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Effect of application methods of nitrogen fertilizers on the recovery of fertilizer N by spring wheat in calcareous soil

Li, Z.L.; Li, A.R.; Cao, Z.H.

Soils 16(4): 134-137


Accession: 001342556

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15N-labelled urea, ammonium sulphate, potassium nitrate and ammmonium bicarbonate fertilizers were used in a buried open tube experiment carried out on calcareous loam soil containing 13.3% CaCO3, 1.42% OM and 7.15 p.p.m. hydrolysable N in 1978 in S. Ningxia. 6 kg N/mu was utilized more effectively when placed at 6 cm depth, as shown by analysis of ears, stems, leaves and roots of spring wheat. The utilization rate of fertilizer N was determined by a difference method and a tracing method.

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