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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1356

Chapter 1356 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Joshi, G.D.; Limaye, V.P., 1986:
Effects of tree-location and fruit-weight on spongy tissue occurrence in Alphonso mango

Wierda, A.; Verhoeff, J.; van Dijk, S.; Dorresteijn, J.; Wensing, T., 1985:
Effects of trenbolone acetate and propylene glycol on pregnancy toxaemia in ewes

Peters, A.R., 1985:
Effects of trenbolone acetate on ovarian function in cull cows

Ge, X.H.; Zhang, C.X., 1984:
Effects of triacontanol on the seedlings of Poncirus trifoliata in water culture

Kelley, W.D.; Williams, J.C., 1985:
Effects of triadimefon and triadimenol as seed dressings on incidence of fusiform rust on loblolly pine seedlings

Koo, R.C.J.; Smajstrla, A.G., 1984:
Effects of trickle irrigation and fertigation on fruit production and juice quality of 'Valencia' orange

Smajstrla, A.G.; Koo, R.C.J., 1984:
Effects of trickle irrigation methods and amounts of water applied on citrus yields

Rusuku, G.; Lepoivre, P., 1983:
Effects of triphenylphosphite on haricot bean infection by Uromyces phaseoli var. typica (Pers.) Wint

Pfleger, I.; Werner, D., 1986:
Effects of tube-shaped hollow spaces in soil pastes of different density and moisture content on the penetrating power of spring barley roots

Hollander, D.M.; Ebert, E.C.; Roberts, A.I.; Devereux, D.F., 1986:
Effects of tumor type and burden on carcass lipid depletion in mice

Hashimoto, K.; Akiyama, E.; Oki, Y., 1984:
Effects of tumour associated surface antigen and killer T-cell on isogeneic transplantation immunity of Marek's disease lymphoma cell lines

Wang, Y., 1984:
Effects of turning up seedbed soil on growth of young seedlings of Dalbergia obtusifolia

Abdouli, H.; Schaefer, D.M., 1986:
Effects of two dietary niacin concentrations on ruminal fluid free niacin concentration, and of supplemental niacin and source of inoculum on in vitro microbial growth, fermentative activity and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide pool size

Johansen, T., 1986:
Effects of two different housing systems on the health of calves at Aalestrup rearing station

Bentley, A.M.; Wallis, M., 1986:
Effects of two enkephalin analogues, morphine sulphate, dopamine and naloxone on prolactin secretion from rat anterior pituitary glands in vitro

Foster, G.N., 1986:
Effects of two insecticidal spray programmes on aphids and the spread of potato leafroll virus

Fernandez B.R.I.; Clavijo A.S., 1984:
Effects of two insecticides (one chemical and the other biological) on the parasitism observed in larvae of Spodoptera frugiperda (S.) from experimental plots of maize

Nielsen, M.T.; Legg, P.D.; Litton, C.C., 1985:
Effects of two introgressed disease resistance factors on agronomic characteristics and certain chemical components in Burley tobacco

McAlister, R.H., 1985:
Effects of two methods of accelerated aging on strength and stiffness of composite structural lumber

Hendrickson, O.Q.; Chatarpaul, L.; Robinson, J.B., 1985:
Effects of two methods of timber harvesting on microbial processes in forest soil

Wouk, A.F.P.; Sautet, J.Y.; Haverbeke, G. van; Cabanie, P.; More, J., 1986:
Effects of two oestrogenic anabolics on bull calf urethral muscle. A histochemical and morphological study

Matsumura, T.; Ito, Y.; Miyazaki, H.; Maeda, F., 1986:
Effects of two synthetic pyrethroids on Tabanus nipponicus and Haemaphysalis longicornis (Tabanidae, Diptera and Ixodidae, Acari)

Maly, MS.; Barrett, GW., 1984:
Effects of two types of nutrient enrichment on the structure and function of contrasting old-field communities

Abo Hassan, A.A.; Nasr, T.A.; Elshuks, H.A., 1983:
Effects of type and storage of pollen on fruiting of Khudari dates

Murall, N.S.; Teramura, A.H., 1985:
Effects of ultraviolet-B irradiance on soybean VII. Biomass and concentration and uptake of nutrients at varying P supply

Suzuki, O.; Sato, M.; Kubota, Y., 1982:
Effects of underfeeding on oestrous behaviour and ovarian function in postpubertal beef heifers

Wang, D.Y., 1984 :
Effects of underground water table on planting of poplars in areas around Dongting Lake

Chandler, K.D.; Leury, B.J.; Bird, A.R.; Bell, A.W., 1985:
Effects of undernutrition and exercise during late pregnancy on uterine, fetal and uteroplacental metabolism in the ewe

Majumdar A.P.N., 1986:
Effects of undernutrition and subsequent nutritional rehabilitation or hydrocortisone administration on growth and function of the gastrointestinal tract in rats

Vendite, D.; Wofchuk, S.; Souza, D.O., 1985:
Effects of undernutrition during suckling on footshock escape behavior and on related neurochemical parameters in rats

Roy, S.; Gopinath, G., 1986:
Effects of undernutrition on the anterior pituitary gland of neonatal rat

Dilz, K.; Brakel, G.D. van; Richards, I.R., 1985:
Effects of uneven fertiliser spreading on crop yield and quality. Part I. Effects of uneven fertiliser spreading - a literature review. Part II. Effects of inaccurate fertiliser spreading on crop yield and quality in the UK

Richards, I.R., 1985:
Effects of uneven fertiliser spreading on crop yield and quality. Part II. Effects of inaccurate fertiliser spreading on crop yield and quality in the UK

Dilz, K.; Brakel, G.D. van, 1985:
Effects of uneven fertiliser spreading on crop yield and quality. part I. Effects of uneven fertiliser spreading - a literature review

Allen, R.B.; Payton, I.J.; Knowlton, J.E., 1984:
Effects of ungulates on structure and species composition in the Urewera forests as shown by exclosures

Shin, M.K.; Chung, Y.C.; Kim, C.K., 1985:
Effects of unilateral castration and cryptorchidism on serum FSH, LH and testosterone levels and testicular development in the immature rats

Gunther, M., 1985:
Effects of unplanned harvests in a forestry enterprise incorporating a log yard

Cerqueira, M.T., 1984:
Effects of urbanization and acculturation on food habits: studies in Mexico

Rajput, C.B.S.; Singh, J.N., 1983:
Effects of urea and GA3 sprays on the growth, flowering and fruiting characters of mango

Barclay, H.J.; Brix, H., 1984:
Effects of urea and ammonium nitrate fertilizer on growth of a young thinned and unthinned Douglas-fir stand

Sagare B.N.; Naphade K.T.; Joshi B.G., 1986:
Effects of urea and diammonium phosphate sprays on yield and nutrient uptake by sunflower

Lee, H.H.; Hong, S.D., 1984:
Effects of urea-phenol-melamine copolymer adhesive on plywood qualities

Yeomans J.C.; Bremner J.M., 1986:
Effects of urease inhibitors on denitrification in soil

Johnston, G.R.; Osborne, C.A.; Jessen, C.R., 1985:
Effects of urinary bladder distension on the length of the dog and cat urethra

Johnston, G.R.; Osborne, C.A.; Jessen, C.R.; Feeney, D.A., 1986:
Effects of urinary bladder distention on location of the urinary bladder and urethra of healthy dogs and cats

Drickamer, L.C., 1986 :
Effects of urine from females in oestrus on puberty in female mice

Nuna, I.; Ubaldi, A.; Corbella, E.; Corradi, A., 1984:
Effects of using Trigonella foenum-graecum in diets for dairy cows: biochemical, clinical and histological values

March, G.J.; Lenardon, S.L.; Beviacqua, J.E.; Ornaghi, J.A.; Astorga, E.M., 1985:
Effects of using granulated systemic insecticides on the incidence of maize rough dwarf virus and maize yield

Lidster, P.D.; McRae, K.B.; Dick, A.J., 1985:
Effects of vacuum infusion of a partially purified beta -galactosidase inhibitor on apple quality

Massart-Leën, A.M.; Peeters, G.; Vandeputte-Van Messom, G.; Roets, E.; Burvenich, C., 1986:
Effects of valerate and isobutyrate on fatty acid secretion by the isolated perfused mammary gland of the lactating goat

Greenhall, A.M., 1985:
Effects of vampire bats and paralytic rabies on livestock production

Hill, J.O.; Latiff, A.; DiGirolamo, M., 1985:
Effects of variable caloric restriction on utilization of ingested energy in rats

Cranmer, J.R.; Duke, W.B., 1986:
Effects of variations in drop makeup on the phytotoxicity of glyphosate to quackgrass

Cranmer, J.R.; Duke, W.B., 1985:
Effects of variations in drop makeup on the phytotoxicity of glyphosate to velvetleaf

Polo, A.; Molinero, A., 1984:
Effects of variations in pH and C/N ratio on the mineralization of an acid peat

Gurkan, B.; Bosgelmez, A., 1984:
Effects of varieties of Solanum tuberosum L. on larval stages and nutritional preference of Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say)

Savides, M.C.; Oehme, F.W.; Leipold, H.W., 1985:
Effects of various antidotal treatments on acetaminophen toxicosis and biotransformation in cats

Rygol, J.; Luttge, U., 1984:
Effects of various benzene derivatives, dodecylbenzenesulfonate and HgCl2 on water-relation parameters at the cellular level

Ohta, S.; Keller, R.; Janin, G., 1985:
Effects of various combinations of NPK fertilizers on some physical, chemical, mechanical and pulping properties of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) in the Landes. Part 2: Compression wood and pulping properties

Sibuga, K.P.; Bandeen, J.D., 1980:
Effects of various densities of green foxtail (Setaria viridis (L.) Beauv.) and lamb's-quarters (Chenopodium album L.) on nitrogen uptake and yields of corn

Szabo, T.I., 1983:
Effects of various entrances and hive direction on outdoor wintering of honey bee colonies

Unger, A.; Takacs, G.; Babella, G.; Kiss, G.; Toth, M., 1984:
Effects of various factors on freezing point of milk

Nagawekar, D.D.; Gunjate, R.T.; Salvi, M.J., 1984:
Effects of various factors on survival of mango stone grafts

Esau, R., 1984:
Effects of various herbicides on succeeding rotational crops

Tsaih, D.C.; Chen, T.Y., 1985 :
Effects of various humidity treatments on the properties of particleboard

Gibney, V.J.; Campbell, J.B.; Boxler, D.J.; Clanton, D.C.; Deutscher, G.H., 1985:
Effects of various infestation levels of cattle lice (Mallophaga: Trichodectidae and Anoplura: Haematopinidae) on feed efficiency and weight gains of beef heifers

Coen, C.W.; Gallo, R.V., 1986:
Effects of various inhibitors of phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase on pulsatile release of LH in ovariectomized rats

Ojuederie, B.M.; Iremiren, G.O.; Utulu, S.N., 1983:
Effects of various inter-row slashing regimes and size of weeded rings on the early growth, flowering and bunch yield of the oil palm

Kal' nitskii, B.D.; Kharitonova, O.V.; Bordun, G.V., 1983:
Effects of various levels of calcium and phosphorus in the diet for heifers on their utilization of major elements and productivity during first calving

Lai, A.; Kiyomi-Ito, M.; Komatsu, K.; Niiyama, Y., 1984:
Effects of various levels of dietary calcium during pregnancy on maternal calcium utilization and fetal growth in rats

Dafalla, R.; Adam, S.E., 1986:
Effects of various levels of dietary selenium on hybro-type chicks

Buhtz, E., 1985:
Effects of various long-term fertility treatments on dry matter yields, quality of harvested products and soil fertility characteristics

Poulton, A.L.; English, J.; Symons, A.M.; Arendt, J., 1986:
Effects of various melatonin treatments on plasma prolactin concentrations in the ewe

Russell, J.B.; Martin, S.A., 1984:
Effects of various methane inhibitors on the fermentation of amino acids by mixed rumen microorganisms in vitro

Krstic, B.; Saric, M., 1982:
Effects of various nitrogen forms upon its concentration in some sugar beet varieties

Jayos Rios, E., 1985:
Effects of various phytohormone treatments on organogenesis in callus tissues of Zea mays L

Petrova, L.; Dekov, I.; Kozareva, M., 1983:
Effects of various ratios of major and trace elements in a nutrient medium on transpiration and some indices of the water regime of lucerne

Madon, R.J.; Ensor, D.M.; Flint, D.J., 1985:
Effects of various secretagogues on insulin secretion in vitro of islets of Langerhans from virgin, pregnant and lactating rats

Simon, T., 1983:
Effects of various soil cultivation and fertilization systems as tested with maize as indicator plant

Mohammad Aslam; Khan, S.A.; Khan, M.A., 1984:
Effects of various soil depths on sunflower germination

Ichikawa, T.; Hagiwara, K.; Tsuda, A.; Honma, C., 1983:
Effects of various sterilizations on content of vitamins of milk and changes in vitamins' contents of LL-milk during storage

Cisse, M.I., 1980:
Effects of various stripping regimes on foliage production of some browse bushes of the Sudano-Sahelian zone

Wiersum, K.F., 1985:
Effects of various vegetation layers in an Acacia auriculiformis forest plantation on surface erosion in Java, Indonesia

Breitenbeck, G.A.; Bremner, J.M., 1986:
Effects of varous nitrogen fertilizers on emission of nitrous oxide from soils

Young, C.M.; Rasmussen, K.M., 1985:
Effects of varying degrees of chronic dietary restriction in rat dams on reproductive and lactational performance and body composition in dams and their pups

Macmillan, K.L.; Pearce, M.G.; Copeman, P.J.A.; Macdonald, K.A.; Kilgour, R., 1985:
Effects of varying feeding time on diurnal calving patterns in dairy cows

Holzman, I.R.; Tabata, B.; Edelstone, D.I., 1985:
Effects of varying hematocrit on intestinal oxygen uptake in neonatal lambs

Maples, R.; Frizzell, M., 1985:
Effects of varying rates of nitrogen on three cotton cultivars

Kalu, A.U.; Haruna, E., 1984:
Effects of vasopressor drugs on number of Trypanosoma congolense in ruminant blood

McDonald, R.E., 1986:
Effects of vegetable oils, CO2, and film wrapping on chilling injury and decay of lemons

Faust, T.D.; Rice, J.T., 1986:
Effects of veneer surface roughness on gluebond quality in southern pine plywood

Egawa, M.; Inoue, S.; Sato, S.; Takamura, Y.; Nagai, K.; Nakagawa, H., 1984:
Effects of ventromedial hypothalamic lesions on circadian rhythms in serum insulin, glucose, triglyceride and food intake in rats

Costa, G.; Labadia, A.; Garcia-Sacristan, A., 1985:
Effects of verapamil on the smooth muscle of the horse urinary tract

Smeaton, D.C.; Wadams, T.K.; Hockey, H.U.P., 1985:
Effects of very low nutrition during pregnancy on live weight and survival of ewes and lambs

Wallace A.; Wallace G.A., 1986:
Effects of very low rates of synthetic soil conditioners on soils

Syltie P.W., 1985:
Effects of very small amounts of highly active biological substances on plant growth

Kalopissis, A.D.; L.L.epvre, X., 1985:
Effects of very-low-density lipoproteins on fatty acid synthesis and VLDL secretion by isolated hepatocytes

Ngeve, J.M.; Roncadori, R.W., 1984:
Effects of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae, temperature, and phosphorus on Fusarium wilt of sweet potato

Forino, L.M.C., 1984:
Effects of vinclozolin on mitosis in Lycopersicon esculentum Mill

Yorganc, U.; Sekin, S., 1986:
Effects of viruses on the yield, output, quality and chemical composition of tobacco

Meyer, J.H.; Gu, Y.; Elashoff, J.; Reedy, T.; Dressman, J.; Amidon, G., 1986:
Effects of viscosity and fluid outflow on postcibal gastric emptying of solids

Dollinger, E.J., 1984:
Effects of visible recessive alleles on grain yield in an inbred line

Dollinger, E.J., 1985:
Effects of visible recessive alleles on vigor characteristics in a maize hybrid

Clucas, C.P., 1985:
Effects of visual selection among and within S1 lines of maize on S2 line and testcross performance

Dahlquist, S.P.; Chew, B.P., 1985:
Effects of vitamin A and beta -carotene on mastitis in dairy cows during the early dry period

Tjoelker, L.W.; Chew, B.P.; Tanaka, T.S.; Daniel, L.R., 1986:
Effects of vitamin A and beta -carotene on phagocytosis and killing by bovine mammary neutrophils in vitro

Erden, F.; Hacisalihoğlu, A.; Koçer, Z.; Simşek, B.; Nebioğlu, S., 1985:
Effects of vitamin C intake on whole blood plasma, leucocyte and urine ascorbic acid and urine oxalic acid levels

Zhang, Q.F.; Shen, S.H.; Zhong, Y.T.; Liao, Z.M., 1985:
Effects of vitamin C on fertility

Bazzarre, Tl, 1986:
Effects of vitamin C supplementation among male smokers and non-smokers

Akazawa, N.; Mikami, S.; Kimura, S., 1986:
Effects of vitamin E deficiency and non-biological antioxidant (DPPD) on the function of the pituitary-gonadal axis of the rat

Helson, L.; Helson, C., 1985:
Effects of vitamin E on fibroblast fibronectin

Eymann, M.; Friend, WG., 1985:
Effects of vitamin supplements on the development of onion maggots (Diptera: Anthomyiidae) on axenic onion agar

Mathur, A.; Singh, S.; Kant, U., 1984 :
Effects of vitamins on growth of cultured normal and nematode induced root gall tissues of Lycopersicon esculentum Mill

O'Connell, R.J.; Meredith, M., 1984:
Effects of volatile and nonvolatile chemical signals on male sex behaviors mediated by the main and accessory olfactory systems

Smajstrla, A.G.; Koo, R.C.J.; Weldon, J.H., 1984:
Effects of volume of the root zone irrigated on water use and yield of citrus

Amin, T.M.; Sirs, J.A.; Allen, B.V.; Colles, C.M., 1986:
Effects of warfarin on blood rheology in navicular disease

Beede, D.K.; Collier, R.J.; Wilcox, C.J.; Thatcher, W.W., 1985:
Effects of warm climates on milk yield and composition (short-term effects)

Heaney, D.P.; Shrestha, J.N.B., 1985:
Effects of warm versus cold milk replacers and of free-choice hay postweaning on performance of artificially reared lambs

Nerson, H.; Paris, H.S.; Edelstein, M.; Zohar, R.; Govers, A.; Burger, Y., 1985:
Effects of washing and drying of cucurbit seeds at harvest on their immediate germinability

Lopez, E.; Peignoux Deville, J.; Vidal, B.; Lallier, F.; Becker, P., 1985:
Effects of waste gypsum disposal on some aspects of teleost fish physiology

Lemlich, S.K.; Ewel, K.C., 1984:
Effects of wastewater disposal on growth rates of cypress trees

Watts, D.G.; Martin, D.L., 1981:
Effects of water and nitrogen management on nitrate leaching loss from sands

Keck, T.J.; Wagenet, R.J.; Campbell, W.F.; Knighton, R.E., 1984:
Effects of water and salt stress on growth and acetylene reduction in alfalfa

Caraballo, E.; Goyal, M.R.; Baez, C.C. de, 1986:
Effects of water application rates and planting density on growth parameters of drip irrigated onions

Goyal, M.R.; Guadalupe Luna, R.; Recio de Hernandez, E.; Rivera, L.E.; Caraballo, E., 1985:
Effects of water application rates and planting density on size arrangements of drip irrigated onions

Stephens, D.B., 1985:
Effects of water availability on plasma protein and sodium concentration, haematocrit and plasma osmolality in the pig

Nerd, A.; Benzioni, A., 1985:
Effects of water deficits and of fruit filling on vegetative growth of jojoba

Dahlborn, K., 1985:
Effects of water deprivation in lactating goats

Nienaber, J.A.; Hahn, G.L., 1984:
Effects of water flow restriction and environmental factors on performance of nursery-age pigs

Newstead, D.F.; Simpson, I.D., 1986:
Effects of water quality on the quality of recombined UHT milk

Shinde G.G.; Pawar K.R., 1984:
Effects of water stress at critical growth stages on growth and yield of groundnut in summer season

Barbera, G.; L.C.scio, B.; Fatta del Bosco, G., 1985:
Effects of water stress on lemon summer bloom: the Forzatura technique in the Sicilian citrus industry

Huber, S.C.; Rogers, H.H.; Mowry, F.L., 1984:
Effects of Water Stress on Photosynthesis and Carbon Partitioning in Soybean (Glycine max [L.] Merr.) Plants Grown in the Field at Different CO(2) Levels

Pham Thi, A.T.; Ferrari Iliou, R.; Silva, J.V. da, 1984:
Effects of water stress on the fatty-acid and lipid composition of cotton chloroplasts

Ghuman, B.S.; Lal, R., 1984:
Effects of water table depth on cocoyam

Rowse, A.J.; Fleet, G.H., 1984:
Effects of water temperature and salinity on elimination of Salmonella charity and Escherichia coli from Sydney rock oysters (Crassostrea commercialis)

Ezzarani, E.A.; Laulin, J.P.; Brudieux, R., 1985:
Effects of water-deprivation on aldosterone production in Brattleboro male rats congenitally lacking vasopressin

Lahde, E.; Savonen, E.M., 1983:
Effects of watering on the development of containerized Scots pine seedlings, and on the water and air in the peat growing media

Cannell, R.Q.; Belford, R.K.; Gales, K.; Thomson, R.J.; Webster, C.P., 1984:
Effects of waterlogging and drought on winter wheat and winter barley grown on a clay and a sandy loam soil. I. Crop growth and yield

Gales, K.; Ayling, S.M.; Cannell, R.Q., 1984:
Effects of waterlogging and drought on winter wheat and winter barley grown on a clay and sandy loam soil. II. Soil and plant water relationships

Huang C Y.; Larue T.A., 1985:
Effects of waterlogging on the nitrogen fixation and carbohydrate metabolism in nodules of soybean plant

Fujishima, T.; Saito, M., 1985:
Effects of wave length of light on sexual maturity in female Japanese quails

Dawe, S.T., 1984:
Effects of weaning and treatment with progestagen-PMSG or progestagen-ODB on fertility of the post-partum ewe

Hwang K.H.; Han I.K., 1985:
Effects of weaning time and diet on serum cholesterol level of adult male rats

Davis R.C., 1984:
Effects of weather and habitat structure on the population dynamics of isopods in a dune grassland

Kartsev, Y.G., 1986:
Effects of weather conditions on root yields of sugarbeet and fertilizer efficiency

Rahman, A.; Sanders, P., 1985:
Effects of weed competition on asparagus

Bedmar, F.; Leaden, M.I.; Eyherabide, J.J., 1983:
Effects of weed competition with sunflowers (Helianthus annuus L.)

Bowman, J.E.; Hartman, G.L.; McClary, R.D.; Sinclair, J.B.; Hummel, W.; Wax, L.M., 1986:
Effects of weed control and row spacing in conventional tillage, reduced tillage, and nontillage on soybean seed quality

Domingues, E.P.; Vellini, E.D.; Pitelli, R.A.; Pedroso, P.A.C., .:
Effects of weed control on the productivity of an upland rice crop (Oryza sativa L.) with different row spacings and overall nitrogen fertilization

Heyland, K.U.; Goldhammer, T.; Schmitz, P.H.; Schenke, E., 1986:
Effects of weed control programmes on the crop rotation

Higgins, R.A.; Staniforth, D.W.; Pedigo, L.P., 1984:
Effects of weed density and defoliated or undefoliated soybeans (Glycine max) on velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti) development

Pitelli, R.A.; Peressin, V.A.; Pansani, L.C.; Perecin, D., 1984:
Effects of weed interference periods on the productivity of groundnuts in the dry season

Graciano, P.A.; Ramalho, J.F.G.P., .:
Effects of weeds on sugarcane (Saccharum sp.)

Olsson, S.A.; Petersson, B.G.; Sörbris, R.; Nilsson-Ehle, P., 1984:
Effects of weight reduction after gastroplasty on glucose and lipid metabolism

Angyal, F.; Szigeti, G.; Kaldi, P., 1984:
Effects of wetting, ammonization and drying upon the breakage strength of monoammonium phosphate

Topping, D.L.; Illman, R.J.; Taylor, M.N.; McIntosh, G.H., 1985:
Effects of wheat bran and porridge oats on hepatic portal venous volatile fatty acids in the pig

Moreno Osset, E.; Ayuso, P.; Tomas Ridocci, M.; Minguez, M.; Mora, F.; Molina, R.; Benages, A., 1985:
Effects of wheat bran on diverticular disease of the colon

Miyabe, T.; Kawai, N., 1984:
Effects of whey proteins and mineral ions on rennet hysteresis of heated milk

Wilman, D.; Hollington, P.A., 1985:
Effects of white clover and fertilizer nitrogen on herbage production and chemical composition and soil water

Stein, L.E.; Pijanowski, G.J., 1984 :
Effects of whole blood clots, time, and implant size on vascularization and collagen deposition along Teflon-ensheathed carbon fibers implanted in ewes

Bara, S.; Vega, J.A., 1983:
Effects of wildfires on forest soil in the northwest of Spain

Lavezzo, W.; Lavezzo, O.E.N.M.; Silveira, A.C., 1984:
Effects of wilting, formol and formic acid on consumption and digestibility of elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum Schum) silages

Kobriger, J.M.; Kliewer, W.M.; Lagier, S.T., 1984:
Effects of wind on water relations of several grapevine cultivars

Chandler, K.; Omielan, J.; Dekker, J.H., 1983:
Effects of winter rye and wheat cover crops on pigweed, lamb's-quarters and corn growth and development

McClure, T.J.; Saunders, J., 1985:
Effects of withholding food for 0-72 h on mating, pregnancy rate and pituitary function in female rats

Farrar, R.R.J.; Bradley, J.R.J., 1985:
Effects of within-plant distribution of Heliothis zea (Boddie) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) eggs and larvae on larva development and survival on cotton

Johnson, D.A.; Lunden, J.D., 1986:
Effects of wounding and wetting duration on infection of asparagus by Stemphylium vesicarium

Takeuchi, N.; Tanimoto, S.; Harada, H., 1985:
Effects of wounding on adventitious bud formation in Torenia stem segments cultured in vitro

Trim, C.M.; Hanson, R.R., 1986:
Effects of xylazine on renal function and plasma glucose in ponies

Richter, K.P.; Ling, G.V., 1985:
Effects of xylazine on the urethral pressure profile of healthy dogs

Siddiquee, G.M.; Rajane, K.R.; Pande, M.B., 1984:
Effects of year and parity on some of the reproductive traits in Mehsana buffaloes

Ito, Y.; Ohtsubo, K., 1984:
Effects of zearalenone produced by Fusarium spp. on the reproductive performance of immature mice

Shurson, G.C.; Ku, P.K.; Miller, E.R.; Yokoyama, M.T., 1984:
Effects of zeolite a or clinoptilolite in diets of growing swine

Herve, M.; Throm, E., 1984:
Effects of zeranol and a vitamin ADE complex on growth of lambs on pasture

Cerrada P.G.; Labbe, S.; Huerta L.N., 1980:
Effects of zeranol and molasses on growth of crossbred steers on pasture

Silcox, R.W.; Keeton, J.T.; Johnson, B.H., 1986:
Effects of zeranol and trenbolone acetate on testis function, live weight gain and carcass traits of bulls

Baker, A.M.; Gonyou, H.W., 1986:
Effects of zeranol implantation and late castration on sexual, agonistic and handling behavior in male feedlot cattle

Unruh, J.A., 1985:
Effects of zeranol implantation and slaughter age on performance, behavior, masculinity, collagen solubility and meat sensory traits of young bulls fed for slaughter

Chaudhary, Z.I.; Price, M.A.; Butson, S.; Makarechian, M., 1985:
Effects of zeranol on skeletal growth of cull cows and heifers

Suryawanshi S.B.; Shinde P.B.; Patil N.D., 1984:
Effects of zinc and phosphorus application on the growth and chemical composition of wheat

Das, I.; Burch, R.E.; Hahn, H.K., 1984:
Effects of zinc deficiency on ethanol metabolism and alcohol and aldehyde dehydrogenase activities

Cho, C.H.; Ogle, C.W.; Wong, S.H.; Koo, M.W., 1985:
Effects of zinc sulphate on ethanol- and indomethacin-induced ulceration and changes in prostaglandin E2 and histamine levels in the rat gastric glandular mucosa

Babu, R.S.H.; Rajput, C.B.S.; Rath, S., 1982:
Effects of zinc, 2,4-D and GA3 in kagzi lime (Citrus aurantifolia Swingle). IV. Fruit quality

Babu, R.S.H.; Rajput, C.B.S.; Rath, S., 1984:
Effects of zinc, 2,4-D and GA3 on fruiting of Kagzi lime Citrus aurantifolia Swingle

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Effects on growth and endocrine status of maintaining obese and lean Zucker rats at 22 degrees C and 30 degrees C from weaning

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Effects on milk production and feed efficiency by frequent feeding of concentrate

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Effects on pigs of a viral contaminant of an Aujeszky's disease vaccine

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Effects on the forest floor of whole-tree harvesting in an Appalachian oak forest

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Effects on the moulting of silkworm, Bombyx mori, larvae of administering fungicide (of the imadazole group)

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Effects on wool characteristics of cottonseed oilmeal, urea and ammonium sulphate used as a protein source in the diets of merino lambs

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Effects on yield of simulated damage by Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) to the flag leaf of sorghum Sorghum bicolor (L. Moench)

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Effects produced by asulam and tri-allate on the germination of subterranean clover

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Effets of sulfur dioxide on three Eucalyptus species

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Efffect of growth regulators on 14C photosynthesis, translocation and senescence in rice

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Efficacies of fungicides for control of stem rust of wheat

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Efficacies of levamisole, Nilverm and 20% tetramisole granules against inhibited trichostrongylid larvae in the abomasum of sheep

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Efficacy and economics of different fungicides for the control of leaf spot on bottlegourd in Haryana

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Efficacy and economics of pest management in evolving an appropriate integrated pest management system of rice in West Bengal

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Efficacy and economics of some insecticides for the control of mustard aphid

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Efficacy and persistence of fenitrothion for prevention of the larch ips, Ips cembrae (Heer) (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

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Efficacy and safety of ketoconazole in the treatment of acute vaginal candidosis

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Efficacy and safety studies on a combination of a modified live IB-vaccine containing both H 120 and variant sub-type D 274 in day-old broilers

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Efficacy and secondary effects of some insecticides used against grape grubs

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Efficacy and selectivity of some new herbicides for maize crops (Zea mays L.)

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Efficacy and timing of metsulfuron methyl in forestry in Maine

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Efficacy and tolerability of Gyno-PevarylReg. depot in a single application versus Gyno-PevarylReg. in the treatment of vaginal candidiasis

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Efficacy and tolerance of Rintal in deworming free-range pigs (Sus scrofa domesticus)

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Efficacy of 'Neguvon' on Demodex infection in a heifer

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Efficacy of 34% crude protein sunflower meal for growing pigs

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Efficacy of Arosurf - a monomolecular surface film, in controlling Culex quinquefasciatus Say, Anopheles stephensi Liston & Aedes aegypti (L)

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Efficacy of BAY VP 2674, a derivative of quinoline and carboxylic acid, against experimental Escherichia coli infection in newborn calves

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Efficacy of Bacillus subtilis as a biocontrol for collar rot of coffee pathogen

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Efficacy of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner for suppressing populations of large aspen tortrix in Alaska

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Efficacy of Esb3 (sulfachlorpyridazine) against Eimeria stiedai in rabbits

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Efficacy of Escherichia coli bacterin for control of neonatal diarrhoea in piglets: a field trial

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Efficacy of Ganasegur in the control of trypanosomiasis and babesiasis

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Efficacy of Gramoxone, Bolls Eye and sodium chlorate as defoliants to improve the yield and quality of cotton H 777

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Efficacy of HOE-33171 in rice

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Efficacy of Ivomec against ectoparasitoses of swine

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Efficacy of Ivomec in trichuriasis of piglets

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Efficacy of MK-401 (4-amino-6 trichloroethenyl-1,3 benzenedisulfonmide) against Fasciola hepatica in artificially infected calves

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Efficacy of Melia azedarach, Linn, (Bakain) and morantel against naturally acquired gastrointestinal nematodes in goats

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Efficacy of Netobimin against helminth parasites of ruminants

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Efficacy of Netobimin in treating helminthoses of ruminants

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Efficacy of Nilverm injections against ascariasis in pigs

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Efficacy of Panacur (fenbendazole) against gastrointestinal helminths of calves and its influence on liveweight gain

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Efficacy of Panacur against nematodes and cestodes in sheep

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Efficacy of Panacur and Lopatol in experimental Echinococcus infection

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Efficacy of Panacur granulate and Nilverm in Ganguleterakis infection in geese

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Efficacy of Phospho-jet for treating puerperal haemoglobinuria in dairy cows in Greece

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Efficacy of Pix (1, 1-dimethyl piperdinium chloride) growth regulator in boosting cotton yields

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Efficacy of Romanomermis culicivorax and Lagenidium giganteum for mosquito control: strategies for use of biological control agents in rice fields of the Central Valley of California

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Efficacy of S-(4-methylsulfonyloxyphenyl) N-methylthiocarbamate (methasulfocarb) for control of bacterial seedling rot of rice caused by Pseudomonas glumae Kurita et Tabei

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Efficacy of Sputolysin in chronic bronchitis of horses

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Efficacy of Stomp broad spectrum herbicide in the control of Phalaris minor and other weeds of wheat in India - a review

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Efficacy of Taenifugin granulate against Moniezia infections in sheep

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Efficacy of UV-irradiated larval vaccine of Ancylostoma ceylanicum (Looss, 1911) in golden hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus)

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Efficacy of Vinca rosea extracts against protease from human pathogenic strains of Trichophyton rubrum Sab

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Efficacy of a combined paste formulation of praziquantel/febantel against immature Echinococcus granulosus and immature Echinococcus multilocularis

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Efficacy of a commercial rat feed and three other constituted diets in sustaining the body growth of rats

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Efficacy of a hydrophylic gel as a transplant aid

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Efficacy of a local and/or parenteral immunization against salmonellosis in calves with inactivated vaccines

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Efficacy of a long-acting antibiotic oil emulsion in the control of mastitis in cows during dry-period (preliminary report)

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Efficacy of a new anticoccidial (BAY Vi 9142) in broilers. II

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Efficacy of a parainfluenza-3 virus vaccine (Imuresp p) in preventing enzootic respiratory disease among cattle

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Efficacy of a prostaglandin F2 alpha analogue or PRID for synchronization of oestrus in dairy cows

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Efficacy of a single injectable dose of ivermectin for psoroptic and sarcoptic mange in rabbits

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Efficacy of a temperature-sensitive vaccine and an inactivated vaccine in preventing some viral respiratory diseases of calves

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Efficacy of a test interval method in milk recording of buffaloes

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Efficacy of acifluorfen Na and bentazone combinations in soybeans

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Efficacy of acifluorfen-sodium with selected tankmix combinations on soybeans

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Efficacy of active para-immunization in horses by tracheal administration

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Efficacy of albendazole against Bunostomum and Nematodirus infections in sheep

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Efficacy of aldicarb against susceptible and resistant Myzus persicae

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Efficacy of an amphoteric surface agent against Schistosoma mansoni miracidia in field-like conditions in Niger

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Efficacy of an oxibendazole-trichlorfon paste formulation against third stage larvae of Gasterophilus intestinalis and its safety in horses

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Efficacy of anthelmintic treatments at a pig farm in the Amur region

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Efficacy of antibiotic therapy administered during lactation for intramammary infections caused by environmental pathogens

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Efficacy of atrazine and other herbicides for weed control in maize

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Efficacy of avermectins in the treatment of psoroptic and sarcoptic mange in farmed rabbits

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Efficacy of backcrosses in breeding spring wheat

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Efficacy of benzimidazoles against larval Ancylostoma caninum infection in mice

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Efficacy of boar use in artificial insemination on large farms

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Efficacy of carbofuran seed treatment for the control of pod borers of blackgram Vigna mungo (L) Hepper

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Efficacy of certain insecticides against Bemisia tabaci (Genn.) and Pagria signata (Motsch.) on blackgram

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Efficacy of certain spraying techniques on the biological activity of Dursban with special reference to cotton yield and lint properties

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Efficacy of certain systemic and non-systemic fungicides in control of Alternaria leaf spot of cotton

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Efficacy of certain systemic insecticides against the bagworm, Pteroma plagiophleps Hamps. on three ornamental crops

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Efficacy of certain systemic nematicides for the control of root-knot nematodes under glasshouse conditions

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Efficacy of clavulanate-potentiated amoxycillin in experimental and clinical skin infections

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Efficacy of clorsulon and albendazole against Fascioloides magna in naturally infected white-tailed deer

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Efficacy of coarse spray administration of commercial intermediate infectious bursal disease vaccines

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Efficacy of combinations of polyhedrosis viruses and permethrin against the white cutworm, Euxoa scandens (Riley) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

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Efficacy of combined phenacetin and hexachlorophene against fascioliasis in sheep

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Efficacy of consecutive dosing with Panacur, morantel and tetramisole against gastro-intestinal nematodes in pigs

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Efficacy of controlling the parasites of grapevine

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Efficacy of cotton defoliants

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Efficacy of cultural and chemical weed control methods in potato

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Efficacy of cypermethrin by spray application for the control of bovine psoroptic mange

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Efficacy of different antigens and route of administration in rabbits for antibeef sera production

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Efficacy of different chemicals for weed control in transplanted rice

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Efficacy of different fungicides against Alternaria tenuis Auct. and Fusarium oxysporum Schl. ex Fries under in vitro conditions

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Efficacy of different fungicides against Corticium sasakii, the causal organism of blight of mung

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Efficacy of different fungicides against Fusarium moniliforme and Curvularia lunata (important fungi) associated with sorghum seed

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Efficacy of different herbicides and cultural practices on weed control and pod yield of cowpea under rainfed conditions

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Efficacy of different herbicides on the control of weeds in French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) var. Black Queen

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Efficacy of different insecticides against Thrips flavus Schrank on peas

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Efficacy of different insecticides for the control of groundnut leaf miner

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Efficacy of different methods of inoculation of Fusarium oxysporum and Fusarium solani for inducing wilt in muskmelon

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Efficacy of different treatments of aldicarb on yields of groundnut

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Efficacy of different weed control measures in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L.) planted at different dates

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Efficacy of different weedicides in wheat

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Efficacy of digoxin administration in dogs with idiopathic congestive cardiomyopathy

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Efficacy of direct selection for low feed consumption and its consequences for carcass quality in ducks

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Efficacy of drought-stressed whole corn plants as a feed for ruminants

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Efficacy of egg parasite, Trichogramma spp. in parasitising the eggs of the teak skeletonizer, Pyrausta machaeralis Walker (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

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Efficacy of ethylenediamine dihydriodide in the prevention of naturally occurring foot rot in cattle

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Efficacy of febantel against gastrointestinal helminths and lungworms in sheep

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Efficacy of fenbendazole against Bunostomum and Nematodirus in sheep

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Efficacy of fenbendazole against gastrointestinal nematodes of cattle and buffaloes

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Efficacy of fenbendazole for endoparasite control in large herds of nondomestic ruminants

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Efficacy of fenbendazole in chickens

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Efficacy of fenbendazole on gastrointestinal nematodes of dogs

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Efficacy of fenthion solution against repeated flea infestations of dogs

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Efficacy of fertilizers applied to wheat and maize grown on eroded land on the Birlad planteau

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Efficacy of foliar application of potassium on grain and protein yield in blackgram Var CO 4

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Efficacy of formic acid against Acarapis woodi (Rennie)

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Efficacy of freezing in eliminating infectivity of Trichinella spiralis in boxed pork products

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Efficacy of fungicide XXII. Evaluation of benzimidazole, an antibiotic and other fungicides against post-harvest spoilage of grapes

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Efficacy of fungicide: XXXII. Evaluation of neem oil for control of plant pathogens

Vir, D.; Sharma, R.K., 1985:
Efficacy of fungicides XXVI. Evaluation of triforine against post-harvest spoilage of banana fruits

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Efficacy of fungicides against loose smut of wheat

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Efficacy of fungicides against powdery mildew of mung

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Efficacy of fungicides as seed dresser in sugarcane

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Efficacy of fungicides in controlling powdery mildew of cumin

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Efficacy of fungicides on the control of Trichoderma spp. in sawdust cultivation of shiitake

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Efficacy of glyphosate for weed control in grassland, turf grass and amenity grassland and for renovation of pastures

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Efficacy of glyphosate for weed control in the tropics and sub-tropics

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Efficacy of glyphosate in arable situations

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Efficacy of glyphosate in forest plantations

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Efficacy of glyphosate in fruit plantations

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Efficacy of glyphosate in non-crop situations

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Efficacy of glyphosate in nursery stock and amenity horticulture

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Efficacy of glyphosate in the control of aquatic weeds

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Efficacy of glyphosate in viticulture

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Efficacy of glyphosate/adjuvant combinations for Johnsongrass control

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Efficacy of granular systemic insecticides against sugarcane pyrilla (Pyrilla perpusilla perpusilla Walker)

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Efficacy of halogenated xanthene dyes as house fly larvicides on a caged-layer facility in southern California

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Efficacy of herbicides for weed control in urdbean (Vigna mungo)

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Efficacy of herbicides in potato crop

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Efficacy of herbicides in weed control in grain hemp

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Efficacy of hot water treatment to control seed-borne fungi of raya (Brassica juncea Coss)

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Efficacy of inactivated vaccines against Newcastle disease. II. Oil emulsion vaccines

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Efficacy of individual mound treatments of MK-936 and Amdro against the red imported fire ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

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Efficacy of individual selection from the F5 of spring bread wheat

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Efficacy of injectable clorsulon in the treatment of immature bovine Fasciola hepatica infections

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Efficacy of injectable ivermectin in swine naturally infected with Stephanurus dentatus (kidney worms)

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Efficacy of insecticidal ear tags on fly control and milk production of dairy cows

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Efficacy of insecticides against Spissistilus festinus (Say), Empoasca fabae (Harris), and Lygus lineolaris (Palisot de Beauvois) in alfalfa in Georgia

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Efficacy of insecticides for the control of bollworms in cotton

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Efficacy of ipronidazole against trichomoniasis in beef bulls

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Efficacy of ivermectin against Dictyocaulus arnfieldi in ponies

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Efficacy of ivermectin against anthelmintic resistant isolates of sheep nematode parasites

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Efficacy of ivermectin against endo- and ectoparasites in carnivorous animals

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Efficacy of ivermectin against gastrointestinal nematodes in dromedary camels

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Efficacy of ivermectin against induced gastrointestinal nematode infections in goats

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Efficacy of ivermectin against internal parasites of sheep

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Efficacy of ivermectin against ovine trichuriasis

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Efficacy of ivermectin against somatic Strongyloides ransomi larvae

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Efficacy of ivermectin against the mange mite Sarcoptes scabiei var suis in pigs

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Efficacy of ivermectin against the more important parasite of sheep

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Efficacy of ivermectin against the more important parasites of pigs

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Efficacy of ivermectin against the sucking louse Solenopotes capillatus

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Efficacy of ivermectin against two strains of gastrointestinal helminth from sheep. Comparison with tiabendazole and fenbendazole

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Efficacy of ivermectin and fenbendazole against lungworms

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Efficacy of ivermectin and levamisole against immature Dictyocaulus viviparus in cattle

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Efficacy of ivermectin in the treatment of bovine ostertagiosis of pretype II in Normandy

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Efficacy of ivermectin in thelaziasis of cattle

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Efficacy of ivermectin in treating sarcoptic mange in swine in Senegal

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Efficacy of ivermectin on the reproductive biology of Glossina palpalis palpalis (Rob.-Desv.) (Glossinidae: Diptera)

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Efficacy of ivermectin paste against Strongyloides westeri in foals

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Efficacy of juvenile hormone analogues on the development of diamond back moth, Plutella xylostella (L.)

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Efficacy of khimkoktsid against toxoplasmosis in sheep

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Efficacy of lasalocid against Mycoplasma. Preliminary report

Stipkovits, L.; Kobulej, T.; Varga, Z., 1984:
Efficacy of lasalocid sodium against mycoplasmas (preliminary communication)

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Efficacy of levamisole hydrochloride against gastrointestinal nematodes in sheep and horses

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Efficacy of long-acting formulations of azidin (diminiazene) and diamidin (imidocarb analogue) in polyglucin against piroplasmosis

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Efficacy of low doses of fenbendazole and its administration via drinking water in the prophylaxis of nematodiasis in grazing calves

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Efficacy of low volume spraying of some insecticides for the control of Eriosoma lanigerum (Hsm.)

de Boer, R., 1984:
Efficacy of malathion and synergised bioallethrine in the treatment of head louse, Pediculus humanus ssp. capitis, infestations

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Efficacy of mass selection in breeding lucerne

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Efficacy of mebendazole with or without laxative

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Efficacy of methods of selection for wilt resistance in cotton

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Efficacy of milbemycin D against Dirofilaria immitis in dogs

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Efficacy of monocrotophos, carbaryl and endosulfan against Antigastra catalaunalis (Dup.) and their persistence in soil and sesamum seeds

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Efficacy of morantel tartrate against pig helminths

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Efficacy of morning vs. afternoon applications of triadimefon for controlling fusiform rust

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Efficacy of moult inhibitors on cotton pests under field conditions

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Efficacy of mulches in the reduction of irrigation requirement of groundnut

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Efficacy of naphthoquinones and imidocarb dipropionate on Theileria sergenti infections in splenectomized calves

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Efficacy of nematicides and method of application on soybean yield and soybean cyst nematode populations, 1985

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Efficacy of nematicides for controlling Hemicriconemoides mangiferae Siddiqi, 1961 associated with coconut palm

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Efficacy of new herbicides on the control of weeds in transplanted rice

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Efficacy of new insecticides against the bollworm and their effects on cotton yield, maturity, and fiber properties in West Tennessee

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Efficacy of new insecticides and their formulations against shootfly on rabi sorghum hybrid

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Efficacy of new insecticides in the control of sesamum leaf-webber and capsule-borer

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Efficacy of niclosamide against three tapeworm species in sheep

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Efficacy of nitrification inhibiting agents used for augmenting cotton yield in the vertisol of Madhya Pradesh

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Efficacy of nitrogen sources and placement methods for increasing productivity of wheat

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Efficacy of nitroxynil against Oestrus ovis in sheep

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Efficacy of oral clorsulon in the treatment of Fasciola hepatica infections in calves

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Efficacy of oral vaccine for poliomyelitis in malnourished children in the Amazon region

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Efficacy of oxfendazole (Systamex) against Syngamus in pheasants

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Efficacy of oxfendazole as administered by intraruminal injection to naturally infected calves

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Efficacy of panacur on helminthic infection of fowls

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Efficacy of parvaquone (Wellcome 933 C) against clinical Theileria annulata infection in cross-bred calves

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Efficacy of parvaquone against experimental Theileria infection in buffalo calves

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Efficacy of periodic deworming in an urban slum population for parasite control

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Efficacy of permethrin as a repellent and toxicant for personal protection against the Pacific Coast tick and the Pajaroello tick (Acari: Ixodidae and Argasidae)

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Efficacy of phoxim against ticks of the species Rhipicephalus sanguineus and Rhipicephalus turanicus

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Efficacy of pirimiphos methyl and methacrifos against Ephestia (Cadra) cautella (Walker) in commercial grain warehouses

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Efficacy of polyvalent inactivated oil vaccine against avian coryza

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Efficacy of porcine parvovirus vaccines

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Efficacy of post-emergence weedicides applied at different stages in control of annual weeds of irrigated wheat under mid-Himalayan conditions

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Efficacy of praziquantel in Hymenolepis nana infection refractory to niclosamide

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Efficacy of praziquantel in Schistosoma bovis infections.

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Efficacy of praziquantel on fasciolopsiasis

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Efficacy of pre-harvest treatment with fungicides in reducing cabbage decay during storage

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Efficacy of predicting successful selection for grain quality in wheat on the basis of heritability of its main characters

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Efficacy of primidone in dogs with seizures unresponsive to phenobarbital

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Efficacy of propolis against infection by intestinal Eimeria in rabbits

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Efficacy of provitamin A carotenoids in reversing vitamin A deficiency induced lesions in brain lipids of chicks

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Efficacy of rafoxanide in the treatment of fascioliasis in sheep and cattle

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Efficacy of rintal against lungworms and gastrointestinal worms in sheep in the Ankara Province, Turkey

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Efficacy of salinomycin for controlling coccidiosis in broilers in subtropical Taiwan

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Efficacy of sanitizers using unsoiled spiral-wound polysulfone ultrafiltration membranes

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Efficacy of seed dressing formulation of carbendazim for control of loose smut of wheat

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Efficacy of selected herbicide mixtures for weed control in sugar cane

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Efficacy of selected insecticides against Liriomyza trifolii (Burgess) (Diptera: Agromyzidae), a leafminer of chrysanthemum

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Efficacy of selected insecticides against gundhi bug, Leptocorisa acuta (THUNB) at Jharnapani, Kohima, Nagaland

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Efficacy of selected miticides and spray tank mixtures used to control rust mite in Florida citrus

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Efficacy of selected preparations in protecting draught horses against blood-sucking insects

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Efficacy of selecting forms of barley in a breeding nursery in the first year

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Efficacy of selecting maize for high tryptophan content in the zein

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Efficacy of selection for yield in early generations of spring barley

Sklyarova, N.P.; Kukushkin, N.I., 1982:
Efficacy of selection in a primary trial

Mel' nikova, T.E., 1982:
Efficacy of selections among tetraploids of Trifolium pratense in early generations

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Efficacy of several formulations of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis against three species of mosquito larvae in fresh, brackish and polluted water

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Efficacy of several herbicide treatments in direct-sown tomatoes

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Efficacy of sevin (carbaryl) and dicresyl in the form of dust aerosols against Dermanyssus gallinae

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Efficacy of simultaneous aerosol immunization of pigs against swine fever and erysipelas in a specially equipped room

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Efficacy of single dose quinine as presumptive treatment in P. falciparum malaria

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Efficacy of single- versus multiple-dose clotrimazole therapy in the management of vulvovaginal candidiasis

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Efficacy of slow release nitrogenous fertilizers for rice and their residual effect on wheat

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Efficacy of sodium diacetate as a growth promotant for swine

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Efficacy of some Mycoplasma meleagridis antigens in the rapid diagnosis of mycoplasmosis in turkeys

Malakhov, A.V., 1983 :
Efficacy of some benzimidazole derivatives against Ascaridia and Heterakis in chickens

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Efficacy of some foliar insecticides against Earias vitella Fabricius infesting okra, Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench

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Efficacy of some fungicides against Fusarium lateritium f. crotalariae causing pre-mature wilting of sunnhemp in-vitro

Raut, J.G.; Bhombe, B.B., 1983:
Efficacy of some fungicides and hot water in the control of seed-borne infection of Macrophomina phaseolina in sunflower

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Efficacy of some fungicides on incidence of seed-borne fungi of Eruca sativa grown in Tarai region of Nainital

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Efficacy of some herbicides for control of weeds in Indian mustard

Jankovic, R., 1986:
Efficacy of some herbicides for weed control in currants

Jankovic, R., 1986:
Efficacy of some herbicides for weed control in peaches

Satyavir, 1983:
Efficacy of some important insecticides for the control of leafhopper Empoasca kerri Pruthi on mothbean crop

Satyavir, 1983:
Efficacy of some important insecticides in the control of Bemisia tabaci (Genn.), a vector of the yellow mosaic disease on mothbean

Doharey, K.L., 1983:
Efficacy of some insecticides against fruit flies

Jagadale, G.B.; Dhoble, S.Y.; Deokar, A.B., 1985:
Efficacy of some insecticides as sprays for the control of safflower aphids (Macrosiphum (Dactynotus) compositae Theobald)

Sultan, M.S.; Singh, I.; Sharma, S.K., 1985:
Efficacy of some nematicides for the control of root-knot nematode infesting mung

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Efficacy of some new fungicides in the control of chilli fruit rot

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Efficacy of some new insecticides against bollworms in rainfed cotton

Almeida, F.S.; Oliveira, V.F., .:
Efficacy of some new post-emergence herbicides for grass control

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Efficacy of some newer insecticides against mustard aphid, Rhopalosiphum erysimi Kalt

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Efficacy of some organo-synthetic insecticides in the control of cauliflower aphid Brevicoryne brassicae (L)

Pandey, G.P.; Shanker, S.; Gupta, P.C., 1983:
Efficacy of some organophosphorous insecticides against almond moth Cadra cautella (Walker)

Singh K.V., 1984:
Efficacy of some seeds extracts against dermatophytes and related keratinophilic fungi

Dhandapani, N., 1984:
Efficacy of some spray formulations in the control of green peach aphid, Myzus persicae Sulz. on chillies

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Efficacy of some synthetic insecticides in the control of chilli leaf curl

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Efficacy of some synthetic pyrethroids for the control of bollworms in desi cotton (Gossypium arboreum Linn.)

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Efficacy of some systemic insecticides against Rhopalosiphum maidis Fitch on barley

Meena, R.S.; Rathore, G.S.; Shekhawat, B.S.; Yadav, L.D.; Agnihotri, J.P., 1984:
Efficacy of sowing dates and trap crops in management of yellow mosaic of moth (Vigna aconitifolia (Jacq.) Marechal)

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Efficacy of stable and aqueous suspensions of acemidophen in experimental fascioliasis in sheep

Bondarenko, A.F.; Dubrov, I.S.; Matros, A.A., 1984:
Efficacy of sulfalene and Sulfachloramphene against pullurum disease/fowl typhoid in chicks

Wahlstrom, R.C.; Libal, G.W.; Thaler, R.C., 1985:
Efficacy of supplemental tryptophan, threonine, isoleucine and methionine for weanling pigs fed a low-protein, lysine-supplemented, corn-sunflower meal diet

Srivastava, K.P.; Gajbhiye, V.T.; Jain, H.K.; Agnihotri, N.P., 1984:
Efficacy of synthetic pyrethroids against the pod borer, Euchrysops cnejus (Fabricius) and their residues in green gram, Vigna radiata (L.) and cowpea, Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp

Sangappa, H.K.; Kumar, A.R.V., 1983:
Efficacy of synthetic pyrethroids for the control of pod borer in bengalgram

Nagwekar, S.N.; Saini, R.K.; Pai, S.D.; Munshi, V.G., 1984:
Efficacy of synthetic pyrethroids in controlling pink bollworm and their effect on the quality of H. 777 (Gossypium hirsutum) cotton

Narayana, M.L.; Saxena, H.P., 1984:
Efficacy of systemic granules alone and in combination with foliar sprays against major insect pests of pea

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Efficacy of systemic nematicides against Ditylenchus dipsaci on strawberry and some relevant ecological factors

Woods, W.E.; Chay, S.; Houston, T.; Blake, J.W.; Tobin, T., 1985:
Efficacy of testing for illegal medication in horses

Hussain, Z.; Carlson, M.L.; Craig, I.D.; Lannigan, R., 1985:
Efficacy of tetroxoprim/sulphadiazine in the treatment of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonitis in rats

Jasper, D.E.; Infante, F.; Dellinger, J.D., 1985:
Efficacy of the API Staph-Ident system for identification of Staphylococcus species from milk

Greuel, E.; Ruhrmann, U., 1986:
Efficacy of the anticoccidial Baycox depending on timing and dosage against experimental coccidiosis in caged broilers

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Efficacy of time of potassium application in wetland rice on Haplaquent of Meghalaya

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Efficacy of toltrazuril in the prevention of coccidiosis in naturally infected lambs on pasture

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Efficacy of topical applications of BayletonReg. and benodanil for eradication of fusiform rust infections on 4-year-old loblolly pine

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Efficacy of various herbicides and hand weeding for weed control and fruit yield of chillies (Capsicum annuum)

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Efficacy of various technological solutions to design problems on dairy farms and complexes

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Efficency and distribution: the case of tractors in 'sawah' land preparation in West Java, Indonesia

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Efficiencies and inefficiencies in the legume/Rhizobium symbiosis - a review

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Efficiencies in central coordination of fluid milk supplies through cooperative mergers - a case study of the Southern Region of Associated Milk Producers, Inc

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Efficiency and equity considerations in water resources development and management in the context of agricultural development

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Efficiency and equity of farm prices in Assam State - a case of small farmers

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Efficiency and game theory analysis of income distribution in the use of irrigation water

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Efficiency and health hazards tests on Vapona used in insect collections

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Efficiency and perspectives of growing valuable essential oil-bearing plants in open-air hydroponics in Armenia

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Efficiency and profitability in pork production

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Efficiency and response of sunflower to rate and timing of banded nitrogen

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Efficiency and selectivity of preemergence and postemergence herbicides on soyabean cultivation, for the control of monocotyledons

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Efficiency and strategy in the markets for Parmesan and Grana Padano cheeses

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Efficiency and the prices of new means of production in the agroindustrial sector

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Efficiency of different selection indices in evaluating breeding value of performance-tested boars

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Efficiency of feeding lactating cows on sugarbeet

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Efficiency of felling machines for thinning young stands

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Efficiency of fertilizers under dry farming conditions

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Efficiency of fungicides for the control of garlic rust

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Efficiency of gains and carcass characteristics of three-way-cross hogs slaughtered at five different weights in Taiwan

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Efficiency of genetic improvement using embryo transfer in selection nuclei in dairy cattle

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Efficiency of gram marketing system in Rajasthan

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Efficiency of granular systemic insecticides for the control of Perileucoptera coffeella (Guerin-Meneville, 1842) (Lepidoptera: Lyonetiidae) in soils of different textures

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Efficiency of herbicide application in planting rooted green cuttings of blackcurrants and common sea buckthorn

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Efficiency of herbicides in controlling Solanum nigrum, Abutilon theophrasti and other dicotyledonous weeds in soyabean crops

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Efficiency of high, medium and low productivity environments for selecting grain yield in oats

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Efficiency of improving the precision of genotype assessment in selection of one plant with the uppermost selection score

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Efficiency of incubated phosphatic fertilisers varying in water solubility with organic matter to wheat

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Efficiency of insecticides for the control of Steirastoma breve (Sulzer, 1776) (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae), the cocoa borer in the Brazilian Amazonia

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Efficiency of inseminations carried out 24 hours after oestrus detection in zebu cows (Bos taurus indicus)

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Efficiency of iron organic compounds for the control of iron chlorosis of lemon

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Efficiency of juvenoids and antiecdysones against Pseudaulacaspis pentagona (Hom., Diaspididae)

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Efficiency of land use and yields of intercrops

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Efficiency of large doses of cholecalciferol in diets for breeding heifers

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Efficiency of legumes to supply nitrogen for the soil/plant/animal system in mixed pastures with particular reference to the role of 15N

Anonymous, 1986:
Efficiency of machine milking

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Efficiency of macro- and micro-fertilizers in lucerne/grass stands in the plain zone conditions of Dagestan

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Efficiency of maize lines in respect of the uptake and utilization of P from a nutrient solution

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Efficiency of male sterile facilitated recurrent selection for earliness in wheat breeding

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Efficiency of mineral fertilizers and FYM-mineral fertilizers in a crop rotation on a dernopodzolic soil

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Efficiency of mineral fertilizers in relation to the amount of rainfall

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Efficiency of multi-trait index selection with multiple sources of information in egg-type chickens

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Efficiency of multiple traits selection versus mass selection in layer-type chickens

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Efficiency of new prognosis methods in the application of irrigation to the major field crops

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Efficiency of nitrogen fertilizer and sprinkler irrigation applied to Italian ryegrass at different sites

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Efficiency of nitrogen fertilizer use by shade tobacco improved by timed applications

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Efficiency of nitrogen for grain production of wheat at different sowing dates

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Efficiency of nitrogen top dressing of winter wheat in autumn and early spring in the Ukrainian forest steppe

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Efficiency of nutrients utilization for milk production in cross-bred cows under hot and humid agroclimatic conditions

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Efficiency of oil adjuvanted infectious bronchitis vaccines

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Efficiency of oxfendazole plus trichlorphon against equine strongylosis

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Efficiency of peat-FYM compost based on slurry when applied to potatoes

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Efficiency of phosphorus fertilizers in a crop rotation in relation to the methods of their application to a loam dernopodzolic soil

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Efficiency of potassium utilization by barley varieties: the role of subcellular compartmentation

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Efficiency of pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides in controlling broad- and narrow-leaved weeds in soyabeans (Glycine max (L.) Merrill)

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Efficiency of presowing treatment of tobacco seed in an electric field of corona discharge

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Efficiency of primed rock phosphate for grain production in rice

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Efficiency of product formation in fermentation processes: A case study of alcohol production from Jerusalem artichokes using material and energy balance approach

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Efficiency of production in sheep selected for high and low weaning weight

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Efficiency of prolonged use of urea and sodium sulphate in feeding of lactating cows

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Efficiency of resource use in a tube well irrigation scheme in Sri Lanka

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Efficiency of salts of perchloric acid during rearing and fattening of pigs

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Efficiency of softwood sawmills in the southern United States in relation to capacity

Nasibyants, V.A., 1986:
Efficiency of solar energy use in drying grasses

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Efficiency of some anthelmintics against gastrointestinal nematodes of sheep and camels

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Efficiency of some homoeopathic feed additives for commercial broilers

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Efficiency of substituted urea herbicides against Phalaris minor in wheat as influenced by surfactants

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Efficiency of superoxide radicals in soyabean hypocotyl mitochondria

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Efficiency of supplementing the diet of cows with calcium monophosphate in a large-scale dairy farm

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Efficiency of supplementing the diets of broiler chickens with salts of perchloric acid

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Efficiency of symbiotic N fixation, H2 evolution and nodule respiration in the French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Lima, M.H., 1981:
Efficiency of symbiotic nitrogen fixation X H2 evolution X respiration by bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) nodules

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Efficiency of teats and udders of different shapes in cows

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Efficiency of testosterone and zeranol implants in the control of ovine posthitis and their effect on weight gains and wool production

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