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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1353

Chapter 1353 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Beermann, D.H.; Hogue, D.E.; Fishell, V.K.; Dalrymple, R.H.; Ricks, C.A., 1986:
Effects of cimaterol and fishmeal on performance, carcass characteristics and skeletal muscle growth in lambs

Bhowmik, P.C.; Bekech, M.; Podmayer, S.M., 1986:
Effects of cinmethylin on weed control and soybean growth

Lenhard, R.J.; Brooks, R.H., 1986:
Effects of clay-solution interactions on water retention

Crouch, G.L., 1985:
Effects of clearcutting a subalpine forest in central Colorado on wildlife habitat

Burger, J.A.; Pritchett, W.L., 1984:
Effects of clearfelling and site preparation on nitrogen mineralization in a southern pine stand

Wallace, R.; Evans, L., 1985:
Effects of climate on agricultural production and profit

Phillips, R.E., 1984:
Effects of climate on performance of no-tillage

Marano, B., 1984:
Effects of climatic and nutritive factors on yellow berry in durum wheat kernels

Message, D.; Goncalves, L.S., 1984:
Effects of climatic conditions and state of the colony on the hygienic behaviour of Africanized honeybees

Kim, Y.T.; Leech, R.H., 1985:
Effects of climatic conditions on sap flow in sugar maple

Wallace, L.L.; McNaughton, S.J.; Coughenour, M.B., 1985:
Effects of clipping and four levels of nitrogen on the gas exchange, growth, and production of two East African graminoids

Croy, L.I., 1984:
Effects of clipping and grazing termination date on grain production

Krans, J.V.; Beard, J.B., 1985:
Effects of clipping on growth and physiology of 'Merion' Kentucky bluegrass

Cavalcanti, S. de S.; Marchatti Neto, A.; Moura, J.C. de A.; Sampaio, I.B.M., 1985:
Effects of cloprostenol in association with oxytocin on the induction of parturition in sows

Waring, H.D.; Snowdon, P., 1984:
Effects of clover and fertilization on growth, biomass and root development by twelve Pinus radiata families

O.S.een, W.N.; Rauch, H.W., 1983:
Effects of coal mining on ground-water quality in West Virginia

Miura, S.; Maruyama, K., 1984:
Effects of coastal forest upon the soil-vegetation system on sand dunes - comparison by association-analysis

Petrishek, I.A.; Lovkova, M.Y.; Grinkevich, N.I.; Orlova, L.P.; Poludennyi, L.V., 1984:
Effects of cobalt and copper on the accumulation of alkaloids in Atropa belladonna L

Mgongo, F.O.K.; Ogaa, J.S.; Gombe, S., 1985:
Effects of cobalt deficiency on hypophysis in goats

Domingo, J.L.; Paternain, J.L.; Llobet, J.M.; Corbella, J., 1985:
Effects of cobalt on postnatal development and late gestation in rats upon oral administration

Kraut, E.H.; Rojko, J.L.; Olsen, R.G.; Tuomari, D.L., 1985:
Effects of cobra venom factor treatment on latent feline leukemia virus infection

Ruff, M.D., 1985:
Effects of coccidiosis on nutrient utilization in broilers

Wheelhouse, R.K.; Groves, B.I.; Hammant, C.A.; Van Dijk, C.; Radu, J., 1985:
Effects of coccidiostats and dietary protein on performance and water consumption in broiler chickens

Yamagishi, N.; Mitsuhashi, T.; Ueno, T.; Watanabe, T.; Kamata, T.; Shishido, H., 1985:
Effects of cold environment on the physiological and productive reactions of lactating Holstein cows

Nakatsuka H.; Shoji Y.; Tsuda T., 1984:
Effects of cold exposure on lipid metabolism of liver and epididymal fat pad

Kato, S.; Young, B.A., 1984:
Effects of cold exposure on pancreatic exocrine secretions in sheep

Maciejewska, U.; Tomczyk, J.; Kacpersaka, A., 1983:
Effects of cold on CO2 exchange in winter rape leaves

Lopushinsky, W.; Kaufmann, M.R., 1984:
Effects of cold soil on water relations and spring growth of Douglas-fir seedlings

Emch, D.J.; Carvell, K.L., 1985:
Effects of cold storage and planting date on red pine survival and growth

Turnock, WJ.; Jones, TH.; Reader, PM., 1985:
Effects of cold stress during diapause on the survival and development of Delia radicum (Diptera: Anthomyiidae) in England

Silva, J.L.O. da; Alvarenga, M.A.R., 1985:
Effects of cold treatment on agricultural characteristics of garlic bulbs cv. Chonan. II. Physiological characteristics

Silva, J.L.O. da; Alvarenga, M.A.R., 1984:
Effects of cold treatment on some agronomic characteristics of the garlic cultivar Chonan. I. Morphological characteristics

Verhoef, H.A.; Goede, R.G.M. de, 1985:
Effects of collembolan grazing on nitrogen dynamics in a coniferous forest

Holt C.; Davies D.T.; Law A.J.R., 1986:
Effects of colloidal calcium phosphate content and free calcium ion concentration in the milk serum on the dissociation of bovine casein micelles

Fairfull, R.W.; Crober, D.C.; Gowe, R.S., 1985:
Effects of comb dubbing on the performance of laying stocks

Luo, X.Y.; Peng, Y.C.; Lu, S., 1985:
Effects of combined application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to rice on different paddy soils

Kimou, A.; Drevon, J.J.; Salsac, L., 1985:
Effects of combined nitrogen on the apparent relative efficiency of nitrogenase in soyabeans

Adelekan, D.A.; Thurnham, D.I., 1986 :
Effects of combined riboflavin and iron deficiency on the hematological status and tissue iron concentrations of the rat

Romeo, G.; Giorgetti, M., 1985:
Effects of combined vitamin A and E treatment of perceptive hearing loss

Cosgrove, S.B.; Corley, J.R.; Mahan, D.C., 1985:
Effects of combining protein sources on lysine utilization by starter pigs

Neumann, F.G.; Kassaby, F.Y., 1986:
Effects of commercial pesticides in seed-coats on seeds and germinants of Eucalyptus regnans, and their potential as seed protectants in the field

Krilov, A., 1985:
Effects of commercial timbers on the corrosion and wear of sawblade steels. Laboratory assessments of loss in weight and thickness of four steels

Dool, J.D., 1984:
Effects of common dandelion on alfalfa drying time and yield

Mayfield, A.H.; Clare, B.G., 1984:
Effects of common stubble treatments and sowing sequences on scald disease (Rhynchosporium secalis) in barley crops

Goodwin, M.S.; Morrison, I.N., 1984:
Effects of companion cropping on weed growth and alfalfa establishment

Stewart, R.E.; Gross, L.L.; Honkala, B.H., 1984:
Effects of competing vegetation on forest trees: a bibliography with abstracts

Fasoulas, A.C., 1984:
Effects of competition in the selection process

O.C.llaghan, D.; Quirke, J.F.; Bourke, S.; Roche, J.F., 1985:
Effects of compressed pellet or silastic rubber implants containing oestradiol alone or in combination with trenbolone acetate, on growth rate and carcass weight of steers

Eisen, E.J.; Saxton, A.M., 1984:
Effects of concurrent lactation and postpartum mating on reproductive performance in mice selected for large litter size

Nagasawa, H.; Furukoshi, K., 1985:
Effects of concurrent pregnancy and lactation on reproduction in four strains of mice

Lam-Sánchez, A.; Bressani, R.; Molina, M.R.; Elías, L.G.; González, J.M.; Durigan, J.F., 1985:
Effects of cone opening, initial moisture content and multiple extrusion on the protein quality of extruded soybean using the Brady Crop Cooker

Aoyama, M.; Kubota, M.; Takahashi, H., 1983:
Effects of coniferous bark extracts on plant growth

Rao, P.; Agarwal, S.K., 1985:
Effects of conservation of soil moisture and suppplemental irrigation on water-use efficiency of mustard, chickpea and barley

A.D.rby, A.M.; Lowery, B., 1984:
Effects of conservation tillage on corn growth

Clarke, I.J.; Burman, K.J.; Doughton, B.W.; Cummins, J.T., 1986:
Effects of constant infusion of gonadotrophin-releasing hormone in ovariectomized ewes with hypothalamo-pituitary disconnection: further evidence for differential control of LH and FSH secretion and the lack of a priming effect

Hale O.M.; Newton G.L., 1986:
Effects of constant or alternating dietary levels of crude protein on performance and carcass traits of swine

Wagner, TL.; Gagne, JA.; Sharpe, PJH.; Coulson, RN., 1984 :
Effects of constant temperature on longevity of adult southern pine beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Hosseiny, R.A., 1985:
Effects of contact and systematic sucker control agents on agronomic characteristics and chemical components of sun-cured tobacco

Keever, G.J.; Cobb, G.S.; Reed, R.B., 1985:
Effects of container dimension and volume on growth of three woody ornamentals

Miller, D.L.; Schaefer, R.M.I.I., 1985:
Effects of container size on white pine and Douglas-fir survival and growth in north Idaho

Duzewski, M.; Janicki, A.; Tkaczyk, M., 1981:
Effects of contents of fat, milk solids-not-fat and stabilizer on ice-cream overrun

Nishimune, A.; Yumura, Y.; Asakawa, Y.; Yosida, T., 1984:
Effects of continuous cropping on cabbage yields in relation to compost application

Emons, G.; Brack, C.; Chatelain, R.; Abel, H.H.; Isedor, S.; Ball, P., 1984:
Effects of continuous infusions of 4-hydroxyoestradiol and oestradiol on plasma LH-levels in the ovariectomized ewe

Sams, C.E.; Conway, W.S., 1985:
Effects of controlled atmosphere and calcium infiltration on decay of Delicious apples

Garbaye, J.; Tacon, F. le, 1986:
Effects of controlled mycorrhization after transplanting

Sindhu, J.S.; Roy, N.K., 1982:
Effects of cool-ageing on the mineral balance in buffaloes' milk

Johnson, M.K.; Delany, B.W.; Lynch, S.P.; Nelson, B.D., 1986:
Effects of cool-season forage crops on white-tailed deer

K.Y.G.; Han I.K.; H.J.K.; Kim S.K., 1985:
Effects of copper and sulfur sources on the performance of broiler chicks

Ciafardini, G.; Barbieri, C., 1984:
Effects of copper and zinc on the microflora of soils fertilized with pig slurry

Casimiro, A.; Arrabaca, M.C., 1984:
Effects of copper deficiency on photosynthesis in wheat

Matin, MA.; Yule, WN., 1984:
Effects of corn phenology on spatial distribution and population estimation of adult northern corn rootworms (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Farrar, R R.; Jr.; Bradley, J R.; Jr., 1984:
Effects of corolla retention in cotton on Heliothis spp. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larval numbers and damage

Askbrant S.; Malmloef K., 1986:
Effects of correction factors for protein retention on apparent metabolizable energy determinations with laying hens

Mendes, A.M.; Madon, R.J.; Flint, D.J., 1985:
Effects of cortisol and progesterone on insulin binding and lipogenesis in adipocytes from normal and diabetic rats

Mulrooney, J.E., 1984:
Effects of cotton allelochemics on growth of second stage Heliothis virescens larvae

Li, J.R.; Proctor, J.T.A.; Murr, D.P., 1985:
Effects of cotyledon removal on apple seedling growth and distribution of 14C-labelled photosynthates

Schramm, H L.; Jr.; Zale, AV., 1985:
Effects of cover and prey size on preferences of juvenile largemouth bass for blue tilapias and bluegills in tanks

Graham, R.A., 1985:
Effects of cowpea severe mosaic virus on growth, nodulation and yield of vegetable cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) in Trinidad

Dencic, S., 1985:
Effects of crop density on the photosynthetic area and yield of some wheat varieties

Johnson, T.B.; Turpin, F.T.; Schreiber, M.M.; Griffith, D.R., 1984:
Effects of crop rotation, tillage, and weed management systems on black cutworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) infestations in corn

Pawowski, F.; Wesoowski, M., 1984:
Effects of crop rotations with different percentages of cereals on the number of weed seeds in soil

Brown, J.E., 1983:
Effects of cropping systems on production and economic returns of ten vegetable crops

Dykeman, B.W., 1985:
Effects of crozier removal on growth of the ostrich fern

Minami, N.; Hosoi, Y.; Kasai, M.; Niwa, K.; Iritani, A., 1984:
Effects of cryoprotectants and freeze-thawing procedures on the survival of rabbit morulae stored at -196 degrees C

Schneider, R.K.; Mayhew, I.G.; Clarke, G.L., 1985:
Effects of cryotherapy on the palmar and plantar digital nerves in the horse

Berard, S.L.; Vigier, B.; Dubuc Lebreux, M.A., 1986 :
Effects of cultivar and controlled atmosphere storage on the incidence of black midrib and necrotic spot in winter cabbage

Alghali, A.M., 1986:
Effects of cultivar, time and amount of Chilo partellus Swinhoe (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) infestation on sorghum yield components in Kenya

Patil, A.A.; Bojappa, K.M., 1984:
Effects of cultivars and graded levels of nitrogen and phosphorus on certain quality attributes of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill). I. TSS, acidity, ascorbic acid and puffiness

Loue, A.; Boulay, H., 1984:
Effects of cultivars and rootstocks on mineral nutrition analysis in the grapevine

Barbetti, M.J.; MacNish, G.C., 1984:
Effects of cultivation and cultural practice on root rot of subterranean clover

Eguchi, H.; Shimada, S.; Satoh, J.; Kanao, T.; Hirokawa, F., 1984:
Effects of cultural practices on grain yield of wheat cultivars sown in winter

Knaflewski, M., 1985:
Effects of cultural practices on the quality of asparagus crowns

Nascimento, J.C.; Almeida, L.C. de; Alvim, P. de T., 1984:
Effects of cultural practices on the yields of cocoa trees in the Amazon lowlands

Yoon, Y.H., 1984:
Effects of culture filtrates of Lactobacillus spp. on growth of pig and monkey kidney cells

Wei, C.I.; Swartz, D.D.; Cornell, J.A., 1985:
Effects of culture media, exposure time and temperature on near-ultraviolet-induced sporulation of Alternaria alternata

Koroleva, N.S.; Pyatnitsyna, I.N.; Ovanova, T.G.; Lozovetskaya, V.T., 1984:
Effects of culturing conditions on rheological and other properties of acid coagula

Osman, A.M., 1981:
Effects of cutting interval on the relative dry matter production of four cultivars of Leucaena

Hobbs, S.D.; Wearstler, K.A.J., 1985:
Effects of cutting sclerophyll brush on sprout development and Douglas-fir growth

Ikeda, I.; Nakashima-Yoshida, K.; Sugano, M., 1985:
Effects of cycloartenol on absorption and serum levels of cholesterol in rats

Harigaya T.; Sakai S.; Kohmoto K.; Shoda Y., 1984:
Effects of cycloheximide in vitro on prolactin receptors in mouse mammary glands

Stigter, H.C.M.; Broekhuysen, A.G.M., 1985:
Effects of cycloheximide on cut roses

Marty, G.; Guen, V.L.; Fournial, T., 1986:
Effects of cyclonic depressions on coconut plantations in Vanuatu

Perfect, J.R.; Durack, D.T., 1985:
Effects of cyclosporine in experimental cryptococcal meningitis

Agunloye, O., 1986:
Effects of cypermethrine on the population of Podagrica uniforma (Jacoby) and Podagrica sjostedti (Jacoby) and the yield of okra

Phonchevin, T.; Upatham, E.S.; Phanthumachinda, B.; Prasittisuk, C.; Sukhapanth, N., 1985:
Effects of cyromazin and methoprene on the developmental stages of Anopheles dirus, Aedes aegypti and Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera : Culicidae)

Krishnan, M.; Ramalingham, K.; Gargesh, R.N., 1984:
Effects of cystacanths of Moniliformis moniliformis (Acanthocephala) on the tissue proteins, haemolymph amino acids and fat body: histology of Periplaneta americana L

Carmi A., 1986:
Effects of cytokinins and root pruning on photosynthesis and growth

Nose, A.; Heima, K.; Miyazato, K.; Murayama, S., 1986:
Effects of day-length on CAM type CO2 and water vapour exchange of pineapple plants

Lauridson, T.C.; Schweizer, E.E.; Orr, G.L., 1984:
Effects of daylength and clipping treatments on basipetal translocation of glyphosate in field bindweed

Sakurai, H., 1984:
Effects of daylength and light colour during the laying period on egg production in Japanese quail

Breckle, S.W.; Scheck Hoffmann, A., 1985:
Effects of de-icing salt on border areas of a highway

Fox, T.C.; Geiger, D.R., 1984:
Effects of decreased net carbon exchange on carbohydrate metabolism in sugar beet source leaves

Layer, P.; Zinsmeister, A.R.; DiMagno, E.P., 1986:
Effects of decreasing intraluminal amylase activity on starch digestion and postprandial gastrointestinal function in humans

Eruz, E.; Makeschin, F.; Rehfuess, K.E.; Schulte Ubbing, K., 1985:
Effects of deep ploughing, liming and planting of grey alder on the bioelement contents of a Scots pine site previously degraded by litter removal

Bassman, J.H.; Dickmann, D.I., 1985:
Effects of defoliation in the developing leaf zone on young Populus X euramericana plants. II. Distribution of 14C-photosynthate after defoliation

Faby, R.; Naumann, W.D., 1986:
Effects of defoliation of apple trees after harvest. II. Mineral and carbohydrate contents in shoots and crop

Havaux, M.; Lannoye, R., 1985:
Effects of dehydration on the photochemical function of thylakoids in bean leaves

Aisaka, K.; Mori, H.; Ogawa, T.; Kigawa, T., 1984:
Effects of dehydroepiandrosterone-sulphate (DHEA-S) administration on puerperal lactation and maternal prolactin and estradiol levels

Liu, F.W., 1986:
Effects of delayed cooling and delayed low-ethylene CA storage on the keeping quality of 'McIntosh' apples

Whatley, L.L.; Cole, A.W.; Coats, G.E., 1983:
Effects of delayed herbicide application on soybean yield

Arpaia, M.L.; Mitchell, F.G.; Mayer, G.; Kader, A.A., 1984:
Effects of delays in establishing controlled atmospheres on kiwifruit softening during and following storage

Satoh, S.; Takeuchi, T.; Narabe, Y.; Watanabe, T., 1983:
Effects of deletion of several trace elements from fish meal diets on growth and mineral composition of rainbow trout fingerlings

Chevalet, C.; Rochambeau, H. de, 1984:
Effects of demographic structure and mating scheme on inbreeding rates in small populations

Lemieux, C.; Deschenes, J.M., 1984 :
Effects of density of corn spurrey (Spergula arvensis) on yield of lucerne in the establishment year

Mauffette, Y.; Jobin, L., 1985:
Effects of density on the proportion of male and female pupae in gypsy-moth populations

Harvey, R.B.; Kubena, L.F.; Corrier, D.E.; Witzel, D.A.; Phillips, T.D.; Heidelbaugh, N.D., 1986:
Effects of deoxynivalenol in a wheat ration fed to growing lambs

Holtenius, K., 1986:
Effects of deprivation of food or water for one day on fluid transfer through the walls of the rumen

Mbagwu, J.S.C.; Lal, R.; Scott, T.W., 1984:
Effects of desurfacing of alfisols and ultisols in southern Nigeria: I. Crop performance

Bohlender, R.; Lowry, S., 1986:
Effects of deworming on profitability in cow-calf operations

Graf, H.; Leach, W.; Arieff, A.I., 1985:
Effects of dichloroacetate in the treatment of hypoxic lactic acidosis in dogs

Fox, G.R.; Virgo, B.B., 1986:
Effects of dieldrin on hepatic carbohydrate metabolism in the suckling and adult rat

McElroy, J.F.; Mason, P.W.; Hamilton, J.M.; Wade, G.N., 1986:
Effects of diet and photoperiod on NE turnover and GDP binding in Siberian hamster brown adipose tissue

Loschiavo, S.R.; White, N.D.G., 1986:
Effects of diet and population density on larval development and pupal weight of Tribolium confusum

Wedekind, K.J.; Muntifering, R.B.; Barker, K.B., 1986:
Effects of diet concentrate level and sodium bicarbonate on site and extent of forage fiber digestion in the gastrointestinal tract of wethers

Li, F.S.; Zou, L.M.; Guan, J.Y.; Duan, Y.J.; Li, L., 1985:
Effects of diet deficient in selenium and phospholipid on the myocardial cytochrome oxidase activity in guinea pigs

Ruiz, R.; Dupeyron, R.; Marty, R.J., 1981:
Effects of diet on the ability of reticulorumen to absorb VFAs at controlled pH

Castell, A.G.; Cliplef, R.L.; McKay, R.M., 1985:
Effects of diet, litter, and sex type on the performance (from 22 to 90 kg liveweight) and carcass measurements of crossbred pigs

Hill, D.L.; Mistretta, C.M.; Bradley, R.M., 1986:
Effects of dietary NaCl deprivation during early development on behavioral and neurophysiological taste responses

Bishop, T.C.; Stahly, T.S.; Cromwell, G.L., 1985:
Effects of dietary additions of fat and triamcinolone for sows during late gestation on subsequent pig performance

Miller, B.L.; Meiske, J.C.; Goodrich, R.D., 1986:
Effects of dietary additives on B-vitamin production and absorption in steers

Holzgraefe, D.P.; Jensen, A.H.; Fahey, G.C.; Grummer, R.R., 1986:
Effects of dietary alfalfa-orchardgrass hay and lasalocid on sow reproductive performance

Holzgraefe, D.P.; Fahey, G.C.; Jensen, A.H.; Berger, L.L., 1985:
Effects of dietary alfalfa:orchardgrass hay and lasalocid on nutrient utilization by gravid sows

Carriere, D.; Fischer, KL.; Peakall, DB.; Anghern, P., 1986:
Effects of dietary aluminum sulphate on reproductive success and growth of ringed turtle-doves (Streptopelia risoria)

Diersen-Schade, D.A.; Richard, M.J.; Jacobson, N.L., 1984:
Effects of dietary calcium and fat on cholesterol in tissues and feces of young goats

Wander, R.C.; Berdanier, C.D., 1985:
Effects of dietary carbohydrate on mitochondrial composition and function in two strains of rats

Thompson, SN., 1986:
Effects of dietary carbohydrate on the nutritional physiology and blood sugar level of Trichoplusia ni parasitized by the insect parasite, Hyposoter exiguae

Jiang, K.S., 1986:
Effects of dietary cellulose and xylan on absorption and tissue contents of zinc and copper in rats

Chochi Y.; Miyahana K.; Hikami Y.; Hasegawa S.; Mizuno T., 1984:
Effects of dietary cereals on lipid contents of serum and liver in growing chicks

Goetsch A.L.; Owens F.N., 1984:
Effects of dietary concentrate level and alternating the level of concentrate on digestion and passage rate in cattle fed mixed diets

Punia, B.S.; Sharma, D.D., 1985:
Effects of dietary energy source on 35S uptake and protein synthesis by rumen microorganisms of buffalo and cattle in vitro

Henau, P. de; Chan, C.W.; Touchburn, S.P., 1986:
Effects of dietary energy, protein, and fat levels on the reproductive performance of turkey hens

Bishop, T.C.; Stahly, T.S.; Cromwell, G.L., 1985:
Effects of dietary fat and triamcinolone additions during late gestation on the body energy reserves of neonatal pigs

Atteh, J.O.; Leeson, S., 1985:
Effects of dietary fat level on laying hens fed various concentrations of calcium

Vartiainen, E.; Puska, P.; Pietinen, P.; Nissinen, A.; Leino, U.; Uusitalo, U., 1986:
Effects of dietary fat modifications on serum lipids and blood pressure in children

Flatt, J.P.; Ravussin, E.; Acheson, K.J.; Jéquier, E., 1985:
Effects of dietary fat on postprandial substrate oxidation and on carbohydrate and fat balances

Cesar, S.M., 1985:
Effects of dietary fat, season and breed type on feedlot performance and carcass characteristics of beef steers

Ponder, D.L.; Green, N.R., 1985:
Effects of dietary fats and butylated hydroxytoluene on mutagen activation in rats

Berschauer, F.; Rupp, J.; Ehrensvard, U., 1984:
Effects of dietary fats on the nutritional physiology of growing pigs. 4. Effect of sunflower oil and coconut fat on deposition of protein and fat, fatty acid pattern of backfat and some blood values in piglets

Berschauer, F., 1984:
Effects of dietary fats on the nutritional physiology of growing pigs. 5. Effect of soya oil and lard on deposition of protein in piglets

Berschauer, F.; Ehrensvard, U., 1984:
Effects of dietary fats on the nutritional physiology of growing pigs. 6. Effect of soya oil and lard on fattening and carcass characteristics and on some blood values in fattening pigs

Lairon, D.; Lafont, H.; Vigne, J.L.; Nalbone, G.; Léonardi, J.; Hauton, J.C., 1985 :
Effects of dietary fibers and cholestyramine on the activity of pancreatic lipase in vitro

Galloway, J.H.; Cartwright, I.J.; Woodcock, B.E.; Greaves, M.; Russell, R.G.; Preston, F.E., 1985:
Effects of dietary fish oil supplementation on the fatty acid composition of the human platelet membrane: demonstration of selectivity in the incorporation of eicosapentaenoic acid into membrane phospholipid pools

Shackelford, M.E., 1985:
Effects of dietary lead treatment on vitamin D metabolism in nonpregnant rats, lactating rats, and suckling pups

Pusztai, A.; Greer, F., 1984:
Effects of dietary legume proteins on the morphology and secretory responses of the rat small intestine

Jean-Blain, C.; Durix, A., 1985:
Effects of dietary lipid level on ketonemia and other plasma parameters related to glucose and fatty acid metabolism in the rabbit during fasting

Conway, D.M.; Early, R.J.; Sauer, W.C.; Thompson, J.R., 1985:
Effects of dietary lysine on blood lysine concentrations in growing pigs

Greenhaff, P.L.; Maughan, R.J., 1986:
Effects of dietary manipulation on acid-base status and the performance of maximal exercise in man

Stangassinger, M.; Church, E.; Miller, W.; Giesecke, D., 1984:
Effects of dietary medium-chain fatty acids on 3-hydroxybutyrate and glucose entry in sheep

Wittenberg, M.K., 1985:
Effects of dietary molybdenum on production performance and on parameters reflecting body copper and molybdenum status of lactating cows and ewes and their offspring

Nouvelot, A.; Dedonder, E.; Dewailly, P.; Bourre, J.M., 1985:
Effects of dietary n-3 fatty acids on the composition of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the retina. Structural and physiological aspects

Saeed, MO.; Ziebell, CD., 1986:
Effects of dietary nonpreferred aquatic plants on the growth of redbelly tilapia (Tilapia zilli)

Worthington, R.E.; Miller, J., 1986:
Effects of dietary peanut and corn oils on blood serum LDL/HDL ratios in rats: a crossover study

Kanazawa, A.; Teshima, S-i.; Inamori, S.; Matsubara, H., 1983:
Effects of dietary phospholipids on growth of the larval red sea bream and knife jaw

Lee K.U.; Han I.K.; H.J.K.; Kim S.K.; Kwack C.H., 1986:
Effects of dietary phytic acid phosphorus on the availabilities of calcium and phosphorus in starting broiler chicks

Kesaniemi, Y.A.; Grundy, S.M., 1986:
Effects of dietary polyenylphosphatidylcholine on metabolism of cholesterol and triglycerides in hypertriglyceridemic patients

Lim, H.S.; Oh, S.H.; Han, I.K., 1985:
Effects of dietary polyunsaturated and saturated (P/S) fat ratio on plasma cholesterol and lipoprotein in rats

Poe, J.H.; Greene, L.W.; Schelling, G.T.; Byers, F.M.; Ellis, W.C., 1985:
Effects of dietary potassium and sodium on magnesium utilization in sheep

Switzer, B.R.; Anderson, J.J.; Pick, J.R., 1986:
Effects of dietary protein and ethanol intake on pregnant beagles fed purified diets

Bell, R.R.; McGill, T.J.; Digby, P.W.; Bennett, S.A., 1984:
Effects of dietary protein and exercise on brown adipose tissue and energy balance in experimental animals

Murai T.; Akiyama T.; Takeuchi T.; Watanabe T.; Nose T., 1985:
Effects of dietary protein and lipid levels on performance and carcass composition of fingerling carp

Bellush, L.L.; Rowland, N.E., 1986:
Effects of dietary protein and tyrosine on behavior of diabetic rats

Bartov, I., 1985:
Effects of dietary protein concentration and corticosterone injections on energy and nitrogen balances and fat deposition in broiler chicks

Sherman, A.R.; Helyar, L.; Wolinsky, I., 1985:
Effects of dietary protein concentration on trace minerals in rat tissues at different ages

Taniguchi K.; Yamatani Y.; Otani I., 1984:
Effects of dietary protein content on chewing behavior and digestibility in steers

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