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Effect of Explant Origin on Growth and Differentiation of Calli from Tagetes species

Ketel, D.H.; Breteler, H.; De Groot, B.

Journal of Plant Physiology 118(4): 327-333


ISSN/ISBN: 0176-1617
PMID: 23196074
DOI: 10.1016/s0176-1617(85)80191-7
Accession: 001344479

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Tertiary leaf callus from 13-wk-old T. minuta showed 5 to 6-fold higher fresh weight increment than callus from 3 to 7-wk-old plants. No such differences were observed in the primary and secondary calli. Tertiary leaf callus of T. patula showed morphological differentiation that varied with the mineral nutrition to which intact plants were exposed and that did not appear in the primary and secondary calli. No such effects were observed in T. minuta. These origin effects are discussed in relation to memory effects and to their application to plant biotechnical procedures.

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