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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1342

Chapter 1342 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Buzdalov, I.N., 1986:
Economic problems of making more rational use of nature

Morozov, N.M., 1986:
Economic problems of the mechanization of animal husbandry

Markrich, M., 1984:
Economic profile of Hawaii's tour boat industry

Zweden, J. van; Dobbs, T.L.; Christianson, L.L., 1985:
Economic prospects for a multipurpose on-farm solar energy intensifier system

Bye, P.; Chanaron, J.J., 1986:
Economic prospects of agricultural robotics

Foris, I., 1985:
Economic questions of environmental protection in agriculture

Anonymous, 1986:
Economic realization of forestry potential. I. Summary and conclusions. II. Forestry potential; III. How to make use of the forestry potential

Ellman, M., 1986:
Economic reform in China

Smolenski, Z., 1985:
Economic reform in Hungarian agriculture

Goembski, G., 1985:
Economic reform in Poland and its impact on the operation of tourist enterprises

Urban, R., 1983:
Economic reform in the food industry - an initial evaluation

Czyszkowska Dabrowska, J.; Pudekiewicz, E., 1985:
Economic reform of the agricultural cooperatives according to the opinions of their members

Makarenkov, P., 1985:
Economic relations in flax growing and processing are to be improved

Zaets, I.; Goremykin, V., 1984:
Economic relations within inter-farm organizations when there is a district agroindustrial organization

Kiss, L.Z., 1982:
Economic relationships in the mechanical harvesting of sour cherries

Lenarskaya, N.S., 1985:
Economic relationships within the fruit and vegetable sub-sector of the agroindustrial sector

Wisniewski, L.; Kaprzyk, Z., 1984:
Economic results for the state collective farms in the years 1981-83

Anonymous, 1986:
Economic results in Danish agriculture 1984/85

Anonymous, 1986:
Economic results of full-time farms 1984/85

Nienhuis, J.K., 1984 :
Economic results of wall insulation

Sar, L.; Crane, W., 1984:
Economic returns from fertilisation of Pinus radiata stands

Guldin, R.W., 1984:
Economic returns from spraying to release loblolly pine

White, T.H., 1985:
Economic returns of small grain forage in a dairy feeding program

Ahammed, C.S.; Wennergren, E.B., 1984:
Economic returns to buried pipe irrigation in Bangladesh

Chapman, N.P., 1984:
Economic returns to pump users in Northern Zone, Bauchi State Agricultural Development Programme

Natasukarya, A.M., 1983:
Economic role of small ruminant production in two areas of west Java, Indonesia

Simm, G., 1986:
Economic selection indices for lean meat production in sheep

Zeddies, J., 1986:
Economic significance of weed control under conditions of future limitations

Harrison, B.R.; Thera, J.R., 1983:
Economic status of Canadian freelance writers

Anderson, C.G., 1985:
Economic status of Texas agriculture

Huhle, R.; Richter, W., 1984:
Economic strategy as a challenge to the initiative and creativity of rural youth

Hoppe, Ra, 1985:
Economic structure and change in persistently low-income nonmetro counties

Calatrava Requena, J., 1985:
Economic studies of agriculture: the main phases in their evolution

Gunnarson, S.; Hansson, K.; Johnsson, B., 1984:
Economic studies of fuel crops in Swedish agriculture

Pandey, R.K.; Sarin, B.S., 1984:
Economic study of acreage response of rice in Uttar Pradesh

Ghonem, S.; E.S.amy, S.; Faleh, S., 1983:
Economic study of the cost of agricultural loans provided by the Agricultural Credit Corporation ACC during the 1969-81 period

Delmas, C., 1984:
Economic study of the development of machine milking for ewes in the Roquefort region

Kudo, Z., 1986:
Economic study of the replacement of rice planters in Miyanojo Area, Kagoshima Prefecture

E.Shamy, S.K., 1983:
Economic study of white soft cheese production in Egypt

Alagh, Y.K., 1984:
Economic systems approach to fertiliser demand

Jones, W.O., 1984:
Economic tasks for food marketing boards in Tropical Africa

Kapeljuzni, J., 1980:
Economic threshold level for wild oats (Avena fatua L.) in winter wheat

Masud S.A.; Hashmi A.A., 1984:
Economic threshold of rice stem borers

Auld, B.A.; Tisdell, C.A., 1986:
Economic threshold/critical density models in weed control

Niemann, P., 1985:
Economic thresholds - first count, then control

Angelova, R.; Lecheva, I., 1983:
Economic thresholds of Pandemis heparana Schiff. (Lep. Tortricidae) and Phigalia pedaria (Lep. Geometridae), pests of apple

McCarty, M.T., 1983:
Economic thresholds of annual grasses in agronomic crops

Twine, P.H., 1984:
Economic thresholds of arthropod pests

Moffitt, I.; Hall, D.; Osteen, C., 1984:
Economic thresholds under uncertainty with application to corn nematode management

Sah, K.M.; Singh, R.L.; Singh, R.K.; Prasad, C.M., 1985:
Economic traits in desi, White Leghorn and their crosses

Danil' chenko, L.I.; Danil' chenko, V.G., 1985:
Economic traits of cows sired by Montbeliard and Red-and-White Holstein bulls

Randall, J.N., 1985:
Economic trends and support to economic activity in rural Scotland

Eimer, M.; Dreses, V., 1985:
Economic use of different tractor types in various operating conditions

Polunin, Y.Y.; Epikhov, V.A., 1982:
Economic use of pea varieties of different quality

Wippermann, H.J., 1985:
Economic utilization of forest residues. 1.2.3

Amella, A., 1981:
Economic value in the feeding of ruminants of lucerne residue from the production of protein concentrates

Vinent, E., 1984:
Economic value of kenaf (H. cannabinus) cv. Cuba 2030 and Cuba 1087 in conditions of production

Vinent, E., 1984:
Economic value of kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) cv. Cuba 977 and Cuba 961 in conditions of production

Janetschek, H., 1985:
Economic viability of producing ethanol from cereals or grain maize in Upper Austria

Subramanian, S.; Ali, A.M., 1985:
Economic weed management in transplanted rice

Roberts, J.T., 1986:
Economic, social and institutional constraints

Kolosov, V.S.; Kozhukhov, N.I., 1985 :
Economic-mathematical modelling for internal calculations of integrated forestry enterprises

Winstel, K., 1984:
Economical and ecological plant protection using a card index as an aid in winter wheat cultivation.

Miguel, M.D. de; Caballer Mellado, V., 1984:
Economical aspects of yield estimations in citriculture

Mehrotra, B.S.; Harsh, N.S.K.; Bisht, N.S.; Upreti, J.C., 1982:
Economical cultivation of Pleurotus sajor-caju (Fr.) Sing. utilizing waste paper and tea leaves

Kretschmer, G.; Purwins, H.; Hofmann, S., 1985:
Economical energy use in a dairy installation - opportunities for heat recovery and the application of heat pumps

Hegner, H.J.; Maltry, W.; Delmhorst, P.; Bittner, K.; Wittchen, G., 1985:
Economical energy use in climatic control of seed potato handling plants with container storage by means of combined ventilation

Dambroth, M., 1985:
Economical methods for the production of potatoes for starch and ethanol

Shih, J.C.H., 1984:
Economical production and utilization of biogas and by-products from the NCSU poultry waste digester system

Veder, C.; Lackner, K., 1984:
Economical slide stabilization by slightly upward inclined horizontal drainage borings

Varhegyi, J.; Szentmihalyi, S.; Sandi, O.; Varhegyi, J., 1984:
Economical use of maize stalks in cattle feeding

Kaiser, E.; Pflug, C., 1985:
Economical use of warm water is an important prerequisite for efficient waste heat utilization in milk cooling

Powell, W.H., 1983:
Economical weed control with oil

Hajieva, V.; Kalcheva, S., 1985:
Economically effective irrigation

Parrella, M.P.; Robb, K.L., 1985:
Economically important members of the genus Liriomyza Mik: a selected bibliography

Brewbaker, J.L.; Halliday, J.; Lyman, J., 1983:
Economically important nitrogen fixing tree species

Simonenko, O.P.; Usova, A.M.; Timoshenko, T.N., 1985:
Economically important traits of Chiana cattle

Singh, B.K.; Sharma, J.S., 1984:
Economically optimal fertilizer requirements for wheat and paddy crops in different regions of Uttar Pradesh

Zyl, J. van; Groenewald, J.A., 1986:
Economically optimal maize cultivar selection under conditions of risk

McAlister, D.R.; Corey, A.G.; Ewing, L.J.; Ziebold, S.A., 1986:
Economically recovering sulfuric acid heat

Abdulov, I.A., 1983:
Economically useful mutants of barley induced by chemical mutagens

Faisal, Z.A.M.; Sotheeswaran, S.; Wijisundera, C., 1982:
Economically useful plants of Sri Lanka. V. Seed fats of some Garcinia species (Guttiferaceae)

Tikhomirova, I.A., 1984:
Economically valuable characteristics and biological features of local timothy varieties in the north-western Nonchernozem zone of the RSFSR

Safiullin, R.T., 1984:
Economico-mathematical method for the optimization of the allocation of anthelmintics within a region

Gardner, R.L., 1984:
Economics and cost sharing of salinity control in the Colorado River Basin

Geisler, D. et al., 1984:
Economics and forest management planning in East Germany

Donitz, W., 1982:
Economics and potential application of electrolytic hydrogen in the next decades

Lewis, L.D.; Morris, M.L.J., 1985:
Economics and rationale of dietary management of feline urologic syndrome

Gratton, C.; Taylor, P., 1986:
Economics and the management of leisure

Johnston, J.H., 1984:
Economics and utilization of budworm-killed timber

Moura, P.A.M., 1985:
Economics and utilization of herbicides

Jadhav, M.D.; Jadhav, G.D., 1984:
Economics in bollworm control with pyrethroids in NHH-1 cotton

Baughman, M., 1985:
Economics of Dutch elm disease control: a model and case study

Knez, V., 1984:
Economics of Edam brick cheese production

Widanapathirana, A.S.; Wijayaratne, C.M., 1983:
Economics of agro-chemical use in paddy production: experience at Gal Oya

Olayide, S.O., 1984:
Economics of alternatives to shifting cultivation systems

Kanawade, L.R.; Kale, K.M., 1984:
Economics of animal waste handling - a case study

Gupta, G.K., 1984:
Economics of apple scab control programme in Himachal Pradesh

Singh, R.K.; Bhalerao, H.M.M.; Reddy, M.N.M., 1985:
Economics of arecanut cultivation in West Bengal

Anonymous, 1984:
Economics of banana growing on Aitutaki

Ferreira, H.I.S.; Lima, L.P.; Llamosas, A.; Pereira, J.M.; Soares, M.S., 1985:
Economics of beef production using cocoa husks as an input: a marginal enterprise

Ahmad, R., 1985:
Economics of beekeeping in Pakistan

Patel, G.J., 1984:
Economics of bidi tobacco production in Belgaum district, Karnataka (1983-84)

Patil, H.N., 1985:
Economics of broiler production in India

Fahmy, S.K.; Youssif, F.M., 1979:
Economics of buffalo milk production

Chawla, A.S.; Malhotra, D.N., 1980:
Economics of canal lining

Manrique Persiva, E.; Revilla Delgado, R., 1983:
Economics of cattle production in a traditional high mountain farming system

Rotz, C.A., 1984:
Economics of chemical conditioning of alfalfa

Patel, P.G.; Sanadia, C.J.; Mehta, N.P.; Patel, M.N.; Gami, R.C., 1985:
Economics of chemical weed control in irrigated cotton hybrid - 4

Rotz, C.A., 1985:
Economics of chemically conditioned alfalfa on Michigan dairy farms

Anonymous, 1984:
Economics of citrus growing on Rarotonga

Anonymous, 1984:
Economics of coffee growing in the Cook Islands

Tripathy, D., 1984 :
Economics of command area development in India

Pandey, N.K.; Tewari, S.K., 1985:
Economics of commercial poultry enterprises

Zybin, Y.M.; Yudina, G.I., 1981:
Economics of concentration of whey processing

Christensen, L.A., 1984:
Economics of conservation tillage - a perspective

Epplin, F.; Krenzer, E.J.; Peeper, T., 1984:
Economics of conservation tillage versus conventional tillage for selected crops in Oklahoma

Anonymous, 1984:
Economics of copra making in the Cook Islands

Rao, B.S., 1986:
Economics of dairy farming: a study

Anonymous, 1983:
Economics of different cleaning systems

Boopathi, S.N.M.R.; Kolandaisamy, S.; Panchanathan, R.M., 1985:
Economics of different weed control methods in finger millet (Eleusine coracana Gaertn.)

Thorve, P.V.; Galgalikar, V.D., 1985:
Economics of diversification of farming with dairy enterprise

Sekar, K.; Muthuswami, S., 1985:
Economics of double intercropping in turmeric

Vuuren, W. van; McCaw, G.W., 1984:
Economics of drains in eastern Ontario

Judge, R.P.; Strait, R.; Hyde, W.F., 1984:
Economics of endangered species management: the red-cockaded woodpecker

Bhatnagar, K.C.; Khurana, G.L.; Bapat, S.R., 1986:
Economics of fertiliser application to mustard

Anonymous, 1985:
Economics of fertilizer manufacture

Raheja, S.K., 1985:
Economics of fertilizer use under field conditions. Presented at the 32nd FAI Marketing Management Development Programme for Fertilizer Marketing Executives, Feb 18 - Mar 2, 1985, New Delhi

Bishnoi, S.K.; Tripathi, B.R., 1984:
Economics of fertilizer use under low hill conditions

Gulerie, W.S.; Singh, C.M., 1984:
Economics of fibre flax production in Kangra valley

Kobayashi, K., 1985:
Economics of fruit production and consumption; Marketing of fruits; Government policies on fruit production and marketing

Carlson, R.L., 1985:
Economics of fuel ethanol production in U.S. agriculture: a national linear programming model with projections to the year 2010

Bartos, J.; Rod, J., 1985:
Economics of garlic storage

Raju, V.T.; Patel, V.J., 1986:
Economics of groundnut cultivation in western India

Fodgard, S., 1985:
Economics of harvesting and storing straw

Gobel, W., 1985:
Economics of heat pumps

Lipko, W., 1983:
Economics of hunting on forest land

Christiansen, K.; Andreassen, K., 1982:
Economics of hydrogen production

Holtzman, J.S., 1984:
Economics of improving animal health and livestock marketing in Somalia

Obst, J.M.; Thompson, R.L.; Patterson, A.J., 1984:
Economics of increased reproductive rate for production of wool

Kricnar, M.; Lanska, H., 1985:
Economics of individual fruit species cultivation

Saxena, A.K.; Rathore, V.S.; Khatri, A.K.; Choudhary, B.S., 1984:
Economics of insecticidal spray schedule on different blackgram varieties

Kademani, Y.C.; Patil, S.T.; Hiremath, K.C., 1984:
Economics of inter-cropping in Bijapur and Dharwad district (Karnataka state)

Mittal, S.P.; Grewal, S.S.; Agnihotri, Y.; Pratap Singh, 1985:
Economics of intercropping legumes in maize under rainfed conditions

Nelson, M., 1986:
Economics of land clearing

Derr, D.A., 1985:
Economics of leaf composting

Anonymous, 1985:
Economics of leisure: research priorities and problems. Papers and proceedings of a Leisure Economics Group workshop, Polytechnic of North Staffordshire, Stoke on Trent, March 8th, 1985

Rajagopal, 1985:
Economics of linseed marketing in Madhya Pradesh - a case study

Anonymous, 1985:
Economics of live performances

Campos Palacin, P., 1985:
Economics of livestock farms in Asturia

Gunnarsson, O., 1982:
Economics of long term fertility building by means of phosphate

Reddy, Y.V.R.; Rastogi, B.K., 1985:
Economics of maintenance of draught animals in arid/semi-arid tropics

Wan, E.I., 1984:
Economics of methanol production from indigenous resources

Singh, C.B.; Patel, R.K.; Sharma, S.P., 1986:
Economics of milk production on small holdings

Kulwant Singh; Patel, R.K.; Singh, R.P., 1986:
Economics of milk production on various category of farms in Haryana

Jacobs, J.J.; Taylor, D.T.; Seamands, W.J., 1984:
Economics of nitrogen fertilization on hay meadows in Wyoming

Bond, G.; Johnston, B.; Hui, E., 1984:
Economics of pest control research: potential and pitfalls

Ahuja, K.N., 1984:
Economics of pigeonpea-wheat rotation

Singh, R.A.; Rathi, K.S., 1984:
Economics of potato and potato plus mustard cultivation under different rates of nitrogen

Ahmed, J.; Mondal, N.I., 1984:
Economics of potato production for different sizes of farms in Bangladesh

Smith, C.R.; Johnson, J.D.; Riley, L.F., 1986:
Economics of precommercial thinning in jack pine

Balwinder Singh; Okereke, O., 1984:
Economics of processing palm oil and palm kernels in Anambra State of Nigeria

Oliva, L.P., 1984:
Economics of production and marketing of rubber among smallholders in Philippines

Singh, J.P.; Atibudhi, H.N., 1985:
Economics of pulse cultivation in Cuttack Sadar block of Cuttack District, Orissa

Santoso, K., 1981:
Economics of pumpsets in East Java. Workshop on the consequences of small rice farm mechanization in Asia, Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines, 14-18 September 1981

Clary, G.; Jordan, J.; Thompson, C., 1984:
Economics of purchasing genetically superior beef bulls

Sehgal, J.P.; Singh, N.P., 1984:
Economics of rearing a doe and cost of chevon production

Rambabu ; Sampath, R.K., 1984:
Economics of reclamation of small and medium gullies and deep ravines in India

Reddy, Y.V.R.; Rastogi, B.K., 1985:
Economics of recommended technology in dryland agriculture

Naurois, M. de; Buongiorno, J., 1986:
Economics of red pine plantation management in Wisconsin

Kapoor, R., 1984:
Economics of retail dealership

Williams, R.J., 1985:
Economics of retail fertilizer manufacturing - a perspective

Clifton, I.D.; Afifi, B., 1985:
Economics of rice production in the Bumba Zone, Equateur Region of Zaire

Herath, H.M.G., 1985:
Economics of salinity control in Sri Lanka: some preliminary results

Blomfield, J.G., 1984:
Economics of scale with medium to large farm tractors and implements

Vaidya, C.S.; Sikka, B.K.; Sharma, V.K., 1986:
Economics of seed potato transportation from Himachal Pradesh

Moorti, T.V.; Vashist, G.D.; Oberoi, R.C., 1984:
Economics of sheep enterprise (a study of tribal area of Bharmaur tehsil, Dt. Chamba, H.P)

Sundaresan, K., 1984:
Economics of sheep rearing

Gobel, W., 1985:
Economics of stall air heat pumps

Bornstein, J.; Skinner, S.P.; Reiling, S.D., 1986:
Economics of subsurface drainage systems of alfalfa hay

Gregorio, J.V., 1982:
Economics of sugarcane farm mechanization

Kotasthane, S.R.; O.G.pta, 1983:
Economics of systemic and non-systemic fungicides in control of diseases of moong

Sharma, K.K.; Verma, S.P., .:
Economics of the combinations of cultural and chemical weed management practices in wheat

Flick, W.A., 1985:
Economics of timber sale decisions

Patel, G.J., 1984:
Economics of tobacco production in middle Gujarat (1983-84)

Sheldon, P.J., 1985:
Economics of tour packaging

Engelhardt, T., 1984:
Economics of traditional smallholder irrigation systems in the semi-arid tropics of south India

Jarosova, J., 1984:
Economics of transplant production in heated glass and plastic houses

Pereira, E.B.; Cardoso, A.A.; Vieira, C.; Loures, E.G.; Kogizaki, Y., 1985:
Economics of using organic fertilizer in bean cultivation

Giger, M., 1985:
Economics of various sugarbeet harvesting methods

Neaga, N.; Neaga, C., 1984:
Economics of veterinary measures on dairy farms

Subramanyam, K.V.; Gupta, A., 1982:
Economics of water use in vegetable production: a case study of brinjal

Gulley, T.L.; Frans, R.E., 1983:
Economics of weed control in cotton

Chandler, J.M., 1985:
Economics of weed control in crops

Ali, A.M.; Bhanumurthy, V.B., .:
Economics of weed control in field crops at Tamil Nadu

Goette, J.M.; Currey, W.L.; Teem, D.H., 1983:
Economics of weed control in soybean tillage systems

Frye, W.W.; Smith, W.G.; Williams, R.J., 1985:
Economics of winter cover crops as a source of nitrogen for no-till corn

Sinha, S., 1986:
Economics vs stigma. Socio-economic dynamics of rural leatherwork in UP

Tisdell, C.A., 1985:
Economics, ecology, sustainable agriculture systems and development

Suhag, L.S.; Mehta, N., 1982:
Economics, efficacy and assimilation of some antipowdery mildew fungicides in cucurbit crops

Marsh, J.S., 1985:
Economics, politics and potatoes - the changing role of the Potato Marketing Board in Great Britain

Turner, P.D., 1985:
Economies in weed control costs following changes from conventional knapsack spraying in plantation crops

Cubbage, F., 1982:
Economies of forest tract size in southern pine harvesting

McGregor, M.J.; Pittaway, S.F., 1986:
Economies of irrigation in Central Otago - the Arrow River Irrigation Scheme

Athreya, V.B.; Boklin, G.; Djurfeld, T.; Lindberg, S., 1986:
Economies of scale or advantages of class? Some results from a south Indian farm economy study

Epplin, F.M., 1986:
Economies of size associated with Garfield County wheat farms

Wiboonpongse, A., 1984:
Economies of size in multiple cropping in Northern Thailand: a random coefficient model approach

Dawson, P.J.; Hubbard, L.J., 1985:
Economies of size in the England and Wales dairy sector

Ferauge, M.T.; Smal, J.P.; Nisen, A., 1985:
Economizing energy when forcing strawberries under glass

Romany, P., 1986:
Economy and settlement

Pis' Mennaya, D.N., 1985:
Economy campaign in farms

Daniele, D.W., 1986:
Economy hotels in the USA: survey of a boom sector on the downturn

Stolbuschkin, N., 1985:
Economy of materials and energy in agriculture

Firsova, T.K., 1984:
Economy of water supplies on dairy farms

Peoples, M.B.; Pate, J.S.; Atkins, C.A.; Murray, D.R., 1985:
Economy of water, carbon, and nitrogen in the developing cowpea fruit

Zinkler, D., 1983:
Ecophysiological adaptations of litter-dwelling Collembola and tipulid larvae

Hsiao, T.H., 1985:
Ecophysiological and genetic aspects of geographic variations of the Colorado potato beetle

Portes, T. de A., 1984:
Ecophysiological aspects of maizexbeans association

Richards, J.H., 1985:
Ecophysiological characteristics of seedling and sapling subalpine larch, Larix lyallii, in the winter environment

Bastard Malsot, M.; Larrieu, C.; Cosson, L., 1985:
Ecophysiological data on the flowering of Papaver bracteatum Lindl. (Papaveraceae)

Honek, A., 1985:
Ecophysiological differences between brachypterous and macropterous morphs in Pyrrhocoris apterus (Heteroptera, Pyrrhocoridae)

Belova, N.V., 1982:
Ecophysiological features of spermatozoa in pond cyprinids. 3. Physiobiochemical indices of spermatozoa in some cyprinids

Han, S.S.; Choi, H.S., 1983:
Ecophysiological interpretations on the water relations parameters of trees (II) - seasonal changes in tissue-water relations parameters obtained from P-V curves on the Pinus koraiensis and Abies holophylla shoots

Han, S.S.; Jeon, D.S., 1984:
Ecophysiological interpretations on the water relations parameters of trees (III) - diurnal change of shoot water potential and characteristics of xylem conductivity in several conifers

Han, S.S.; Jeon, D.S., 1984:
Ecophysiological interpretations on the water relations parameters of trees (IV) - relation between leaf conductance and water potential, relative water content, and turgor pressure in several conifers

Han, S.S.; Choi, H.S., 1986:
Ecophysiological interpretations on the water relations parameters of trees (V) Seasonal changes in tissue-water relations of Quercus grosseserrata and Quercus acutissima leaves

Martinez, J.A.; Armesto, J.J., 1983:
Ecophysiological plasticity and habitat distribution in three evergreen sclerophyllous shrubs of the Chilean matorral

Inoue, M.T.; Galvao, F.; Torres, D.V., 1979:
Ecophysiological study on Araucaria angustifolia: light-dependence of photosynthesis in the juvenile stage

Vazquez Yanes, C.; Orozco Segovia, A., 1984:
Ecophysiology of seed germination in the tropical humid forests of the world: a review

Blanchet, R., 1984:
Ecophysiology of soyabeans and prospects for their adaptation in France

Planchon, C.; Calmes, J.; Blanchet, R., 1986:
Ecophysiology of soyabeans: II. Adaptation to dry conditions

Forseth, I.N.; Ehleringer, J.R., 1983:
Ecophysiology of two solar tracking desert winter annuals. III. Gas exchange responses to light, CO2 and VPD in relation to long-term drought

Frangi J.I.; Lugo A.E., 1985:
Ecosystem dynamics of a subtropical floodplain forest

Grant, I.F.; Roger, P.A.; Watanabe, I., 1986:
Ecosystem manipulation for increasing biological N2 fixation by blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria) in lowland rice fields

Franzle, O.; Kuhnt, D.; Kuhnt, G., 1985:
Ecosystem modelling for the establishment of soil parameters for predicting the potential damaging effect of environmental chemicals

Schmidt, W., 1983:
Ecosystem research (ecological geobotany)

Klein, R.M., 1984:
Ecosystems approach to the acid rain problem

Jennings, P.R., 1985:
Ecosystems in relation to rice improvement

Doharey, R.B.; Katiyar, R.N.; Singh, K.M., 1983:
Ecotoxicological studies on pulse beetles infesting green gram. II-Studies on the qualitative losses caused by pulse beetles in green gram, Vigna radiata (L) Wilczek

Anonymous, 1984:

Ambrosi, M.; Rossi, R.; Ducci, L., 1984:
Ecto- and endoparasitism in calves imported into Italy

Miller, O.K.Jr, 1983:
Ectomycorrhizae in the Agaricales and Gasteromycetes

Garbaye, J.; Perrin, R., 1986:
Ectomycorrhizal inoculation of hardwood planting stocks on fertilized peat: results on pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) with four fungal strains

Parry, J.M., 1986:
Ectoparasite control in cattle using high cis permethrin

Linardi, P.M.; Botelho, J.R.; Cunha, H.C., 1985:
Ectoparasites of rodents in the urban region of Belo Horizonte, MG. II. Oscillations in the infestation indices for Rattus norvegicus norvegicus

Linardi, P.M.; Botelho, J.R.; Cunha, H.C., 1985:
Ectoparasites of rodents in the urban region of Belo Horizonte, MG. III. Indexes of fleas, lice and mites on Rattus norvegicus norvegicus

Collins, M.R., 1985:
Ectoparasites of striped mullet (Mugil cephalus L.) in brackish and freshwater habitats

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Effect of BA and GA on fruit set and quality of Navel orange

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Effect of BHC dust on germination of groundnut and mothbean

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Effect of Bacillus strains on chungkookjang processing. III. Changes of free amino acid contents and nitrogen compounds during chunkookjang koji preparation

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Effect of Bacillus subtilis 93 on the infection of sugar beet seedlings with Phoma betae

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Effect of Bacillus subtilis on the growth of vascular wilt fungi

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Effect of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner formulations against larval instars of Spodoptera littoralis Boisduval

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Effect of Bee Calm device on honey bee aggressiveness

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Effect of Bengal gram (Cicer arietinum) proteins and lipids on serum and liver cholesterol levels in rats

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Effect of Biostimin on the growth of meristematic tissue and protocorm formation of some orchids in in vitro culture

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Effect of Bivert on herbicidal activity of trifluralin

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Effect of Bunostomum trigonocephalum infection on some biochemical indicators in ewes and lambs

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Effect of C 18:3 (n-3) dietary supplementation on the fatty acid composition of the rat brain

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Effect of CA storage on some qualitative characteristics of table grapes

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Effect of CCA-treating and air-drying on the properties of southern pine lumber and plywood

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Effect of CCC and Alar on the chemical composition and storage quality of Jonathan apples

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Effect of CCC and kinetin on seed germination and early seedling growth in wheat under saline conditions

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Effect of CCC on four perennial grasses grown for seed production

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Effect of CCC on lodging, yield and grain quality of oat (Avena sativa L.) cultivar 'Kent'

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Effect of CDA and flat-fan nozzles; carrier volume and rate on activity of SC-0224 and glyphosate

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Effect of CO2 concentration and light levels on growth, flowering and photosynthesis of Begonia X hiemalis Fotsch

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Effect of CO2 concentration during growth on a CO2 concentrating mechanism in white clover as predicted from differential 14CO2/12CO2 uptake

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Effect of CO2 concentration on growth, carbon distribution and loss of carbon from the roots of maize

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Effect of CO2 shocks on the conservation of Spartan and McIntosh apples in temporarily sealed regular storage

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Effect of Ca2+ and pH on the fatty acid composition of phospholipids from roots of rape plants (Brassica napus L.)

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Effect of Ca2+ ions on plasmid transformation of Streptococcus lactis protoplasts

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Effect of CaCO3 levels, P and K fertilization on nutrient uptake and the growth of different fodder plants (Egyptian Gilban, Syrian Gilban and Vicia sativa ) in Egyptian calcareous soils

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Effect of CaCO3 on the availability of Al, Mo, P, Ca and Mg in waterlogged acidic rice soil

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Effect of Camposan and nitrogen fertilizers on rye yield

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Effect of Camposan on growth and seed yield of some grass species

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Effect of Camposan on shortening dormancy in hybrid gladioli

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Effect of Chlorella suspensions on protein and mineral metabolism in fine-woolled sheep

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Effect of Coriban (diamfenetide) on the mature forms of Fasciola hepatica in sheep and cattle

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Effect of Cultar on apple leaf transpiration

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Effect of Cyathocephalus truncatus (Pallas, 1781) on the size and weight indices of Coregonus lavaretus baicalensis

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Effect of Cycocel on growth and development of tomato

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Effect of Cycocel on yield and other characters of cotton variety F 414

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Effect of Cycocel/B-Nine SP combination spray on the growth and flowering of poinsettia

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Effect of Cyperus rotundus L. on the growth and yield of cassava

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Effect of DBCP as pre- and post-planting application on tomato and egg-plant

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Effect of DD soil fumigant on populations of Meloidogyne spp. and yields of aubergine in Kenya

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Effect of DDT on the activity of amylase in the millipede Trigoniulus lumbricinus (Gerstacker)

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Effect of DINUK calcium salt on pea yield

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Effect of DL-3-hydroxybutyrate infusions on leucine and glucose kinetics in burned rats receiving TPN

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Effect of DNA from eukaryotes and prokaryotes on the spectrum of radiation damage to chromosomes in barley

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Effect of DNBP concentration on the breaking of dormancy in the apple tree (Malus domestica Borkh)

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Effect of DPX-Y6202 and DPX-F6025 herbicides on weed control in Maine potatoes

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Effect of DPX-Y6202, haloxyfop and PP005 on moisture uptake by quackgrass

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Effect of Dirofilaria immitis on blood meal size and fecundity in Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)

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Effect of Dithane M-45 (mancozeb) on the N requirements of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in the Shillong hills

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Effect of Ditylenchus dipsaci on Alfalfa Mortality, Winterkill, and Yield

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Effect of Ditylenchus on the sugar contents of garlic and onion

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Effect of Echinacea angustifolia on phagocytic activity of peripheral leukocytes measured by chemiluminescence of whole blood

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Effect of Eimeria bovis infections on digestibility and retention of crude nutrients and minerals in calves

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Effect of Eimeria species on lambs

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Effect of Emmental cultures on ripening and quality of high-temperature scalded cheese

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Effect of Escherichia coli endotoxin and thyrotropin-releasing hormone on prolactin in lactating sows

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Effect of Ethrel on growth and the cell cycle of wheat

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Effect of Ethrel on ripening in tomato cv. UC 82

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Effect of Ethrel on ripening, early and total yield of tomato varieties HS-101 and HS-102 during summer season

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Effect of Ethrel on the growth, yield and sprouting behaviour of potato

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Effect of Eucalyptus leaves on the survival of aquatic snails

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Effect of Evernia prunastri extracts on growth and photosynthetic activity of Citrullus vulgaris seedlings

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Effect of F2 alpha prostaglandins and gonadotropin releasing hormones on the hormonal profile, sperm production and fertility in boars

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Effect of FSH treatment on LH and FSH receptors in chronic cystic-ovarian-diseased dairy cows

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Effect of Fe level and solution culture pH on severity of chlorosis and elemental content of apple seedlings

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Effect of FeCl3 on heat-induced denaturation and aggregation of whey proteins in acidic media

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Effect of Fenagon and Oktapon on grain protein of barley

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Effect of Flordimex on the vegetative performance of peach

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Effect of Fradizin on growth and development of chickens

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Effect of Fusarium T-2 toxin on piglets

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Effect of Fusarium diseases on persistence in Lolium perenne L

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Effect of Fusarium infection on the germinability of wheat, rye and barley seeds in the Maramures district in 1968-1983

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Effect of GA3 and hand pollination on the yield and quality of Sewy dates

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Effect of GA3 application on the growth of banana bunches

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Effect of GA3 different applications on yield, yield components and mineral status of cotton plant, variety Giza 75 (Gossypium barbadense L.)

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Effect of GA3 on the activities of ribosome and elongation factors EF-1 and EF-2

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Effect of GA4+7 + BA tank-mixed with fungicides on 'Delicious' apples

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Effect of GIP on insulin release to intravenous glucose infusion in hyperthyroid rats

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Effect of Gaeumannomyces graminis on yield of winter wheat and possibilities of testing for tolerance

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Effect of Genesis on the efficiency of fattening pigs

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Effect of Glomus intraradices on infection by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. radicis-lycopersici

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Effect of GnRH, PRID, restricted suckling and a combination of these on the induction of oestrus and reproductive efficiency in beef cows

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Effect of H-2 complex on the incidence of urethan-induced mortality and malformation in the mouse embryos

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Effect of HCG injection on glucose and lactate turn-over during prolonged physical exercise and fasting in rats

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Effect of HOE 39866 during growing season on apple tree growth

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Effect of HPS on leucocytozoon and coccidial infection in chickens

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Effect of Haematopinus suis (Linne, 1758) on the quality of swine skins

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Effect of Hapalosiphon and Nostoc on the yield of IET-5882 paddy variety

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Effect of Harvade on abscission and cellulase activity in Phaseolus vulgaris

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Effect of Helianthus petiolaris cytoplasm on resistance to broomrape (Orobanche cumana Wall.)

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Effect of Heterobasidion annosum root and butt rot in stands on former agricultural land on the incidence of windfall in 1981

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Effect of Holstein-Friesian sires on calving difficulty and perinatal mortality of calves of their primiparous daughters

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Effect of Hormonol, Miraculan and Agronaa on yield of arabica coffee

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Effect of Ht resistance genes on corn leaf blight caused by Helminthosporium turcicum Pass

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Effect of Hydrel on disease susceptibility and yield of aubergines

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Effect of Hydrel on the phosphorus metabolism of apple fruits

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Effect of IAA on protein metabolism during rice seed germination

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Effect of IBA and NAA on rooting of Actinidia chinensis cuttings

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Effect of IBA and simazine on the rooting of softwood cuttings

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Effect of IBA application and the anatomical structure on rooting ability of apricot stem cutting

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Effect of IBA on rhizogenic properties of M.26 hardwood cuttings

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Effect of IMD on milk yield, tissue damage and cellular composition.

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Effect of Ichthyophthirius multifiliis infection on the sodium equilibrium in the muscle tissue of young carp

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Effect of IgM, IgG1 and IgG2 antibodies against Coxiella burnetii on multiplication of the agent in cell culture. Demonstration of Coxiella by the immunoperoxidase technique

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Effect of Iosan on udder flora

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Effect of Johnsongrass on the yield of soyabeans, maize and accompanying weed species

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Effect of K and B fertilizer application on the nutrient content of soil and sunflowers

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Effect of K fertilizers on rice yield increase and their application

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Effect of K or K/Ca on soluble iron expressed from alfalfa shoots

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Effect of KNO3 on breaking of dormancy of seeds of Guinea grass cv. Likoni. II. Cold storage

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Effect of Kapsuvit AED3 on growth of young pigs

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Effect of Karnal-bunt pathogen (Neovossia indica (Mitra) Mundkur) on weight and viability of wheat seed

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Effect of L-alanine on the growth of rice cells cultured in D-alanine medium

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Effect of L-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-dopa) and methionine on tissue S-adenosylmethionine concentrations in cobalamin-inactivated fruit bats

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Effect of L-lysine supplement in milk feed mixture for lambs

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Effect of L-methionine sulphoximine on the products of photosynthesis in wheat (Triticum aestivum) leaves

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Effect of L-methionine-DL-sulfoximine on acetylene reduction and vesicle formation in derepressed cultures of Frankia strain D11

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Effect of LH on progesterone and oestradiol production in vivo and in vitro by preovulatory rat follicles

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Effect of Lactobacillus strain on the flavor of Swiss cheese

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Effect of Lavsan-ester pollution on proteolytic and urease activity of soils in Norway spruce forests

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Effect of Lentekhnin on frost resistance of winter wheat

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Effect of Loxuran and chlortetracycline on the phagocytic activity of the cells of the reticulo-endothelial system and meat inspection in ovine dictyocauliasis

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Effect of M.9 interstocks on apple growth and productivity

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Effect of Malus pollinators on the quality of apple

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Effect of Meloidogyne incognita and Rhizobium on growth of mungbean

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Effect of Meloidogyne incognita and Rhizoctonia solani on the emergence and damping off of tomato seedlings

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Effect of Mucor pusillus rennet and LF-culture on cow milk cheese cheddaring

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Effect of N and P on dry matter yield and their concentrations and uptake in soybean (Glycine max)

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Effect of N fertilization on earthworm and microarthropod populations in Kentucky bluegrass turf

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Effect of N fertilization on pre-commercial asparagus growth and development

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Effect of N fertilization on silk synchrony, ear number and growth of semiprolific maize genotypes

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Effect of N fertilization, cutting date and light intensity on the soluble carbohydrate content of four tropical grasses. I. Giant Rhodes grass and green panic

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Effect of N fertilizer application on yield in spring wheat

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Effect of N fertilizer on protein content of grain, straw, and chaff tissues in soft white winter wheat

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Effect of N fertilizer on the nutrient competition between weeds and crops at early stages of development

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Effect of N fertilizer rate and stocking rate on meat production from Guinea grass cv. Likoni. Initial fattening

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Effect of N sources in performance of drill-seeded Lemont rice

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Effect of N, P and K fertilization on yields of sapodillas (Manilkara achras) on entisol soils

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Effect of N, P and K fertilizers on yield and nutrient uptake in lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus Stapf.)

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Effect of N, P and K nutrition on herb and oil yield of geranium

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Effect of N, P and K on grain yield and milling quality of paddy

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Effect of N, P and K on the yield of horsegram variety Co 1

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Effect of N, P and S fertilizers on alfalfa grown on three soil types in northeastern Saskatchewan. I. Yield and soil tests

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Effect of N, P and rhizobial inoculation on forage yield of lucerne (Medicago sativa)

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Effect of N, P, K and Mg deficiencies on growth, development and nicotine content in Nicotiana tabacum

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Effect of N, P, K fertilizers on the incidence of Opisina Arenosella WLK (= Nephantis Serinopa Meyrik) on coconut palms

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Effect of N, P, and S fertilizers on alfalfa grown on three soil types in northeastern Saskatchewan. II. Nitrogen, P, and S uptake and concentration in herbage

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Effect of N-carriers and Al-levels on dry matter production and nutrient content of two pasture grasses

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Effect of N-extenders on N fertilizer efficiency and performance of rice in the dry-seeded cultural system

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Effect of N-fertiliser on yield, protein content, and symbiotic N-fixation in Pisum sativum L. grown in pure stand and mixtures with barley

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Effect of N-fertility on recovery of water stressed sorghum seedlings

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Effect of N-fertilization on competition between weeds and winter wheat

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Effect of N-fertilizer application and conditions of storage on ascorbic acid content in table potatoes

Li, X.K.; Zhang, X.J.; Mu, Y.S.; Xu, Z.Z., 1983:
Effect of N-fertilizers on blast resistance of rice cultivars

Kerr, P.S.; Huber, S.C.; Israel, D.W., 1984:
Effect of N-source on soybean leaf sucrose phosphate synthase, starch formation, and whole plant growth

Harbans Singh; Azad, B.S.; Dubey, A.N., 1986 :
Effect of N2 fixing blue green algae on the grain yield of rice

Poniedziaek, W.; Nosal, K., 1986:
Effect of NAA application after the pruning of apple trees on the growth of shoots and the quality of fruit

Sarkar, G.K.; Sinha, M.M.; Misra, R.S., 1984:
Effect of NAA on fruit set, fruit drop, cracking, fruit size and quality in litchi cv. Rose Scented

Sohan Singh; Bindra, A.S.; Brar, S.S., 1984:
Effect of NAA, IBA and CCC in checking 'coulure' in Thompson Seedless grapes

Bryce, J.H.; Wiskich, J.T., 1985:
Effect of NAD and rotenone on the partitioning of malate oxidation between malate dehydrogenase and malic enzyme in isolated plant mitochondria

Paek, K.Y.; Chun, C.K., 1985:
Effect of NH4+, Ca2+, and Mg2+ concentrations on organogenesis and nutrient content in Cymbidium protocorm culture

Chatterjee, S.C., 1984:
Effect of NH4+-N concentration from different inorganic NH4+-N carriers on the retention and exchange capacity of NH4+-N by various Indian soils

Khan, A.H.; Mahmood, I.; Saxena, S.K., 1986:
Effect of NP and K fertilizers on growth of eggplant and okra and on populations of tylenchid nematodes

Beltran, R.; Acevedo, J.; Gonzalez, W.; Elizarde, R.; Hernandez, A.; Limias, J., 1982:
Effect of NPK application on rice (Oryza sativa) grown in clay soils during winter

Gulyas, F.; Kadar, I., 1984:
Effect of NPK fertilization and Mg, Zn, Cu treatment on the mineralization of cellulose in slightly humic carbonate sandy soils

Szucs, E., 1984:
Effect of NPK fertilization on the nutrient uptake and yield of Meteor sour cherry trees

Vazquez Navarro, G.; Gonzalez Martinez, J.A.; Salinas Gonzalez, J.G., .:
Effect of NPK fertilization on tomato yields

Pyzik, J.; Bobrecka Jamro, D.; Pizo, H.; Rzasa, B., 1986:
Effect of NPK fertilizer on the course of growth and the seed yield of soyabeans cv. Progress

Lisiecka, A.; Szczepaniak, S., 1983:
Effect of NPK levels on flower yield in alstroemeria (Alstroemeria X hybrida Hort.)

Divakar, B.L.; Adhikari, K.S.; Mehta, N.S.; Tewari, J.C., 1983:
Effect of NPK on apple var. Royal Delicious grafted on M9 rootstock

Bopaiah, M.G.; Anjaneyulu, K.; Murthy, S.V.K.; Srivastava, K.C., 1983:
Effect of NPK on growth parameters of Coorg mandarin on different rootstocks

Iqbal, M.A., 1982:
Effect of NPK on the fibre yield of jute

Fukushima, Y.; Doi, K.; Takisawa, T., 1983:
Effect of Na, K and some drugs on alcohol-unstable milk

Grandin, M., 1981:
Effect of NaCl and soil water saturation on development and on the content of carbohydrates, mineral elements and Na in Glaux maritima L

Tsenov, E.I.; Kabanov, V.V.; Strogonov, B.P., 1983:
Effect of NaCl on content and synthesis of different nucleic acid fractions in pea stem apices

Wojcik, S.; Plaur, K.; Wnuk, J., 1983:
Effect of NaCl on fattening chickens in relation to protein and energy in the diet

Kang, S.; Judel, G.K., 1984:
Effect of NaCl salinity on CO2 assimilation and incorporation of 14C in various chemical fractions of young spring wheat plants

Lyashko, M.U., 1984:
Effect of Nitragin and molybdenum on seed yield of soyabeans

Melzer, A.; Haldemann, G.; Reist, K., 1984:
Effect of NutriflexReg. 48 on the plasma amino acid pattern of surgical patients with sepsis in intensive care

Murry, M.A.; Zhongze, Z.; Torrey, J.G., 1985:
Effect of O2 on vesicle formation, acetylene reduction, and O2-uptake kinetics in Frankia sp. HFPCcI3 isolated from Casuarina cunninghamiana

Kirollos, M.A.; E.H.feez, S.A., 1985:
Effect of Orobanche crenata parasitizing Vicia faba plants on the activity of peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase in different parts of the host and parasite

Coop, R.L.; Smith, W.D.; Angus, K.W.; Graham, R.B.; Wright, S.E.; Jackson, F., 1985:
Effect of Ostertagia ostertagi on lamb performance and cross resistance to O circumcincta

Chrusciak, E., 1984:
Effect of P and Ca on mycorrhiza formation on Pinus sylvestris under aseptic conditions

Reddy, G.S., 1985:
Effect of P and K fertilizers on dry matter and crude protein of mung (Vigna radiata Wilczek)

Yadav, D.S.; Antil, R.S.; Singh, M.; Kumar, V., 1984 :
Effect of P and Zn on N fixation in cowpea

Camargo, C.E. de O., 1985:
Effect of P concentration on the tolerance of wheat varieties to aluminium toxicity in nutrient solutions

Narkhede, P.L.; Daftardar, S.Y.; Ghugare, R.V.; Surve, S.P., 1985:
Effect of P fertilization of rabi sorghum on zinc and manganese absorption

Mesa, A.R.; Mendoza, F., 1985:
Effect of P on the chemical composition and critical levels of P in Cenchrus ciliaris

Wieneke, J., 1986:
Effect of P-uptake and P-remobilization during the grain-filling period on the yield of spring wheat

Arora, S.K.; Pandita, M.L.; Pandey, S.C., 1983:
Effect of PCPA and micronutrients on the fruit set, early and total yield of tomato variety HS-102

Olson, K.E.; Goodwill, R.E., 1984:
Effect of PD milk, weighted average SCC and peak milk on production in DHI herds

Mattioli, M.; Galeati, G.; Prandi, A.; Seren, E., 1984:
Effect of PGF-2 alpha and LH on progesterone production in swine luteal cells at different stages of the luteal phase

Mattioli, M.; Galeati, G.; Prandi, A.; Seren, E., 1985:
Effect of PGF-2 alpha on progesterone production in swine luteal cells at different stages of the luteal phase

Fernandez Limia, O.; Gonzalez Mencio, F.; Faure, R., 1982:
Effect of PGF2 alpha administration on fertility in Holstein-Friesian cows

Homeida, A.M.; Cooke, R.G., 1985:
Effect of PGF2 alpha administration on the release of endogenous PGF2 alpha and oxytocin in indomethacin-treated goats

Ware, C.B.; Crosby, T.F.; Gordon, I., 1984:
Effect of PGF2 alpha and HAP on ovulatory response in the cyclic ewe

Hashizume, T.; Otsuka, T.; Kanematsu, S., 1984:
Effect of PGF2 alpha on the motility and metabolism of bull and boar spermatozoa

Toniollo, G.H.; Ferreira, H.I.; Silva, L.A.F.; Carlo, R.J.D.l; Moreira, E., 1985:
Effect of PMSG and HCG treatment on the uterus and ovaries in bitches

Kagabu, S.; Ishibashi, I., 1982:
Effect of PMSG injection on follicular development in adult rats

Narayana, K.; Mirji, R.V., 1985:
Effect of PMSG on the plasma FSH and LH concentrations, and ovulation in the dairy cow

Dubravec, K.; Dubravec, I., 1986:
Effect of PP-333 on the vegetative and reproductive growth of apples

Alimova, R.A., 1984:
Effect of Parafen on tomato productivity and fruit quality in protected cultivation

Srivastava, J.N.; Shukla, J.P.; Srivastava, R.C., 1985:
Effect of Parthenium hysterophorus Linn. extract on the seed germination and seedling growth of barley, pea and wheat

Acimovic, M., 1985:
Effect of Phomopsis sp. on grain yield and oil content of sunflower

Acimovic, M.; Veresbaranji, I., 1985:
Effect of Phomopsis sp. on yield and quality of sunflower seed

Lopes, M.I.M.S.; Mello, F. de A.F. de; Garrido, M.A. de O., 1983:
Effect of Pinus culture on litter and chemical properties of a dark-red latosol originally under cerrado vegetation. 1. Effect on quantity and composition of litter

Kotov, S.F.; Kuz' mina, E.O., 1986:
Effect of Pinus sylvestris (Pinaceae) on the colouring of Sphagnum magellanicum (Sphagnaceae)

Chou, C.C.; Yu, R.C., 1984:
Effect of Piper betle L. and its extracts on the growth and aflatoxin production by Aspergillus parasiticus

Wojda, R.; Ostaszewska, T.; Sliwinski, J., 1985:
Effect of Polfamiks WK1 in feeds for carp

Kotcon, J.B.; Loria, R., 1985:
Effect of Pratylenchus penetrans on plant water relations in six potato cultivars and correlation with host tolerance

Azmi, M.I., 1984:
Effect of Pratylenchus zeae on seedling growth of su-babool (Leucaena leucocephala) and its control with phorate

Castro, H.R.; Barria, J.A.; Rodriguez, R., .:
Effect of Promalin on fruit shape in apples cv. Red Delicious

Lazarova Topchiiska, M., 1984:
Effect of Prunus necrotic ringspot virus on the reproductive characteristics of peach

Balicka, N.; Kosinkiewicz, B.; Wegrazyn, T., 1985:
Effect of Pseudomonas aureofaciens 37 metabolites on the activity of ro-neet

Olivieri, I., 1984:
Effect of Puccinia cardui-pycnocephali on slender thistles (Carduus pycnocephalus and C. tenuiflorus)

Morrow, L.S.; Murphy, H.J., 1985:
Effect of R40244 and SC5676 on preemergence weed control in Katahdin potatoes

Bhowmik, M.K.; Sasmal, N.K.; Chakraborty, A.K., 1982:
Effect of Raillientina cesticillus infection on the meat and egg production of fowl

Fontenot, J.P.; McClure, W.H., 1984:
Effect of Ralgro and Compudose implants on performance of calves prior to weaning and in the subsequent finishing period

Keane, M.G., 1984:
Effect of Ralgro on performance of heifer calves for beef production

Borthakur, H.P.; Sarmah, S.C., 1983:
Effect of Rhizobium and Azospirillum cultures on the growth and yield of soybean

Sivaprasad, P.; Hegde, S.V.; Rai, P.V., 1983:
Effect of Rhizobium and mycorrhiza inoculation on growth of Leucaena

Sohoo, M.S.; Chahal, V.P.S.; Beri, S.M., 1984:
Effect of Rhizobium inoculation on different varieties of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.)

Vaishya, U.K.; Gayendragadkar, G.R.; Pandey, R.L., 1983:
Effect of Rhizobium inoculation on nodulation and grain yield of mungbean (Vigna radiata (L) wilczek)

Mohammad Idris; Sandhu, G.R., 1984:
Effect of Rhizobium inoculation on the growth, yield and N2-fixing efficiency of lentils

Barthakur, H.P.; Sarmah, S.C., 1984:
Effect of Rhizobium japonicum strains on soybean in acid soils of Jorhat

Makarenko, N.G., 1984:
Effect of Rhizobium meliloti strains on the growth of yellow sweet clover, accumulation of dry mass and protein content

Papadopetros, D.I.; Kontas, G.H., 1981:
Effect of Rhizobium, nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer application on the yield of soyabean

Soos, T.; Balint, G.; Konya, K., 1984:
Effect of Rhizonit S inoculum irradiated with 60Co isotope and nitrogen fertilizers on nitrogen fixation by soybean plants

Ortiz, D.; Strommer, J., 1986:
Effect of Robertson's Mutator on chromatin structure at Adh1

Singh, S.P.; Khan, M.A., 1983:
Effect of Rogor (an organo phosphate) on the absorption of indigo carmine by the malphigian tubule cells in Dysdercus cingulatus adult (Heteroptera: Pyrrhocoridae)

Patel, D.J.; Desai, M.V.; Patel, D.B., 1986:
Effect of Rotylenchulus reniformis on tobacco seed germination and seedling development

Thonke, K.E., 1984:
Effect of Roundup with additives

Korniewicz, A.; Zalewska, S.; Folta, A., 1984:
Effect of Rumensin and salinomycin on the fattening of lambs

Adamovic, M.; Popovic, N.; Matosic Cajavec, V., 1983 :
Effect of Rumensin on fattening of beef cattle

Chiriac, S.; Stan, S.; Terdic, M.; Smarandache, V., 1983:
Effect of SADH (Alar) treatment on apple quality

Mayuravalli, V.V.L.; Punnaiah, K.C.; Rao, V.R.S.; Azam, K.M., 1985:
Effect of SIR 8514 on Pericallia ricini Fabr

Riding, R.T.; Percy, K.E., 1985:
Effect of SO2 and other air pollutents on the morphology of epicuticular waxes on needles of Pinus strobus and Pinus banksiana

Kondo, N.; Suzuki, T., 1985:
Effect of SO2 fumigation on the contents of abscisic acid and indole-3-acetic acid in plant leaves

Karolewski, P., 1984:
Effect of SO2 on changes in proline and hydroxyproline content in leaves of eight species and varieties from the genus Weigela

Lazar, M.B.; Racz, T., 1985:
Effect of SO2 pollution on the leaf chlorophyll content of cultivated plants

Grisham, M.P.; Toler, R.W.; Bruton, B.D., 1985:
Effect of Sclerophthora macrospora on growth and development of St. Augustinegrass

Chakravorty, B.P.; Kundu, G.G.; Hegde, S.V.; Sharma, J.K., 1983:
Effect of Serratia marcescens Bizio for the control of sorghum stem borer, Chilo partellus (Swinhoe)

Gupta, O.P.; Sharma, M.C.; Jana, D.N., 1983:
Effect of Sevin 50 w.p. (carbaryl-1-naphthyl carbamate) against ticks in cattle

Racchi, M.L.; Mikerezi, I.; Gerats, A.G.M.; Gavazzi, G.A., 1985:
Effect of Sn on activity of phenylalanine ammonia lyase and UDP-glucose : 3-O glucosyltransferase in maize seedlings

Janssen, B., 1984:
Effect of SolcoserylReg. on the growth of manipulated mouse zygotes

Vitosevic, I.; Jacimovic, M., 1984:
Effect of Solubor on the yield and quality of the grape cultivars Afus-Ali, Muscat de Hambourg and Smederevka

Radkowski, M., 1984:
Effect of Streptococcus faecium on heat resistance of Staphylococcus aureus in milk

Gualtieri, M.; Betti, S., 1984:
Effect of Streptococcus faecium on sucking pigs

Smith, R.S.; Richards, M.W.; Rice, L.E.; Castree, J.W.; Frahmn, R.B.; Geisert, R.D., 1986:
Effect of Synchromate-B on estrous response and pregnancy rate in Brahman crossbred beef cows

Karavaev, O.Yu, 1986:
Effect of T-2 mycotoxin on chick embryos

Miklovicova, M., 1984:
Effect of T-regulator on the embryos of barley in culture in vitro

Cessna, A.J.; Hunter, J.H., 1985:
Effect of TCA alone and in combination with 2,4-D on wheat: crop tolerance and TCA residues in wheat

Nocek, J.E.; Steele, R.L.; Braund, D.G.; English, J.E., 1984:
Effect of TMR nutrient density on milk production when cows are transferred from high production groups

Fesenko, I.D., 1984:
Effect of TMTD (thiram) fungicide on the postvaccinal immunity of pigs to swine fever

Medhane, N.S.; Jagdale, G.B.; Pawar, A.B.; Darekar, K.S., 1985:
Effect of Tagetes erecta on root-knot nematodes infecting betelvine

Monib, M.; Abd E.B.key, A.; Belal, M.H.; Hassan, M.M.; Hegasi, N.A., 1984:
Effect of Temik on nodulation of Vicia faba inoculated with Temik-resistant rhizobia

Gribova, E.P.; Solntsev, M.K.; Zinchenko, V.A.; Postnov, L.A.; Gunar, L.E.; Karavaev, V.A.; El' gina, L.M., 1984:
Effect of Tordon on light stages of wheat photosynthesis under primary and long-term treatments

Kishan Singh; Nawab Singh; Neelakantan, S., 1986:
Effect of Torulopsis candida on the fermentation of maize (Zea mays) silage using mixed inoculum

Higier, J.; Turowski, J.; Skarzynski, B.; Bonska, B., 1983:
Effect of Trichomonas vaginalis infection and mixed infections on healing of perineal and vaginal wounds in puerperium

Joshua, R.A., 1983:
Effect of Trypanosoma brucei infection on growth rate and egg production of domestic chickens

Kipnis, T.L.; Tambourgi, D.V.; Sucupira, M.; Dias-da-Silva, W., 1986:
Effect of Trypanosoma cruzi membrane components on the formation of the classical pathway C3 convertase

Jain, V.K.; Goyal, A.K., 1983:
Effect of U-V(B) on senescence (chlorophyll degradation) in wheat leaf discs

Burke, W.F.; McDonald, K.O.; Davidson, E.W., 1983:
Effect of UV Light on Spore Viability and Mosquito Larvicidal Activity of Bacillus sphaericus 1593

Molinski, W.; Raczkowski, J., 1984:
Effect of UV radiation on creep in wood

Kamath, V.R.; Menon, S.; Renapurkar, D.M., 1986:
Effect of UV-irradiation, spleen cells and MLN cells on protective immunity against Angiostrongylus cantonensis infection in mice

Cheng, Y.H.; Tu, C.C.; Lin, J.C., 1984:
Effect of VA mycorrhizae on yield of soyabeans and maize

Marti, O.G.; Jr.; Hamm, JJ., 1985:
Effect of Vairimorpha sp. on survival of Geocoris punctipes in the laboratory

Marti, O.G.; Jr.; Hamm, JJ., 1985:
Effect of Vairimorpha sp. on the development and survival of larvae and pupae of Calleida decora

Van Nevel, C.J.; Demeyer, D.I.; Henderickx, H.K., 1984:
Effect of virginiamycin on carbohydrate and protein metabolism in the rumen in vitro

Kartar Singh; Chauhan, K.S., 1982:
Effect of Waxol and KMnO4 with pre-cooling on storage life of cv. L-49 of guava

Shanker, J.; Saha, S.K.; De, S.K., 1983:
Effect of X-irradiation of seeds on certain vitamin contents in cabbage (Brassica oleracea)

Milosevic, Z.; Horsic, E.; Kljajic, R.; Hasanbasic, D., 1984:
Effect of X-irradiation of sheep and goats on the distribution of orally administered radiocaesium

Kumar, K.; Srivastava, U.S., 1984:
Effect of X-radiations on the pupation of flesh fly Parasarcophaga ruficornis F

Shreni, V.C.D.; Singh, B.P.; Srivastava, K.M., 1983:
Effect of Zinnia vein banding virus on growth and flowering of Zinnia elegans Jacq

Wojcik, S.; Plaur, K., 1983:
Effect of Zn bacitracin and flavomycin on fattening performance of chickens given diets with different protein and energy contents

Kaji, H.; Chihara, K.; Minamitani, N.; Kodama, H.; Kita, T.; Fujita, T., 1985:
Effect of [Asu1,7]eel calcitonin on prolactin release in normal subjects and patients with prolactinoma

Trindade, D.S.; Cavalheiro, A.C.L.; Oliveira, M.F.G. de; Oliveira, S.C.; Arnt, L.M., 1982:
Effect of protein level during the period from 4 to 8 weeks old on performance and carcass composition of broiler chickens

Ibaraki, K.; Yoshida, S.; Kunimatsu, Y.; Kojima, Y., 1985:
Effect of a 28-h ahemeral light-dark cycle on egg production and egg shell quality in laying hens. 1. Effect on oviposition time, rate of lay and egg yolk weight

Kanitz, W.; Kanitz, E.; Kitzig, M.; Blodow, G.; Tiemann, U.; Bergfeld, J.; Rommel, P., 1986:
Effect of a PMSG antiserum on hormone profiles in superovulated cows

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