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Effect of alpha naphthaline acetic acid on growth, yield, yield components and chemical constituents of cotton plant and seeds of three Egyptian cotton varieties (G. barbadense L.)

Eid, E.T.; Al Abdel, M.H.

Annals of Agricultural Science, Ain Shams University 30(2): 1031-1046


Accession: 001342383

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Cotton Ashmouni, Giza 45 and Giza 75 grown in pots or in the field in 1982 and 1983 were treated with 5, 10 or 20 p.p.m. NAA at the beginning of flowering. In the 1982 season NAA significantly increased seed cotton yield, number of bolls/plant, lint percentage, leaf area/plant and LAI in the field experiment. Interactions between and NAA treatment were obtained for boll weight in the field experiment, and for shedding percentage and number of flowers/plant in the pot experiment.

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