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Effect of irrigation, plant density and fertilisers on yield and NPK uptake by groundnut

Babu, N.R.; Reddy, S.R.; Reddi, G.H.S.; Reddy, P.M.

Plant and Soil 81(3): 431-435


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-079X
DOI: 10.1007/bf02323057
Accession: 001346042

In field experiments on sandy clay loam soils in Andhra Pradesh during two winter seasons, the effects of irrigation (25, 50 or 75% depletion of available soil moisture (DASM)), plant density (4.44 x 105, 6.66 x105 or 10.00 x 105 plants/ha) and NPK fertilizer schedule (30-20-50, 60-40-100 or 90-60-150) on the yield and nutrient uptake of groundnut were investigated. Pod yield was unaffected by plant density and fertiliser schedule when the crop was sown at the optimal time during 1980.

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