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Effects of adding microbial inoculants, molasses and urea on silage quality of immature whole-plant sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum)

Magno, N.K.; Carpenter, J.R.; Nolan, J.C.J.; Campbell, C.M.

Journal of Animal Science 63(Suppl 1): 290


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8812
Accession: 001351558

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Whole plant sugarcane was ensiled in 18.9-litre experimental silos (a) alone (20.6% DM), (b) with 5% molasses, (c) with microbial inoculants (Biomax SI, CULBAC, Silagreen + Furst-McNess Silage Starter) or (d) with (b) + (c). In a 2nd trial, treatments were (e) control (20.3% DM) and sugarcane + 5% molasses with (f) 0.35, (g) 0.50 or (h) 0.75% urea (FW basis). Silages were sampled fresh and 1-30 days after ensiling.

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