Effect of kinetin on the transcription activity of chromatin from cucumber cotyledons

Waliszewska Wojtkowiak, B.; Schneider, J.; Szweykowska, A.

Biochemie und Physiologie der Pflanzen 180(6): 413-422


DOI: 10.1016/s0015-3796(85)80051-2
Accession: 001346092

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Three-day-old etiolated seedlings of the cv. Monastyrski were sprayed with water or 0.1 mM kinetin solution, which led to an enhancement of expansion growth of the cotyledons. After 24 h in darkness, the cotyledons were removed and their chromatin was isolated and its transcription activity tested. Chromatin from kinetin-treated cotyledons exhibited higher activity, both endogenous and supported with exogenous Escherichia coli RNA polymerase, which pointed to a higher DNA template activity as compared with the untreated control. Addition of kinetin to the reaction mixture for RNA synthesis in vitro, as well as the presence of kinetin during homogenization of the cotyledons, had no effect on transcription activity. Kinetin inhibited elongation growth of the hypocotyls. Chromatin isolated from treated hypocotyls displayed lower activity compared with the untreated control; in addition, the presence of kinetin during hypocotyl homogenization led to a reduction of chromatin transcriptional activity.