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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1359

Chapter 1359 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Enese, L., 1984:
Enterprise characteristics of agricultural cooperatives

Kaiser, L., 1986:
Enterprise management by profit oriented small groups

Vagi, F., 1984:
Enterprises specializing in animal production in Hungary in the early 1980s

Anonymous, 1985:
Entertainment & sport

Conte, L., 1985:
Entertainment trends in 1984

Manko, M., 1985:
Entertainment: facts and ideas

Collins, V., 1986:
Entertainments licences

Konig, A.; Vacek, V., 1985:
Enthalpy of crystallization of potassium chloride from aqueous solutions at temperatures between 0 and 100 degrees C

Sanahuja, A.; Cesari, E., 1984:
Enthalpy of solution of KCl and NaCl in water at 298.15 K

Sanahuja, A., 1985:
Enthalpy of solution of KCl in water at 308.15 and 313.15 K

Paecz, B.; Taniewska Osinska, S., 1984:
Enthalpy of thiourea and hydroxyurea solution in water-urea mixtures

Anonymous, 1986:
Enthusiasm at London's Chilled Food Fair

Grossman, R.B., 1983:

Delgado Calvo Flores, R.; Barahona, E.; Huertas, F.; Linares, J., 1982:
Entisols of the upper basin of the Dilar river (Sierra Nevada)

Donevski, L., 1984:
Entomofauna (Lepidoptera) of oak (Quercus coccifera) in SR Macedonia

Kaya, H.K., 1985:
Entomogenous nematodes for insect control in IPM systems

Maunder, J.W., 1984:
Entomological components to urticaria

Crosby T.K.; Watt J.C.; Kistemaker A.C.; Nelson P.E., 1986:
Entomological identification of the origin of imported cannabis

Macfarlane, R., 1985:
Entomological investigations

Pauly, A., 1984:
Entomological mission to western Africa (1979-80): eco-biological information concerning Hymenoptera

Sauphanor, B.; Ratnadass, A., 1985:
Entomological problems associated with storage of yams in the Ivory Coast

Julien, M.H.; Room, P.M.; Forno, I.W., 1984:
Entomological research and weed control - the case of salvinia

Vercruysse, J., 1985:
Entomological study on the transmission of human malaria in the Senegal River Basin (Senegal)

Brettell, J.H.; Musuna, A.C.Z.; Jowah, P., 1985:

Muruleedharan, N., 1984:

Wheatley, G.A., 1986:

Tymchak, AE., 1982:

Wright, D P. ., 1983:

Anonymous, 1984:
Entomology Branch

Anonymous, 1984:
Entomology Department

Anonymous, 1984:
Entomology Division

Anonymous, 1985:
Entomology Section

Anonymous, 1985:
Entomology Society symposium focuses on public relations aspects of Africanized bees

Leclercq, M.; Brahy, G., 1985:
Entomology and forensic medicine: determination of time of death

Anonymous, 1982:
Entomology and forest health

Payne, C.C., 1984:
Entomology and insect pathology

Salazar, N.P., 1984:
Entomology in public health in the Philippines

Ortega G.M.; Oliver C.M., 1984:
Entomology of onchocerciasis in El Soconusco, Chiapas. I. Study of the biting habits of the three species of simuliids considered to be vectors of onchocerciasis in the southern focus in Chiapas

Britton, R., 1985:
Entomology. Effects of the European pine sawfly on lodgepole pine

Anonymous, 1984:

Oncuer, C., 1984:
Entomopathogenic fungi in the biological control of injurious insects

Li, H.K., 1985:
Entomopathogenic microorganisms of rice planthoppers and leafhoppers in China

Slobodyanyuk, O.V., 1984:
Entomopathogenic nematodes of Diptera. Order Tylenchida

Weiser, J.; Matha, V.; Tryachov, N.D.; Gelbic, I., 1985:
Entomophaga grylli destruction of locust Oxya-hyla intricata in Vietnam

Ables, J.R.; Goodenough, J.L.; Hartstack, A.W.; Ridgway, R.L., 1983:
Entomophagous arthropods

Manoharan, T.; Chandramohan, N., 1986:
Entomophagous nematode infection of leaffolder LF

Koval' , E.Z., 1984:
Entomophilous fungi as components of biogeocoenoses

Bino, R.J.; Dafni, A.; Meeuse, A.D.J., 1984:
Entomophily in the dioecious gymnosperm Ephedra aphylla Forsk. (=E. alte C.A. Mey.), with some notes on E. campylopoda C.A. Mey. I. Aspects of the entomophilous syndrome

Bino, R.J.; Devente, N.; Meeuse, A.D.J., 1984:
Entomophily in the dioecious gymnosperm Ephedra aphylla Forsk. (=E. alte C.A. Mey.), with some notes on E. campylopoda C.A. Mey. II. Pollination droplets, nectaries, and nectarial secretion in Ephedra

Keller, S.; Wilding, N., 1985:
Entomophthora brevinucleata sp. nov. (Zygomycetes, Entomophthoraceae), a pathogen of gall midges (Dip.: Cecidomyiidae)

Carruthers, RI.; Haynes, DL.; MacLeod, DM., 1985:
Entomophthora muscae (Entomophthorales: Entomophthoracae) mycosis in the onion fly, Delia antiqua (Diptera: Anthomyiidae)

Keller S., 1984 :
Entomophthora muscae as a species complex

Hernandez, R.; Alvarez, C., 1985:
Entomophthora sp. for the control of Aphis gossypii Glov

Papierok, B.; Havukkala, I., 1986:
Entomophthoraceous fungi parasitizing cereal aphids in Finland

Battish, S.K.; Grover, S., 1984:
Entomostracan crustaceans inhabiting rice fields

Soelberg, N.R.; Smoot, L.D.; Hedman, P.O., 1985:
Entrained flow gasification of coal. 1. Evaluation of mixing and reaction processes from local measurements

Arbige, M.V.; Silver, S.C. (USA), 1986:
Entrainment of exogenous materials in cheese curds

Kojima Y.; Ashida H.; Kunimatsu Y.; Ibaraki K., 1986:
Entrainment of oviposition under 28 hour ahemeral light dark cycle in laying hens

Robben, A.C.G.M., 1984:
Entrepreneurs and scale: interactional and institutional constraints on the growth of small-scale enterprises in Brazil

Bakht, Z., 1984:
Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh rural industries

Bedford, P.G.C., 1984:
Entropion in Sharpeis.

Taylor, M.; Catchpole, J., 1986:
Entropion in lambs

Ofoli, R.Y.; Merva, G.E., 1986:
Entropy production by biological products in storage: an optimization scheme

Bobovnikova, T.I.; Borisova, G.N.; Virchenko, E.P.; Dibtseva, A.V.; Sukhov, L.N., 1983:
Entry of chlororganic pesticides into bodies of water with surface runoff and irrigation water

Potapenko, V.A.; Sorokin, V.P., 1982:
Entry of microbial amino acids into the abomasum of sheep given hydrolysed sugar

Arkhipov, N.P.; Martyushov, V.V.; Rerikh, V.I.; Bazylev, V.V., 1985:
Entry of natural radioactive nuclides into agricultural crops depending on the irrigation method

Vasil' ev, V.Yu, 1985:
Entry of nitrogen into the small intestine and proteolytic activity in intestinal contents of sheep on diets with varying qualities of protein

Nair, CRM.; Prabhu, VKK., 1985:
Entry of proteins from degenerating flight muscles into oocytes in Dysdercus cingulatus (Heteroptera: Pyrrhocoridae)

Nagdaliev, F.A., 1985:
Entry of short-chain fatty acids into the digestive tract and liver of heifers in relation to dietary structure

Varel, V.H.; Pond, W.G., 1985:
Enumeration and activity of cellulolytic bacteria from gestating swine fed various levels of dietary fiber

McClung, C.R.; Berkum, P.V.n; Davis, R.E.; Sloger, C., 1983:
Enumeration and localization of N2-fixing bacteria associated with roots of Spartina alterniflora Loisel

Abgrall, B.; Bourgeois, C., 1985 :
Enumeration of Clostridium tyrobutyricum spores by membrane filtration and culture on an agar medium

E.Bassiony, T.A., 1985:
Enumeration of Staphylococcus aureus in milk and some dairy products

Basalingappa, S.; Gandhi, M.R.; Havalappanavar, S.B.; Muralidhar, K.S.; Modse, S.V.; Tharabai, P., 1985:
Enumeration of damselfly Lestes elata Hagen (Odonata: Lestidae) and their possible role in the control of insects

Ting, W.T.; Banwart, G.J., 1985:
Enumeration of enterococci and aerobic mesophilic plate count in dried soup using three reconstitution methods

Meana, B.; Diaz, D., 1983:
Enumeration of forage grasses cultivated in the Argentine Republic

Aboul Khier, F.; E.B.ssiony, T.; Abd E.H.mid, A.; Moustafa, M.K., 1985:
Enumeration of molds and yeasts in dried milk and ice-cream products

Mead, G.C., 1985:
Enumeration of pseudomonads using cephaloridine-fucidin-cetrimide agar (CFC)

Dickson, J.; Maxcy, R., 1985:
Enumeration of radiation-resistant, nonsporeforming bacteria

Boer, S.H. de, 1984:
Enumeration of two competing Erwinia carotovora populations in potato tubers by a membrane filter-immunofluorescence procedure

Jacobs, M.J.; Bugbee, W.M.; Gabrielson, D.A., 1985:
Enumeration, location, and characterization of endophytic bacteria within sugar beet roots

Curry, S.C.; Vance, M.V.; Ryan, P.J.; Kunkel, D.B.; Northey, W.T., 1984:
Envenomation by the scorpion Centruroides sculpturatus

Steyrer, K., 1985:
Environment 2000 - the programme of the Austrian Federal Government

Mensching, H.G., 1986:
Environment and agricultural projects in the Third World

Roelants du Vivier, F., 1985:
Environment and agriculture: summary of a hearing 12-18 September 1985. Brussels

Skrzypczak, G.A.; Nalewaja, J.D., 1983:
Environment and bromoxynil for control of wild mustard and redroot pigweed

Nalewaja J.D.; Skrzypczak G., 1986:
Environment and bromoxynil phytotoxicity

Nalewaja J.D.; Woznica Z., 1985:
Environment and chlorsulfuron phytotoxicity

Runnalls, D., 1986:
Environment and development: a critical stocktaking

Cabaret, J.; Galkin Cabaret, T., 1985:
Environment and distribution of molluscs, intermediate hosts of protostrongyles in Touraine

Manthey, F.A.; Miller, S.D., 1983:
Environment and soil applied SSH 0860

Belluzzi, S.; Matteuzzi, A., 1985 :
Environment and the recovery of fertility in dairy cows. Preliminary note

Anonymous, 1982:
Environment and water planning

Trapp, W.O., 1985:
Environment for leisure sports in school: a model for use in an Ijui school

Levine, A.S.; Morley, J.E.; Kneip, J.; Grace, M.; Brown, D.M., 1985:
Environment modulates naloxone's suppressive effect on feeding in diabetic and non-diabetic rats

Bernsdorf, S.; Krause, H.; Abdank, H., 1985:
Environment orientated agricultural evaluation of sugar factory waste-water

Anonymous, 1984:
Environment protection and profitability are in no way contradictory - 'Blue Angel' award for a returnable plastics crate

Mpanya, M., 1986:
Environment under pressure: the impact of PVO projects on a Zairian village

Hecht, S.B., 1985:
Environment, development and politics: capital accumulation and the livestock sector in Eastern Amazonia

Dunlap, R.E., 1986:
Environment, ecology, and agriculture revisited: ancestor worship and the dangers of disciplinary myopia

Wu, C.K.H., 1985:
Environment, economic development and policy: the Taiwan experience

Anonymous, 1984:
Environmental Health Criteria 34. Chlordane

Anonymous, 1984:
Environmental Health Criteria 43. Chlordecone

McCall, M., 1985:
Environmental and agricultural impacts of Tanzania's villagization programme

Shimizu, M.M., 1984:
Environmental and biological determinants for the prevalence of leptospirosis among wild small mammal hosts, island of Hawaii

Shillo, R.; Weiner, A.; Halevy, A.H., 1985:
Environmental and chemical control of growth and flowering of Chamelaucium uncinatum Schauer

Mohamed, M.I.; Hakim, H.A.; E.K.eir, Y.M., 1986:
Environmental and climatic conditions effect on THC and CBD contents of cannabis plants growing in Sudan

Ross, B.B.; McClellan, P.W., 1984:
Environmental and crop management system

Keen, R.C., 1985:
Environmental and disposal problems

Dudley, N., 1985:
Environmental and economic constraints on spraying systems

Duda, A.M., 1985:
Environmental and economic damage caused by sediment from agricultural nonpoint sources

Pereira, M.F.A.; Maeda, J.A., 1986:
Environmental and endogenous control of germination of Vitis vinifera seeds

Knocke, W.R.; Novak, J.T.; Goodman, G.L.; Morris, M.; Moslehi, J.; Clough, G.W.; Krebs, R.D., 1984:
Environmental and engineering aspects related to the restoration of a ferrous sulfate (copperas) waste disposal site

Knocke, W.R.; Novak, J.T.; Goodman, G.L.; Morris, M.; Moslehi, J.; Clough, G.W.; Krebs, R.D., 1984:
Environmental and engineering aspects related to the restoration of a hazardous waste disposal site

Anonymous, 1983:
Environmental and genetic causes of variation in production traits of Damascus goats

Valente, J., 1983:
Environmental and genetic effects on age at first conception and calving intervals in a European X zebu herd

Silva, J.S. da, 1985:
Environmental and genetic effects on body weight at birth, 90 days and at weaning (205 days) in a herd of Nellore cattle in Mata de Pernambuco

Ledic, I.L., 1983:
Environmental and genetic effects on preweaning growth in Tabapua calves

Carriedo, J.A.; San Primitivo, F., 1984:
Environmental and genetic factors affecting prolificacy in Churro ewes and an analysis of the relationship between milk yield and prolificacy

Abouheif, M.A.; Alsobayel, A.A., 1983:
Environmental and genetic factors influencing birth weight of Black Najdi lambs

Pedersen, J.; Christensen, L.G., 1984:
Environmental and genetic parameters of milk fat and milk yield in Danish Red, Danish Black Pied and Danish Jersey cattle

Bowman, J.C., 1986 :
Environmental and governmental pressure on agriculture. Paper presented at annual convention of UK Institution of Agricultural Engineers, Pressures for change generate engineering opportunities, 13 May 1986

Parker, A.J., 1986:
Environmental and historical factors affecting red and white fir regeneration in ecotonal forests

Prakash, A.; MacGregor, D.J., 1983:
Environmental and human health significance of humic materials: an overview

Azam Ali, S.N., 1984:
Environmental and physiological control of transpiration by groundnut crops

Kannangara, H.W.; Field, R.J., 1985:
Environmental and physiological factors affecting the fate of seeds of yarrow (Achillea millefolium L.) in arable land in New Zealand

Sardo, V.; Germana, C., 1985:
Environmental and physiological parameters in scheduling irrigations of orange trees

Caseley, J.C.; Coupland, D., 1985:
Environmental and plant factors affecting glyphosate uptake, movement and activity

Dial, G.D., 1984:
Environmental and seasonal influences on swine reproduction

Bourne, D.T.; Wheeler, R.E., 1985:
Environmental and varietal differences in total beta glucan contents of barley and the effectiveness of its breakdown under different malting conditions

Singh, R.L.; Singh, R.P.B., 1984:
Environmental appraisal and rural habitat transformation

Goodland, R., 1986:
Environmental aspects of Amazonian development projects in Brazil

Barrett, J.R.; Jacko, R.B., 1984:
Environmental aspects of biomass furnaces used in agriculture - air pollution and grain contamination

Bickert, W.G.; Herdt, T.H., 1985:
Environmental aspects of dairy calf housing

Sinnarkar, S.N.; Kesarwani, S.K.; Bhat, S.G., 1985:
Environmental aspects of fertiliser industry - a bibliography

Sands, R., 1984:
Environmental aspects of plantation management

Bignoli, G.; Sabbioni, E., 1984:
Environmental assessment of arsenic released from potential pollution sources

Anonymous, 1982:
Environmental carcinogens. Selected methods of analysis. Volume 5 - Some mycotoxins

Fearnside, P.M., 1985:
Environmental change and deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon

Manning, JT.; Dickson, DPE., 1986:
Environmental change, mutational load and the advantage of sexual reproduction

Kuiper, P.J.C., 1985:
Environmental changes and lipid metabolism of higher plants

Wulf, A., 1985 :
Environmental compatibility of bark beetle control agents

Lillehoj, E.B.; Elling, F., 1983:
Environmental conditions that facilitate ochratoxin contamination of agricultural commodities

Shiva, V.; Bandyopadhyay, J., 1986:
Environmental conflicts and public interest science

Fririksson, S., 1982:
Environmental consequences of marshland drainage in Iceland

Abbasi, S.A.; Nipaney, P.C.; Soni, R., 1985:
Environmental consequences of the inhibition in the hatching of pupae of Aedes aegypti by mercury, zinc and chromium - the abnormal toxicity of zinc

Anonymous, 1985:
Environmental conservation and agriculture. Ground water and the water balance. Spring meeting of the GFR Society for Agricultural Law, 14th June 1984 in Bad Durkheim

Gomaa, H.M.; LeBlanc, J.R., 1985:
Environmental considerations for the nitrogen fertiliser industry

Eckerberg, K., 1985:
Environmental considerations in Swedish forestry: a study of the administrative process

Bandler H., 1986:
Environmental considerations in planning, design and construction of dams

Hinckley, T.M.; Goldstein, G.H.; Meinzer, F.; Teskey, R.O., 1985:
Environmental constraints at arctic, temperate-maritime and tropical treelines

Barnett, L.A.; Kane, M.J., 1985 :
Environmental constraints on children's play

Horn, P.J., 1986:
Environmental constraints on the availability and production of wood for industry in New Zealand

Williams, J.; Gardner, C.J., 1984:
Environmental constraints to growth and survival of Stylosanthes

Cenci, P.; Corradini, L.; Prati, L.; Rausa, G., 1986:
Environmental contamination by Campylobacter: wild birds in Ferrara province

Breer, C., 1985:
Environmental contamination with Salmonellae by the spread of animal waste and sewage sludge.

Haines, R.C., 1984:
Environmental contamination-surveys of heavy metals in urban soils and hazard assessment

Hooper, A.W., 1986:
Environmental control in the NIAE research greenhouses. 1. The microcomputers

Hooper, A.W., 1986:
Environmental control in the NIAE research greenhouses. 2. Data logging and analysis programs

Belyavin, C.G.; Hunt, P.J., 1985:
Environmental control of animal houses

Murdoch, A.J., 1983:
Environmental control of germination and emergence in Avena fatua

Giebultowicz, JM.; Cymborowski, B.; Delbecque, JP., 1984:
Environmental control of larval behaviour and its consequences for ecdysteroid content and pupation in Ephestia kuehniella

Ewing, K., 1983:
Environmental controls in Pacific Northwest intertidal marsh plant communities

Chapin, F.S.I.I.I.; Shaver, G.R.; Kedrowski, R.A., 1986:
Environmental controls over carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus fractions in Eriophorum vaginatum in Alaskan tussock tundra

Samdahl, D.M.; Christensen, H.H., 1985:
Environmental cues and vandalism. An exploratory study of picnic table carving

Christoffel K.S.; Lloyd Still J.D.; Brown G.; Shwachman H., 1985:
Environmental deprivation and transient elevation of sweat electrolytes

Bates, D.W.; Anderson, J.F., 1984:
Environmental design for a total animal health care system

Phillips, M.S., 1985:
Environmental differences and their effect on the assessment of quantitative resistance to potato cyst nematodes

Anonymous, 1985:
Environmental education

Kunzmann, K.R.; Dericioglu, K.T., 1985:
Environmental education and training in and for developing countries. A report

Schofthaler, T., 1984:
Environmental education in Africa: prospects of schools adapting to their surroundings

Gilbert, O.L., 1985:
Environmental effects of airborne fluorides from aluminium smelting at Invergordon, Scotland 1971-1983

Kelleher, G.G.; Dutton, I.M., 1985:
Environmental effects of offshore tourist development on the Great Barrier Reef

David, W.P., 1984:
Environmental effects of watershed modifications

Timm, B., 1984:
Environmental effects of wood and peat combustion

Hu, Z.K. (Hwu, T.K.; Wu, S.D. (Wu, S.T.; Ceng, F.S. (Thseng, F.S., 1982:
Environmental effects on agronomic characters and their developmental stability in rice. II. Effects of dwarfing genes on within-plant variation of agronomic characters

Cardellino, M.G.V. de; Cardellino, R.A., 1984:
Environmental effects on body weight, gains and body conformation at weaning in Hereford cattle in Rio Grande do Sul

Simm G.; Smith C.; Prescott J.H.D., 1985:
Environmental effects on bull performance test results

Fawcett, J.A.; Harvey, R.G., 1984:
Environmental effects on corn tolerance to sethoxydim

Biscoe, P.V.; Willington, V.B.A., 1984:
Environmental effects on dry matter production

Anderson R.L., 1985:
Environmental effects on metsulfuron and chlorsulfuron bioactivity in soil

Schapendonk, A.H.C.M.; Brouwer, P., 1985:
Environmental effects on photosynthesis, simulated and experimental results from a study on a tomato minicrop

Munguia Xochihua, J.A., 1986:
Environmental effects on some production traits in three commercial broiler lines

Edelman, B.E.gell, D.B.onstein, P.H.rsch, E., 1986:
Environmental effects on the intake of overweight and normal-weight men

McNeill, A.M., 1984:
Environmental effects on the physiology of sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia), with particular reference to nitrogenase activity

Gross, W.B.; Dunnington, E.A.; Siegel, P.B., 1984:
Environmental effects on the wellbeing of chickens from lines selected for responses to social strife

Pandey, R.L.; Laxman Singh; Tiwari, A.S.; Bagari, B.S., 1983:
Environmental effects on yield and quality in greengram

Smith, J.S.; Smith, O.S., 1986:
Environmental effects on zein chromatograms of maize inbred lines revealed by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography

ElAhraf, A.; Willis, W.V.n; Moses, F.; Mowafy, L., 1984:
Environmental engineering and public health aspects of alternate dairy waste management: techniques designed to protect ground water quality

Rohles, F.H., 1985:
Environmental ergonomics in agricultural systems

Martinez Correal, G.; Hernandez Boada, G., 1983:
Environmental factors affecting body weight in Black-eared White calves

Anonymous, 1985:
Environmental factors affecting cassava production

Spotts, R.A., 1985:
Environmental factors affecting conidial survival of five pear decay fungi

Jarosz, S.; Barabasz, B., 1986:
Environmental factors affecting fertility in mink

Mata, L., 1985:
Environmental factors affecting nutrition and growth

Kidd, KA.; Apperson, CS., 1984:
Environmental factors affecting relative distribution of foraging red imported fire ants in a soybean field on soil and plants

Boiti, C.; Beghelli, V.; Olivieri, O.; Valfre, F., 1984:
Environmental factors affecting the onset of ovarian post-partum activity in nursing beef cows of Chianina breed treated with GnRH

Rhodes, G.N.J.; Coble, H.D., 1983:
Environmental factors affecting the performance of sethoxydim

Chen, S.T., 1985:
Environmental factors affecting the resistance of certain agrotricums and their derivatives against wheat streak mosaic

Hunt, G.M.; Baker, E.A., 1983:
Environmental factors affecting the retention and uptake of chlormequat into cereal leaves

Retzlaff, G., 1983:
Environmental factors and activity of bentazone

Pagano, S.N. et al., 1982:
Environmental factors and native Brazilian species

Frochot, H.; Levy, G., 1986:
Environmental factors and optimization of initial growth in broadleaf plantations

Barko, J.W.; Adams, M.S.; Clesceri, N.L., 1986:
Environmental factors and their consideration in the management of submersed aquatic vegetation: a review

Szejniuk, B.; Kluczek, J.P., 1985:
Environmental factors effect on the health and productivity of the Muscovy ducks

Ansley, R.J.; Abernethy, R.H., 1985:
Environmental factors influencing Gardner saltbush seed dormancy alleviation

Yan, J-Y.; Isman, MB., 1986:
Environmental factors limiting emergence and longevity of male California red scale (Homoptera: Diaspididae)

Anderson J.J.; Dulka J.J., 1985:
Environmental fate of sulfometuron methyl in aerobic soils

Anonymous, 1985:
Environmental geochemistry and health. Report to the Royal Society's British National Committee for problems of the environment

Sanville, W.D.; Eilers, H.P.; Boss, T.R.; Pfleeger, T.G., 1986:
Environmental gradients in Northwest freshwater wetlands

Mann, I., 1983:
Environmental hygiene and sanitation based on the concept of primary health care as a tool for surveillance, prevention and control of taeniasis/cysticercosis

Zschiesche, W., 1986:
Environmental immunomodulatory factors in avian pathology

Muller, R.A. et al., 1983:
Environmental impact

Anonymous, 1984:
Environmental impact assessment (EIA) for development. Proceedings of a Joint DSE/UNEP International Seminar Feldafing/Federal Republic of Germany April 9-12, 1984

Wadley, J., 1984:
Environmental impact of Jonglei Canal project

Douthwaite, R.J.; Fox, P.J.; Mathiessen, P.; Russell Smith, A., 1983:
Environmental impact of aerial spraying operations against tsetse fly in Botswana

Komsta-Szumska, E., 1986:
Environmental impact of sewage sludge on livestock: a review

Deubert, K.H., 1985:
Environmental impact of spot treatment on utility rights-of-way

Shammas, N.K., 1984:
Environmental impact of tannery wastes in the less developed countries

Anonymous, 1984:
Environmental impacts: computer analysis, 1976-March 1984 (Citations from the Energy Data Base)

Mlay, F.I., 1982:
Environmental implications of land use patterns in the new villages in Tanzania. Paper prepared for a Workshop on Land Policy and Agricultural Development, at the NIR, University College of Botswana, 14-20 February 1982

Fakorede, M.A.B.; Opeke, B.O., 1986:
Environmental indices for the analysis of genotype X environment interaction in maize

Zeiders, K.E.; Sherwood, R.T., 1985:
Environmental interactions among reed canarygrass genotypes for nutritive value, height, and disease severity

Whittow, J., 1986:
Environmental issues

Glover, T.G., 1984:
Environmental issues in tourism

Anderson, D.G.; Waldie, P., 1985:
Environmental issues: messages for the wood preservation industry

Kobylinski, H. von, 1986:
Environmental law in agricultural land use: structure and background

Smith, W.K., 1985:
Environmental limitations on leaf conductance in Central Rocky Mountain conifers, USA

Stevens, P.A., 1984:
Environmental management activities in malaria control in Africa

Vittal, N., 1985:
Environmental management at GNFC

Freyvogel, T.A., 1986:
Environmental management for the control of parasitic protozoan diseases

Mather, T.H., 1984:
Environmental management for vector control in rice fields

Myers, L.E., 1984:
Environmental management for vector control in rice fields in the context of an integrated approach

Thevasagayam, E.S., 1985:
Environmental management in mosquito control

Bowonder, B., 1986:
Environmental management problems in India

Oz, H.H.; Farnsworth, R.J.; Larson, V.L., 1985:
Environmental mastitis

Smith, K.L.; Todhunter, D.A.; Schoenberger, P.S., 1985:
Environmental mastitis: cause, prevalence, prevention

Grant, W.D.; Long, P.E., 1985:
Environmental microbiology

Caussanel, J.P., 1983:
Environmental modifications of intraspecific competition in Chenopodium album L

Butt, D.J.; Swait, A.A.J., 1984:
Environmental monitoring for crop protection: a survey of computer needs on U.K. fruit farms

Ibiebele D.D.; Inyang A.D., 1986:
Environmental movement of indicator bacteria from soil amended with undigested sewage sludge

Bojkow, E., 1985:
Environmental optimization of packaging for liquid foods

Smith K.L.; Todhunter D.A.; Schoenberger P.S., 1985:
Environmental pathogens and intramammary infection during the dry period

Hoffmann K.H., 1985:
Environmental physiology and biochemistry of insects

Jordan, W.R.; Shouse, P.J.; Blum, A.; Miller, F.R.; Monk, R.L., 1984:
Environmental physiology of sorghum. II. Epicuticular wax load and cuticular transpiration

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Enzyme modified whipping proteins

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Enzyme preparation for accelerating the aging process of cheese

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Enzyme preparations in feeding of young rabbits

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Enzyme pretreatment of peach solid wastes used for ethanol fermentation

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Enzyme regulation in c(4) photosynthesis : identification and localization of activities catalyzing the synthesis and hydrolysis of fructose-2,6-bisphosphate in corn leaves

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Enzyme regulation in a trypanosomatid: effect of purine starvation on levels of 3'-nucleotidase activity

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Enzyme systems during the early and late periods of nutrient hydrolysis in protein deficiency

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Enzyme variability in rice (Oryza sativa L.): its importance in understanding the ecogeographical structure of the species

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Enzyme variation in pathotypes of the potato cyst nematodes Globodera rostochiensis and G. pallida

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Enzyme, metabolic and contractile activities of 30 muscles in swine; relationship with final postmortem pH

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Enzyme-linked immunoabsorbant assay of apolipoprotein AII in plasma, with use of a monoclonal antibody

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Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and disperse-dye immuno assay (DIA): comparison of simultaneous and separate incubation of sample and conjugate for the routine detection of lettuce mosaic virus and pea early-browning virus in seeds

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Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the detection of antibodies to Angiostrongylus cantonensis, K.M.; Hodgen, A.N.; Channon, J.Y.; Siongok, T.K.; Lucas, S.B.; Rees, P.H., 1985:
Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis in Kenya

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Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the identification of mosquito bloodmeals

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Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) in the paracoccidioidomycosis. Comparison with counterimmunoelectrophoresis and erythro-immunoassay

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Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay as an aid to taxonomy of the Endogonaceae

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Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for adherence of bacteria to animal cells

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Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of IgG and IgM antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii in adults and newborns sera

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Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of antibody to Leucocytozoon caulleryi

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Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of antibody to canine parvovirus

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Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of milk immunoglobulins to leukocidin toxin of Staphylococcus aureus

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Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of serum antibodies to Pasteurella haemolytica cytotoxin (leukotoxin) in cattle

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Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for diagnosis of Corynebacterium (Rhodococcus) equi infection in foals

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Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for immunoglobulin G antibody to Pasteurella multocida in rabbits

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Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for secalonic acid D, C.J.; Hewings, A.D., 1986:
Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for study of serological relationships and detection of three luteoviruses

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Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of bovine papillomavirus

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Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the diagnosis of bovine viral diarrhea

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Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the diagnosis of cerebral cysticercosis

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Epidemiological method: indispensable part of the clinics of parasitosis

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Epidemiology of three viruses infecting the rose in the United Kingdom

Norval, R.A.; Fivaz, B.H.; Lawrence, J.A.; Brown, A.F., 1985:
Epidemiology of tick-borne diseases of cattle in Zimbabwe. III. Theileria parva group

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