Elucidation of factors inhibiting yielding ability of rice and its improvement. III. Some factors affecting number of grains per panicle in young seedling culture of paddy rice

Ida, R.; Shimoda, K.; Ishiwaki, I.

Bulletin of the Tottori Agricultural Experiment Station 21: 101-109


ISSN/ISBN: 0388-9211
Accession: 001356755

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DM accumulation and N absorption in the vegetative-lag phase, from tillering to early spikelet differentiation stage, were studied to determine factors causing reductions in the number of grains/panicle (NGP) in machine transplanted rice. NGP was affected by plant type and number of seedlings/hill and number of hills/unit area. Multiple regression indicated that NGP = 102.8 - 0.089 w + 3.086 y - 0.086 z where w = number of panicles/msuperscript 2, y = mg N absorbed/panicle and z = g DW accumulated/msuperscript 2 during the vegetative-lag phase.