Effects of unilateral castration and cryptorchidism on serum FSH, LH and testosterone levels and testicular development in the immature rats

Shin, M.K.; Chung, Y.C.; Kim, C.K.

Proceedings of the 3rd AAAP Animal Science Congress May 6-10, 1985 1: 381-383


Accession: 001355048

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140 Sprague-Dawley male rats, aged 30 days, were unilaterally castrated, made unilaterally cryptorchid, or were not subjected to these surgical procedures (controls). Rats were killed at intervals up to 60 days after the surgical procedures were carried out, for exsanguination and examination of the testes. Serum FSH concentration was higher in unilateral cryptorchids than in controls, and serum LH was higher in unilateral castrates than in controls, significantly so 5 days after castration. Serum testosterone concentration in the castrates and cryptorchids was sometimes higher and sometimes lower than that of controls. Histological studies on the testes are also reported.