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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1349

Chapter 1349 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Younis, M.; Farahat, A.A.; Aboul Ela, A., 1985:
Effect of prostaglandin F2 alpha on disappearance rate of exogenous PMSG in female rats

Fang, W.S.; Koh, T.J.; Lin, J.S.; Liu, M.B.; Huang, C.Y.; Chen, S.D.; Liu, C.K., 1985:
Effect of prostaglandin F2 alpha on the corpus luteum in swine

Yusof, N.; Baba, A.R.; Mohamad, S., 1983:
Effect of prostaglandin on synchronization of oestrus and fertility of Local Indian Dairy cows

Ketchersid, M.L.; Merkle, M.G., 1983:
Effect of protectants on sorghum seedling respiration

Leibetseder, J.; Steinberger, H.; Steinberger, A., 1985:
Effect of protected methionine on performance parameters of dairy cows

Slesarau, I.K.; Yatsko, M.A.; Radchykau, V.F.; Stashchanka, N.V., 1986:
Effect of protected rapeseed oilcake on the physiological condition and productivity of calves

Podshibyakin, A.E.; Kurilov, N.V., 1982:
Effect of protecting dietary protein on entry of nitrogenous substances from the forestomach into the abomasum in sheep

Lindsay, W.A.; Pascoe, P.J.; McDonell, W.N.; Burgess, M.L., 1985:
Effect of protective padding on forelimb intracompartmental muscle pressures in anesthetized horses

Mozheiko, G.A.; Semyakin, V.A., 1984:
Effect of protective shelterbelts and type of soil cultivation on the yield of agricultural crops in southern Ukraine

Brake J.; Garlich J.D.; Peebles E.D., 1985:
Effect of protein and energy intake by broiler breeders during the prebreeder transition period on subsequent reproductive performance

Masters, A.R.; Kosikowski, F.V., 1986:
Effect of protein and solids content on low lactose ice cream from ultrafiltered milk

Arelovich, H.M.; Wagner, D.G.; Hibberd, C.A., 1984:
Effect of protein and starch supplementation on intake and digestibility of poor quality hay

Pond, W.G.; Yen, J.T., 1984:
Effect of protein deficiency on growth and plasma zinc concentration in genetically lean and obese swine

Toncheva, E.; Bokhorov, O.; Lazarov, I., 1986:
Effect of protein deficiency on leucine aminopeptidase activity in the intestinal epithelium of chickens

Widenski, K.; Wojcik, S., 1980:
Effect of protein in feeds on some anatomical and chemical characteristics of fattening pigs. 1. Anatomical characteristics of digestive tract, heart and liver

Widenski, K.; Wojcik, S., 1982:
Effect of protein in feeds on some anatomical and chemical characteristics of fattening pigs. 2. Chemical composition of liver and muscle tissues

Gaynor, P.J.; Montgomery, M.J.; Holmes, C.R., 1985:
Effect of protein level and bypass on milk production of cows fed total mixed rations

Degani, G.; Horowitz, A.; Levanon, D., 1985:
Effect of protein level in purified diet and of density, ammonia and O2 level on growth of juvenile European eels (Anguilla anguilla L.)

Troccon, J.L.; Bony, J.; Garel, J.P.; Parrassin, P.R., 1984:
Effect of protein level in the concentrate feed on early-weaned calves

Jin, Y.Y.; Su, Q.; Huang, M.M.; Duan, Y.Q.; Lu, Z.H.; Liu, J.X., 1986:
Effect of protein levels in selenium-deficient diet on the growth and mortality of chicks

Hoffman Goetz, L.; Bell, R.C.; Keir, R., 1985:
Effect of protein malnutrition and interleukin 1 on in vitro rabbit lymphocyte mitogenesis

Svozil, B.; Danek, P., 1984:
Effect of protein protection by formaldehyde on the zootechnical and biochemical characteristics of lambs

Senckenberg, E.; Roth, F.X.; Kirchgessner, M., 1984:
Effect of protein restriction and refeeding on nitrogen balance in piglets

Randy, H.A.; Heintz, J.F.; Sniffen, C.J., 1984:
Effect of protein solubility on performance in lactating dairy goats

Michelena, J.; Blanca, S.; Elias, A.; Pereiro, M.; Hernandez, Y., 1984:
Effect of protein solubility on rumen fermentation and N retention in calves fed high molasses/urea diets

Malacaman, E.E.; Abbousy, F.K.; Crooke, D.; Nauyok, G., 1985:
Effect of protein source and iron content of infant formula on stool characteristics

L.J.; Diaz R., 1984 :
Effect of protein source and sex on the digestibility indices of pigs fed final molasses

Pacola, L.J.; Boin, C.; Razook, A.G., 1983:
Effect of protein supplements during the dry period on fertility in heifers

Savoie, L., 1984:
Effect of protein treatment on the enzymatic hydrolysis of lysinoalanine and other amino acids

Wnuk, J., 1980:
Effect of protein, energy and mineral nutrition on physical and chemical characteristics of bones of broiler chickens. 1. Physical characteristics, dry matter and ash in bones

Wnuk, J., 1982:
Effect of protein, energy and mineral nutrition on physical and chemical characteristics of bones of broiler chickens. 2. Contents of major and trace elements in bone ash

Araya A.J.; Sanchez, M.A., 1984:
Effect of protein-energy restriction during pregnancy in rats on the activity of some glycolytic enzymes in the placenta

Caro, C.M.; Trounson, A.O., 1984:
Effect of protein-free culture media on mouse and human embryo development in-vitro

Dorozhkin, N.A.; Domash, V.I.; Nitievskaya, V.I.; Mironenko, A.V.; Chekhova, A.N., 1985:
Effect of proteinase inhibitors from lupin seeds on Fusarium oxysporum (Schlecht.) Snyd. et & Hans

Simon, O.; Bohley, P.; Bergner, H.; Munchmeyer, R., 1984:
Effect of proteinase inhibitors. 4. Effect of short-term administration of chymostatin on nitrogen metabolism in the digestive tract and tissue protein turnover

Lipson, S.M.; Stotzky, G., 1984:
Effect of proteins on reovirus adsorption to clay minerals

Brock, J.H.; Brines, R.D., 1985:
Effect of proteolysis on the antimicrobial and iron-binding properties of human and bovine lactoferrins

Korsun, L. l; Kolyuvamioko, E.; Vembe, Z., 1985:
Effect of proteolytic enzymes in enhancing the sensitivity of caprine embryonic kidney cells to Newcastle disease virus

Osuna, A.; Gamarro, F.; Castanys, S.; Ruiz Perez, L.M., 1985:
Effect of proteolytic enzymes on the penetration of Trypanosoma cruzi into mouse peritoneal macrophages

Gassman, M.; Ono, T.; Inoue, Y., 1984:
Effect of protochlorophyllide on chlorophyll(ide) emission in flash-irradiated leaves of etiolated red kidney bean seedlings

Cabaret, J., 1984:
Effect of protostrongylid infection on the geotaxy of terrestrial molluscs

Ushida, K.; Jouany, J.P., 1986:
Effect of protozoa on protein degradation measured in vitro and in sacco

Ushida, K.; Jouany, J.P., 1985:
Effect of protozoa on rumen protein degradation in sheep

Zubal, P., 1984:
Effect of provenance on quality and yield of winter wheat seed

Ulshen, M.H.; Herbst, C.A., 1985:
Effect of proximal transposition of the ileum on mucosal growth and enzyme activity in orally nourished rats

Lazarova Topchiiska, M., 1984:
Effect of prune dwarf virus on reproductive phenomena of peach

George, A.P.; Nissen, R.J., 1986:
Effect of pruning and defoliation on precocity of bearing of custard apple (Annona atemoya Hort.) var. African Pride

Dudzinski, F.; Houbowicz, T., 1985:
Effect of pruning and fertilization on the regeneration and cropping of the peach cultivar Siewka Rakoniewicka

Popov, A.S.; Shchekotov, A.D., 1985:
Effect of pruning and orchard soil management on the yield, quality and storability of apples

Pekic, M.; Pavlovic, V.; Pavlovic, L., 1986:
Effect of pruning date on the longevity and yield of the peach cultivar Cresthaven

Azevedo, D.M.P. de; Nobrega, L.B. da; Beltrao, N.E. de M., 1985:
Effect of pruning height of annual cotton on ratoon production in the humid valleys of NE Brazil

Kumar, R.; Srivastava, R.P., 1983:
Effect of pruning intensities on the fruit drop, retention, yield and quality of apple cv. Royal Delicious

Mikitenko, S.V., 1983:
Effect of pruning length on the productivity of a plantation of grapevine mother-plants for scion production under irrigation

Pazdrowski, W., 1984:
Effect of pruning of Scots pine on wood shrinkage

Pazdrowski, W., 1981:
Effect of pruning of Scots pines on wood density and compressive strength

Mateille, T.; Cadet, P.; Queneherve, P., 1984:
Effect of pruning of the Poyo bananas on the development of Radopholus similis and Helicotylenchus multicinctus populations

Polge, H., 1985:
Effect of pruning on heartwood formation, production of tension wood and some other wood properties of Populus 'I-214'

Koruza, B., 1986:
Effect of pruning on leaf area, its assimilating capacity, and on the productivity of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L. cultivar Sauvignon) in the Vipava viticultural region

Kobaliya, O.A.; Gabrichidze, Z.S., 1985:
Effect of pruning on the productivity of mother bushes of the tea cultivar Kolkhida and on the rooting of cuttings

Dhaliwal, G.S.; Sandhu, I.P.S., 1982:
Effect of pruning on vegetative growth, flowering and fruit-set in ber (Ziziphus mauritiana Lamk.) cv. Umran

Sandhu, A.S.; Zora Singh, 1984:
Effect of pruning time on flowering, fruit-set and maturation in peach (Prunus persica Batsch) cv. Sharbati

Zora Singh; Sandhu, A.S., 1984:
Effect of pruning time on productivity and physico-chemical characters of ber (Zizyphus mauritiana Lamk.) cv. Umran

Stanescu, D.; Dejeu, L., 1984:
Effect of pruning to leave short fruiting wood on the fertility and productivity of Cabernet Sauvignon grapevines

Najim, N.; White, C.H., 1984:
Effect of psychrotrophs in raw milk on Cheddar cheese quality

Najim, N.; White, C.H., 1985:
Effect of psychrotrophs, coliforms and high moisture curd on fatty acid content and quality of Cheddar cheese

Carvalho, L.P. de; Lima, E.F.; Ramalho, F. de S.; Lukefahr, M.J.; Carvalho, J.M.F.C., 1985:
Effect of pubescence of cotton on the expresion of ramulose symptoms

Bhalerao, P.D.; Nimkar, S.D., 1985:
Effect of puddling of black cotton soil and irrigation levels on growth and grain yield of rice

Khakimullin, A.A.; Parfenova, N.A., 1984:
Effect of pulsed alternating current on reproduction and offspring development in the Siberian sturgeon, Acipenser baeri

You, W.; Hseung, Y.; Liu, W., 1984:
Effect of pumped-well drainage on the prevention and control of drought, waterlogging, salinization and alkalization in Huang-Huai-Hai Plain and its utilization

Hicks, C.L.; Purba, A.; O.L.ary, J., 1984:
Effect of pumping on cheese yield

Soyza, A.G.A. de; Samaranayake, C., 1983:
Effect of puncture vs conventional tapping on the yield and girth of Hevea

Balyan, J.S.; Seth, J., 1985:
Effect of pure and intercropped stands of maize and cowpea on succeeding wheat

Tripathi, S.N.; Singh, A.P.; Gill, A.S., 1984:
Effect of pure and mixed cropping of Pennisetum pedicellatum with forage legumes on forage and crude protein yields

Zapata, M., 1985:
Effect of pure and mixed suspensions of virulent and heterologous isolates of Xanthomonas campestris on the infectivity of the inoculum on two species of Phaseolus

Giambrone, J.J.; Diener, U.L.; Davis, N.D.; Panangala, V.S.; Hoerr, F.J., 1985 :
Effect of purified aflatoxin on turkeys

Long, G.G.; Diekman, M.A., 1984:
Effect of purified zearalenone on early gestation in gilts

Costa, G.; Biasi, R.; Bagni, N., 1986:
Effect of putrescine on fruiting performance of apple (cv. Hi Early)

Rugini, E.; Bongi, G.; Mencuccini, M., 1986:
Effect of putrescine, L-arginine and cobalt on fruit set, ethylene content and apparent parthenocarpy in olive (Olea europaea L.)

Yang, Y.Q.; Yang, H.Z.; Zhang, C.W., 1986:
Effect of pyquiton on some histochemical activities of Schistosoma japonicum schistosomula in mice

Nitse, L.K.; Fomin, A.V.; Shumilina, I.L., 1983:
Effect of pyramin on microbiological activity in soil with high levels of fertilizer application

Stoye, M.; Schorn, A., 1985:
Effect of pyrantel pamoate suspension on sexually mature stages of Toxocara canis

Villiers, E.A. de; Toit, W.J. du, 1984:
Effect of pyrethroid insecticides on the green vegetable bug, Nezara viridula, on macadamia nuts

Upadhyay B.; Omkar, 1985:
Effect of pyrethrum on the physiology of digestion in phytophagous and saprophagous insects

Srivastava, D.K.; Shukla, O.P., 1986:
Effect of pyridine derivatives on encystment of Acanthamoeba culberstoni

Kondo, T.; Okada, M., 1985 :
Effect of pyridoxine administration on the induction of cytosolic aspartate aminotransferase in the liver of rats treated with hydrocortisone

Ikeda, M.; Okada, M., 1985:
Effect of pyridoxine deficiency on ornithine aminotransferase in rat kidney and liver

Loo G.; Smith J.T., 1986:
Effect of pyridoxine deficiency on phospholipid methylation in rat liver microsomes

Bougon, M.; L.H.spitalier, R., 1985:
Effect of pyridoxine, folic acid and choline on the performance of chickens and young turkeys

Garin, J.P.; Brossier, N.; Sung, T.M.; Moyne, T., 1985:
Effect of pyrimethamine-sulphadoxine (Fansidar) on a cystogenic strain of Toxoplasma gondii (strain Prugniaud) in white mice

Rai, R.; Singh, S.N.; Sinha, R.B.; Prasad, V.; Prasad, T.N.; Singh, N., 1984:
Effect of pyrites-pressmud complex on symbiotic nitrogen fixation, grain yield and quality of pea in calcareous soil

Wu, L.J., 1985:
Effect of pyronaridine on ultrastructure of erythrocytic forms of Plasmodium berghei in mice

Khan Z.U.; Tyagi S.R.; Misra U.K., 1986:
Effect of quality and quantity of dietary protein on phospholipid metabolism

Kim D.Cher, 1983:
Effect of quality characteristics of food products, heat-treated in soyabean oil, on their content of tocopherols

Widenski, K.; Wojcik, S.; Krol, W.; Grela, E., 1986:
Effect of quality of differentiated protein feeding on young pigs during rearing

Sekhon, B.S.; Gill, R.S.; Bhullar, M.S., 1984:
Effect of quality of milk on the mortality and growth rate of weaned buffalo calves

Black, J.R.; Ammerman, C.B.; Henry, P.R., 1985:
Effect of quantity and route of administration of manganese monoxide on feed intake and serum manganese in ruminants

Waard, H. de; Schaafsma, G.; Dekker, P.R., 1984:
Effect of quantity and type of protein in reducing diets on body composition and nitrogen balance

Ostashko, F.I.; Kireyeva, V.A., 1984:
Effect of quantity of spermia and of decondensation rate on bull sperm fertility

Kallio, H.; Ahtonen, S.; Sarimo, S.S., 1985:
Effect of quinic acid on the growth of some wild yeasts and molds

Specker, B.L.; Tsang, R.C.; Hollis, B.W., 1985:
Effect of race and diet on human-milk vitamin D and 25-hydroxyvitamin D

Southern, J.W.; Wilcoxson, R.D., 1984:
Effect of races of Puccinia graminis f.sp. tritici on slow rusting of wheat

Turner, J.; Kelly, J., 1985:
Effect of radiata pine on soil chemical characteristics

Cheng, B.X.; Yao, J.X.; Zhou, H.P., 1985:
Effect of radiation at the zygote stage on the development of wheat embryos

A.J.bbuori, M.H.; Tahir, N.M.; Farag, F., 1984:
Effect of radiation on germination of teliospores of Sphacelotheca sorghi

Toulova, M.; Herzig, I.; Pisarikova, B.; Hampl, J.; Zezula, V., 1985:
Effect of radiation sterilization on the protein component of the milk replacer Selasan

Nazirov, N.N.; Kozubaev, S.S., 1983:
Effect of radioactive phosphorus (32P) on growth, development and yield in cultivated and wild forms of cotton of different origin

Mockel, F.E.; Cantamutto, M.A.; Gaido, E.G.; Gullace, G.D., 1984:
Effect of rain at harvest time upon physical, chemical and rheological characteristics of wheat Triticum aestivum L. grain

Mellado Z.M.; Maldonado I.I.; Granger Z.D., 1985:
Effect of rain occurring after harvest ripeness on wheat grain

Sharma, B.L.; Pande, Y.D., 1983:
Effect of rain on the population of Tetranychus neocaledonicus Andre (Acarina: Tetranychidae) on cucurbits

Agassi M.; Morin J.; Shainberg I., 1985:
Effect of raindrop impact energy and water salinity on infiltration rates of sodic soils

Romkens, M.J.M.; Baumhardt, R.L.; Parlange, J.Y.; Whisler, F.D.; Parlange, M.B.; Prasad, S.N., 1986:
Effect of rainfall characteristics on seal hydraulic conductance

Sidiras, N.; Roth, C.H.; Farias, G.S. de, 1984:
Effect of rainfall intensity on splash erosion and runoff under three tillage systems

Istok, J.D.; McCool, D.K.; King, L.G.; Boersma, L., 1986:
Effect of rainfall measurement interval on EI calculation

Alomar C.D.; Iglesias A.J., 1983 :
Effect of rainfall on clean wool yield in Corriedales

Mellado Z.M.; Maldonado I.I.; Granger Z.D., 1985:
Effect of rainfall on the grain of a wheat crop at harvest maturity

Onstad, C.A., 1984:
Effect of rainfall on tilled soil properties

Yaacob, O.; Ngah, W.A.R.; Kamal, A.J., 1985:
Effect of rainfall, age and position on the nutrient content of cashewnut leaf on tin tailing in Malaysia

Shul' gina, L.M.; Zhivotchenko, K.P., 1986:
Effect of raising methods for tomato transplants on field production

Pineda Arzate, J.D., 1984:
Effect of ram on the sex ratio of progeny

Carvalho, L.P. de; Cavalcanti, F.B.; Lima, E.F.; Santos, E.O. dos, 1984:
Effect of ramulosis on fibre characteristics and yield of cotton

Bougon, M.; L.H.spitalier, R., 1982:
Effect of rapeseed oilmeal in growing and finishing diets on performance of turkeys

Kojima, T.; Soma, T.; Oguri, N., 1985:
Effect of rapid addition and dilution of dimethyl sulfoxide on the viability of frozen-thawed rabbit morulae

Kariya, Y.; Furukawa, R.; Matsumoto, H.; Terui, S., 1985:
Effect of rapid changes of environmental temperature on physiological function in cattle. V. Alterations of some blood constituents in cattle exposed to low environmental temperatures

Bamba, K.; Cran, D.G., 1985:
Effect of rapid warming of boar semen on sperm morphology and physiology

Anastasiou Leukopoulou, S.G.; Setatou, E.B., 1981:
Effect of rate and date of application of the growth regulator CCC on cotton

Kania, R.; Mazurkiewicz, W.; Kalembasa, S.; Kalembasa, D., 1983:
Effect of rate and date of application of the solid fraction of pig slurry on potato yield

Morrow, L.S.; Murphy, H.J., 1985:
Effect of rate and time of clopropoxydim applications on grass control in white potatoes

Yadav, R.L.; Mohan, R.; Singh, R.; Gupta, M.M., 1984:
Effect of rate and time of nitrogen application on transplanted Hyoscyamus muticus Linn

Morrow, L.S., 1985:
Effect of rate of glyphosate with and without Frigate surfactant on weed control in Orbit spring oats

Gupta, R.; Reitsma, S.Y., 1984:
Effect of rate of loading and unloading on hysteresis of the dairy cows' teat

Baeta, J.M.P.; Paisano, M.F.S., 1983:
Effect of rate of natural hybridization in French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) on the maintenance of field collections

Armendariz A.L., 1984:
Effect of rate of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer on safflower

Popov, A.S., 1984:
Effect of rate of protein degradation in the rumen on the utilization by cows of amorphous polysaccharides

Dekker, J., 1984:
Effect of rate, carrier volume and additives on glyphosate and sulphosate activity in quackgrass rhizomes

Rosolem, C.A.; Nakagawa, J.; Junqueira, N.J., 1982:
Effect of rate, method and particle size of a formulated fertilizer on soyabean

Ergashev, O., 1984:
Effect of rates and dates of bulk application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to cotton on meadow soils

Tomov, P., 1984:
Effect of rates and dates of nitrogen application on seed yield of cocksfoot cv. Dubrava

Rudenko, K.N., 1984:
Effect of rates and forms of nitrogen fertilizers on strawberry yield and quality

Ivanchenko, N.Ya, 1984:
Effect of rates and place of phosphorus fertilizer application on supplying clary sage with phosphorus

Ellwanger, R.M.; Barros, I.B.I. de; Koller, O.C., 1984:
Effect of rates and time of application of nitrogen fertilizers on strawberries (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.)

Lal, B.; Beas, M.R., 1984:
Effect of rates and time of nitrogen application on yield and quality of hulless barley (I.B.-65)

Aragao, W.M.; Silva, U.R. da; Caroso, G.F.; Sobral, L.F.; Sobral, J. do P., 1984:
Effect of rates of phosphorus and of phosphorus plus limestone on intercropping Guinea grass with three tropical legumes

Cordeiro, D.S.; Kichel, A.N.; Hemp, S.; Silva, F.T.; Zonta, E.F., 1984:
Effect of rates of phosphorus application on yields of sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris L.)

Muratov, B.D.; Khuzhanazarov, S.M.; Dzhumaev, N.; Shermatov, E., 1984:
Effect of rates of potassium fertilizers and plant density on yield of fine-fibred cotton grown on newly-irrigated takyr soils of the Karshi steppe

D' yachenko, L.; Lysenko, V.; Avramenko, I., 1985:
Effect of ration cobalt on the vitamin B12 content of blood and milk of high-yielding cows

Vasilenko, D.; Tupitskii, N.; Lyashko, G., 1986:
Effect of ration composition on growth rate and cannibalism in young pigs

Singh, H.K., 1984:
Effect of raw dung slurry as a source of energy to enhance biomass production

Sorfa, P., 1985:
Effect of raw material type on properties of cement bonded panels

Maslovaric, B.; Burmazovic, Z.; Niciforovic, D.; Petrik, S., 1983:
Effect of raw milk from cows fed silage on storage stability of UHT sterilized chocolate milk

Samson, R.; Kennedy, K.J., 1985:
Effect of reactor height on mixing characteristics and performance of the anaerobic downflow stationary fixed-film (DSFF) reactor

Schultze, W.D.; Bramley, A.J., 1985:
Effect of reaming the papillary duct of cows' teats on keratin removal and penetrability of the duct to implanted Escherichia coli endotoxin

Masincupp, F.B.; Kattesh, H.G.; Dixon, M.C.; Wyatt, R.L., 1985:
Effect of rearing environment on subsequent reproductive performance of gilts

Monetti, P.G.; Monge, F.; Benassi, C.; Marcomini, F., 1984:
Effect of rearing system and of protein level of diet on reproduction of partridges. First results

Ryzzakov, D., 1985:
Effect of rearing system for young stock on their subsequent milk production in first lactation

Brumm, M.C.; Peo, E.R., 1985:
Effect of receiving diets containing alfalfa and certain feed additives on performance of feeder pigs transported long distances

Hall, L.J., 1985:
Effect of recent legislation on liquid milk marketing

Barlough, J.E.; Jacobson, R.H.; Scott, F.W.; Frederick, C.H.; Yanow, E., 1985:
Effect of recent vaccination on feline coronavirus antibody test results

Lazanyi, J.; Papp, S., 1983:
Effect of reciprocal crosses in three-way cross Sorghum X sudangrass hybrids

Fulton, R.W.; Burge, L.J.; McCraken, J.S., 1986:
Effect of recombinant DNA-derived bovine and human interferons on replication of bovine herpesvirus-1, parainfluenza-3, and respiratory syncytial viruses

Zheveleva, E.M.; Ofitserova, O.V., 1985:
Effect of recreation load on some chemical properties of soils of the Carpathian Preserve

Bondar' , V.I., 1982:
Effect of recreation on soil water relations in oak stands

Starodubova, V.A., 1985:
Effect of recreational activities on soil properties in the Crimean mountains

Pasternak, P.S.; Kovalenko, M.P.; Bondar' , V.I., 1983:
Effect of recreational pressure on the condition and increment of oak stands

Becher, H.H., 1982:
Effect of recultivation measures on soil physical properties

Sharma, B.M.; Gupta, R.S.; Kerni, P.N., 1986:
Effect of recurring use of nitrogen fixing blue-green algae in submerged rice farms

Sempf, K.R., 1984:
Effect of recycling combined detergent/disinfectant solutions for cleaning a milking installation with pipelines and a bulk tank. The Hannover 3 programme

Berueter J., 1985:
Effect of red and far red light on the development of young apple trees

Phogat, S.B.; Aggarwal, C.K.; Chopra, S.K., 1985:
Effect of red and green lights on growth of quail

Kim, J.W., 1984:
Effect of red ginseng extract on the growth of lactic acid bacteria

Giri, J.; Suganthi, B.; Kowsalya, S., 1986:
Effect of red gram (Cajanus cajan) on blood glucose level in diabetic rats

Egyed Balint, K.; Terpo, A., 1983:
Effect of red mud on growth and element accumulation in some plant species

Lee, S.K., 1984:
Effect of red pepper seed contents on the chemical composition of kochujang

Petro, T.M., 1985:
Effect of reduced dietary protein intake on regulation of murine in vitro polyclonal T lymphocyte mitogenesis

Modkowski, M.; Modkowska, I., 1984:
Effect of reduced dietary protein on the activity of transketolase and glutathione reductase in chicken erythrocytes

Modkowski, M.; Modkowska, I.; Kumalska Drozdz, K., 1984:
Effect of reduced dietary protein on the status of vitamin A, thiamin and vitamin B-12 in laying hens and pigs

Göranzon, H.; Forsum, E., 1985:
Effect of reduced energy intake versus increased physical activity on the outcome of nitrogen balance experiments in man

Megh Singh; Tucker, D.P.H., 1983:
Effect of reduced glyphosate rates, spray volumes and delivery systems on Bermudagrass control in Florida citrus groves

Holley J.D.; Hofstra G.; Hall R., 1985:
Effect of reducing oxidant injury and early blight on fresh weight and tuber density of potato

Sengar, S.S.; Mudgal, V.D., 1983:
Effect of reducing solubility of groundnut cake protein on the water and mineral metabolism of lactating goats

Kaptich, F.K.K., 1985:
Effect of reduction pruning on tea yields in Kenya

Fitzpatrick, L.R.; Wang, P.; Eikenburg, B.E.; Haddox, M.K.; Johnson, L.R., 1986:
Effect of refeeding on polyamine biosynthesis in isolated enterocytes

Ledgard, S.F.; Simpson, J.R.; Freney, J.R.; Bergersen, F.J., 1985:
Effect of reference plant on estimation of nitrogen fixation by subterranean clover using 15N methods

Mandal, B.; Majumdar, S.G.; Maity, C.R., 1985:
Effect of refined hydrogenated karanja oil on lipid metabolism in adult male albino rats

Salajan, G.; Popa, O.; Mosolova, L.; Pop, T.; Dankanits, V., 1982:
Effect of refined salts of Tazlau as source of potassium and sodium chloride on the growth of calves for breeding

Basky Z., 1984:
Effect of reflective mulches and oil sprays on mosaic virus incidence in seed cucumbers

Armstrong, D.V.; Wiersma, F.; Wise, M.E.; Huber, J.T.; Marcus, K.M.; Ammon, D.S., 1986:
Effect of refrigerated air conditioning and evaporative cooling on milk production

Thomson, A.B., 1984:
Effect of region of intestine and unstirred layers on uptake of sugars into rabbit intestine

Gomez, I.; Galindo, L.; Cordovi, E., 1982:
Effect of rehabilitation method combined with N or NPK on Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon cv. Coast Cross 1)

Hota P.K.; Rao T.V., 1985:
Effect of relative humidities and salt solutions on three tropical earthworm species

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Effect of relative humidity and storage time on the volatile profile of rough rice

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Effect of relative humidity of the air and accompanying microflora on aflatoxin formation in food concentrates

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Effect of relative humidity on growth and flowering of some greenhouse plants

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Effect of relative humidity on oil properties of fungal infested sunflower seeds

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Effect of relative humidity on the development of gray mold of tomato in greenhouse cultivation

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Effect of relative humidity prior to and during exposure on response of peas to ozone and sulfur dioxide

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Effect of relative humidity, storage period on fungal invasion and germination of groundnut seeds

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Effect of relative sowing date for maize and cowpeas in association with perennial cotton

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Effect of relaxation processes on the accuracy of measurement of the mass proportion of solid lipids in milk products

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Effect of relay planting on maize yield as influenced by cropping systems, row spacings and populations

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Effect of removal of atherogenic diet on protein synthesis and cholesterol retention in rabbit aorta and lung

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Effect of removal of forest vegetation on streamflow for the warm season in high-elevation watershed (II) The Shozawa sub-basin III in the Takaragawa Experimental Watershed. (Experiment on forest influence upon stream flow in Takaragawa. The 5th report)

Yoshino, S.; Kikuya, A., 1985:
Effect of removal of forest vegetation on streamflow for warm season in high-elevation watershed (I). The Honryu basin in the Takaragawa Experimental Watershed. (Experiment on forest influence upon stream flow in Takaragawa. The 4th report)

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Effect of removal of primary branches on the grain size and yield of sorghum

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Effect of removal of reproductive organs on photosynthetic 14CO2 metabolism in cotton leaves

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Effect of removal of the ovarian bursa of the rat on infundibular retrieval and subsequent development of ovulated oocytes

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Effect of removing fruit elements on photosynthetic metabolism of 14CO2 in cotton leaves

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Effect of removing rumen contents on body temperature regulation in sheep

Gutowski, S., 1984:
Effect of removing rumen contents on respiration in sheep

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Effect of rennet on matting and yield characteristics of Cottage cheese cut at high pH

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Effect of rental arrangement on resource use and production

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Effect of repeated acetanilide applications on annual grasses in continuous no-till corn

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Effect of repeated flushing and a prostaglandin analogue on the estrous cycle of pony mares

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Effect of repeated locoweed feeding on peripheral lymphocytic function and plasma proteins in sheep

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Effect of repeated pollination upon filled seed in white spruce

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Effect of repeated superovulation on ovarian response in ewes

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Effect of repeatedly lowering soil temperature on emergence and growth of young maize plants

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Effect of replacement of maize grain by jowar at different levels on the performance of starter chickens

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Effect of replacing concentrates by sorghum-cowpea silage on milk production in Murrah buffaloes

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Effect of replacing maize with bagasse and molasses mixture (w/w) on growth and digestibility coefficients in Desi pigs

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Effect of replacing part of the sodium chloride in Cheddar cheese by sodium or potassium phosphates on ripening, flavour and texture

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Effect of replacing some of the tallow of a milk replacer by tricaproin or tricaprylin combined with coconut oil on the growth of young, preruminant calves

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Effect of replanting time of stecklings on seed yield of carrot

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Effect of reservation and grazing on the structure of plant populations in a Festucetum supinae plant community

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Effect of residual herbicides on in vitro development of the fungus causing Fusarium disease of cotton

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Effect of residual waters from Azomures on hop yield and quality

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Effect of residues of bipyridyl herbicides on economic quality of malting barley seeds

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Effect of residues of five disinfectants in milk on acid production by strains of lactic starters used for Cheddar cheesemaking and on organoleptic properties of the cheese

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Effect of resin content and density on acoustic emission from particleboard during internal bond testing

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Effect of resinous stump removal by blasting on the growth of young stands

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Effect of rest-breaking chemicals on fruitfulness of grapevine

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Effect of restorer genes in wheat under conditions of nonoptimal soil moisture

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Effect of restricted feeding during the growing period on subsequent reproductive performance of local Iraqi turkey

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Effect of restricted intake on cyclic ovarian activity and estrus in Hereford cows

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Effect of restricted nutrition on puberty in the lamb: patterns of tonic luteinizing hormone (LH) secretion and competency of the LH surge system

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Effect of restricted time of access to grass silage on voluntary intake of lactating dairy cows housed in free stall barn

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Effect of restriction and refeeding with protein on the growth of piglets

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Effect of restriction of protein or energy or both and refeeding on the nitrogen balance of fattening pigs

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Effect of restriction of silage intake and the provision of an alternative forage on the performance of dairy cows

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Effect of retardants on the root system of apple trees during seed and vegetative propagation

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Effect of reticuloendothelial system blocking on Tyzzer's disease of mice

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Effect of reversed lighting regime on the timing of parturition in rats whose litter sizes were surgically adjusted

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Effect of rheological interrelationships between starch gel and fat on the fat dispersion in farinaceous gel matrix

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Effect of rheological nature of cattle slurry on its distribution on agricultural land

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Effect of rhizobial extracellular polysaccharide on solution phosphate levels of acid soils

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Effect of rhizobial inoculation on the nodulation, growth, and yield of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

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Effect of rhizogenesis on the early flowering of tobaccos possessing different types of resistance to Chalara elegans

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Effect of ribavirin and adenine arabinoside on tobacco mosaic virus and cowpea chlorotic mottle virus in vivo

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Effect of riboflavin deficiency on lipid metabolism of liver and brown adipose tissue of sucking rat pups

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Effect of riboflavin deficiency on reproductive performance and on biochemical indices of riboflavin status in the rat

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Effect of riboflavin status on nitrogen retention during energy restriction and repletion in the rat

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Effect of rice and salty rice diets on the structure of mouse stomach

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Effect of rice crop residue management on weed growth in lowland rice

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Effect of rice plants on nitrification-denitrification loss of nitrogen under greenhouse conditions

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Effect of rice ragged stunt disease on yield components of Taichung (native)

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Effect of rice straw mulching on wheat productivity

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Effect of rice stubble and nitrogen fertilizer management on wheat growth after rice

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Effect of rice stubble and nitrogen fertilizer management techniques on yield of wheat sown after rice

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Effect of ringing on the quality of grape seeds: consequences for their abscisic acid contents and their germination potential

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Effect of ringworm on some haematological values of young beef cattle

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Effect of ripening and salting on rheological characteristics of butter from buffalo cream

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Effect of ripening cream with Streptococcus lactis subsp. diacetylactis on the flavour of ghee (clarified butterfat)

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Effect of roadside market display method on weight loss of selected vegetables

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Effect of roasting on the nutritional value of dry beans (Phaseolus vulgaris)

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Effect of roasting temperature on the proportion of soybean meal nitrogen escaping degradation in the rumen

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Effect of rock phosphate quality on the effectiveness of the phosphorus fertilizer type soft rock phosphate

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Effect of root clipping on the growth of transplanted spruce seedlings

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Effect of root container size and location of production on growth and yield of tomato transplants

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Effect of root diseases and nematodes on yield of corn in an irrigated multiple-cropping system with pest management

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Effect of root exudation on VA mycorrhizal infection at early stages of plant growth

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Effect of root feeding by striped cucumber beetle larvae on the incidence and severity of Fusarium wilt of muskmelon

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Effect of root temperature and varying cation ratios on growth and leaf cation concentration of apple seedlings grown in nutrient solution

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Effect of root zone placement of nitrogen as urea supergranules on the yield performance of wetland rice

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Effect of root-pruning on the growth of transplanted silver fir seedlings

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Effect of root-rot of tobacco on quantity and quality of tobacco leaves, in northern Iraq

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Effect of rootstock and packing method on the storability of apples

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Effect of rootstock on apple (Malus domestica) tree water relations

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Effect of rootstock on the biochemical composition and leaf respiration of the apricot cultivar Hungarian

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Effect of rootstock on the production, grape and wine quality of Shiraz vines in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area

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Effect of rootstock on the vigour and productivity of the cultivar Passe Crassane

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Effect of rootstock on water balance of Golden Delicious apple trees

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Effect of rootstock thickness on grapevine yield and quality

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Effect of rootstocks and plant density on the yield, quality and economic effectiveness of glasshouse roses for cutting

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Effect of rootstocks on growth and leaf mineral composition of robusta coffee

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Effect of rootstocks on the leaf nutrient composition of some lemon cultivars

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Effect of rootstocks on the survival and general condition of apricot trees

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Effect of rotation and tillage on take-all and Rhizoctonia root rot in wheat

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Effect of rotenone on NAD-dependent oxidation of respiratory substrates of mitochondria of sugarbeet root

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Effect of roughage particle size on ruminal, digestive and metabolic characteristics of early-weaned lambs fed pelleted corncob-concentrate diets

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Effect of route of infection on clinical signs of Aujeszky's disease in cattle

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Effect of row and plant spacing and two bulb storage methods on onion seed production in El Bajio

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Effect of row and plant spacings on yield and yield components in soybean

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Effect of row arrangement and plant density on the yield of hot pepper (piment Cipaye)

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Effect of row directions on cotton development and yield

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Effect of row distance on sunflower (Helianthus annuus) forage and grain yield

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Effect of row pattern and weed interference periods on soybean-sicklepod competition

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Effect of row spacing and fertilizer combinations on the growth and yield of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill.)

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Effect of row spacing and other factors on silage maize cob yields

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Effect of row spacing and planting date on performance of selected soybean varieties under irrigated and non-irrigated conditions

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Effect of row spacing and seeding rate on rapeseed yield in northwest Alberta

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Effect of row spacing and time of weeding on the growth and yield of mungbean

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Effect of row spacing and type of inoculum on the behaviour of three cultivars of soyabeans (Glycine max L. Merrill)

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Effect of row spacing and weed control measures on the performance of rainfed direct seeded upland rice

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Effect of row spacing and weed control on growth and yield of wheat

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Effect of row spacing on some agronomic characters and yield of pearl millet (Pennisetum typhoides (S & H))

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Effect of row spacing on the productivity of bluepanic intercropped with butterflypea in semi-arid conditions

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Effect of row-spacing of acacia plants (Leucaena leucocephala (L.) De Wit.), variety Peru on vegetative matter production

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Effect of rumen ammonia concentration on in situ rate and extent of digestion of feedstuffs

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Effect of rumen ciliate protozoa on the proteolytic activity of cell free rumen liquid

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Effect of rumen fluid transplantation in buiatrics practice and study of rumen microflora

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Effect of rumination on reduction of particle size of rumen digesta by cattle

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Effect of runner removal on strawberry fruiting response

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Effect of rust infection on the protein components of wheat

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Effect of rust severities on yield components of pearl millet

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Effect of rust, caused by Uromyces fabae Pers. de Bary, on the yield of lentils

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Effect of s-triazines on denitrification

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Effect of saline irrigation on chemical constituents of one-year-old rooted vines: sugars and NPK content

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Effect of salinisation and desalinisation on growth and development of pea (Pisum sativum L.)

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Effect of salinity and alkalinity on seed germination of three tree type sesbanias

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Effect of salinity and moisture content of soil on growth, nutrient uptake and yield of wheat plant

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Effect of salinity applied at different stages on seed yield and its constituents in field peas (Pisum sativum Linn. var. arvensis)

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Effect of salinity of soil and water on the degree of 90Sr and 137Cs uptake in rice yield

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Effect of salinity on germination and early growth of toria (Brassica campestris var. Toria) genotypes

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Effect of salinity on growth and maintenance costs of plant cells

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Effect of salinity on mineral composition and ionic balance in field pea (Pisum sativum Linn. var. arvensis)

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Effect of salinity on quality of bulb and chemical composition of leaves in onion (Allium cepa L.) varieties

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Effect of salinity on quality of various agricultural crops

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Effect of salinity on rice dry matter accumulation and sodium uptake

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Effect of salinity on the activities of glutamate dehydrogenase, glutamine synthetase and nitrate reductase in rice

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Effect of salinity on the persistence of parathion in flooded soils

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Effect of salinity stress on organic and mineral constituents in the leaves of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L. var. C-11)

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Effect of salinity, zinc and phosphorus on growth, Zn and P nutrition of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan)

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Effect of salinomycin level on nutrient digestibility and ruminal characteristics of sheep and feedlot performance of cattle

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Effect of salinomycin on energy and nitrogen utilization by growing pigs fed conventional or high-fiber diets

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Effect of saliva and serum on the adherence of Candida species to chlorhexidine-treated denture acrylic

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Effect of salt and capsicum tincture on the properties of pickled Domiati cheese

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Effect of salt and capsicum tincture on the properties of pickled Domiati cheese. II. Yield and weight loss

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Effect of salt marsh vegetation on the nematodes of a South African estuary

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Effect of salt on the physical properties of a Pelosol and a pseudogley-braunerde on Keuper sediments

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Effect of salt stress on SDH and GDH of two seed borne fungi

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Effect of salt stress on germination and seedling development in Leucaena leucocephala

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Effect of salt stress on germination and seedling growth of wheat, triticale and barley

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Effect of salt stress on growth and yield in Cajanus cajan L

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Effect of saltiness on the liking and consumption of bread and butter

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Effect of salts and other agents on foot-and-mouth disease virus poly (U) polymerase activity

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Effect of salts on the primary phase and secondary phase of the action of chymosin

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Effect of sample cross-sectional area on saturated hydraulic conductivity in two structured clay soils

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Effect of sand and gravel mulching on moisture conservation for tree saplings

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Effect of sand or soil as a dietary component on phosphorus utilization by sheep

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Effect of sand shape on evaporation from soil surface

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Effect of sanitary treatment on elasticity and strength of teatcup liners

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Effect of saprol and captan on fungi in out-door algal culture

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Effect of sawdust with different nitrogen sources on the growth of tomato and on rhizosphere population of nematodes and fungi

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Effect of scalding on tryptophan catabolism in rats

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Effect of season and ejaculate number on the chemical composition of N'Dama bull semen

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Effect of season and exercise on dermal nitrogen losses and their relation to urinary nitrogen excretion

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Effect of season and hatchery technology on duck embryo mortality

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Effect of season of birth on body weight in female progeny of crossbred cattle

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Effect of season of birth on puberty in Creole bulls

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Effect of season of calving on milk yield, fat production, lactation length and dry period of some cross bred cows of A.A.I. dairy farm

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Effect of season of calving on the main characters of milk yield and reproduction in Black Pied cattle

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Effect of season of farrowing on litter size, birth weight, weight gain and mortality in preweaned Large White Yorkshire pigs

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Effect of season of mating on sow productivity

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Effect of season of steroid immunisation and Booroola genotype on the level and duration of response in ovulation rate of ewes

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Effect of season on main growth characters of young breeding female Romanian Simmentals

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Effect of season on outcome of intravaginal treatment with progestagens or progesterone in sheep

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Effect of season on ovarian and pituitary activity in cows

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Effect of season on the fattening performance of lambs

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Effect of season on the nitrogen distribution of cow and buffalo milk

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Effect of season on the quality and quantity of mohair

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Effect of season, position and age of leaf on the major nutrient composition of cashew

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Effect of seasonal diet changes on carotene in blood serum of cows

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Effect of seed size on germination and vigour in maize

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Effect of seed treatments on lentil mycoflora

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Effect of seed treatments with neem cake and neem oil on the germination of moong (green gram) and its vulnerability to root-knot nematodes

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Effect of seed vigor levels on field performance and yield of grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench.)

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Effect of seed weight on height growth of Norway spruce seedlings under optimal conditions

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Effect of seedhead control on pasture and animal performance

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Effect of seedling age and transplanting time on the severity of glume blight of rice caused by Phyllosticta glumarum

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Effect of seedling age on the growth performance and the yield of paddy plant

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Effect of seedling and hill density on the performance of rice under intermediate deep water conditions (15-50 cm)

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Effect of seedling grafting, planting date and cultivar on tomato yield

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Effect of seedling protecting soil herbicides (lenacil and metamitron) on development of sugarbeet roots

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Effect of selected chemicals on non-suberized impervious tissue (NIT) formation in Fraser fir

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Effect of selected endogenous factors on piglet birth weight and their interactions

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Effect of selected factors on the synthesis of beta -D-galactosidase and the yield of biomass of Kluyveromyces lactis yeast cultivated on whey

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Effect of selected fungicides on the growth of Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq.) Kummer and Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Sing mycelium

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Effect of selected herbicides and city compost on the rhizospheric microflora of wheat and maize

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Effect of selected herbicides on cranberry vine growth, yield and weed control

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Effect of selected impurities on the continuous precipitation of calcium sulphate (gypsum)

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Effect of selected packaging materials and storage on the microbiological quality of khoa

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Effect of selected rootstocks of Prunus armeniaca L. on the growth and fertility of the apricot cultivar Velkopavlovicka clone LE 19/2 in the years 1974-1984

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Effect of selected technological parameters on the structural changes, physicochemical properties and biological value of whey proteins

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Effect of selected yogurt cultures on the concentration of orotic acid, uric acid and a hydroxymethylglutaric-like compound in milk after fermentation

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Effect of selecting bulls (Bos taurus taurus) for heat tolerance on the development of their progeny from matings with Nellore zebu cows (Bos taurus indicus) under tropical conditions

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Effect of selecting for hatching egg weight on egg weight in subsequent generations of specific pathogen free fowls maintained as a closed flock

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Effect of selection among aftermath plants of winter rye for increased tillering capacity

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Effect of selection and feed intake on carcass lean and fat in swine

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Effect of selection and of non-genetic factors on milk yield and milk fat percentage in purebred Ayrshire herds

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Effect of selection for milk yield on milk flow, udder measurements and mastitis

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Effect of selection for milk yield on plasma growth hormone concentrations of Holstein cows at two stages of lactation

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Effect of selection for part-record number of eggs from housing vs. selection for hen-day rate of production from age at first egg

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Effect of selection of F2 plants of soyabean crosses on yield in the F3 generation

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Effect of selection on changes in the heritability of characters in tobacco hybrids

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Effect of selection on the activity of NADPH-generating enzymes on fat cell size, lipogenic and lipolytic characters in pigs

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Effect of selection on the occurrence of new forms in varietal and hybrid populations of tomato

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Effect of selection on variance of litter size in mice

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Effect of selection with phospholan and cypermethrin on cross-resistance characteristics in the Egyptian cotton leafworm Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd)

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Effect of selective felling on the hydrological parameters of a wet zone forest catchment

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Effect of selective removal of the adrenal medulla on female sexual development

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Effect of selenium deficiency on the disposition of plasma glutathione

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Effect of selenium on pig production

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Effect of selenium on the growth and reproduction of nutria

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Effect of selenium on the productivity of cattle

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Effect of selenium supplementation on selenium balance in the dependent elderly

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Effect of semen dilution and storage period before artificial insemination on incubation traits of guineafowl eggs

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Effect of semen storage time and number of spermatozoa inseminated on the fertility and hatchability of eggs from dwarf broiler breeder hens

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Effect of semidwarf character and yield components on yield in barley (Hordeum vulgare L. emend., Lam.)

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Effect of seminal vesiculectomy on semen quality in the boar

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Effect of separate and combined application of crop rotations and fertilizers on yields of different crops

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Effect of sequential release of resistant rices on brown planthopper BPH biotype development in the Solomon Islands

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Effect of sera from mice fed LiCl or NaCl on in vitro immune response

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Effect of service period on partial and total milk yield in Holstein-Friesian cows

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Effect of sethoxydim on pigment synthesis and enzyme activity in plants

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Effect of several pesticides on endomycorrhizal infection

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Effect of several residual herbicides on weeds and coffee seedlings grown in nursery bags in full sunlight

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Effect of severe dehydration on the biological quality of pea seeds

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Effect of severe dietary restriction on blood sugar control of obese persons with type II diabetes

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Effect of severe winter conditions on udder health of primiparous cows in drylot environment in south central Idaho

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Effect of severing method and stump height on coppice growth

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Effect of sewage sludge on the chemical composition of plants

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Effect of sewage sludge on the severity of sorghum root rot caused by Pythium arrhenomanes

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Effect of sewage-sludge on the weed population of wheat stands

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Effect of sex and age of fattening chickens on the digestibility of energy in feeds

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Effect of sex and age of injected insect vectors in infectivity tests for plant yellows. Radiographic measurement of the volume injected into Euscelidius variegatus (Kirschbaum)

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Effect of sex and age on the normal haematological value and blood chemistry of non-pedigree dogs

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Effect of sex and instar on food consumption, nutritional indices, and foliage wasting by the western spruce budworm, Choristoneura occidentalis

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Effect of sex grouping during growth on 5 alpha -androstenone development in boars at three commercial slaughter weights

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Effect of sex hormones on the behaviour of castrated Mallard drakes (Anas platyrhynchos L.) (Anseriformes; Anatidae). I. Comfort and preening behaviour

Schmedemann, R.; Haase, E., 1984:
Effect of sex hormones on the behaviour of castrated Mallard drakes (Anas platyrhynchos L.) (Anseriformes; Anatidae). II. Agonistic behaviour

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Effect of sex hormones on the behaviour of castrated Mallard drakes (Anas platyrhynchos L.) (Anseriformes; Anatidae). III. Social and sexual display

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Effect of sex on birth weight in local Angora and crossbred goats

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Effect of sex steroid hormone on the concentration of aflatoxin B1 binding protein in rat liver cytosol

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Effect of sex steroids on pituitary and serum prolactin level in ovariectomized catfish, Clarias batrachus

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Effect of sex, parity, litter size and type of flooring on postweaning gain in indigenous guineapigs in a hot environment in the Cauca valley

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Effect of sexual behaviour and sperm production of the ram on the fertility obtained at natural mating

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Effect of sexual stimulation by a bull on calving rate in lactating Black-eared White cows

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Effect of sexual type (entire males, barrows and females) on ham composition in pigs with muscular hypertrophy (Belgian Landrace and Pietrain)

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Effect of shade, water supply and nitrogen on the distribution of mineral nutrients and total carbohydrate resources in young tea (Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze)

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Effect of shading and nitrogen nutrition on the growth and flowering of spray chrysanthemums grown in unheated plastic tunnels

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Effect of shading and pruning of the above-ground organs of the host plant on development of Heterodera trifolii

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Effect of shading by maize plants and mulching on the yield of potatoes

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Effect of shading on leaf anatomy in konjak plant (Amorphophallus konjak K. Koch)

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Effect of shading on pigment content and distribution in the cotton canopy (Gossypium hirsutum L. cv. Deltapine 61)

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Effect of shallow incorporation of herbicides on soyabean crops

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Effect of shearing and herbage allowance on the intake, live weight gain and wool growth of Romney ewe hoggets in spring-summer

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Effect of shearing ewes in the latter half of pregnancy on lamb birth weight

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Effect of shearing on meat and wool production from lambs reared on hill country

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Effect of sheath rot (Acrocylindrium oryzae) on some yield components of rice

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Effect of shelter and sprinkling on the production of lactating crossbred cows during summer

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Effect of shelterbelts on yields in Valencia Late orange (Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck) plantations

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Effect of shelterwood fellings on enzyme activity of the soil

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Effect of shelterwood on the regeneration of Norway spruce under canopies of mixed Scots pine/spruce stands in northeastern Poland

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Effect of shoot and leaf area distribution in high stem grapevines on yield and quality

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Effect of shoot and root growth on the uptake of phosphorus in cereals

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Effect of shoot bending during apple tree crown formation on some aspects of photosynthetic activity in leaves

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Effect of shoot reduction and contour trenching on sal coppice growth in laterite areas of West Bengal

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Effect of shoot removal on shoot and root yields of sweet potato

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Effect of short durations of overwatering on water use efficiency of two mungbean (Vigna radiata(L.)Wilczek) varieties

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Effect of short term moisture stress on free proline and relative water content in different plant parts of maize genotypes

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Effect of short term starvation on disposition kinetics of chloramphenicol in goats

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Effect of short-chain fatty acids on insulin in the plasma of wethers

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Effect of short-term water stress on leaf gas exchange processes and plant water potential in Schefflera

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Effect of shortened photosynthetic period on 14C-assimilate translocation and partitioning in reproductive soybeans

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Effect of silage additives on total dry matter loss and heifer performance

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Effect of silages preserved with formates on productivity of, and rumen digestion in heifers

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Effect of silica content of rice plants on damage caused by the larvae of Chilo zacconius (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

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Effect of silica on the dynamics of cellulose and polygalacturonase activities of Coriolus versicolor (Fr.) Quel

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Effect of silicate on phosphate utilization by wheat

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Effect of silicon on the corrosion resistance of iron in sulfuric acid

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Effect of silicon on the growth of cucumber plant in soil culture

Miyake, Y.; Takahashi, E., 1985:
Effect of silicon on the growth of soybean plants in a solution culture

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Effect of silver ions and ethylene on auxin metabolism and auxin-induced ethylene production in tobacco leaf discs

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Effect of silvicultural characteristics on the wood permeability of Picea obovata

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Effect of silvicultural technology on the wood yield and profitability of Populus X canadensis cv. 'I-214'

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Effect of silviculture on the anatomical structure of beech (Fagus sylvatica) wood

Singh, R.S., .:
Effect of simazine (2-chloro-4-6bis (ethylamino-s-triazine)) on the yield and protein content of wheat on soils polluted by sewage effluents

Hippalgaonkar, K.V., 1985:
Effect of simazine on protein content of Trigonella

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Effect of simazine on soil microflora under oil rose

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Effect of simple short term dietary control on urine electrolyte excretion in normal men

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Effect of simulated acid rain and sulphur nutrition on the growth, sulphate and cation content of Bromus diandrus Roth

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Effect of simulated acid rain on mycorrhizal infection of Pinus strobus L

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Effect of simulated cement pollution on the water regime of maize

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Effect of simulated rain on matric potentials and soil moisture in the Hoglwald experiment

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Effect of simulated shipping temperature and duration on prefinished flowering hibiscus

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Effect of simultaneous administration of vitamin E and pyridoxine on erythrocyte membrane Na+K+ ATPase activity

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Effect of simultaneous heat and water deficit on maize yield and its components

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Effect of simultaneously ingested milk on phenytoin bioavailability

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Effect of single and multiple applications of 2,4-DB at a high rate on groundnuts

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Effect of single and split application of nitrogen fertilizer on grain yield and quality of winter wheat cv. Odesskaya Polukarlikovaya

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Effect of single vaccination on the longevity of immunity produced by gamma irradiated amphistome metacercariae (Cercariae indicae XXVI)

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Effect of sink-source manipulations on the photosynthetic rate and carbohydrate content of cucumber cotyledons

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Effect of sire of foetus on production traits

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Effect of sire on calf mortality in Holstein-Friesians

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Effect of sire on the incidence of mastitis in Holstein-Friesian cows

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Effect of site factors on the population dynamics of the pine processionary caterpillar Thaumetopoea wilkinsoni Tams

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Effect of site preparation and felling method on growth of seedlings in industrial regions

Tiarks, A.E., 1983:
Effect of site preparation and fertilization on slash pine growing on a good site

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Effect of site preparation on incidence of termites in Eucalyptus plantations

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Effect of site preparation on survival and moisture stress of interior Douglas-fir seedlings planted in grass

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Effect of six planting distances on the yield in its third year of the yellow passion fruit (Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa Deg.) in Viamao, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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Effect of six synthetic pyrethroids on two populations of potato tuber moth, Phthorimaea operculella (Zeller) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae), in Peru

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Effect of size and density on canine gastric emptying of nondigestible solids

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Effect of size of artificial vagina on buffalo bull sperm quantity and quality

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Effect of size of casein micelles on coagulation properties of skim milk

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Effect of size of suckers on yield and duration of banana Musa (AAB Group) 'Palayankodan'

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Effect of size on composition of the American eel, Anguilla rostrata

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Effect of skeleton photoperiod and food availability on the circadian pattern of feeding and drinking in rats

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Effect of skim milk and yogurt on serum lipids and development of sudanophilic lesions in cholesterol-fed rabbits

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Effect of skim milk powder storage on ice cream quality

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Effect of slaughter on salmonella contamination of poultry carcasses, and ways of diminishing it

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Effect of slaughter on the spontaneous and evoked activity of the brain

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Effect of slaughter weight on mutton from sheep

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Effect of slicing on the brewery quality of barley varieties grown by intensive cultural practices

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Effect of slip weight, planting distance and flowering induction in PR 1-67 pineapple

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Effect of slope on lamb mortality

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Effect of slope position on the microclimate, growth and yield of barley

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Effect of slow cooling end point temperature on survival of frozen bovine embryos

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Effect of slow release N fertilizers on stem borer SB and sheath rot ShR incidence and on rice grain yield

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Effect of slow-release fertilizers on hop yield and quality

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Effect of slow-release urea materials on rice yield

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Effect of sludge additions on nitrogen removal in soil columns flooded with secondary effluent

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Effect of sludge application on physical properties of a silty clay loam soil

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Effect of slurry on the bacterial biomass in incubated soil samples

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Effect of slurry on yield of fodder crops in the forest zone of the Byelorussian SSR

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Effect of slurry preparation on its composition and on nitrogen losses during its application

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Effect of small aspen clearcuts on water yield and water quality

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Effect of small doses of deoxycholic acid on bile cholesterol saturation in patients with liver cirrhosis

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Effect of small grains and crop canopy removal on Russian thistle growth and development

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Effect of small groundwater table differences on the root penetration and yield formation of cereals on loess soils of Wetterau

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Effect of smectite in the treatment of gastro-enteritis in newborn suckled calves

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Effect of smoking on resting energy expenditure

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Effect of snow on the overwintering of perennial ornamentals in the forest steppe zone of the Altai region

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Effect of soaking seeds in different concentrations of Cu, Mn or Zn on cucumber plant (Cucumis sativus)

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Effect of soaking seeds with some micronutrients on the flowering and fruit yield of squash (cv. Eskandarany) grown under plastic houses

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Effect of soaking time on sugar content and yield of tofu

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Effect of soaking-blanching conditions on glucose losses in potato slices

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Effect of social competition on growth in raccoon dogs

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Effect of social structure and variations in light intensity on exposure of the Nasonov gland by honeybees

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Effect of socio-economic development on the health and nutritional status of the population in the Khon Kaen district in northeast Thailand

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Effect of socioeconomic status on body length of Pakistani infants during first year of life

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Effect of sodicity on the utilization of phosphatic fertilizers by wheat

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Effect of sodium acrylate and calcium and sodium hydroxides on the fermentation, digestibility, chemical composition and aerobic deterioration of whole-crop maize silage

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Effect of sodium application on growth of Amaranthus tricolor L

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Effect of sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) in increasing the percentage of fat in milk

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Effect of sodium bicarbonate and sodium bentonite on digestion, solid and liquid flow, and ruminal fermentation characteristics of forage sorghum silage-based diets fed to steers

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Effect of sodium bicarbonate and sodium sesquicarbonate on animal performance, rumen fermentation and metabolism, and salivation rates of Holstein cows

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Effect of sodium bicarbonate and tetrasodium pyrophosphate upon utilization of concentrate- and roughage-based cattle diets: cattle studies

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Effect of sodium bicarbonate in rations based on alfalfa hay

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Effect of sodium bicarbonate on milk yield and percentage of fat in milk of cows of average productivity

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Effect of sodium bicarbonate plus minerals in rations based on corn silage

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Effect of sodium bicarbonate plus minerals in rations based on small grain silage

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Effect of sodium chloride on gel formation of soya protein containing palm oil

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Effect of sodium chloride on proteolysis of buffalo casein by rabbit, sheep and porcine pepsins

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Effect of sodium chloride on pyruvate orthophosphate dikinase of a saline grass Aeluropus lagopoides (Linn.) Trin. ex Thw

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Effect of sodium chloride on the growth and mineral nutrition of six cultivated plant species

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Effect of sodium chloride on tree seedlings in two potting media

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Effect of sodium chloride salinity on enzyme activity and biochemical constituents in germinating salt tolerant rice seed

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Effect of sodium chloride salinization on content and formation of nucleic acids in pea leaves

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Effect of sodium dikegulac ('Atrinal') on the establishment of budded stumps and stumped budding, and multiplication of source bushes in Hevea brasiliensis

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Effect of sodium fluoride on denitrification and redox level in a loamy sand

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Effect of sodium fluoride on the organomineral components of a sod-podzolic soil

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Effect of sodium fluoride salinization on seed germination and seedling growth of Pennisetum typhoides Rich. and Raphanus sativus L

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Effect of sodium hydroxide spray treatment on rice straw on cattle performance and physiological state, G.; Aleo, C.; Russo, C.; Nicolosi Asmundo, C., 1984:
Effect of sodium hydroxide treatment on the tannin content and digestibility of grape marc

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Effect of sodium nutrition and light upon the concentrations of alanine in leaves of C4 plants

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Effect of sodium nutrition on chlorophyll-a/-b ratios in C4 plants

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Effect of sodium oleate formulation solution on the healing process of damaged bone in horses

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Effect of sodium on calcium absorption from the caeca of ducklings

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Effect of sodium pentobarbital on the number of ova shed in superovulation treated adult rats: relationship between the number of ova shed and dose of GTHs

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Effect of sodium saccharin on rat pancreatic enzyme secretion

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Effect of sodium selenite on reproduction in sheep

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Effect of sodium sulfate on in vitro organogenesis of tobacco callus

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Effect of sodium sulphate and magnesium sulphate on intestinal water metabolism in horses

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Effect of sodium trisilicate and silicaceous chalks on infection of wheat by Erysiphe graminis and Septoria nodorum

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Effect of sodium vanadate on deoxyribonucleic acid and protein syntheses in cultured rat calvariae

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Effect of sodsowing oats and Persian clover on the productivity of irrigated annual pasture

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Effect of soft contact lenses on experimental Pseudomonas and Candida keratitis

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Effect of soil Ca:Mg, Ca:K and Mg:K ratios on sweet sorghum production

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Effect of soil acidity and magnesium on muskmelon leaf composition and fruit yield

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Effect of soil acidity and nitrogen fertilizers on red clover symbiosis with nodule bacteria and its yield in mixed stands with timothy

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Effect of soil acidity and nutrient deficiencies on the growth and persistence of subterranean clover in pastures grown on sandy soils near Esperance, Western Australia

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Effect of soil acidity and saturating cation on adsorption of urea in soil

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Effect of soil acidity on growth and nutrition of red clover in the year after sowing

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Effect of soil acidity on yields and chemical composition of grain in oat varieties

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Effect of soil air entrapment on soil erosion

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Effect of soil amelioration procedures on the content and production of mineral nitrogen in the soil of a formerly litter raked pine stand in Upper Palatia

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Effect of soil amendment on clubroot of crucifers

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Effect of soil amendment on sugarcane wilt and its pathogens

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Effect of soil amendments and sawdust mulching on growth, yield and leaf nutrient content of highbush blueberry plants

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Effect of soil amendments on Fusarium wilt of watermelon

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Effect of soil amendments on summer growth and survival of Azolla pinnata

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Effect of soil amendments on the physico-chemical properties of sandy loam soil. 1. Chemical properties

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Effect of soil amendments on the viability of sclerotia of Rhizoctonia solani in soil

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Effect of soil and atmospheric drought on contents of different protein fractions and incorporation of 14C-amino acids into proteins

Bondar' , P.F., 1983:
Effect of soil and climate on accumulation of 89Sr in plants from the soil, and predicting contamination levels of the harvest

Nagpal N.K., 1986:
Effect of soil and effluent characteristics on phosphorus sorption in dosed columns

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Effect of soil and foliar application of urea on fodder production by oats

Sharma, S.B., 1984:
Effect of soil and foliar application of urea on the growth and yield of banana

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Effect of soil and foliar applications of boron on its content in winter rape plants and on the yield

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Effect of soil and groundwater depth on the annual groundwater recharge under arable land, grassland and coniferous forest

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Effect of soil and soil microorganisms on the ethylene release from the growth regulator Camposan (2-chloroethanephosphonic acid)

Kiang, C.K., 1983:
Effect of soil application of Promalin on the root growth of citrus seedlings

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Effect of soil application of manganese on dry matter yield and uptake of manganese and iron by maize

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Effect of soil application of various NPK fertilizer combinations on P content in the leaves of apple, cv. Royal Delicious

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Effect of soil characteristics and fertilization on winter wheat yields in Hungary

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Effect of soil chemical characteristics on the P status of soils of the Ebro Valley

Bajwa M.I., 1984:
Effect of soil clay mineralogy on the efficiency of ammonium sulfate in flooded rice

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Effect of soil compaction and moisture content on biological activity, nitrogen fixation, and composition of soil air

Shierlaw J.; Alston J.M., 1984:
Effect of soil compaction on root growth and uptake of phosphorus

Davis, G.R., 1984:
Effect of soil compaction on root growth of Pinus radiata D. Don

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Effect of soil conditioners on aerobic non-symbiotic nitrogen fixation

Zohdy, L.I.; Ishac, Y.Z.; Hazem, A.; Abd E.A.iz, R.A., 1984:
Effect of soil conditioners on some enzymatic activities of soil

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Effect of soil conditioners on the permeability and stability of soils

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Effect of soil conditions on establishment of direct reseeded grass

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Effect of soil crusting on seedling emergence in sorghum genotypes

Engel, G., 1985:
Effect of soil cultivation and nitrogen supply on fruit quality characteristics of apples

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Effect of soil cultivation on growth and yield of poplar plantations

Zaeski, A., 1982:
Effect of soil cultivation on the growth and survival of seedlings in plantations of fast-growing forest species

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Effect of soil dressing on heavy clay farmland in Okinawa

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Effect of soil drought in the early stage of grain development on photosynthesis in the various parts of the wheat plant

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Effect of soil factors and amendments on the lysis and growth of Phytophthora cactorum mycelium

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Effect of soil fertility status, moisture, and application of fertilizers and inoculum on nodulation, and growth of dry beans in Kenya

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Effect of soil fumigation on nitrogenase activity (C2H2 reduction) of tropical legumes

Wisocka, M., 1983:
Effect of soil humidity level on infection of Uran var. potato tubers with PVY

Barros, B.C.; Krugner, T.L.; Valarini, P.J., 1984:
Effect of soil infestation with Helminthosporium sativum P.K. & Berk. on the development of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) plants

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Effect of soil management and fertilization on cropping of the peach cultivar Siewka Rakoniewicka

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Effect of soil management on the growth and cropping of pears

Gitinovasov, M.M., 1984 :
Effect of soil management on the growth and productivity of black currants

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Effect of soil management practices on yields of asparagus - interim results

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Effect of soil micro-organisms on formation of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizas

Kol' chugina, T.P.; Vorob' eva, E.A.; Khlebnikova, G.M., 1985:
Effect of soil microorganism complex on release of aluminum and silicon from some minerals under conditions of filtered and nonremovable nutrient medium

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Effect of soil moisture and air humidity on yield formation and seed quality in some soyabean varieties

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Effect of soil moisture and growth regulators on wheat

Man' kovskaya, L.M., 1984:
Effect of soil moisture and mechanical composition on the water regime of apples, peaches and grapevines

Dionne, J.L.; Pesant, A.R., 1986:
Effect of soil moisture and pH on the response of alfalfa to molybdenum

MacKay, A.D.; Barber, S.A., 1985:
Effect of soil moisture and phosphate level on root hair growth of corn roots

Jaggi, I.K.; Bisen, D.C., 1984:
Effect of soil moisture and seeding depth on seedling emergence of two rices

Tarantino, E., 1984:
Effect of soil moisture conditions on the thermal infrared radiation of industrial tomatoes

Iancu, M.; Sotiriu, D., 1983:
Effect of soil moisture content on fruit quality and storability

Skinder, Z., 1983:
Effect of soil moisture content on seed yield of Bromus unioloides cv. Una

Anwar ul Haq ; Brown, D.A., 1985:
Effect of soil moisture deficit in the upper root zone on growth and yield of soybeans

Kuruppuarachchi, D.S.P.; Pain, A.N., 1981:
Effect of soil moisture depletion on yield and water use efficiency of chillies, onions and bananas on the latosols of the north west dry zone

Bitanyi, H.F., 1985:
Effect of soil moisture on biological nitrogen fixation: competition among strains of R. leguminosarum for nodulation of Pisum sativum var. Onward

Barkhouse, J.; Ridsdill Smith, T.J., 1986:
Effect of soil moisture on brood ball production by Onthophagus binodis Thunberg and Euoniticellus intermedius (Reiche) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeinae)

Kuroda, H.; Nishiyama, Y.; Nakajima, F., 1985:
Effect of soil moisture on seasonal patterns in freezing resistance of apple trees

Freytag, H.E.; Luttich, M., 1985:
Effect of soil moisture on soil respiration taking into account dry bulk density

Paquin, R., 1986:
Effect of soil moisture on the free proline content and percentage of total sugars in cold and drought-hardened lucerne

Shamtsyan, S.M., 1985:
Effect of soil moisture on the frost resistance of olives

Horsnell, L.J.T., 1984:
Effect of soil moisture on the response of subterranean clover to lime

Smolik, J.D., 1982:
Effect of soil moisture or soil temperature on reproduction of indigenous nematode populations in a mixed prairie

Prasad, U.K.; Singh, Y.; Sharma, K.C., 1984:
Effect of soil moisture regimes and nitrogen levels on NO3-N status and yield of sugarbeet

Prasad, U.K.; Singh, Y.; Sharma, K.C., 1985:
Effect of soil moisture regimes and nitrogen levels on the consumptive use, soil moisture extraction pattern, water use efficiency, sucrose content and yield of sugar beet

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Effect of soil moisture regimes on water use and forage production by oats, barley and triticale

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Effect of soil moisture stress during different growth stages on field grown soyabean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill)

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Effect of soil moisture tension and soil compaction on self diffusion coefficient of zinc in soils of varying texture

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Effect of soil moisture tension and soil water content on the growth of chrysanthemum in 3 container media

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Effect of soil moisture tension on the yield, evapotranspiration and water use efficiency of winter maize

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Effect of soil moisture tension on water use efficiency of wheat and economy of different irrigation management practices

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Effect of soil organic matter oxidation on the collapse of vermiculite

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Effect of soil pH on infection of wheat by Cephalosporium gramineum

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Effect of soil pH on the dissipation of chlorsulfuron

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Effect of soil parameters and drain characteristics on clogging

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Effect of soil pasteurization on damping-off and root rot of subterranean clover caused by Fusarium avenaceum and Pythium spp

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Effect of soil placement and seed coating by dicalcium phosphate dihydrate on Olsen P and water soluble P in soil and dry matter yield of sorghum

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Effect of soil preparation systems on annual crop production

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Effect of soil processes on the acidification of water by acid deposition

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Effect of soil properties and nutrient status on the storage characteristics of winter apples

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Effect of soil salinity level and zinc application on growth, yield, and nutrient composition of rice

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Effect of soil salinity on growth of Coix lachryma-jobi L

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Effect of soil salinity on the formation of sporangia and zoospores by three isolates of Phytophthora

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Effect of soil slip erosion on seasonally dry Wairarapa hill pastures

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Effect of soil sodicity on the growth, yield and chemical composition of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea Linn.)

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Effect of soil sodium saturation on growth and mineral composition of two rice varieties

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Effect of soil stirring on yield of tea in heavy soil

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Effect of soil structure on soil water status

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Effect of soil submergence on urea hydrolysis

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Effect of soil surface conditions on infiltration for shallow water table soils

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Effect of soil systemic pesticides on citrus thrips and tree growth in lemons in the nursery

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Effect of soil temperature and inoculum rate on the recovery of three introduced strains of Rhizobium japonicum

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Effect of soil temperature on evapotranspiration by C3 and C4 grasses

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Effect of soil temperature on growth of cucumber in different air temperature and radiation regime

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Effect of soil temperature on the carbohydrate status in the potato plant (S. tuberosum L.)

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Effect of soil temperature on the development of some potato varieties

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Effect of soil temperature, soil moisture and soil organic matter content on carbon mineralization in the field

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Effect of soil temperature, soil moisture, and transport system alteration on glyphosate and photoassimilate transport in quackgrass (Agropyron repens (L.) Beauv.)

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Effect of soil texture and CaCO3 content on water infiltration in crusted soil as related to water salinity

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Effect of soil texture on microbial abbreviation of saprophytic survival by the take-all fungus of wheat

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Effect of soil thickness on nitrogen distribution and use by crested wheatgrass

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Effect of soil type and depth on crop production

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Effect of soil type and soil matric potential on infection of tobacco by Phytophthora parasitica var. nicotianae

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Effect of soil type on chlorsulfuron carryover in eastern South Dakota

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Effect of soil type on copper toxicity and copper uptake in Octolasium cyaneum (Lumbricidae)

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Effect of soil type, soil aeration, nitrogen supply and rhizosphere flora on the morphology of the seminal root system of maize

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Effect of soil types on chickpea root rot caused by Fusarium solani (Mart.) Sacc

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Effect of soil volume and plant density on mycorrhizal infection and growth response

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Effect of soil water content on leaf water potential and stomatal resistance of grapevine (Vitis vinifera) grafted on different rootstocks

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Effect of soil water potential, irrigation method and plant density on cotton root growth under field conditions

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Effect of soil wetting depth on faba bean yield

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Effect of soil-applied paclobutrazol in drip irrigated peach orchards

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Effect of soil-moisture stress on heat-unit requirement of wheat at maturity

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Effect of solar dehydration on amino acid pattern and available lysine content in four tropical leafy vegetables

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Effect of solar eclipse on germination of Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. and Toona ciliata Roem. seed

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Effect of solar radiation on milk yield in cows

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Effect of solar radiation on sugarbeet yield

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Effect of solubility of protein supplements fed to lactating dairy cows on production and composition of milk

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Effect of soluble silica on digestion of forage with rumen fluid of goat and cellulase

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Effect of soluble solid contents in the cucumber tendril sap on resistance to downy mildew and its control

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Effect of solution conditions on the proportion and morphology of goethite formed from ferrihydrite

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Effect of solution temperature on the growth and development of lettuce cv. Ostinata

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Effect of solvents extraction on chemical and physical properties of dried soymilk residue

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Effect of somatostatin and atropine infusion on intestinal transit time and fructose absorption in the perfused human jejunum

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Effect of somatostatin on small intestine enzyme activities in rat and chick

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Effect of some abiotic factors on germination of weed seeds

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Effect of some adenine derivatives on acid secretion from the isolated whole stomach of rats

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Effect of some agrotechnical factors on yield of winter rape

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Effect of some agrotechnical methods and specialized harvesting on seed quality

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Effect of some agrotechnical treatments on garlic yield. Part I. Effect of clove size on garlic yield and quality

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Effect of some agrotechnical treatments on garlic yield. Part II. Effect of the date and density of planting on yield

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Effect of some amendments on the mineralisation of 14C-labelled phenmedipham in a fresh meadow soil, and the immobilisation of 14C-labelled residues

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Effect of some amendments on the mineralization of 14C atrazine in a fresh prairie soil and the immobilization of 14C residues

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Effect of some antibiotics and chemotherapeutics on Trypanosoma lewisi infection in albino rats

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Effect of some anticoccidials on the immune response of fowls to Newcastle disease vaccine

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Effect of some antifungal compounds on growth of Penicillium citrinum and citrinin production

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Effect of some antimicrobial agents in primary amoebic meningoencephalitis in mice

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Effect of some antimicrobials in the artificial diet on the growth and development of Dacus cucurbitae (Coquillett) maggots

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Effect of some biosynthetic products in diets for meat chickens on amino acids in blood

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Effect of some chemical additives on growth of potato meristems and their freedom from P.V.X

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Effect of some chemicals on Pseudomonas sp. causing bacterial rot disease of orchids

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Effect of some chemicals on the activity of Hirschmanniella oryzae (Nematoda)

Carmenate, C.; Gamicik, P.; Hernandez, J.J., 1982:
Effect of some climatic factors on physical and morphological characters of ram semen

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