Effects of sulfometuron methyl on understory vegetation in Allegheny hardwood stands

Horsley, S.B.

Proceedings 39th annual meeting of the Northeastern Weed Science Society: 224


Accession: 001354655

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In trials in hardwood stands in NW Pennsylvania, 0-0.42 kg sulfometuron-methyl/ha was applied in 550 l spray with a low-pressure sprayer at the beginning of May, June, July, Aug., Sept., Oct. or Nov. At 1 year after herbicide application, 99% control of Dennstaedtia punctilobula was obtained with all rates applied between 1 July and 1 Oct., but control was only 10-92% for 1 May, 60-95% for 1 June and 42-83% for 1 Nov. applications depending on the rate. Grass control was lowest early in the season (max. 28% with May and June treatments) but increased to up to 85% with Nov. treatments. Sulfometuron methyl did not control Acer pensylvanicum or Fagus grandifolia at any rate or application date.