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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1346

Chapter 1346 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zhang, Y.H.; Fang, J.X., 1986:
Effect of fusicoccin on abscission of bean pulvinus explants and its possible role

Farooq, S.; Chrungoo, N.K.; Tahir, I., 1985:
Effect of gallic acid on germination, seedling growth and content of phenolics in buckwheat and fenugreek

Gogebashvili, M.E.; Bulakh, A.A., 1985:
Effect of gamma -radiation on the intensity of callusing in grapevines

Stepanenko, O.G.; Selenina, L.V.; Zozulya, R.N., 1985:
Effect of gamma irradiation of Valeriana officinalis L. seeds on the biomass of underground organs and their active principle content

Tan, S.C.; Lam, P.F., 1985:
Effect of gamma irradiation on PAL activity and phenolic compounds in papaya (Carica papaya L.) and mango (Mangifera indica L.) fruits

Panaiotov, I., 1983:
Effect of gamma irradiation on alloplasmic lines of bread wheat in the M1

Chamberlain, WF.; Barrett, CC.; Miller, JA., 1986:
Effect of gamma irradiation on flight time of Hypoderma lineatum (Diptera: Oestridae) males

Suciu, Z.; Draganescu, I.; Tabuia, M.; Stela, S.; Bolcas, F., 1981:
Effect of gamma irradiation on onion, carrot and root-parsley productivity

Abed A.J.sim; A.J.bouri, M.; Mohammed A.K.azal; Ibrahim S.A.S.adawi, 1984:
Effect of gamma irradiation on pollen germination and pollen tube growth of four male cultivars of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)

Soni, H.S.; Borikar, S.T.; Singh, A.R., 1983:
Effect of gamma irradiation on seed germination and seedling vigor in sorghum

Sen A.; Misra N.M., 1985:
Effect of gamma irradiation on some physiological characters and consequent yield of wheat under rainfed condition

Chowdhury, R.K.; Sharma, G.R., 1984:
Effect of gamma irradiation on some quantitative characters in pigeonpea

Kashani, G.G.; Valadon, L.R.G., 1984:
Effect of gamma irradiation on the lipids, carbohydrates and proteins of Iranian pistachio kernels

Nasir, M.A.; Ahmad, W., 1986:
Effect of gamma irradiation on the survival of seed-borne fungi

Kazanzhi, V.G.; Tkachuk, M.N., 1984:
Effect of gamma irradiation on variation in some quantitative characters and hybrids of winter wheat

Mehta, V.K.; Sethi, G.R.; Garg, A.K., 1984:
Effect of gamma radiation and fumigants on Tribolium castaneum (Herbst)

Boczek, J.; Jaminska, D.; Bruce, W.A.; Davis, R., 1985:
Effect of gamma radiation on Rhizoglyphus echinopus (Fumouze and Robin) and Aleuroglyphus ovatus (Troupeau) (Acari: Acaridae)

Prasad, H.H.; Sethi, G.R., 1983:
Effect of gamma radiation on free amino acids of the oriential fruitfly, Dacus dorsalis Hendel

E.G.ngaihi, S.; Rofaeel, I.S.; Shalaby, A.S., 1984:
Effect of gamma radiation on growth, essential oil content and composition of Melissa officinalis L., grown in Egypt

Seth, S.; Chaudhary, B.D.; Gupta, S.N., 1984:
Effect of gamma radiation on pods number in mungbean

Gupta, V.K.; Patil, B.D., 1986:
Effect of gamma radiation on subabul (Leucaena leucocephala Lam De Wit) in M1 generation

Mehta, VK.; Sethi, GR., 1984:
Effect of gamma radiation on the eggs of Tribolium castaneum (Herbst)

Mehta, V.K.; Sethi, G.R.; Garg, A.K., 1985:
Effect of gamma radiation on weight loss in adults of Tribolium castaneum (Herbst)

Jain, R.K.; Maherchandani, N.; Sharma, D.R.; Chowdhury, J.B., 1984:
Effect of gamma radiations and gibberellic acid on growth and shoot regeneration in callus cultures of Datura innoxia

Ibrahim, I.F.; Kadhem, L.J.; Mahmoud, A.H., 1985:
Effect of gamma rays and ethylmethanesulfonate in M1 and M2 plants of black barley cv. and its hybrid with Arivat

Sary, V.G., 1984:
Effect of gamma rays from 60Co on diploid forms of sugarbeet

Ashoub, M.A.; E.R.hem, A.M.A., 1985:
Effect of gamma rays on germination and growth of sorghum

Reddy, C.S.; Smith, J.D., 1982 :
Effect of gamma rays on seed set in main heads and tillers of two varieties, TX414 and NM-31 of sorghum

Mukhov, V.; Savov, P., 1983:
Effect of gamma rays on sensitivity and mutational variation in different cotton varieties

Vadher, P.V.; Desai, K.B.; Rawal, P.P., 1984:
Effect of gamma rays on sterility in grain sorghum

Khanna, V.K.; Meharchandani, N., 1985:
Effect of gamma-irradiation and seedling growth of 'kabuli' and 'desi' chickpea on the activity of alpha-amylase

Maisuradze, N.I.; Gogitidze, T.R., 1986:
Effect of gamma-irradiation of Catharanthus roseus seeds on plant growth and vinblastine content

Hayashi, T.; Sugimoto, T.; Kawashima, K., 1984:
Effect of gamma-irradiation on the activities of sucrose synthase and sucrose phosphate synthase in potato tubers and sweet potato roots

Gorlanov, N.A.; Gushchina, V.N.; Trapeznikova, S.G., 1983:
Effect of gamma-radiation on protein content in tissues of Phaseolus vulgaris cuttings establishing roots

Dobrev, R., 1986:
Effect of gamma-radiation on the laboratory germination of Pinus nigra seeds of different origin, and on seedling growth and development

Butko, M.P.; Karelin, A.I.; Batiashvili, A.G.; Griganova, N.V.; Andryunin, Y.I., 1983:
Effect of gamma-rays from radiocobalt on transmissible gastroenteritis coronavirus

Staikov, G.; Antonov, M., 1984:
Effect of gamma-rays on seeds of maize grown as a stubble crop for silage

Ononogbu, I.C.; Okpara, G.C., 1986:
Effect of gari diet on lecithin: cholesterol acyltransferase (LCAT) in rats

Nari, A.; Cardozo, H.; Rizzo, E.; Solari, M.A.; Petraccia, C., 1983:
Effect of gastrointestinal parasitism on the performance of lambs on different planes of nutrition and weaned at different ages

Spiss, L.; Babik, B., 1984:
Effect of geitonogamy on self-fertility and seedling vigor in lucerne

Chang, M.L.W.; Li, B.W., 1984:
Effect of gel-forming undigestible polysaccharides versus cellulose on intestinal sugar concentrations and serum glucose level in rats

Rheins, L.A.; Karp, R.D., 1985:
Effect of gender on the inducible humoral immune response to honeybee venom in the American cockroach (Periplaneta americana)

Saini, A.L.; Gill, R.S., 1986:
Effect of general appearance traits on milk yield and type evaluation of buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)

Surikov, I.M.; Kissel' , N.I., 1982:
Effect of genes for good crossability with rye on fertility in the first generation of wheat-rye hybrids

Rone, V.M., 1984:
Effect of genetic and cultural factors on the juvenile growth of Norway spruce cuttings

Nobre, P.R.C.; Rosa, A. do N.; Silva, L.O.C. da, 1985:
Effect of genetic and environmental factors on weights of Nellore cattle in Bahia State, Brazil

Shrivastav, A.K.; Katpatal, B.G.; Singh, C.S.P., 1985:
Effect of genetic and non-genetic factors on growth rate in crossbred dairy cattle

Forti, M.; Nerd, A.; Benzioni, A., 1985:
Effect of genetic background on flowering pattern, growth and yield of jojoba

Ledic, I.L.; Miranda, J.J.F. de; Pereira, C.S.; Fonseca, C.G., 1985:
Effect of genetic factors on body weight in Tabapua cattle

Bardoloi, T.; Raina, B.L., 1984:
Effect of genetic group, season of birth and sex on growth traits in Landrace, Large White and crossbred pigs

Kishore, K.; Sehgel, J.P.; Bapna, D.L.; Basuthakur, A.K., 1984:
Effect of genetic groups and feed on mutton production and quality in crossbred sheep

Rossler, Y., 1985:
Effect of genetic recombination in males of the Mediterranean fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) on the integrity of 'genetic sexing' strains produced for sterile-insect releases Hang, K.F.; Hayes, J.F.; Moxley, J.E.; Monardes, H.G., 1983:
Effect of genetic variants of milk proteins on milk, fat and protein yields of Holstein-Friesian cows

Smail, V.W.; Eslick, R.F.; Hockett, E.A., 1986:
Effect of genetically and environmentally induced heading date differences on yield and adaptation of an isogenic barley pair

Rybalko, V.P.; Saglo, A.F., 1983:
Effect of genotype and feeding on internal characteristics of pigs

Todorova, L., 1983:
Effect of genotype in the production of tetraploid forms of maize

Murphy, B.D.; Rajkumar, K.; Bristol, F.; Flood, P.F.; Chedrese, P.J., 1985:
Effect of genotype of the sire and age of mare on the concentration of equine chorionic gonadotropin

Benetka, V., 1985:
Effect of genotype on adaptation and stability of adaptation during the winter in the genus Rosa L

Hulot, F.; Mariana, J.C., 1985:
Effect of genotype, age and season on preovulatory follicles of the rabbit 8 h after mating

Dogras, K.; Tsirakoglou, B., 1981:
Effect of genotype, degree of ripeness and season on the quality of peas (P. sativum)

Jambanna ; Aili, S.; Kulkarni, G.N., 1985:
Effect of genotype, fertilizer and season on seed production and quality in sorghum

Georgiev, Z.; Vasileva, B., 1982:
Effect of genotype, stem zone and development phase on the rooting of lucerne cuttings

Bohne, H., 1986:
Effect of geometric factors on the water release from artificial aggregates and growth of rye seedlings

Szlachta, J., 1985:
Effect of geometrical and mechanical parameters of the teat liner on the intensity of teat massage

Kim, W.J.; Kim, N.M.; Sung, H.S., 1984:
Effect of germination on phytic acid and soluble minerals in soymilk

Sasanow, S.R.; Spitzer, A.R.; Pereira, G.R.; Heaf, L.; Watkins, J.B., 1986:
Effect of gestational age upon prealbumin and retinol binding protein in preterm and term infants

Bihoreau, M.T.; Ktorza, A.; Kervran, A.; Picon, L., 1986:
Effect of gestational hyperglycemia on insulin secretion in vivo and in vitro by fetal rat pancreas

Holt, L.C.; Akers, R.M.; Denbow, C.J.; Gwazdauskas, F.C.; Vinson, W.E., 1986:
Effect of gestational mastectomy on postpartum GnRH and TRH induced LH and prolactin response in Holstein first calf heifers

Khan, K.A.; Rashid, A., 1983:
Effect of gibberellic acid (GA) on growth and yield of Cicer arietinum (gram) variety C-727

Shafiq, Y., 1981:
Effect of gibberellic acid (GA3) and pre-chilling on germination percent of Nothofagus obliqua Mirb. and N. procera Oerst. seeds

E.S.hhar, K.F.; Fouad, M.K.; Fahmi, R.; Riad, F., 1984:
Effect of gibberellic acid (GA3) on some botanical and chemical characteristics of basil (Ocimum basilicum L.)

Hudge, V.S.; Salunke, M.R.; Borikar, S.T., 1982:
Effect of gibberellic acid and cycocel on coleoptile length of some wheat cultivars

Rey, H.Y.; Mroginski, L.A., 1985:
Effect of gibberellic acid in regeneration of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) plants by in vitro apical meristem culture

Mishra, K.; Mishra, G.P., 1984:
Effect of gibberellic acid on Tectona grandis and Dendrocalamus strictus seedlings

Dhaliwal, G.S., 1983:
Effect of gibberellic acid on bunch and berry development in seeded and seedless cultivars of grapes

Medhi, G.; Singh, I.S., 1983:
Effect of gibberellic acid on catalase, peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase activity in Beauty Seedless grapes during development

Medhi, G.; Singh, I.S., 1983:
Effect of gibberellic acid on catalase, peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase activity of Beauty Seedless grapes during cold storage

Sharifi, H.; Sepahi, A., 1984:
Effect of gibberellic acid on fruit cracking in Meykhosh pomegranate

Hernandez, E.; Grajeda, J.E., .:
Effect of gibberellic acid on fruit ripening in prickly pear fruits

Duran, J.M.; Retamal, N., 1983:
Effect of gibberellic acid on germination of charlock (Sinapis arvensis L.) seeds. I. Origin of seeds on the mother plant

Duran, J.M.; Retamal, N., 1983:
Effect of gibberellic acid on germination of charlock (Sinapis arvensis L.) seeds. II. Origin of the mother plant

Duran, J.M.; Retamal, N., 1983:
Effect of gibberellic acid on germination of charlock (Sinapis arvensis L.) seeds. III. Mode of application

Poskuta, J.W.; Nelson, C.J.; Coutts, J.H.; Vassey, T.L., 1984:
Effect of gibberellic acid on photosynthesis and leaf characteristics of tall fescue

Franciosi, R.; Salas, P.; Yamashiro, E.; Duarte, O., 1980:
Effect of gibberellic acid on runner formation in different strawberry cultivars

Xu, B.; Gu, Z., 1984:
Effect of gibberellic acid on seed germination of kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis Planch. var. hispida G.F. Liang)

Medhi, G.; Singh, I.S., 1982:
Effect of gibberellic acid on shelf-life of Beauty Seedless grape berries during cold storage

Shady, A.I.; Francis, R.R.; Negm, A.Y., 1984:
Effect of gibberellic acid on the proteins and amino acids content of Vicia faba plants

Medhi, G.; Singh, I.S., 1983:
Effect of gibberellic acid on total free aminoacids, proline and protein content of Beauty Seedless grape during development and storage

Beglaryan, N.P.; Pivazyan, A.A.; Abramyan, L.K., 1985:
Effect of gibberellic acid on ultrastructure of maize leaves during early ontogenetic stages

Hariharan, M.; Unnikrishnan, K., 1985:
Effect of gibberellic acid on variations in free amino acid and total protein contents in developing kernel of cashew

Date, G.P.; Parvez Jalil, 1985:
Effect of gibberellic acid, Rallis Tracel-1 and urea on the growth of teak seedlings

Vardevanyan, A.O.; Vardapetyan, R.R.; Nanosyan, G.A., 1985:
Effect of gibberellin and Fast Green on histones of germinating wheat embryos

Anon, 1984:
Effect of gibberellin and chlorocholine chloride on photosynthetic apparatus and growth of barley plants

Nosul' chak, V.A.; Nosul' chak, E.A., 1984:
Effect of gibberellin on different varieties of grape in Turkmenia

Dikii, S.P.; Ter Manuel' yants, Z.I., 1984:
Effect of gibberellin on eggplant growth

Shchiparev, S.M.; Il' chukov, V.V., 1983:
Effect of gibberellin on protein secretion by maize scutella

Shamberev, Y.N.; Gavrishchuk, V.I.; Ivanov, I.S.; Netesa, Y.I., 1985:
Effect of gibberellin on the endocrine system and metabolism in young bulls

Campbell, C.W., .:
Effect of gibberellin treatment and hand pollination on fruit-set of atemoya (Annona hybrid)

Lluch, C.; Ligero, F.; Olivares, J., 1983:
Effect of gibberellins produced by Rhizobium meliloti on nodulation in lucerne (Medicago sativa L.)

Anthony, W.S., 1985:
Effect of gin stands on cotton fibre and seed

Giri J.; Devi T.K.S.; Meerarani S., 1984:
Effect of ginger on serum cholesterol levels

Simon, J., 1984:
Effect of girdling by the greater spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos major (L.) on the diameter increment of linden (Tilia sp.)

Darne, G.; Bouard, J., 1985:
Effect of girdling on grape seed quality: effects on the content of phenolic compounds

Lavaud, J.J.; Bouard, J., 1985:
Effect of girdling on grape seed quality: effects on the lipid content

Bozickovic, P.; Serman, V.; Tadic, V.; Vicic, N.; Nesic, J.; Jerkic, Z.; Milcic, D., 1983:
Effect of giving different amounts of Fedex on one or two occasions on growth and feed conversion of fattening chickens

Skrivanova, V.; Skrivan, M.; Smutna, K.; Samek, M., 1985:
Effect of giving frozen colostrum to calves on ascorbic acid status in the early postnatal period

Taruoura, D.; Higueret, P.; Suberville, C.; Higueret, D.; Garcin, H., 1985:
Effect of giving moderate doses of etretinate (RO 10-9359) to rats deficient in vitamin A

Kalinina, A.K.; Pleshkov, B.P.; Poperelya, F.A., 1982:
Effect of gliadin component composition in wheat on baking quality, ear colour and survival percentage of F2 hybrid plants

Davis, M.A.; Williams, P.E.; Cherrington, A.D., 1985:
Effect of glucagon on hepatic lactate metabolism in the conscious dog

Parvu, G.; Parvu, E., 1984:
Effect of glucocorticoids on the lymphatic system of cattle with leukosis

Pasquali, R.; Pasqui, F.; Patrono, D.; Capelli, M.; Melchionda, N., 1986:
Effect of glucose administration on thyroid hormones and oxygen consumption in normal and obese subjects

Reiser, S.; Scholfield, D.; Trout, D.; Wilson, A.; Aparicio, P., 1984:
Effect of glucose and fructose on the absorption of leucine in humans

Cuezva, J.M.; Patel, M.S., 1985:
Effect of glucose and insulin administration on hepatic adenylate energy charge and the cytosolic redox state in the neonates of normal and insulin-treated diabetic rats

Niijima, A., 1986:
Effect of glucose and other hexoses on efferent discharges of brown adipose tissue nerves

Arieli, A., 1986:
Effect of glucose on fermentation heat in sheep rumen fluid in vitro

Gay, G., 1986:
Effect of glucose on indole-3-acetic acid production by the ectomycorrhizal fungus Hebeloma hiemale in pure culture

Feingold, K.R.; Moser, A.H., 1985:
Effect of glucose or fructose feeding on cholesterol synthesis in diabetic animals

Malik, R.S.; Anand, I.J.; Srinivasachar, D., 1983:
Effect of glucosinolates in relation to aphid (Lipaphis erysimi Kalt.) fecundity in crucifers

Ignat' ev, A.R.; Polevaya, V.S., 1986:
Effect of glutamate on the photosynthesis of Ruta graveolens tissue culture at limiting CO2 concentration

Bergner, H.; Wilke, A.; Simon, O.; Wolf, E., 1984:
Effect of glutamic acid content of the diet on breakdown of labelled glutamic acid in rats. 1. Output pattern for 14CO2 after intragastric infusion of glutamic acid

Wilke, A.; Simon, O.; Bergner, H., 1984:
Effect of glutamic acid content of the diet on breakdown of labelled glutamic acid in rats. 2. Output pattern for 14CO2 after subcutaneous injection of glutamic acid

Simon, O.; Wilke, A.; Bergner, H., 1984:
Effect of glutamic acid content of the diet on breakdown of labelled glutamic acid in rats. 3. Output of 14CO2 and 15N after an intragastric infusion of 14C- and 15N-labelled glutamic acid

Galindo, J.; Elias, A.; Pereiro, M.; Cordero, J.; Morffi, N., 1985:
Effect of glycine supplementation on rumen microbial population of cows consuming silage

Bergmann, H.; Eckert, H., 1984:
Effect of glycinebetaine on water use efficiency in winter wheat Triticum aestivum L

Aamisepp, A.; Nilsson, H., 1984:
Effect of glyphosate (Roundup) on couchgrass with and without addition of ammonium sulphate. A greenhouse experiment

Daniell, J.W., 1984:
Effect of glyphosate for weed control in 11 cultivars of peach trees

Osipov, V.I.; Aleksandrova, L.P., 1986:
Effect of glyphosate on quinic and shikimic acids in pine needles

Hassan, A.B.; Atta, A.H., 1983:
Effect of gonadal hormones on Ascaridia galli

Hillensjo, T.; Ekholm, C.; Hedin, L., 1984:
Effect of gonadotrophin hormone upon the pattern of steroidogenesis in isolated preovulatory rat follicles

Nancarrow, C.D.; Murray, J.D.; Boland, M.P.; Sutton, R.; Hazelton, I.G., 1984:
Effect of gonadotrophin releasing hormone in the production of single-cell embryos for pronuclear injection of foreign genes

Guthrie, H.D.; Pursel, V.G.; Bolt, D.J.; Nachman, R.J., 1984:
Effect of gonadotropin-release hormone, stage of sexual maturation and 6-methoxybenzoxazolinone on plasma gonadotropins, ovarian development and uterine weight in prepuberal gilts

Schwartz, N.B.; Rivier, C.; Rivier, J.; Vale, W.W., 1985:
Effect of gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonists on serum follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone under conditions of singular follicle-stimulating hormone secretion

Nannabatcha, A.S.; Alagappan, R., 1985:
Effect of graded dose and time of application of potassium for lowland rice

Patel, B.K.; Sheth, R.D.; Mehta, H.M.; Patel, R.S., .:
Effect of graded doses F.Y.M., fertilizers and atrazine on maize yield and soil microbial population

Alexander, S.L.; Irvine, C.H., 1986:
Effect of graded doses of gonadotrophin-releasing hormone on serum LH concentrations in mares in various reproductive states: comparison with endogenously generated LH pulses

Sharma, P.K.; Trikha, A.; Kanwar, B.S.; Yaduvanshi, H.S., 1984:
Effect of graded doses of phosphorus on the dry matter yield and phosphorus uptake in lentil (Lens culinaris) in some hill soils

Singh, D.; Ghosh, A.B., 1984:
Effect of graded doses of potassium on dry matter yield and potassium uptake by maize, cowpea and wheat

Patel, R.G.; Patel, M.P.; Patel, H.C.; Patel, R.B., 1984:
Effect of graded levels of nitrogen and phosphorus on growth, yield and economics of summer mungbean

Muthukrishnan, P.; Subramanian, S., 1984:
Effect of graded levels of nitrogen and weed control methods on the protein content of maize (Ganga 5) grain

Skillman, C.A.; Plessinger, M.A.; Woods, J.R.; Clark, K.E., 1985:
Effect of graded reductions in uteroplacental blood flow on the fetal lamb

Majernik, F.; Ivanic, J., 1985:
Effect of graduated nitrogen rates on the yield and some qualitative properties of raw tobacco

Halle, I.; Jeroch, H.; Gebhardt, G., 1984:
Effect of graduated nitrogen supplies on egg protein synthesis and protein retention in broiler hens

Vasconcellos, L.A.B.C. de; Simao, S.; Vasconcellos, F.T.C. de, 1985:
Effect of grafting height and method of forcing on the production of citrus nursery plants

Brown, M.J., 1985:
Effect of grain straw and furrow irrigation stream size on soil erosion and infiltration

Nwokolo, E.; Tait, R.M.; Kitts, W.D., 1984:
Effect of grain/roughage ratios and feeding regimes on performance of beef steers

Kulkarni, K.A., 1983:
Effect of granular insecticides on shootfly control and plant growth

Haugen, N.L.; Gandrud, D.E., 1983:
Effect of granular, dry flowable applied dry and liquid herbicides on weed control in corn

Haugen, N.L.; Gandrud, D.E., 1983:
Effect of granular, dry flowable applied dry and liquid herbicides on weed control in soybeans

Border, M.F.; Balay, H.L., 1983:
Effect of granule size on application

Starovoitenko, N.I.; Smekalov, N.A., 1983:
Effect of grass juice in a whole milk substitute on nutrient digestibility and metabolism in lambs

McConaghy, S.; Gardiner, J.S.; Quinn, N., .:
Effect of grass on crops and on soil conditions of regular applications of nitrogenous fertilizers

Matsunaka T.; Koseki J I.; Matsushiro H.; Sekijyo T.; Nishikage K., 1983:
Effect of grass production in swards on feeding level of forage and milk production in dairy farming

Vargova, V., 1985:
Effect of grass stand age on the presence of parasitic nematodes of the Levocske Luky Breeding Station

Henry, JE., 1985:
Effect of grasshopper species, cage density, light intensity, and method of inoculation on mass production of Nosema locustae (Microsporida: Nosematidae)

McClure, K.E.; VanKeuren, R.W., 1985:
Effect of grazed forages and all concentrate in drylot on lamb performance

McClure, K.E.; VanKeuren, R.W.; Althouse, P.G., 1985:
Effect of grazed forages and concentrate in drylot on lamb carcass characteristics

Sigurbjornsson, B.; Gudmundsson, O.; Arnalds, A.; Thorsteinsson, I.; Eiriksson, T., 1983:
Effect of grazing intensity and applied fertilizers on pasture production and animal gain

Tergas, L.E., 1983:
Effect of grazing management on the utilization of tropical pasture

Veiga, J.B. da, 1984:
Effect of grazing management upon a dwarf elephantgrass (Pennisetum purpureum Schum.) pasture

Tsarik, I.V., 1984:
Effect of grazing on floristic structure of the shrub-herbaceous layer of the Piceetum myrtillosum plant community

Pandey, D.D.; Sant, H.R., 1980:
Effect of grazing on production and nutritive value of Cynodon dactylon Pers

Gupta, A.K.; Joshi, D.C., 1984:
Effect of grazing on protein and mineral composition, and in vitro dry-matter digestibility of different pasture species of the arid zone

Droushiotis, D.N., 1984:
Effect of grazing simulation on forage hay and grain yields of spring barleys in a low rainfall environment

Ram Prasad, 1985:
Effect of grazing-closure on the rehabilitation of flowered bamboo areas in Mandla forests of Madhya Pradesh

Feher, F.; Bocsa, I., 1984:
Effect of green lucerne with a high saponin content on the livers of New Hampshire chickens

Bakhariev, D.; Rankov, V., 1984:
Effect of green manuring on corky root of glasshouse tomato

Sharma, C.; Trivedi, P.C.; Tiagi, B., 1985:
Effect of green manuring on populations of Meloidogyne incognita on muskmelon

Burton, R.L., 1986:
Effect of greenbug (Homoptera: Aphididae) damage on root and shoot biomass of wheat seedlings

Mourya, DT.; Soman, RS., 1985:
Effect of gregarine parasite, Ascogregarina culicis and tetracycline on the susceptibility of Culex bitaeniorhynchus to JE virus

Stobbs, L.W., 1984:
Effect of grid rotation in a magnetic field on virus adsorption in immunosorbent electron microscopy

orotevic, M.; Modic, P., 1984 :
Effect of grilling on the survival of Trichinella spiralis larvae in pork

Bittante, G.; Andrighetto, I.; Galeazzo, M., 1985:
Effect of grinding maize grain and of using calcium carbonate in the fattening of Italian Brown cows on productivity and the nutritive value of the maize

Saldivar, A.J.; Moore, J.E.; Ocumpaugh, W.R.; Mott, G.O., 1984:
Effect of grinding method on in vitro organic matter digestibility of forages

Markov, I.V., 1984:
Effect of ground water on the growth and development of apple and quince trees

Calvert, D.V., 1982:
Effect of ground water quality on crops in Florida

Bhatia, S.K.; Virk, A.S.; Sharda, D.P.; Pradhan, K., 1982:
Effect of groundnut cake vis-a-vis cotton seed cake on rumen metabolic profile in cattle and buffalo

Dotsenko, A.P., 1982:
Effect of groundwater and atmospheric precipitation on radial growth of wood

Malan' in, A.N., 1985:
Effect of groundwater depth on forest growth conditions on sands in the arid zone

Taboada, P.; Quinones, R.; Figueroa, A.; Llorente, R., 1984:
Effect of group size and housing density on broilers reared on the floor

Hunt, K.A.; English, P.R.; Buckingham, J.; Bampton, P.R.; Macpherson, O.; Ingram, S., 1985:
Effect of group size and stocking density on feed intake, growth, feed efficiency and apparent welfare of pigs weaned at 3 weeks and fed ad libitum to 8 weeks of age

Suss, M.; Hammer, K.; Sprengel, D., 1985:
Effect of group size on the performance and behaviour of weaned piglets in pens with perforated floors

Singhal, R.M., 1986:
Effect of growing Eucalyptus on the status of soil organic matter of Dehra Dun forests

Aradski, M.; Cerovic, S.; Milinov, S., 1986:
Effect of growing area on the yield of densely planted apples

Skurtul, A.M., 1984:
Effect of growing conditions and low temperature hardening on the water regime of grapevines

Raikova, L.; Shaban, N.; Rankov, V., 1986:
Effect of growing conditions on the nitrate content of green beans grown in polyethylene greenhouses and in the field

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Effect of growing season in the cooking quality of pigeonpea

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Effect of growing site on yield, stalk strength and fusarium infection in some maize hybrids

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Effect of growth hormone injection on milk yield and milk composition of dairy cows

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Effect of growth rate and mating age of dairy heifers on subsequent production over four years

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Effect of growth rate on development of the reproductive system in prepubertal females

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Effect of growth rate on wood formation of sugi (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don) cultivars

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Effect of growth regulating chemicals on growth, flowering and tuberous-root formation of Dahlia variabilis Desf

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Effect of growth regulating hormone 'Atonik' on shedding of fruiting forms, yield of seed cotton and its components

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Effect of growth regulators along with nitrogen and potash on growth and yield of onion (Allium cepa L.)

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Effect of growth regulators and dimethyl sulphoxide on translocation and assimilation of nitrate nitrogen in maize plants

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Effect of growth regulators and light conditions on the morphogenesis of excised winter rape roots

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Effect of growth regulators and sleeving on maturity and quality of banana 'Basrai'

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Effect of growth regulators on Spanish bunch and Virginia runner groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) cultivars

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Effect of growth regulators on bunch elongation and shot-berry formation in Perlette grapes

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Effect of growth regulators on chemical constituents of Calamintha officinalis Jordan var. nepetoides

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Effect of growth regulators on flowering and fruiting of bottle gourd

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Effect of growth regulators on fruit drop, size and quality of ber (Ziziphus mauritiana Lamk.)

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Effect of growth regulators on fruit drop, size and quality of litchi, cv. Calcuttia

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Effect of growth regulators on growth and phenolic production in cotton callus cultures

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Effect of growth regulators on growth of maize seedlings

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Effect of growth regulators on photosynthesis and 14C-photosynthate outflow from leaves during reproductive growth in soyabeans

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Effect of growth regulators on plant height and flowering date in Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh. in relation to variety and environment

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Effect of growth regulators on pod setting of greengram (CO.3) and blackgram (CO.4)

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Effect of growth regulators on protein and amino acid contents of soyabean (Glycine max cv. Davis)

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Effect of growth regulators on quality of guava (Psidium guajava L.) var. Sardar

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Effect of growth regulators on rooting of lemon cuttings

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Effect of growth regulators on rooting of lemon cuttings with and without leaves

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Effect of growth regulators on seed yield of red clover

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Effect of growth regulators on spring wheat yield

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Effect of growth regulators on the duration of the mitotic cycle in meristematic cells

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Effect of growth regulators on the physiological-biochemical properties of magnolias

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Effect of growth regulators on the productivity of greenhouse tomatoes

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Effect of growth regulators on the rooting of Opuntia cuttings

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Effect of growth regulators on tuberization of purple nutsedge

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Effect of growth regulators on yield and yield attributes of TMV 2 groundnut under irrigated conditions

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Effect of growth retardants and ethephon on sex expression and growth in Cucurbita moschata (Duch.) Poir

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Effect of growth retardants and nutrition level on potato yield

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Effect of growth retardants on ivy geranium

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Effect of growth retardants on the growth and yield of single clove garlic

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Effect of growth retardation at an early growing stage on overall performance and carcass quality

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Effect of growth stage of Rhodes grass on ingestive behaviour of grazing goats

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Effect of growth stage, tank mixtures, and soil moisture on large crabgrass (Digitaria sanguinalis) control with sethoxydim and fluazifop

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Effect of growth stimulants on heifers fed forage of differing nutritive value

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Effect of growth stimulants on the metabolism of young lambs

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Effect of growth substances on rooting of slow rooting tea clones

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Effect of growth temperature and nitrogen on photosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism in Oryza sativa L

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Effect of growth temperature on acid production by lactic acid bacteria

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Effect of growth temperature on the steady-state fluorescence polarization of 1,6-diphenyl-1,3,5-hexatriene incorporated into flight muscle mitochondrial membranes of houseflies (Musca domestica) J.; Stipanuk M.H., 1984:
Effect of guanidinoethanesulfonate administration on taurine levels in rat dams and their pups

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Effect of guar gum added to the diet of patients with duodenal ulcer

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Effect of guar gum on body-weight, hunger ratings and metabolism in obese subjects

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Effect of guar gum on gastric emptying in growing pigs

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Effect of guar gum on gastric emptying of test meals of varying energy content in growing pigs

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Effect of guar gum on glucose and water absorption from isolated loops of jejunum in conscious growing pigs

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Effect of guar gum on nitrogen secretion into isolated loops of jejunum in conscious growing pigs

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Effect of guar meal on endogenous nitrogen excretion in rats, estimated with the 15N tracer method

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Effect of gynoecious expression on yield and earliness of a fresh-market cucumber hybrid

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Effect of gypsum and submergence on chemical fractions of manganese in sodic soils

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Effect of gypsum and sulfur on the growth and nodulation of Sesbania sesban seedlings in alkaline soils

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Effect of gypsum and sulphur on seedling growth and nodulation in Leucaena

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Effect of gypsum, pyrite and green manuring on the yield and composition of wheat in a highly sodic soil

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Effect of gypsum-concrete walls on microclimate and the physiological indicators of cows

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Effect of hCG on aromatization of -androstenedione in Leydig cells of naturally retained testes in cryptorchid boars

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Effect of haloxyfop on growth and energy metabolism of corn and soybean roots

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Effect of hard coal ashes on physico-chemical properties of soil

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Effect of harvest date and location on the yield of Vaccinium vitis-idaea var. minus Lodd in eastern Newfoundland

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Effect of harvest date and storage duration on the content of some chemical compounds in the onion cultivar Sochaczewska

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Effect of harvest date on agronomic and chemical characteristics of Ontario peanuts

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Effect of harvest date on cotton fibre quality

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Effect of harvest date on yield in wheat

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Effect of harvest date on yield quantity and quality, respiration rate and storability of onions

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Effect of harvest maturity on the final fruit composition of cherry and large-fruited tomato cultivars

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Effect of harvest time and drying method on quality and grade of spring triticale

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Effect of harvest time and drying method on the yield, quality and grade of hard red spring wheat in northwest Alberta

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Effect of harvest time and drying method on yield, quality and grade characteristics of barley in northwest Alberta

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Effect of harvesting date on nut yield and quality in hazel

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Effect of harvesting date on seed yield and on seed colouration of lentil (Lens culinaris Medic.)

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Effect of harvesting dates on the seed quality of tomato cultivars suitable for mechanical harvesting

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Effect of harvesting in the first year on subsequent yield and dry matter partitioning in strawberries

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Effect of harvesting methods and treatment with 2-aminobutane on post-harvest rots due to Penicillium digitatum Sacc. on lemons

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Effect of harvesting season on hybrid poplar coppicing

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Effect of harvesting time and storage system on the quality of seed potato tubers (Solanum tuberosum L.)

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Effect of hastened flowering on seed yield and dry matter partitioning in diverse soybean genotypes

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Effect of hatching month on the egg production of two lines of turkeys selected for high or low body weight: a note

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Effect of hatching seasons, brooding systems and methionine and lysine supplementation on the performance of broilers

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Effect of haulm destruction by various means on seed tuber health in 19 potato varieties

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Effect of hay sources in reducing ovine rumen acidosis

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Effect of head size of cabbage on seed yield

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Effect of heat on casein micelle distribution

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Effect of heat or formalin treatment of proteinaceous feed on protein degradation with in vitro rumen fermentation

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Effect of heat processing (popping) on protein nutritional quality of grain amaranth

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Effect of heat shock on protein synthesis in flax rust uredosporelings

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Effect of heat stored in water-filled tubes placed on the soil on the growth and yields of some vegetables in a plastic tunnel

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Effect of heat stress on assimilate metabolism in tomato flower buds

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Effect of heat stress on egg production and egg quality

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Effect of heat stress on photosynthetic activity and chloroplast ultrastructure in correlation with endogenous cytokinin concentration in maize seedlings

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Effect of heat treatment of uncooled raw milk on the amount of milk serum soluble casein

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Effect of heat treatment on carbohydrates and protein in cereal grain

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Effect of heat treatment on the biological value of selected foods, estimated by the use of the protozoan Tetrahymena pyriformis

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Effect of heat treatment on the dietry fibre contents of potato and tomato

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Effect of heat treatment on the keeping quality of yoghurt

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Effect of heat treatment on the loss tangent of wood

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Effect of heat treatments on residual streptomycin in milk

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Effect of heating on the sensitivity and specificity of an enzyme immunoassay (EIA) for Erwinia carotovora subsp. atroseptica serogroup I

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Effect of heating temperature on sulfhydryl and disulfide contents and state of aromatic amino acid residues in soybean protein

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Effect of heating time on quality changes in fats for production of frozen fried chips

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Effect of heavy metals on growth and content of pollutants of Allium porrum L. and Pisum sativum L

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Effect of heavy metals on the decomposition of nitrogen-containing organic compounds by bacteria

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Effect of heavy metals on the transformation of nitrogen and carbon in different soils

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Effect of heavy mineral fertilizer application on crop yields in a rotation, chemical composition of plants and soil fertility. (Short communication)

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Effect of hedgerow pruning in Valencia orange (Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck) trees planted at 3 x 5 metres

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Effect of height of bud removal and rate of fertilizer application on yield and quality of tobacco cv. Escambray-70 on brown soil without carbonates

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Effect of hemoprotozoal infections on rehabilitation of wild raptors

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Effect of herbage allowance on the performance of pregnant beef heifers

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Effect of herbage allowance on the productive performance of lactating and non lactating hoggets

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Effect of herbicide and insecticide use history on thiocarbamate herbicide persistence

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Effect of herbicide applications on brushwood vegetation in the northwest of Cordoba Province

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Effect of herbicide combinations containing ethalfluralin on the soil microflora and the nitrogen-fixing capacity of Azotobacter

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Effect of herbicide mixtures in the control of Echinochloa crus-galli (L.) Beauv. and Alternanthera philoxeroides (Mart.) Griseb. in irrigated rice

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Effect of herbicide mixtures on maize leaf chemical composition and grain quality

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Effect of herbicide rate, additives, growth stage and competitive crop on the control of Texas panicum with fluazifop-butyl

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Effect of herbicide rates on rice nursery and associated weeds

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Effect of herbicide treatment on some physical and chemical quality indices in peas

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Effect of herbicide treatment, planting stock quality, and fertilizer application on productivity at one site

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Effect of herbicides and irrigation on productivity of peaches

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Effect of herbicides and management practices on yield and disease infection of potatoes

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Effect of herbicides and mosses on the control of flowering plants on embankments

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Effect of herbicides and water submergence levels on control of weeds in transplanted rice

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Effect of herbicides applied singly pre-em, or in mixtures with 2,4-D post-em, on weed control, macronutrient content and technological characteristics of sugarcane (Saccharum sp.)

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Effect of herbicides on Phalaris minor, Avena fatua and yield of wheat

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Effect of herbicides on a Poa labillardieri-Themeda australis association

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Effect of herbicides on activity of microbiological processes in a chernozem soil

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Effect of herbicides on biochemical transformations in soils

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Effect of herbicides on control of Phalaris minor and yield of safflower

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Effect of herbicides on controlling damping-off of soybean

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Effect of herbicides on floating aquatic plants

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Effect of herbicides on germination and growth of four grass weeds

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Effect of herbicides on gorse in a dry year

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Effect of herbicides on intercropped Phaseolus beans and sugarcane

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Effect of herbicides on nutrient uptake by weeds and crop and also on the quality of groundnut genotypes

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Effect of herbicides on population dynamics of VA-mycorrhiza with cassava

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Effect of herbicides on some physiological groups of microorganisms in humogley soil with improved drainage used for growing sugarbeet

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Effect of herbicides on the composition of cyanobacteria in transplanted rice

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Effect of herbicides on the mineral nutrient content of soil and apple leaves

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Effect of herbicides on the photosynthetic reactions of plants and seaweeds

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Effect of herbicides on the production of culticular waxes by soyabean leaves (Glycine max. (L.) Merr.)

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Effect of herbicides on the protein content in grain of winter maize

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Effect of herbicides on the severity of glume blight of rice caused by Phyllosticta glumarum

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Effect of herbicides on the soil microflora under cocoa trees (Theobroma cacao L.)

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Effect of herbicides on the uptake of nutrients by wheat and associated weeds

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Effect of herbicides on yield and quality of winter wheat, maize and soyabeans under irrigated conditions in southern Ukraine

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Effect of high temperatures on conidial germination of Venturia inaequalis (Cooke) Winter

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Effect of high, increasing fertilizer rates and their residual effect on nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium contents in maize plants during the growth and development stages

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Effect of high-energy rays on the composition and feeding value of feeds. 1. Effect of gamma -rays on rapeseed oilmeal

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Effect of high-fat and high-protein diets on the activity of some enzymes implicated in hydrochloric acid secretion

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Effect of honeybees on the pollination of 6 varieties of almond

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Effect of honeybees on the yield of Brassica crops

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Effect of host genotype unit area on epidemic development of crown rust following focal and general inoculations of mixtures of immune and susceptible oat plants

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Effect of host immune response on the metabolism of Ascaridia galli in chickens

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Effect of host on the oviposition and development and survival of the larvae of Aulacophora foveicollis Lucas (Chrysomelidae, Coleoptera)

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Effect of host plant on moulting in the African armyworm Spodoptera exempta (Walk.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) at constant temperature and humidity conditions

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Effect of host plants on some biological aspects of the potato tuberworm Phthorimaea operculella (Zeller)

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Effect of host resistance on the development of (Phyllachora sorghi) causing tar spot of sorghum

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Effect of hot water treatment on respiration, endogenous ethanol, and ethylene production from gladiolus corms and Easter lily bulbs

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Effect of housing conditions during mating on fertility of breeding sows

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Effect of housing on the fattening performance of lambs

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Effect of housing system and the feeding of straw pellets on the incidence of abomasal lesions in veal calves

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Effect of housing systems on health, reproduction, yield and weight gains of dairy cows and on economics of milk production

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Effect of housing systems on the energy balance of laying hens

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Effect of hue, saturation, and intensity on color selection by the onion fly, Delia antiqua (Meigen) (Diptera: Anthomyiidae) in the field

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Effect of human seminal plasma and mouse accessory gland extracts on mouse fertilization in vitro

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Effect of humidity on the development, reproduction and predatory activity of Amblyseius longispinosus (Evans), a predator of Tetranychus kanzawai Kishida

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Effect of humoral antibodies on Theileria annulata infection of cattle

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Effect of husbandry and feeding of poultry on product quality

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Effect of husbandry conditions on the frequency of diarrhoea in newborn calves and the efficacy of oral therapy

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Effect of hybrid and stage of maturity at harvest on nutritive value of hybrid forage sorghum silages

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Effect of hybridization on the weight of grains in the main ear in winter wheat

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Effect of hydration of potato semolina on quality of frozen potato noodles

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Effect of hydrel and chlorcholine chloride on pigment content and auxin activity in tomato plants in relation to cold resistance

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Effect of hydrocortisone on the glycoprotein biosynthesis of lactating bovine mammary gland in explant culture

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Effect of hydrogen ion concentration on the activity of some carbohydrases in the fish digestive tract

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Effect of hydrophobic material on the release of heavy metals from contaminated soils

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Effect of hydrophobization on sowing date of some maize hybrids in the Moldavian plain

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Effect of hydrothermal treatment on changes in the nutritive and consumer properties of rice

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Effect of hygenic conditions on the efficacy of rearing turkey poults

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Effect of hyperglycaemia on sugar transport in the isolated mucosa of guinea-pig small intestine

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Effect of hypoploidy and hyperploidy of specific segments on embryo and kernel volumes

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Effect of ileal and intravenous infusions of fat emulsions on feeding and satiety in human volunteers

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Effect of ileal resection on bile acid output in the bile and faeces

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Effect of illuminance on the resistance of inbred lines of corn to isolates of Colletotrichum graminicola

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Effect of imizol on piroplasmid infections in cattle

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Effect of immersing potatoes in the water before cooking

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Effect of immersion time on loading and distribution of boric acid in rubber wood by diffusion process

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Effect of immunisation against steroid hormones on ewes of different Booroola genotypes

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Effect of immunization against androstenedione on the response of Galway ewes to rams in July

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Effect of immunizing yearling cattle with a formalin inactivated Propionibacterium acnes suspension on the formation of cell mediated immunity

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Effect of immunostimulants on swine cellular immunity mechanisms in newborn piglets

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Effect of immunosuppressive blood serum fractions from leukemic cattle on macrophage migration inhibition in the MIF test

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Effect of implantation of Friesian steers with zeranol during their first year

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Effect of improvement cuttings and thinnings on the understories of mixed oak and cove hardwood stands

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Effect of impurities on the kinetics of dehydration of calcium sulfate dihydrate and binding properties of beta -CaSO4 0.5H2O

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Effect of in vitro culture conditions on growth of pathogenic and non-pathogenic strains of Limax amoebae

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Effect of in vitro fermentation using human faecal inoculum on the water-holding capacity of dietary fibre

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Effect of in vitro heat therapy on leaf polymorphism in Vitis vinifera L

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Effect of in vitro inoculation of bovine respiratory syncytial virus on bovine pulmonary alveolar macrophage function

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Effect of in-package SO2-generator on postharvest decay and quality of Banati grapes

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Effect of inactivity and passive stretch on protein turnover in phasic and postural rat muscles

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Effect of inadequate dietary proteins on pancreatic insulin and cAMP levels in rats

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Effect of inadequate moisture supply on the cell sap concentration of aubergine leaves

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Effect of inbreeding and selection on pollen fertility in individual lucerne clones

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Effect of inbreeding cytoplasmic male sterile parents on components of genetic variance in lucerne combinations

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Effect of inbreeding in sainfoin

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Effect of inbreeding on horticultural performance of cucumber families developed from a variable population

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Effect of inbreeding on some major characteristics of hemp

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Effect of inbreeding on the performance of Polish Arabian horses

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Effect of inbreeding the cytoplasmically male-sterile parent on the components of genetical variance in lucerne combinations

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Effect of incentive payment for low cell count milk on mastitis control practices

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Effect of including phospholipid sediments in diets for pigs in industrial conditions

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Effect of income and WIC on the dietary intake of preschoolers: results of a preliminary study

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Effect of income on food consumption behaviour in rural households

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Effect of incorporation and the type of wheat crop remains on the multiplication of Helminthosporium sativum in soil

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Effect of incorporation of green manure on soyabean yields and soil properties

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Effect of incorporation of high levels of spring peas in maize- or barley-based diets, and to supplement rapeseed oilmeal for bacon pigs

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Effect of incorporation of organic materials on some soil properties and yield of paddy

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Effect of incorporation of zinc bacitracin in broiler rations

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Effect of incorporation versus placement on the efficiency of ammonium sulphate in wetland rice

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Effect of increased CO2 concentration on capsicum and tomato production under conditions of low light intensity

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Effect of increased CO2 concentration on synthesis of carboxylating enzymes in greening leaves of C3 and C4 plants

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Effect of increased amounts of pectin on a solid-liquid meal digestion in healthy man

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Effect of increased carbohydrate intake on the acidobasic homeostasis in the blood of dairy cows

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Effect of increased circulating corticosterone on the subpopulations of B and T lymphocytes in blood of immature domestic fowl

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Effect of increased growth rate during the suckling period on subsequent body weight and muscle weight to body weight ratio

Ovchinnikov, A.A., 1984:
Effect of increased level of feeding on growth and reproductive function of replacement boars

Matkevich, V.T., 1984:
Effect of increased rates and forms of nitrogen fertilizers on nitrate concentration in maize, sorghum and barley forage

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Effect of increasing Ca:P ratio in a diet for cows fed on cut forage from grass fertilized with nitrogen on the composition of blood serum and milk

Crisostomo, L.C., 1984:
Effect of increasing amounts of crude protein in diets on the growth of carp (Cyprinus carpio)

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Effect of increasing amounts of dietary pectic substances on the metabolism of laying hens

Gunther, K.D.; Kruse, H., 1986:
Effect of increasing amounts of threonine and tryptophan in starting feed for piglets on some performance factors

Tolbert, N.E., 1984 :
Effect of increasing atmospheric CO2 on photosynthesis

Cloux, H. du; Richaud, C.; Vivoli, J., 1984:
Effect of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide on growth, photosynthesis, photorespiration and water use efficiency

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Effect of increasing cadmium applications on the growth of Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) in relation to the soil type

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Effect of increasing calcium intake on urinary sodium excretion in normotensive subjects

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Effect of increasing doses of nitrogen on yield and quality of malting barley

Stoyanov, P., 1983:
Effect of increasing fertilizer rates on photosynthetic pigment content in leaves and maize yield

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Effect of increasing levels of hard wheat fiber on fecal weight, minerals and steroids and gastrointestinal transit time in healthy young women

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Effect of increasing mineral fertilizer rates on sweet sorghum productivity and quality

Alphart, K., 1985:
Effect of increasing nitrogen fertilizer and sprinkler irrigation rates on the protein content of wine

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Effect of increasing rates of calcium application on yield of Brachiaria humidicola on Rondonia soils

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Effect of increasing rates of fertilizers on triticale yield

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Effect of incubation temperature on the antifungal activity of Streptomyces olivaceus and Aspergillus variecolor

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Effect of independent and combined mutagenic treatment on certain quantitative characteristics of the soybean

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Effect of indigestible polysaccharides on pancreatic exocrine secretion and biliary output

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Effect of individual inoculation of two mycorrhizal fungi on Poncirus trifoliata (trifoliate orange)

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Effect of individual selection on yield of monogerm diploid sugarbeet

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Effect of indole butyric acid and Alar-85 on the growth and active principle of Saponaria officinalis L

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Effect of indole-3-acetic acid and indole-3-butyric acid on rumen microbes and other metabolites of buffalo calves

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Effect of indolebutyric acid on the percentage of rooted woody cuttings used to obtain plants of peach (Prunus persica (L.) Batsch)

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Effect of indolebutyric acid, medium composition, and cutting type on rooting of Grevillea johnsonii cuttings at two basal temperatures

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Effect of indolyl-3-acetic acid on AtPase activity of microsome fractions of Phaseolus vulgaris hypocotyls

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Effect of industrial dust on multiplication of PVY in detached leaves of Solanum demissum Lindl. Y

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Effect of industrial emissions on radial increment of Scots pine

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Effect of industrial emissions on the biomass of plant communities near the chemical works at Tarnowskie Gory

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Effect of industrial emissions on the chemical composition of stands of coniferous phytocenoses

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Effect of industrial gases on forest vegetation

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Effect of industrial gypsum on some soil fertility components

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Effect of industrial pollutants on the ash composition of leaves from woody plants and their infestation by arthropods

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Effect of industrial pollution on mineral content of cow's and buffaloe's milk. I. Fluorine, calcium and phosphorus

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Effect of industrial pollution on the population density of insects in young Betula pendula stands

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Effect of industry on land use for forestry in the western part of the Upper Silesian Industrial Region

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Effect of infection by different races of Pyricularia oryzae on chlorophyll content of rice leaves

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Effect of infection by tomato white necrosis virus on five Lycopersicon esculentum Mill cultivars. II. Experiments under field conditions

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Effect of infection by vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on the development of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

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Effect of infection of ringspot mosaic on the chlorophyll content and activity of photosynthetic carboxylase in papaya leaves

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Effect of infection with brome mosaic virus in different rice varieties

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Effect of infestation by Sitotroga cerealella (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) and Sitophilus oryzae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on the deterioration of bagged wheat

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Effect of infestation of Nipaecoccus vastator (Maskell) on host plants

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Effect of inflammatory agents and interleukin 1 on iron and zinc metabolism

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Effect of infrared radiation on the biological properties of lemon plants

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Effect of infusion of threonine and lysine into the duodenum on lipid metabolism in young bulls

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Effect of ingested toxic bean lectins on the gastrointestinal tract in the rat

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Effect of ingested winged bean lectin on gastrointestinal function in the rat

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Effect of ingesting sodium chloride on Boophilus microplus infestation in cattle

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Effect of inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis on cervical softening and uterine activity during ovine parturition resulting from progesterone withdrawal induced by epostane

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Effect of Inhibitors and Stimulators of Ethylene Production on Gall Development in Meloidogyne javanica-Infected Tomato Roots

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Effect of inhibitors of folic acid biosyntheses on promastigotes of Leishmania donovani

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Effect of inhibitors of gibberellin biosynthesis on the induction of alpha -amylase in embryoless caryopses of Hordeum vulgare cv. Himalaya

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Effect of inhibitors of growth and decay processes on respiration intensity of sugarbeet roots

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Effect of inhibitors of polyamine biosynthesis on gibberellin-induced internode growth in light-grown dwarf peas

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Effect of inhibitors on in vitro activity of cellulolytic enzymes by Thielaviopsis paradoxa

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Effect of initial clod size and slope gradient on the size distribution of eroded material from a silt loam soil

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Effect of initial inoculum densities of Heterodera glycines on growth of soybean and kidney bean and their efficiency as hosts under greenhouse conditions

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Effect of initial insemination and insemination interval on fertility in turkey hens

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Effect of initial spacing on the growth of Scots pine stands up to 10 years old

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Effect of injectable selenium and vitamin E on reproductive performance of sows receiving a commercial diet

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Effect of injecting vitamins A and D3 on the reproductive efficacy of gilts

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Effect of injury, sepsis, and parenteral nutrition on high-energy phosphates in human liver and muscle

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Effect of inoculant concentration on nodulation and seed yield in soyabean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill)

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Effect of inoculation and mineral nutrients on nodulation and growth of Leucaena leucocephala

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Effect of inoculation rate on nodulation and yield of lupins

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Effect of inoculation sequence on the interaction between Glomus intraradices and Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. radicis-lycopersici in tomatoes

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Effect of inoculation time on the incubation and generation period of Hemileia vastatrix Berk. & Br. on some varieties of Arabica coffee

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Effect of inoculation with Glomus mosseae on the growth of Acacia holosericea in nursery and after transplanting in the field

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Effect of inoculation with Myrothecium roridum Tode ex Fries on seed germination and early seedling growth of 12 cultivars of muskmelon (Cucumis melo)

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Effect of inoculation with Rhizobium leguminosarum and nitrogen fertilization on pea plants. I. Growth and plant chemical composition

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Effect of inoculation with a commercial culture on corn silage preservation

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Effect of inoculation with an ineffective Rhizobium on N2-fixation in chickpea

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Effect of inoculation with different Rhizobium strains on N2 fixation and soybean production with or without late N fertilization

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Effect of inoculation with different strains of Rhizobium japonicum of soyabean cv. INIFAT 382 recommended for winter sowing in Cuba. I. Work in nutrient solutions

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Effect of inoculum concentration of Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici on agronomic characteristics of a wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

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Effect of inoculum levels and humid chamber on screening cacao for resistance to Monilia roreri Cif. & Par

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Effect of inorganic environmental factors on the growth of Pinus koraiensis seedlings (I) - The influence of shading on the growth of seedlings grown on the seedbed

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Effect of inorganic nitrogen source on nodulation and nitrogen fixation in soybean (Glycine max L.)

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Effect of inorganic nitrogen supply on nucleic acids in maize leaves

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Effect of inorganic salts on the toxicity and translocation of glyphosate and MSMA in purple nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus)

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Effect of inorganic selenium supplementation on selenium retention in postweaning swine

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Effect of insect growth regulator on the trophic organs and feeding behaviour of superlarvae of Amsacta albistriga Walker (Arctiidae: Lepidoptera)

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Effect of insecticidal control of different broods of groundnut leaf miner (Aproaerema modicella D.) on the yield

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Effect of insecticide drench treatment for cauliflowers before or after planting on root flies and other pests and on yields

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Effect of insecticide spraying during a 6-year trial in an apple orchard

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Effect of insecticides on Liriomyza sativae Blanchard, 1938 (Diptera: Agromyzidae), in crops of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)

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Effect of insecticides on contents of nitrogen compounds in cotton leaves

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Effect of insecticides on the control of white grub Holotrichia consanguinea Blanch. (Coleoptera: Melolonthidae) in groundnut

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Effect of insecticides on yellow mosaic of moth (Vigna aconitifolia (Jacq) Marechel)

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Effect of insecticides used to control the coffee leaf-miner Perileucoptera coffeella (Guerin-Meneville, 1842) and Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner on the population of predacious ants

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Effect of insecticides when applied as granules in soil on brown plant hopper and grassy stunt disease of rice crop

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Effect of insemination regimen on embryo production in superovulated cows

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Effect of insulin and linoleic acid on satellite cell differentiation

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Effect of insulin on acetoacetyl CoA activities in diaphragm and gluteal muscle tissues

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Effect of insulin on free amino acids in blood serum of lactating ewes

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Effect of insulin on free fatty acid uptake by hepatocytes in the duck

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Effect of insulin on gluconeogenesis and the metabolism of lactate in sheep

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Effect of insulin on lipolysis in adipose tissue of rats of different ages

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Effect of insulin on nitrogen exchange between blood and the digestive tract in young male cattle deprived of feed for 24 to 29 hours

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Effect of intake and forage level on ruminal turnover rates, bacterial protein synthesis and duodenal amino acid flows in sheep

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Effect of intake of concentrates and bulk feeds on the digestive processes in calves reared in a large calf unit

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Effect of intake of imbalanced protein on the liver of growing rats

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Effect of intake of milk replacer and whole milk on the development of some parameters in the blood plasma of calves

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Effect of intake of peat on the performance of broiler chickens

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Effect of integrated use of organic and inorganic nitrogen sources on growth and nutrient composition of rice seedlings

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Effect of intensity of feeding between 11 and 14 weeks of age on performance and carcass yield of fattened 16-week-old geese hatched in autumn

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Effect of intensity of pruning on ripening, yield and quality of Delight grapes

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Effect of intensity of supplementary feeding during rearing on pasture on the fattening performance of 4-month-old geese

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Effect of inter se mating among Holstein-Friesian X Hariana crossbred cattle

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Effect of inter-row spacing on the yield of rocket (Eruca sativa L.)

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Effect of inter-row tillage on cotton yield

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Effect of interaction of gender and energy intake on lean body mass and fat mass gain in infant baboons

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Effect of interactions between spring barley and wild oats in the stand on yield formation in barley

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Effect of intercellular interactions involving light on the rate of protein extrusion by mammary secretory cells

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Effect of intercepting populations of resistant cultivars on reducing brown spot disease build up in a susceptible rice cultivar

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Effect of intercropping on the growth and yield of rainfed sunflower and companion legumes

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Effect of intercropping on the incidence of sweet potato weevil, Cylas formicarius Fabr., in sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Lam.)

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Effect of intercropping on yield and yield attributes of groundnut and sunflower

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Effect of intercropping on yield of hybrid sorghum under different nitrogen levels

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Effect of intercropping tea with clove on soil moisture status

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Effect of intercropping with legumes on grain yield of maize and its residual effect on succeeding wheat

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Effect of intercropping with pearlmillet on productivity, profitability and water use on aridisols

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Effect of interface characteristics on behaviour of timber joints with multiple nails

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Effect of intermating in early generations on character association in bread wheat

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Effect of intermating in early segregating generations on character association in bread wheat

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Effect of intermittent as compared to continuous CO2 enrichment on growth and flowering of Chrysanthemum X morifolium Ramat. and Saintpaulia ionantha H. Wendl

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Effect of intermittent flow on the growth and development of lettuce cv. Salina

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Effect of intermittent frying on some oxidative changes in ghee and refined ground nut oil

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Effect of intermittent frying on the physico-chemical constants of ghee and refined groundnut oil

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Effect of intermittent sprinkler irrigation on establishment of strawberry transplants

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Effect of intermittent water intake on feed utilization in sheep given urea supplements in the drinking water

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Effect of internal microcracks in seeds on their sowing and yielding quality

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Effect of internal pH controlled media on cheese yield

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Effect of interspecific mating on female fitness in two closely related ladybirds (Henosepilachna)

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Effect of interval between harvests on spear production

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Effect of intragastric amino acids on lower esophageal sphincter pressure and serum gastrin in man

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Effect of intragastric triglyceride administration on glucose homeostasis in newborn pigs

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Effect of intrahepatic glucose infusions on feeding in heavy and light breed chicks

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Effect of intramammary infusion of Escherichia coli endotoxin on udder function, somatic cell counts (SCC), and quantities of milk proteins in blood of dairy cows

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Effect of intramammary lactating therapy at calving on postpartum milk production, somatic cell count, and N-acetyl-B-D-glucosaminidase (NAGase) activity; and on its ability to prevent intramammary infections.

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Effect of intramammary treatment with glucocorticoid on the clinical course of endotoxic mastitis, induced by an Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharide

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Effect of intraruminal infusion of propionic acid on plasma metabolites in goats

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Effect of intraruminal infusion of urea on the response in voluntary food intake by sheep

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Effect of intraruminal sodium and potassium concentrations and of the transmural potential difference on magnesium absorption from the temporarily isolated rumen of sheep

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Effect of intrathecally administered morphine on reflex milk-ejection in the lactating rat

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Effect of intrauterine ethanol exposure on fetal lung growth

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Effect of intravaginal implants of melatonin on the onset of ovarian activity in adult and prepubertal ewes

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Effect of intravenous fat emulsion on natural killer cellular function and antibody-dependent cell cytotoxicity

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Effect of intravenous infusion of glucose or xylitol on the insulin and glucagon status of sheep

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Effect of intravenous metomidate anaesthesia after premedication with Thalamonal or acepromazine-Polamivet on the acid-base equilibrium and blood pressure of dogs

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Effect of introducing Allolobophora longa Ude on root distribution and some soil properties in New Zealand pastures

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Effect of inundation on growth and yield attributes of some sugarcane cultivars

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Effect of iodide treatment on iodine concentration and volume of endemic non-toxic goitre in childhood

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Effect of iodine and cobalt on lactating sows and on growth of their young in an intensive farm

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Effect of iodine and selenium on grapevine yield and quality in the conditions of the Khanlarski raion

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Effect of iodine deprivation during intrauterine and postnatal life on DNA synthesis in liver and brain of rats

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Effect of iodine on grapevine productivity

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Effect of ion-pair formation on boron adsorption by kaolinite

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Effect of ionic composition of suspending solution on virus adsorption by a soil column

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Effect of ionic strength and solution pH on P extractability and leaching in coarse-textured soils

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Effect of ionic strength on the cation exchange capacity of some forest soils

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Effect of ionizing radiation on ascospores of three strains of Byssochlamys fulva in apple juice

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Effect of ionizing radiation on changes in sensory properties of feeds in relation to their utilization by dogs

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Effect of ionizing radiation on structural changes of energy nutrients in feeds

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Effect of ionophore antibiotics on experimentally induced lactic acidosis in cattle

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Effect of ionophore anticoccidials and vitamin K on prothrombin time in broiler chickens at different ages

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Effect of iron amino acid chelate in the diet of sows on anaemia in piglets

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Effect of iron and zinc fertilization on senescence in french bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)

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Effect of iron application on the rate of dry matter production and some factors associated with yield differences in paddy varieties

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Effect of iron fortification of infant formula on trace mineral absorption

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Effect of iron on serotypes and haemagglutination patterns of Escherichia coli in bottle-fed infants

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Effect of iron oxide dissolution treatment on the isoelectric point of allophanic soils

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Effect of iron oxides and hydroxides on soil color (as exemplified by soils of the Turgai Plateau)

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Effect of irradiance during plant growth on electron transport chain in pea chloroplasts: state of cytochromes

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Effect of irradiation and CO2 concentration on gas exchange of wheat in the light

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Effect of irradiation and storage time on the content of thiamine, riboflavin, and vitamin A in feeds based on cereals

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Effect of irradiation on earliness in mungbean

Porzig, E., 1985:
Effect of irregular interruption of feeding on intake by cattle

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Effect of irrigation and crop level on growth, yield and wine quality of Cabernet Sauvignon

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Effect of irrigation and fertilization on the microscopic fungi of the soil

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Effect of irrigation and fertilization on the quality of winter wheat

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Effect of irrigation and fertilization on the yield and nutrient status of leek

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Effect of irrigation and fertilization on vegetative growth and yield of jojoba in relation to water status of the plants

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Effect of irrigation and fertilizer on growth and yield of wheat

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Effect of irrigation and fertilizers on wheat and maize grown on sloping land on the Moldavian plain

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Effect of irrigation and mineral fertilization on the quality of must and wine from high-yielding vineyards of Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignan in Israel

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Effect of irrigation and mulch on the performance of wheat planted on different dates

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Effect of irrigation and nitrogen fertilization on the yield and nutrient status of celeriac

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Effect of irrigation and nitrogen fertilizer on the yield and protein content of soft white spring wheat

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Effect of irrigation and parathion granule applications on various peanut insect pests

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Effect of irrigation and phosphorus application on available phosphorus in soil and on grain yield of moong

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Effect of irrigation and phosphorus on yield, nodulation, water use efficiency and nutrient concentration in chickpea

Tan, C.S.; Dhanvantari, B.N., 1985:
Effect of irrigation and plant population on yield, fruit speck and blossom-end rot of processing tomatoes

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Effect of irrigation and row spacing on jute in Bannu area

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