forest. Symposium of the American Institute of Biological Sciences, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, North Dakota, U.S.A., August 9, 1983

Zlotnikov, K.M.; Marunov, S.K.; Khmel' nitskii, M.I., 1984:
Disturbance in assimilation of fixed nitrogen by soybean plants in symbiosis with the ASP- bacterium Rhizobium japonicum

Stadhouders, J.; Hassing, F.; Leenders, G.J.M.; Driessen, F.M., 1984:
Disturbance of acid production by bacteriophages in the manufacture of yoghurt

Schluter, U., 1985:
Disturbance of epidermal and fat body tissue after feeding azadirachtin and its consequence on larval moulting in the Mexican bean beetle Epilachna varivestis (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

Takahashi, J.; Honda, K.; Masaki, J., 1982:
Disturbance of pregnancy and serum prolactin and progesterone concentrations in superovulated adult rats

Takahashi, J.; Umezu, M.; Masaki, J.; Yasuda, Y., 1984:
Disturbance of pregnancy in superovulated adult rat

Oliver, C.D.; Adams, A.B.; Zasoski, R.J., 1985:
Disturbance patterns and forest development in a recently deglaciated valley in the northwestern Cascade Range of Washington, U.S.A

Dupouy Camet, J.; Verdy, E.; Cot, M.; Lapierre, J., 1985:
Disturbances in red cell oxidation state during Plasmodium falciparum malaria treated with chloroquine

Sundqvist, C.; Lukola, A.; Valtonen, M., 1984:
Disturbances in the appearance of sexual maturity in mink males

Marchal, J.P., 1985:
Disturbances in the food system in Burkina Faso. Extensive farming and drop in production

Vompersky, S.E., 1983:
Disturbances in the seasonal growth of Scots pine due to water-logging of the roots

Weekley, L.B.; Kimbrough, T.D.; Llewellyn, G.C., 1985:
Disturbances in tryptophan metabolism in rats following chronic dietary aflatoxin treatment

Pavlovskaya, E.N., 1985:
Disturbances in water and electrolyte metabolism in premature infants with pneumonia in the hot climatic conditions of the Turkmen SSR

Stanik, J.; Nemec, I., 1985:
Disturbances of reproduction in rams from the point of view of chromosome analysis

Menzies, I.C., 1984:
Disturbed children: the role of food and chemical sensitivities

Chapel, J.; Chapel, T.A., 1985:
Disuse contractures in a patient with tinea manuum and irritant contact dermatitis

Coussirat, J.C.; Schiltz, P.; Reid, W.W.; Bouteraou, Y., 1983:
Diterpenes in Nicotiana tabacum. I. Inheritance of the production of (Z)-abienol and of cembratriene-diols

Coussirat, J.C.; Schiltz, P.; Bouteraou, Y.; Reid, W.W.; Delon, R., 1983:
Diterpenes in Nicotiana tabacum. II. A technique for the selection of tobaccos as a function of their production of alpha and beta cembratriene-diols

Ohsaki, A.; Matsumoto, K.; Shibata, K.; Kubota, T.; Tokoroyama, T., 1985:
Diterpenoid congeners of portulal in Portulaca grandiflora Hook

Nurmukhamedova, M.R.; Kasymov, S.Z.; Abdullaev, N.D.; Sidyakin, G.P.; Yagudaev, M.R., 1985:
Diterpenoids of Pulicaria salviifolia. I. The structures of salvine and salvinine

Nurmukhamedova, M.R.; Abdullaev, N.D.; Sidyakin, G.P., 1986:
Diterpenoids of Pulicaria salviifolia. II. The structure of salvicine

Konorbis, S., 1986:
Ditylenchus dipsaci on broad beans

Shavrov, G.N., 1983:
Ditylenchus infestation of onion and garlic in the Central Chernozem Zone

Kawashima, K.; Miwa, Y.; Kimura, M.; Mizutani, K.; Hayashi, A.; Tanaka, O., 1985:
Diuretic action of paeonol

Erhardt, A., 1985:
Diurnal Lepidoptera: sensitive indicators of cultivated and abandoned grassland

Chernyshev, V.B., 1984:
Diurnal activity rhythms of insects

Buda, V.G.; Karalyus, V.A., 1984:
Diurnal and age dynamics of pheromone-emission behaviour of females of the allied ermine moth (Yponomeuta cognatellus Hbn.) and the flour moth (Ephestia kuehniella Zll.) (Lepidoptera, Yponomeutidae and Pyralidae)

Philip, J.R., 1978 :
Diurnal and annual water cycles in cold planetary regoliths

Pandey, H.S.; Katpatal, B.G.; Kumar, S.; Mishra, R.R., 1984:
Diurnal and monthwise variation in the milk constituents of Murrah buffaloes

Punyua, D.K.; Newson, R.M.; Mutinga, J.M., 1985:
Diurnal and seasonal activity of unfed adults of Rhipicephalus appendiculatus (Acarina: Ixodidae) in relation to some intrinsic and extrinsic factors - III. Daily changes in water content

Asrorov, K.A.; Rasulov, B.K., 1984:
Diurnal and seasonal dynamics of photosynthetic rate in different cotton species and varieties

Fondy, B.R.; Geiger, D.R., 1985:
Diurnal changes in allocation of newly fixed carbon in exporting sugar beet leaves

Undersander, D.J.; Hollis, L.C.; Sagebiel, J.A., 1986:
Diurnal changes in composition of winter wheat forage

Abaturov, Y.D., 1985:
Diurnal changes in height increment of terminal shoots of Scots pine

Frexinos, J.; Bueno, L.; Fioramonti, J., 1985:
Diurnal changes in myoelectric spiking activity of the human colon

Maeda, K.; Mori, Y.; Sawasaki, T.; Kano, Y., 1984:
Diurnal changes in peripheral melatonin concentration in goats and effects of light or dark interruption

Fu, R.S.; Ye, Q., 1984:
Diurnal changes in some physiological activities of Camellia oleosa

Nowak, R.S.; Anderson, J.E., 1985:
Diurnal changes in stomatal conductance for two bunchgrass species

Natarahan, K.; Kailash Paliwal; Gnanam, A., 1985:
Diurnal course of CO2 exchange in Leucaena leucocephala var. K8 in the semiarid climate of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

Schafer, W.; Klank, I.; Kretschmer, H., 1984:
Diurnal course of net photosynthesis in winter wheat and sugarbeet under field conditions

Mirani-Oostdijk, C.P.; Havekes, L.; den Boer, P.J.; de Wit, E.; Terpstra, J., 1985:
Diurnal course of the suitability of serum samples obtained from normal subjects and from patients with primary endogenous hypertriglyceridaemia to serve as substrate for milk lipoprotein lipase

Mather, T.N.; Spielman, A., 1986:
Diurnal detachment of immature deer ticks (Ixodes dammini) from nocturnal hosts

Tsukerman, L.D., 1983:
Diurnal dynamics of phosphorus translocation into different grapevine organs

Reimer, G.M.; Roberts, A.A.; Denton, E.H., 1976:
Diurnal effects on the helium concentration in soil-gas and near-surface atmosphere

Nunez, J.R., 1984:
Diurnal fluctuation of leaf solutes and their role in the osmotic adjustment of a Johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense (L.) Pers.) cultivar in response to low water stress

Barta, D.J.; Tibbitts, T.W., 1985:
Diurnal fluctuations in calcium and magnesium concentrations of lettuce leaves

Pace, R.M.I.I.I.; Wood, G.W., 1985 :
Diurnal habitat characteristics of woodcock wintering in coastal South Carolina

Thomson, B.C.; Cruickshank, G.J.; Poppi, D.P.; Sykes, A.R., 1985:
Diurnal patterns of rumen fill in grazing sheep

Wu, M.X.; Wedding, R.T., 1985:
Diurnal regulation of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase from crassula

Korol' , T.S., 1984:
Diurnal rhythms of cell functioning in the pheromone gland and mobility of adults of the codling moth (Carpocapsa pomonella L.) in natural and inverted light-dark cycles

Nagdaliev, F.A.; Blinov, V.I., 1982:
Diurnal transport of lipids and high molecular-weight fatty acids of lymph draining the intestine in heifers on different diets

Modder, WWD., 1984:
Diurnal variation in feeding and gut activity in nymphs of the African pest grasshopper, Zonocerus variegatus

Wali, S.E.B.; Holt, D., 1984:
Diurnal variation in nonstructural carbohydrates of birdsfoot trefoil as influenced by environment

Timoshenko, M.K.; Anokhina, V.S., 1984:
Diurnal variation in rate of cell division in lupin

Martin, G.B.; Cognié, Y.; Schirar, A.; Nunes-Ribeiro, A.; Fabre-Nys, C.; Thiéry, J.C., 1985:
Diurnal variation in the response of anoestrous ewes to the ram effect

Wititsuwannakul, R.; Sukonrat, W., 1984:
Diurnal variation of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase activity in latex of Hevea brasiliensis and its relation to rubber content

Smith, R.A.W.; Middleton, B.; West, D.W., 1986:
Diurnal variation of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase in the mammary gland of the lactating rat

Sieciechowicz, K.; Ireland, R.J.; Joy, K.W., 1985:
Diurnal variation of asparaginase in developing pea leaves

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Diurnal variations of soil-moisture tension

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Diurnal water balance of the cowpea fruit

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Diurnal, premating, and postmating testosterone levels in roosters genetically selected for mating frequency

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Diuron and ametryn runoff from a plantain field

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Diuron decomposition by the action of microorganisms in a yellow ferrallitic soil

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Divergence among genetic grades of Sahiwal X Holstein crossbred

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Divergence and differential expression of soybean actin genes

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Divergence of mitochondrial and chloroplast structure in Aegilops and Triticum. III. Morphometrical analysis of chloroplast ultrastructure

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Divergent mass selection for time to anthesis in a maize (Zea mays L.) population

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Divergent phenotypic recurrent selection for effective filling period duration and dry matter accumulation rate in maize

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Divergent selection for the residual component of feed intake by laying hens: effects on body composition

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Divergent selection for twelve-week body weight of Ring-necked pheasants (Phasianus colchicus) population

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Divergent selection of meat-type chickens for high and low early antibody production to Escherichia coli and to Newcastle disease virus vaccines

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Diversification and changes in the Soviet wine sector (Georgian/Azerbaijan SSRs)

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Diversification and new life in mountain resorts

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Diversification and opportunities in forestry in the South Island high country

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Diversification and self-sufficiency in the EC

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Diversification and the individual farmer: some notes

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Diversification in Morocco

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Diversification in agriculture

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Diversification of Malaysian rural economy: opportunities, alternatives and controversies in rural/agricultural development

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Diversification of Punjab agriculture: an econometric analysis

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Diversification of factors affecting sugarcane and sugar production in India

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Diversification of rural economy: the case of India

Anonymous, 1985:
Diversification of sources of employment in rural areas

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Diversification of the rural economy in Pakistan

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Diversification of winter crops in the wheat region of southern Brazil

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Diversified production systems in pig farming

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Diversionary plantings for reduction of pesticide related bee mortality

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Diversity and change of food consumption and nutrient intake among the Gidra in lowland Papua

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Diversity and collection of wild Vigna species in India

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Diversity and community structure of meiobenthos in a lagoon ecosystem

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Diversity in a democracy: expanding the recreation opportunity spectrum

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Diversity in nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide requirement for the growth of different strains of Mycoplasma synoviae

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Diversity of circumsporozoite antigen genes from two strains of the malarial parasite Plasmodium knowlesi

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Diversity of denitrifiers and their enzymes

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Diversity of forms among Prunus cerasifera X P. armeniaca hybrids obtained by backcrossing

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Diversity of forms among nut crops and prospects for their use

Anonymous, 1984:
Diversity of fruit growing enterprises

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Diversity of nematological problems in orchards and vineyards: chemical and genetical solutions

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Diversity of the weed flora of sugarbeet

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Diversity of vegetative compatibility groups of Cryphonectria parasitica in Connecticut and Europe

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Diversity, organization, and evolution of VH genes

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Diversity, seasonality and community organization of ants at adjacent heath and woodland sites in south-eastern Australia

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Diversity-dominance and succession of fungal communities in sandy soils (a beach of V region-Chile) on keratinic substrata. I

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Diverticulitis complicated by candidal pylephlebitis

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Diverticulum of the lacrimal sac associated with rhinosporidiosis

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Diverting land from agriculture with pre-retirement regulations as a social programme to relieve pressure on the market: a way out or a wrong way?

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Dividing Hungary into regions based on their tourism supporting capacity

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Division and sex determination of cattle embryos

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Division into groups and categories - the basis of the silvicultural/economic approach to the organization of forestry

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Division of Acarology

Anonymous, 1983:
Division of Livestock and Pastures. Annual Report 1980-81

Hooi, C.W., .:
Division of Medical Entomology

Anonymous, 1986:
Division of animal health

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Division of labour in the honeybee colony: a review

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Division of labour into non-manual and manual labour and leisure time

Mahajan, R.; Bello, A., 1986:
Divittus impar (Ray & Das, 1983), nov. comb., Merlinius djungaricus (Razzhivin, 1974) nov. comb. and Tylenchorhynchus eroshenkoi (Eroshenko, 1984) nom.nov. (Nemata: Tylenchida)

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Do slow-release nitrogen fertilizers have an advantage for lawn fertilization in southcentral Alaska?

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Do catecholamines play a physiologic role in regulating corpus luteum function in the pseudopregnant rabbit?

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Do different spay techniques and growth implant frequencies affect weight gain in heifers?

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Do endogenous opioid peptides mediate the effects of photoperiod on release of luteinizing hormone and prolactin in ovariectomized ewes?

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Do honey bees collect pollen from the maidenhair-tree Ginkgo biloba L.?

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Do interspecies hybrid LDH-isoenzymes occur upon Trichinella spiralis parasitization in the guinea-pig

O.Farrell, K.J., 1985:
Do it yourself artificial insemination (DIY AI)

Alofs, W.J., 1986:
Do not overdo crop protection in strawberries

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Do nutrient supplements and dietary changes affect learning and emotional reactions of children with learning difficulties? A controlled series of 16 cases

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Do plants evolve differently?

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Do polyamines enhance fruit-setting in sweet cherry?

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Do rising fat-globules assist microbial invasion via the teat duct between milking?

Helle, T.; Aspi, J., 1984:
Do sandy patches help reindeer against insects?

Trainer, F.E., 1984:
Do schools educate?

Rudman, W.J., 1985:
Do sex differences exist in patterns of sport involvement: sex interactions and determinants of participation

Bartels, J., 1984:
Do space requirements of cereals depend on variety?

Gorczynski, R.M., 1986:
Do sugar residues contribute to the antigenic determinants responsible for protection and/or abolition of protection in Leishmania-infected BALB/c mice?

Zoklits, M., 1986:
Do the developing countries present a hopeful market for agricultural surpluses?

Gapinski, J.H., 1985:
Do the nonprofit performing arts optimize? The moral from Shakespeare

Griffiths, H., 1986:
Do us (all) a favour!

Collins, J.N.; Resh, V.H. , 1984:
Do waterfowl affect mosquitoes in Coyote Hills Marsh?

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Do we fatten our children at the television set? Obesity and television viewing in children and adolescents

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Do we really learn from experience? Reflections on development efforts in Sukumaland, Tanzania

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Do women gain from high fertility?

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Do you know where your fiber is?

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Document: The World Food Assembly manifesto

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Document: the Commission report on wine market cartels

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Documentation and information management at PGRC/E

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Documentation and information: two instruments of rural development

Anonymous, 1986:
Documentation bulletin on durum wheat and secondary products

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Documentation: the missing link in evaluation

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Documenting clinical gastrointestinal parasitism: worm-burdens - a valuable tool

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Documents presented at the symposium on stock enhancement in the management of freshwater fish, Budapest, Hungary, 31 May-2 June 1982. 2. Introductions and transplantations

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Documents relating to the history of shelterbelt hedges in the Munsterland region

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Dodder control with herbicides in newly sown lucerne

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Dodder in tobacco seedbeds in Ontario and its control

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Dodder injury of onion

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Does Aeromonas salmonicida affect the immune system of carp, Cyprinus carpio L.?

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Does Dombito have competition?

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Does European particleboard production stand at a culmination point or at a turning point?

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Does Herzberg's theory of work motivation apply to farm staff?

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Does Terraclor cause stunting on foliage plants?

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Does academic training in forestry require new emphases or altered organization?

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Does air pollution threaten forests with genetic depletion?

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Does atrazine promote Fusarium infection of maize cobs?

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Does better nutrition raise farm productivity?

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Does captan control storage scab inadequately? The results of the storage trial

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Does contraception stimulate lactation?

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Does dietary linolenic acid influence blood pressure?

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Does economic development feed people?

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Does estradiol have a differential feedback on secretion of luteinizing hormone dependent on season of year in the cow?

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Does female education affect fertility behaviour in Pakistan?

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Does fermentation of cucurbit seeds improve their quality?

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Does fertilizer application affect flavour ?

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Does food affect acute inflammatory bowel disease? The role of parenteral nutrition, elemental and exclusion diets

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Does food restriction retard aging by reducing the metabolic rate?

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Does forest vegetation management pay?

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Does guar gum improve post-prandial hyperglycaemia in humans by reducing small intestinal contact area?

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Does human milk contain bombesin-like material?

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Does inter-farm cooperation keep costs in check?

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Does iron supplementation compromise zinc nutrition in healthy infants?

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Does lactose concentration affect Cheddar quality?

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Does laxative abuse control body weight? A comparative study of purging and vomiting bulimics

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Does long-term home parenteral nutrition in adult patients cause chronic liver disease?

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Does mechanical stress affect the dielectric properties of wood?

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Does milk intolerance affect seronegative arthritis in lactase-deficient women?

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Does milking 3 times a day have advantages?

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Does parenteral feeding before operation reduce complications after operation? A study of patients with Crohn's disease

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Does pasteurization affect the valuable properties of milk?

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Does plant mitochondrial DNA rearrange during plant growth ?

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Does prolactin modify testosterone feedback in the hamster? Pituitary grafts alter the ability of testosterone to suppress luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone release in castrated male hamsters

Lind, T.; Anderson, J., 1984:
Does random blood glucose sampling outdate testing for glycosuria in the detection of diabetes during pregnancy?

Anonymous, 1985:
Does scab control require another approach?

Robertson, C.S.; Womack, C.; Morris, D.L., 1986:
Does secondary amyloidosis occur with human hydatid disease?

Russell, G.W., 1986:
Does sports violence increase box office receipts?

Tuhan, N.C.; Pawar, A.D., 1985:
Does sugarcane scale insect Melanaspis glomerata (Green) occur in Sriganganagar district (Rajasthan)

Hills, J., 1986:
Does the British tax structure help or hinder?

Leather, SR., 1985:
Does the bird cherry have its 'fair share' of insect pests? An appraisal of the species-area relationships of the phytophagous insects associated with British Prunus species

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Does the chromosome number (karyotype) of blue foxes have any importance for litter size in crossings with silver foxes ?

Andersen, J., 1985:
Does the energy situation at the dairies meet today's economic optimum?

Sartorius, R.; Stosser, R.; Anvari, S.F., 1984:
Does the genus Juglans display porogamy or chalazogamy?

Matthies, H.; Lampeter, W., 1984 :
Does the nutrient supply to cereal plants in the seed production year influence the seed-related productivity of the progeny?

Valberg, L.S.; Flanagan, P.R.; Brennan, J.; Chamberlain, M.J., 1985:
Does the oral zinc tolerance test measure zinc absorption?

Melin, N.; Riou Nivert, P., 1985:
Does the quality of Douglas fir wood depend on silvicultural treatment?

Unsworth, D.J.; Holborow, E.J., 1985:
Does the reticulin binding property of cereal proteins demonstrable in vitro have pathogenetic significance for coeliac disease?

Groot, C.; Margolis, L.; Bailey, R., 1984:
Does the route of seaward migration of Fraser River sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) smolts determine the route of return migration of the adults?

D.Sousa, J., 1985:
Does tourism mean development?

Baumgartner, J., 1985:
Does use of a grab have a disadvantageous effect on hay ventilation?

McCool, S.F., 1985:
Does wilderness designation lead to increased recreational use?

Sarazan, R.D., 1984:
Dog and cat anthelmintics

Anonymous, 1985:
Dog and cat diseases

Anonymous, 1986:
Dog and cat diseases

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Dog thyroid glands after chronic administration of antithyroid drugs

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Dogs and cats as laboratory animals

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Dogs and the public health

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Doing business with CPEs and marketing strategies for western exporters

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Doko: a cultivar for central Brazil

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Dolicharthria punctalis (Denis & Schiffermuller) in north-west Europe (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

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Dollar: worn excuse for decline in exports?

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Dombito remains the principal cultivar

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Dome osteotomy for the correction of long bone malunions: case reports and discussion of surgical technique

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Domestic agricultural policy in an international environment. (2 papers) In: Proceedings AAEA annual meeting, Ithaca, New York, 5-8 August 1984

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Domestic and industrial wood-fired boilers

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Domestic and international agricultural policy interfaces

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Domestic and international experiences of rural tourism as viewed by an expert from Baranya

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Domestic and wild animals naturally infected with Schistosoma mansoni in the Gezira Irrigated Scheme, Sudan

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Domestic animals as a reservoir of Campylobacter fetus subsp. jejuni, Yersinia spp. and Salmonella spp.

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Domestic animals in the elucidation of zinc's role in nutrition

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Domestic demand for Mendoza apples for fresh comsumption

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Domestic food marketing in Latin America. Problems, products and policies. Selection of papers presented at an international seminar at CIAT, Cali, Colombia, 11-13 July 1984

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Domestic food pricing policy, food aid and the food crises in Africa

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Domestic food systems and the new internationalization of national economies: the cases of Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Trinidad and Tobago

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Domestic marketing of sugar in India

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Domestic metal bin (Dewan type) and corrugated galvanised steel bin for storage of wheat

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Domestic mosquitoes

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Domestic resources in fats and oils. II. Characteristics and qualities of rice bran oils from high yielding rice plants

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Domestic salt consumption and the iodine supply of the Swiss population

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Domestic terms of trade and public policy for agriculture in Pakistan

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Domestic tourism and outdoor recreation on the Black Sea coast of Turkey: a study on social geography

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Domestic tourism development in China: a regression analysis

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Domestic trade in food

Anonymous, 1986:
Domestic travel in Victoria. 1984/85

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Domestic unit, labour relations and strategies of reproduction among small scale cane producers in Jamaica

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Domestic water supply improvements in Tanzania. Impact on rural women

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Domestication of the horse in the ancient Middle East

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Domiati cheese from ultrafiltered milk

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Dominance aggression in dogs

George M.; Varghese G., 1985:
Dominance and structural variation in deciduous forests

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Dominance at the level of protein amounts revealed by two-dimensional electrophoresis in maize

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Dominance in physiological phenotypes and fitness at an enzyme locus

Utikar P.G.; Shinde P.A., 1985:
Dominance of grain molds on different genotypes of sorghum and assessment of yield losses

Castor, S., 1983:
Dominance structures and peasant life in Haiti

Reddy, G.N., 1984:
Dominant caste and social interaction in a Karnataka village

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Dominant enterprise size in the swine production industry

Hanna, W.W.; Wells, H.D.; Burton, G.W., 1985:
Dominant gene for rust resistance in pearl millet

Rodriguez, P.H.; Rodriguez, K.A., 1985:
Dominant lethal effects of thiotepa in male Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)

Waterston, R.H.; Hirsh, D.; Lane, T.R., 1984:
Dominant mutations affecting muscle structure in Caenorhabditis elegans that map near the actin gene cluster

Bogen, B., 1985:
Dominant suppressive effect of the silent Eb alpha allele on an in vivo T helper cell response under Ed beta Ed alpha region-linked immune response gene control

Chirila, C.; Pintilie, C.; Chirila, R., 1985:
Dominant weeds and their control (XIII). Field mustard

Jochle, W., 1984:
Domosedan: a new sedative and analgesic drug for horses with dose-dependent duration of effects: an introduction

Anonymous, 1985:
Don't cut these spikes!

Dalldorf, D.B., 1985:
Don't force pineapple plants too early

Baldwin, R., 1985:
Don't ignore this taxing business

Garrard, I.M., 1982:
Don't underestimate your recreation resources

Gurha, S.N.; Misra, D.P., 1983:
Donors for resistance to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. ciceri in chickpea (Cicer arietinum)

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Donors of combined resistance to the principal diseases in soyabean

Kichina, V.V., 1985:
Donors of compact columnar crown in apple

Merezhko, A.F., 1984:
Donors of early heading in the worldwide breeding of spring bread wheat

Emmerikh, E.D.; Lukina, N.I., 1982:
Donors of high protein and lysine content in barley

Bogachev, Y.I., 1984:
Donors of resistance to fungal diseases in maize breeding

Shevchenko, V.E.; Karpachev, V.V., 1984:
Donors of resistance to fungal diseases in triticale and wheat breeding

Sukhorukov, A.F.; Kiselev, V.A., 1984:
Donors of resistance to fungal diseases in winter wheat breeding

Blake, F., 1985:
Doorstep delivery

Averill, R.L., 1985:
Dopamine blockade reverses the inhibition of prolactin which results from intrahypothalamic pituitary grafts

Judd, A.M.; Koike, K.; Schettini, G.; Login, I.S.; Hewlett, E.L.; Yasumoto, T.; MacLeod, R.M., 1985:
Dopamine decreases 7315a tumor cell prolactin release induced by calcium mobilization

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Dopamine effects on adrenocorticotrophin-stimulated aldosterone, cortisol, corticosterone and 11-deoxycorticosteroid concentrations in sodium-replete and sodium-deplete man

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Dopamine enters lactotrophs and reaches their secretory granules

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Dopamine inhibits prolactin release when cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate levels are elevated

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Dopamine reduces the receptor binding activity and not the secretion rate of placental lactogen in vitro

Welshman, M.D., 1986:
Doped dobermann

Ballantyne, D.J., 1985:
Dormancy and forcing. Cultivating Rhododendron species in the greenhouse

Froud Williams, R.J., 1985:
Dormancy and germination of arable grass-weeds

Beres, I.; Hunyadi, K., 1984:
Dormancy and germination of common ragweed (Ambrosia elatior L.) seeds in the field in Hungary

Chancellor, R.J., 1984:
Dormancy and germination of grass seeds

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Dormancy and germination of seed of different provenances of Fagus sylvatica

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Dormancy and growth of American ginseng as influenced by temperature

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Dormancy breaking in bulbs by burning over

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Dormancy in cereal cyst nematode, Heterodera avenae

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Dormancy in garlic (Allium sativum L.) cv. Rosado Paraguayo. II. The onset of the process during plant ontogeny

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Dormancy in slender spikerush seed

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Dormancy in winter barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) - influence of temperature during seed development and germination tests

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Dormancy of apical buds of ash (Fraxinus excelsior): evaluation of the nucleotide triphosphate pool and the range of temperatures which affect bud break during dormancy

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Dormancy of sour cherry plantlets propagated by in vitro culture technique

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Dormancy period in plum varieties in 1980-83

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Dormancy, flowering and sex expression in 20 olive cultivars (Olea europea L.) under Giza conditions

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Dormancy, germination, emergence and ecology of Gardner saltbush (Atriplex gardneri (Meq.) D. Dietr.) seeds

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Dormant applications for multiflora rose control

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Dormant basal herbicide application for multiflora rose control

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Dorsal ocellar system of the American cockroach I. Structure of the ocellus and ocellar nerve

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Dorsal ocellar system of the American cockroach II. Structure of the ocellar tract

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Dosage and distribution - two cornerstones of application technique in plant protection

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Dosage effect of insulin in treating diabetic rats

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Dosage of therapeutic substances for aerosol and oxygenosol therapy

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Dosage-mortality response of Choristoneura fumiferana (Clem.) to a microsporidium, Nosema fumiferanae

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Dose dependent disposition of sulphadimidine and of its N4-acetyl and hydroxy metabolites in plasma and milk of dairy cows

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Dose estimation to the infant from breast milk following intraperitoneal administration of chromic phosphate 32P for the treatment of early ovarian cancer

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Dose response of PGF2 alpha (Lutalyse) - luteolytic effect as related to fertility in swamp buffaloes

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Dose-dependence of mutation in the germ cells of mice

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Dose-dependent inhibition of the preovulatory surges of gonadotropins and prolactin by the antiestrogen CI-628: possible sites of action

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Dose-effect relationship for gonadorelin (Berlin-Chemie) in ovariectomized heifers, measured by LH response

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Dose-mortality response of Choristoneura fumiferana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) to a microsporidium, Pleistophora schubergi

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Dose-mortality response of Tribolium castaneum Herbst larvae to pirimiphos-methyl

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Dose-related effects of ethylketazocine on nociception, behaviour and autonomic responses in the horse

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Dose-response relationships of Clavibacter xyli subsp. xyli and sugarcane clones differing in tolerance to ratoon stunting disease

Anonymous, 1985:
Dossier on maize

Anonymous, 1985:
Dossier/Sub-Saharan Africa: a reconstruction target

Anonymous, 1985:
Dossier: Population education in Africa

Anonymous, 1985:
Dossier: credit and development cooperation

Anonymous, 1985:
Dossier: exotic tropical fruits

Anonymous, 1985:
Dossier: indebtedness in French agriculture

Anonymous, 1986:
Dossier: rural structures

Anonymous, 1986:
Dossier: the cereals sector

Anonymous, 1986:
Dossier: the woodfuel crises

Anonymous, 1985 :
Dossier: world hunger

Gadgil, P.D., 1984:
Dothistroma needle blight

Lundquist, J.E.; Roux, C., 1984:
Dothistroma needle blight of Pinus patula, P. radiata, and P. canariensis in South Africa

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Dothistromin, a phytotoxic pigment from Cercospora personata and its effect on host cell physiology

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Double blade tillage systems and soil dynamics in tensile stress zone

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Double blind clinical trial of Win 40.014 in the treatment of chronic intestinal amoebiasis

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Double dwarf mutant in rice

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Double entry book-keeping as a basis for calculating

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Double entry volume table equations for some RRIM 600 series clones of Hevea brasiliensis

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Double interchange heterozygote among the nullisomics of Coix gigantea Koen ex Roxb

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Double intestinal cannulation for study of digesta flow in ruminants

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Double low rapeseed meal in diets to dairy cows

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Double low rapeseed meal in diets to growing-finishing pigs

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Double meiotic mutants of maize and the problem of genetic control of meiosis

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Double metabolic balances on low-birth-weight infants given formulae of differing composition

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Double muscled animals and the improvement of meat production

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Double outlet right ventricle in cattle

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Double patch grafting of Eucalyptus urophylla

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Double resistance to Pseudomonas phaseolicola and Xanthomonas phaseoli in some bean varieties and lines

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Double row cropping of broccoli for better yields

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Double shield budding. A successful method of propagating incompatible pear cultivars on quince stock

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Double-blind comparative study of RO-13-8996 with miconazole in relation to its efficacy and local tolerance in patients with dermatomycosis

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Double-blind comparison between two different formulations of econazole ovules

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Double-chambered teatcup

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Double-drum winch skidder trial

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Double-glazed greenhouses and their dynamics

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Double-quality rapeseed for fattening pigs

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Double-spikelet mutants in winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

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Double-staining to improve visualisation of wood decay hyphae in wood sections

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Double-stranded RNAs detected in cucurbit varieties not inoculated with viruses

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Double-stranded ribonucleic acid from plants infected with viruses having elongated particles and undivided genomes

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Double-zero swede rape - a chance of protein for the future

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Doublecrop soybeans: Effect of irrigation, tillage, burning wheat stubble, and herbicides

Anonymous, 1985:
Doublet (S.376) spring barley

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Doubt on yield obtained with deep cultivation

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Douglas fir - provenances and growth performance over a 26-year period

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Douglas fir in France: silviculture and yield

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Douglas fir in eastern France

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Douglas fir in eastern Sauerland

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Douglas fir in the forests of the Carpathians

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Douglas fir provenance trial in Hesse, 1958

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Douglas-fir progeny testing for resistance to western spruce budworm

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Dourado 1 and Dourado 2, new yellow dessert peach cultivars

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Dowco 453 - for grass control in lupins

Fenyvesi, J.; Knudtsen, O.A., 1983:
Dowco 453, a new selective herbicide to control grasses in broadleaved crops with post-emergence applications

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Down on the automatic farm

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Down regulation of prolactin receptors in the hamster ovary by the preovulatory gonadotropin surge

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Downdraft channel gasifier furnace for biomass fuels

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Downwind migration of the African armyworm moth, Spodoptera exempta, studied by mark-and-capture and by radar

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Downy and powdery mildew resistant muskmelon breeding line MR-1

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Downy mildew - Pseudoperonospora cubensis in Swedish cucumber fields in 1985

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Downy mildew caused by Bremia lactucae Regel a new and serious disease of gerbera in Poland and its control by Ridomil

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Downy mildew of cucumber

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Downy mildew of cucurbits found for the first time in Finland

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Downy mildew of lettuce

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Downy mildew of lettuce. Field resistance

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Downy mildew of lettuce. Genetic interactions controlling specificity

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Downy mildew of lettuce. New combinations of R-factors in lettuce cultivars

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Downy mildew of lettuce. Novel sources of seedling resistance

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Downy mildew of melon due to Pseudoperonospora cubensis (Berk. & Curt.) Rostow

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Downy mildew of onion (Allium cepa L.) - A new disease from plains of India

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Downy mildew resistance and its components in muskmelon collections

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Dr. Day's sting study results

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Dr. Guy D. Smith: portrait of a soil scientist

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Dracontiasis: epidemiological studies in a savanna zone (Upper Volta). II. Socio-economic consequences

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Dracontiasis: outline of a method of evaluation of the economic cost of this disease in a collective

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Dracunculiasis eradication in India

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Dracunculiasis in Igbon, Oyo State, Nigeria

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Dracunculiasis in some Arkansas carnivores

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Dracunculiasis. Global surveillance summary - 1984

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Dracunculiasis. Global surveillance summary - 1985

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Dracunculiasis: its history and eradication in the USSR

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Dracunculus insignis in fishers in New Hampshire

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Draft measurements with a three-point hitch dynamometer

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Draft of a system for milking equipment servicing

Anonymous, 1986:
Draft policy statement: sun exposure and related health risks

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Draft power, draft exchange and farmer organizations

Anonymous, 1984:
Draft proposal for the rehabilitation of the sugar industry

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Draft relationships for primary tillage in Oklahoma soils

Anonymous, 1986:
Draft strategy for Danish agricultural policy

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Draft-tube production of ammonium phosphate for granulation or spray drying

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Dragline sprinkler irrigation of orchards - Part 1

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Drainage and salinity control programs in Pakistan

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Drainage coefficients for heavy land

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Drainage due to gravity under nonlinear law

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Drainage effect on growth and wood quality in some bog grown trees in Alberta

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Drainage for agriculture

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Drainage in conjunction with center pivot irrigation in Georgia

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Drainage insert essentially of knitted fabric for use in cheese moulds

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Drainage losses under different irrigation schedules and stage sensitivity of wheat to water stress

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Drainage materials

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Drainage measures for forests on young polder sites

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Drainage methods on heavy marsh soils in Denmark

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Drainage of clay lands for grassland production: problems, effects, benefits

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Drainage of liquids from slurry cellars

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Drainage of paddy soils in Taihu Lake region and its effects

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Drainage of peatlands for afforestation

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Drainage of peaty soils

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Drainage problems in peat soil

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Drainage required to manage salinity

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Drainigation makes 'hydroponic' operation work

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Draining floors for sheep

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Dramatic changes in 1986 in Sweden's foreign trade in foodstuffs

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Draught animal equipment developed by CPATSA for crop production in the semi-arid tropics of Brazil. Paper presented at study day on Culture avec traction animale (Cultivation using animal draught), 56th SIMA, Paris, 7 March 1985

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Draught animal power - socioeconomic factors

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Draught animal power for production. Proceedings of an international workshop held at James Cook University, Townsville, Qld, Australia 10-16 July 1985

Anonymous, 1985:
Draught animal power for production. Proceedings of an international workshop held at James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland, Australia, 10-16 July 1985

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Draught animal power in Bangladesh: an appraisal

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Draught animal power systems in sub-Saharan Africa: their production impact and research needs

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Draught animal power: project considerations - a synopsis

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Draught animals in the hill agriculture system

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Draught cultivation: a dangerous improvement

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Draught efficiency of crossbred vis-a-vis zebu and buffalo bullocks in India

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Draught farming in irrigated wet rice production. Paper presented at study day on Culture avec traction animale (Cultivation using animal draught), 56th SIMA, Paris, 7 March 1985

Zhang, X., 1985:
Draw up enrollment plans according to social needs

Zheng, S., 1984:
Drawbacks in the course of running key schools

Hanks, G.; Jones, S., 1986:
Drawing out the potential for a fuller stem length

Alfer' ev, V.; Patskalev, A.; Chamov, Y., 1985:
Drawing up systems of norms for agriculture

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Drechslera andersenii sp. nov. and other Drechslera spp. on ryegrass in England and Wales

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Drechslera cactivora, a new causal agent of opportunistic mycosis of the nails

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Drechslera longirostrata (Subramanian) and other Drechslera species pathogenic to humans and animals

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Drechslera maydis, the causal organism of leaf blight of maize: test for virulence on maize inbred CM 600

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Dressing changes by specialized personnel reduce infection rates in patients receiving central venous parenteral nutrition

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Dressing percentages of lambs

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Dried Endo nutrient medium from secondary milk raw materials

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Dried citrus pulp in animal feeding

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Dried coffee pulp (DCP) as an ingredient in the diets of growing pigs

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Dried convenience foods based on potatoes

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Dried distillers grains of hard red spring wheat in a finishing diet for steers

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Dried jellies with amylopectin

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Dried leguminous plants in feeds for steers

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Dried lemon pulp in the feeding of meat rabbits

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Dried microbial preparations in diets for laboratory animals

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Dried milk

Anonymous, 1985:
Dried milk - assessment of heat class - heat-number reference method

Anonymous, 1985:
Dried milk and dried milk products. Determination of insolubility index

Anonymous, 1985:
Dried milk and dried whey. Determination of coliform count. Reference method

Uiterwaal, D.J.D. (Netherlands), 1985:
Dried milk product and method for making the same

Anonymous, 1985:
Dried milk, dried whey, dried buttermilk and dried butter serum - determination of fat content - gravimetric method (reference method)

Anonymous, 1984 :
Dried milks (general standard)

O.Keeffe, D., 1984:
Dried molassed beet pulp as a feed for dairy cows

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Dried non-defatted animal feeds in diets for broilers

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Dried peas: some factors influencing yield and staining

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Dried poultry litter in concentrates for saddle horses

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Dried poultry manure as a dietary ingredient for broilers and sheep

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Dried tapioca tuber for laboratory rearing of the bamboo borer, Dinoderus minutus Fabr. (Coleoptera: Bostrychidae)

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Dried whey added to the diet of young birds to increase natural resistance to infection

Anonymous, 1985:
Dried whey. Determination of nitrate and nitrite contents. Method by cadmium reduction and spectrometry

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Dried, live vaccine against swine erysipelas

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Dried, sweetened, flavoured, fresh cheese

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Drift - an avoidable risk

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Drift comparisons between aerial and ground orchard application

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Drift from aerial application to coniferous seed orchards

Anonymous, 1985:
Drill performance assessments

Meijer, E.N.C., 1985:
Drilling methods for field vegetables

Irla, E., 1986:
Drilling techniques in cereal and rape growing

Anonymous, 1985:
Drink a Mars

Kuypers, T.W. (Switzerland), 1985:
Drink composition and process for the manufacture thereof

Gower, W., 1985:
Drink in the UK. An analysis of the marketing and distribution of alcoholic beverages

Kriston Vizi, J., 1984:
Drink the wine of Eger, good friend! The question of souvenirs and tourism in Heves County

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Drinking and natriuresis during volume expansion and intracranial angiotensin or carbachol

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Drinking arrangement for housed beef cattle

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Drinking water supply on livestock units

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Drinking water treatment with a commercial preparation of a concentrated Lactobacillus culture for broiler chickens

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Drinking water: a frequently neglected factor

Anonymous, 1985:
Drinking yoghurt 'Yourtine' with plastic deep-print decoration

Anonymous, 1986:
Drinking yoghurts from Denmark

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Drinking-water and sanitation projects: criteria for resource allocation

Menaruchi, A., 1986:
Drinking-water and sanitation: a village in action

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Drip feed device for irrigation purposes

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Drip fertilization practices and soil permeability

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Drip irrigating cotton with saline drainage water

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Drip irrigation - an Australian experience

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Drip irrigation and crop production in arid regions

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Drip irrigation applied to Southern California landscapes

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Drip irrigation as a method for soil and water conservation in sloping areas: a case study from Malaga Province, Spain

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Drip irrigation by submain design

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Drip irrigation design for landscapes

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Drip irrigation for arid zone landscaping in South Australia

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Drip irrigation for coconuts in India

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Drip irrigation for cotton

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Drip irrigation for cotton: implications for farm profits

Batchelor, C.H., 1984:
Drip irrigation for small holders

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Drip irrigation gaining ground in Arizona

Vakhidov, A., 1985:
Drip irrigation in apricot orchards in Tadzhikistan

Hanna, H.Y.; Shao, K.P.; Adams, A.J., 1985:
Drip irrigation increases yield of fresh market tomatoes

Yastreb, G.V., 1985:
Drip irrigation of cherries

Parthasarathy, M., 1984:
Drip irrigation of coconuts

Freuke, H.; Mantell, A.; Meiri, A., 1986:
Drip irrigation of cotton with saline-sodic water

Puninskii, Y.S., 1984:
Drip irrigation of grapevines on sandy desert soil

Safontas, J.E.; Paola, J.C. di, 1985:
Drip irrigation of maize

Zani, A., 1984:
Drip irrigation of peach

Lavin A.A., 1985:
Drip irrigation of two types of vineyard cv. Pais in the dry interior of Cauquenes. III. Effects on mineral nutrition

Lavin A.A., 1985:
Drip irrigation of two types of vineyard cv. Pais in the dry interior of Cauquenes. IV. Effects on arginine contents of different plant organs

Lavin A.A., 1986:
Drip irrigation of two types of vineyard cv. Pais in the dry interior of Cauquenes. V. Effects on soluble carbohydrate levels

Necheporuk, L.T., 1985:
Drip irrigation of vineyards on sandy soils

Leon, A.; Amor, F. del; Torrecillas, A.; Ruiz Sanchez, M.C., 1985:
Drip irrigation of young almond plantations

Paunel, I.; Giorgota, M.; Jilcu, M.; Mitrache, D., 1984:
Drip irrigation regime for melons cultivated in greenhouses and plastic tunnels

Trenholme, C.J., 1985:
Drip irrigation scheduling

Zoldoske, D.F.; Norum, E.M., 1985:
Drip irrigation systems component performance standards

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Drip irrigation with tap water a good system for young trees

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