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Effects of an analogue of GnRH on pregnancy rates in dairy cattle

Macmillan, K.L.

New Zealand, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Agricultural Research Division Annual Report 1983/84: 57


Accession: 001351698

Four trials were completed to determine whether the GnRH analogue Hoe766 affected pregnancy rates in dairy cows. Cows were injected with 5 or 10 micro g of Hoe766 from 1 to 13 days after 1st insemination. The trials were conducted during Oct.-Nov. 1981, 1982 and 1983 in commercial dairy herds. There were 7-12 herds in each trial, and a similar number of cows in each herd was injected on each day after insemination with Hoe766, or isotonic saline as a placebo.

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