Effect of hormones on adenine and adenosine metabolism in mammary gland in vitro

Barankiewicz, J.; Tysarowski, P.; Chomczynski, P.

Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 165 Pt A: 487-492


ISSN/ISBN: 0065-2598
PMID: 6326487
Accession: 001345560

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Mammary gland explants from pregnant mice were cultured with insulin, prolactin (PRL) and hydrocortisone in different combinations and incubated with radioactive adenine and adenosine. Both insulin alone and PRL alone significantly increased enzyme activities in both adenine and adenosine metabolic pathways; hydrocortisone alone had no effect. The most pronounced effect of insulin, and to a lesser extent PRL, was on the salvage pathway of adenine and adenosine into AMP and its phosphorylation. Rates of adenine and adenosine conversions were markedly enhanced when insulin was used together with PRL and hydrocortisone. Results suggest that increased salvage of adenine and adenosine following ATP formation by lactogenic hormones may be important in the developing mammary gland.